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 Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2017/2018 
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Post Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2017/2018
"Extra-Dimensional Intelligence Communications"

“The establishment of nations further separated brother from brother, and the whole of mankind lived no longer by the Divine law. “As a result of these divisions; many different ways of worship arose. But even then we continued to send others out in the hope of aiding our brothers on Earth. These men were those known as ‘messiahs,’ and their mission was to help their Earthly brothers to return to their original understanding. In each instance, a few followers would gather around these wise ones, but always they were destroyed by those whom they had come to serve. “You have wondered why Earth is the lowest planet in our system within a Universe of which we are all inhabitants. I have now told you. “The people on all worlds which have been developed by men and women who volunteered for such service have gone steadily ahead. They have lived as the Infinite Creator intended that His children should live. They have grown and expanded in fulfilling the will of the Father. And each time that a group of volunteers leaves their own world to venture forth into a new one, after the Divine Hand has prepared it for human habitation, they are actually entering a new school of experience whereby they gain still greater understanding of a total Universe. Thus they fit themselves for continuous advancement into higher and higher states of expression expression and service. “Labor such as you know on Earth has no part in their life, for as soon as the inhabitants of any planet work under the will of their Creator, the elements in turn begin to serve them. “On Earth you have just the reverse. For, through self-exaltation and the perversion of natural law, man turns the elements against himself. Man warring against man is one of the most obvious examples of this, as he directs destructively the energies intended by his Creator for his welfare. “And that is the primary difference between Earth’s inhabitants and the peoples of other planets. Earth man has repeatedly attained certain peaks, only to enter into another stage of destruction which, through misuse of the elements, has destroyed all that he has accomplished. “Here and there, an individual lifts himself above the majority on your world, since it is left to each man to speed up or slow down his own evolvement. Only when Earth men learn, by their own mistakes, that what they look upon as their strength is really weakness when pitted against the All-Divine Intelligence, and that their ‘wisdom’ but confusion against the All-Knowledge, will they be ready to return to the fold. “Meanwhile, we keep ourselves ever alerted to receive the call for whatever help men of Earth may truly desire, for they are still our brothers.”

Do you never become discouraged,” I asked, “in the face of such overwhelming odds?” It was Firkon who said, “We know nothing of what you call discouragement. That is a negative word. Long ago we learned the power of faith and hope, and of never giving up. The goal lost yesterday can be won tomorrow. This does not mean that we believe ourselves developed to the fullest extent. Far from it. We have eternity yet to travel. But on our worlds, we no longer have sickness or poverty, as you know it; nor crime, as you know it. We recognize man as the highest representation of Deity, the consummation of all lesser forms. Should we with hurtful intent harm any form, we know that we would be forcing that form to turn from its natural purpose and do us harm. “You can see why the Creator has left us all to work out our own problems. When His laws are disobeyed, they witness against us. “You speak of satan as though he were a separate en-my. But only by opposing the Divine principle principle can one create the inharmonious conditions which you have credited to satan, and which you yourselves must correct. Then you will find that satan becomes an angel of light, as your Scripture tells you. For all distortion must be corrected by the one who distorts.” As Firkon paused, Ramu’s mouth curved in the slight, grave smile so characteristic, as he said, “The Sun rules not the Earth; nor does the Earth rule the Sun; nor do the stars rule each other. All are ruled by the Father. Here, from nature herself, does man begin to learn.” For some reason, this called to mind a subject on which I had long pondered. “In regard to what we call death and rebirth,” I asked, “should we be able to carry memories of the one life over into the next?” Ramu answered, “That is possible in varying conscious degrees. Eternal man forgets nothing. But the memory of things learned in a former body seldom manifests as more than an instinctive knowledge of, or gravitation toward, certain familiar things. In his conscious mind, Earth man has little understanding of why this is so. When such aptitudes manifest in lesser degree, you label them talents or gifts. When present to a very marked degree, and especially when present in childhood, you call such people prodigies. “Your planet is functioning under what you might call a low frequency. As a result, the growth and development of form life—and especially that of man—is slow, requiring much time between birth and maturity. When men are born on Earth, they remain in a helpless infantile stage for a far longer period than on other planets. By the time they have reached manhood or womanhood, whatever memory may have come over them with them at birth is well buried under the welter of misconceptions with which, during all those early years, they have been filled. “Independent of natural law, man’s reasoning powers are very limited. The newcomer is crammed with the traditions and conventions of past centuries, and the positive memory of previous experience is crowded out. Such genuine memory sometimes flashes up from what you call the subconscious into the conscious mind, through some channel suddenly opened. This can be caused by meeting for the first time a person whom you feel you have known, or by the sight of a place never before visited in this life, but with which you appear to have authentic associations and memories. “All such experiences are mystifying to most Earth people. Yet such memories are usually true memories and the explanation very simple. “On other planets, we do not impose such blocks on the newborn child. On the contrary, everything is done to leave him free. We realize that each human expression is slightly different from every other, and that the individual background of experience serves as a foundation for the fulfilling of that particular destiny. “The frequency under which a planet functions can be established only by the inhabitants who dwell thereon. Due to the higher frequency of our planets, those born amongst us are not subject to the slow periods of development from infancy to maturity as on yours. With us, an average period of development from birth through adolescence is two years as compared with your eighteen or more. “You on Earth use the term ‘The Law of Transmigration’ in a mistaken sense. What it really means is that when an individual on your Earth has risen above the ignorance of his brothers into a higher understanding of life, rebirth on another planet is permitted. He will come through with a vivid memory of his experience on Earth. Predominant will be his conception of the fundamental laws that govern all life. Memories of his daily habits, his relationship with his family and associates, while still clear, will be secondary. He will realize that there are no missing links between the two stages of life, but a continuity of development uncluttered by the many names and divisions which confused him on Earth. “Although the climb up from infancy to maturity requires so long a period on your Earth, age and deterioration come quickly. This is due to the old traditions and conventions which continue to be expressed in the individual. True knowledge, no matter how long ago it was acquired, is easily carried. But the burdens and woes of mankind repeated over and over again, remembered through centuries, weigh insupportably on the spirit of man. “As you have seen, we do not grow old in appearance or feeling. This is because we carry with us into each fresh day the bounty of lessons well learned, discarding all that has proven sterile. As we let the ever new and fresh express through us, we become that youthfulness. “Just as the dream a sculptor has when he takes the clay into his hands will, when he has finished, decide the form the clay will express, so it is with the human body. Man is the sculptor of himself, working with materials supplied by his Creator. It is man’s conception of himself within the Universe which will mold his body and imbue his features with beauty or with ugliness.
“In your world you picture the Deity as aged and yet eternal. This is a great contradiction, for eternity knows no age. “Because of the endless activity going on within the depths and on the surface of your oceans, they survive through time. But a pond, wherein activity ceases, begins to show age by a mass of foreign matter that slowly dims its once clear waters. What you call stagnation has occurred.

“Bodily illness and disintegration derive from much the same process. Because you have not learned to live by natural law, personal stagnation sets in. Occasionally, even in your world, an individual can attain great age by your standards and still give the impression of youth. This is due to an ability to preserve the qualities of mental activity, interest and enthusiasm beyond the average. I recalled a few such people I had known and nodded agreement. “You have indeed progressed far beyond us,” I said. “Is it even to the point where your progress f orward is never broken?” This caused Firkon to smile. “Far from it! But when we make mistakes they serve as lessons for our future behavior rather than something to hide or try to justify. Moreover, when any new territory is being explored, whether physical or of the mind, we accept some error as inevitable. To you, what you call failure is shameful and often exposes individuals or groups to the ridicule and censure of others. This is a primary factor in binding Earth people to old ruts when, had they the courage, or their fellow men enough tolerance, they would try new ways. On our worlds, no man who sincerely tries is ever considered a failure, no matter what the results. That man has learned something. Through his very failure, he can make a great contribution to his fellow man. Courage and enterprise have led him to try a new path which, if proven wrong, need not again be trod by others. He alone has suffered willingly, and we, his brothers, commend him.” (Snip)


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Sun May 13, 2018 11:57 am
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Post Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2017/2018
“The frequency under which a planet functions can be established only by the inhabitants who dwell thereon."

That means - crap in = crap out!

We all have the choice to exercise Free Will.
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Sun May 13, 2018 9:31 pm
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Post Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2017/2018
Hi all,

Just touchin' base... I've been mad busy, have no idea where the time went.

Its the Royal Wedding tomorrow! I'm sure that everyone is enthused and entranced and like me fed up with the hype. Nevertheless, its nicer to have a wedding as a main news story rather than shootings, and worse.

I guess I'll get to see some of it on the TV but no way will I sit down and watch the whole thing. The place where they will actually get married (St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle) is very old... about 600 years old!

Many people are already lining the streets so as to get a good view of the Royals as they pass by. This means that they are bedding down on the footpaths. However, in an act of double standards the people who usually do this are feeling the heat as various law enforcement bods try to keep them away.

Fortunately the weather is dry ad during the day its reasonably comfortable. But at night its still quite cold.

I'll try to return sooner, next time.


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Fri May 18, 2018 4:29 pm
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Post Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2017/2018
Fascinating... Woman takes photo days apart as Chase Bank name & Logo change by the day.


ONE MORE: We all remember Popeye, right? Remember Popeyes arch-enemy? Popeye's reason for downing all that canned spinach?

Remember the character's name? I DO, and I bet you do too. Well, I was WRONG - OR, something is wrong. I am really certain about this one. Im not gonna spoil it for you before you watch. Got the name in your mind?

Watch this, it's short:

Sat May 19, 2018 2:22 am
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Post Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2017/2018


Sat May 19, 2018 3:50 am
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Post Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2017/2018
Dondep wrote:
Lynnwood wrote:
Don, that doesn't work for me. I get 6 pages, no bars, no clues... and no Q!!

WOW!! That was QUICK!! They took it down overnight!!

Just uploading these two screenshots so I can link to an image for here is taking over half an hour already, but it's a good thing I not only took these screenshots, I took a short video of a Q-tuber's video about it which I may post, but if you want to watch the full thing, you can see it here:

Meanwhile, here's the screenshots I took of the White House main page, and of the page I got when I went to print.....just so I know, and you do also, that I wasn't imagining it.


No, this isn't simply Dondep's whining about being "interfered with". Is it because I'm using an old machine? No, this is still fairly new, worked great when I first started using it, has 3GB of RAM, and 360 GB hard-drive, has Windows 7 Premium on it, and I keep my tabs to a minimum and continually clean the cache and perform regular maintenance.

Is it because this site keeps the CPU whirring near 100% for the extra security our beloved benefactor provides? Possibly....but it shouldn't. I'm sure others would have said something. It just seems to happen every time I want to post something that includes an image, or a video, or links etc. Is it because I AM being interfered with? Just because we're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't "throwing leaves" to discourage you.

The time included a reboot, and though I took the screenshots last night, I had to upload them onto Photobucket. What are some other sites that will host free hosting of images, that we can use to post images here? Maybe it's Photobucket - this time - that's using all my PC's resources. Most of the time took uploading and linking to the images, as well as doing everything possible to get the sound to play on the video -- which it occasionally, but ONLY occasionally, does. Even right now, having rebooted, cleaned several times, and limiting my windows to email, this GT, and my YouTube page (to find the minute mark where people can skip ahead to the 26 minute mark to watch the Q "easter egg", I can't seem to use it as easily as if all I was doing was reading email and googling a few webpages.

:dunno :gah :gah :gah :gah :gah

Anyway; I hope it's worth it, that you all can see Q in fact DID show his bona fides once again.

It's always been your issue Don, it's always at your end and we have confirmed it from around the globe!

Please stop hinting at the fact that it is THIS GT that is your problem as that would make the late Uncle John roll in his grave.


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Tue May 22, 2018 7:07 pm
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