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China: Brain damage cases put HK on alert
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Author:  Siam [ Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  China: Brain damage cases put HK on alert


Brain damage cases put HK on alert
Yu Aitong
Nov 28, 2009

Hong Kong health authorities are on the alert after six swine flu patients in Shenzhen were found to have brain damage.

Mainland flu specialists warned doctors to pay special attention to patients suffering from headaches, vomiting or convulsions. This is the first time swine flu has been linked with brain damage. The doctors in Shenzhen said they were investigating whether there had been other cases elsewhere on the mainland.

One child in Shenzhen with viral encephalitis died and five were in serious condition after they contracted swine flu. One remains in a coma.

Dr Liu Yingxia, a specialist on Shenzhen's swine flu team, said: "We have discovered among swine flu cases in Shenzhen that A(H1N1) frequently attacks patients' brains, which was not mentioned in the third version of the swine flu diagnosis and treatment [report] issued by the Health Ministry [last month]."

Chief physician Dr Zhou Boping, head of the Shenzhen No3 People's Hospital, said five of the patients contracted swine flu this month. Children were particularly vulnerable, he said.

Liu said other new symptoms were emerging, such as higher temperatures. "Temperatures for swine flu patients did not tend to exceed 39 degrees [Celsius] from May to September; but now temperatures are over 39 degrees, and 41 degrees is quite common."

She also suggested changing the definition of high-risk groups. At present, they are defined as children under the age of five and adults over 65. But only one child under five in the city has contracted the virus, and no one over 65. She said most sufferers were aged from five to 48, with those under 14 most affected.

In Hong Kong, Undersecretary for Food and Health Professor Gabriel Leung said officials would keep in touch with mainland authorities. He said the winter peak flu season might start earlier than usual this year and authorities were ready to deal with it.

The city recorded another critical swine flu case yesterday: a 49-year-old female patient with a history of systemic lupus erythematosus - a chronic, auto-immune connective-tissue disease - and high blood pressure, who is now being treated at Tuen Mun Hospital.

Meanwhile, health authorities in Guangdong are concerned that hospitals in the province may not be able to handle an outbreak. Based on predictions that up to 90 per cent of its 100 million population could contract the virus, Guangdong's 240,000 beds would be insufficient, said Liao Xinbo , deputy chief of the provincial health department.


Author:  Siam [ Mon Nov 30, 2009 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: China: Brain damage cases put HK on alert

H1N1 caused several nerve system lesions in Shenzhen (China) ... nzhen.html
November 30, 2009

Among the serious cases of H1N1 flu that are receiving treatment in Shenzhen Municipal Children’s Hospital, there are accumulated nine children who have shown symptoms of pathological changes of nerve system, which have caused great attention of the Health Departments of the State, the Province and the City. The Health Department sampled and researched the pathogenesis of the viral encephalitis occurring on the serious children patients of H1N1 flu.

On the morning of November 29, the 11-year-old boy from Bao’an District, identified as Yuan, who had been in a coma after contracting the A/H1N1 virus, died after half an hour’s rescue by the medical staff, which is the second death from H1N1 flu in Shenzhen.

It’s said that there are several children being treated in Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, of which accumulated 9 have showed symptoms of pathological changes and 6 have been on the way of recovering. Except for the 11-year-old boy Yuan who has just died, another two boys with surname Yang and Tang who have been infected with vital encephalitis are still in deep coma.

According to the introduction of the hospital, the Children’s Hospital received a 3-year-old boy surnamed Chen who has been infected with H1N1 flu days before. The boy’s case was quite serious when coming to the hospital but he had no infection in brain.

According to the introduction, from the H1N1 flu epidemic in China, Shenzhen has the most H1N1 flu children with nerve system lesions. The frequent appearance of the pathological changes of never system has cause great attention of the health department, who have sampled and researched the pathogenesis of the viral encephalitis occurring on the serious children patients of H1N1 flu.

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