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 Self Defense Tech... 
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Self Defence

Special Warning

Over confidence. (1)
When planning any action never use the word 'just'. Those who make a habit of using the word 'just' are going to get killed. If you say I'll just elbow an assailant in the head, or I'll just use plastic sheet to obtain water in the desert, or just refuse to answer questions in a police interrogation, you should understand that most of the things you learn in serious survival publications are last ditch attempts when all else has failed.

What follows is a description of problems you are likely to encounter, and sometimes some possible solutions, but it is by no means comprehensive - you can only extract anything from it that might be of use to you.

Self defense in all of its forms is not really about shooting revolvers or performing head high kicks, it is about thinking things through clearly and logically and taking the appropriate action. Logic is a strange thing and has magical qualities, and is no respecter of class or education - if a plan is logical then it always works, it never fails. There is nothing any enemy can do about a well thought out plan of action - enemy empires tumble and armies are routed, and you will find that if you can think, very, very few can compete. Victory always goes to those who can think. To think clearly however you will need a real world understanding of tools, weapons, knives, food procurement etc. Clear thinking also extends to knowledge of other people's strengths, and weaknesses, and this will give you the ability to predict how they might behave in a given situation. Thinking and knowledge go hand in hand. You must constantly gain in knowledge.

If you only get one thing out of this manual make it this paragraph.

The first rule of survival.

You've been dealing with the average citizen all your life, but the chances are very high that you've never come to know him. You've dealt with him in an ordinary way doing everyday things and you've come to imagine that he isn't too bad. You've never had to deal with him in stressful and dangerous situations - ones where his safety and life are at risk. It is these ordinary people whom you will also have to deal with in survival situations, be it a downed aeroplane or a totalitarian regime, and it is these ordinary citizens who will be the most danger to you - more dangerous than the elements or the secret police.

The average citizen cannot think. 80 per cent of the population cannot understand the simplest concept or the story-line in a cheap television serial. The government find them easy to manipulate - their decision making processes are based only on pleasure and fear, but especially fear, and it is through fear that these ordinary people will staff the concentration camps, inform on their neighbors, become the cannon fodder for war, and generally do anything that the more powerful want them to do.

Never be under the illusion that the ordinary citizen will not allow an injustice to happen. He will allow anything to happen for any small and temporary advantage. The ordinary citizen is greedy, stupid, immoral, selfish, cowardly, and dangerous to anyone whom the government or more powerful don't like.

If the government ordered your death tomorrow, or even if the government withdrew the censure of the law in killing you, you will be dead - and it won't be by some specially trained assassin, but by your next door neighbor who'll opt for the cheap way out and cheerfully beat you to death with a shovel. This happened under the Nazis in Germany and in just about every country they occupied. There was never any shortage of these cowards volunteering to beat people to death with shovels in order to impress the Nazis and achieve some advantage or gain, even if only a cup of soup. You must understand this mentality!!!

In other countries this is the type of behavior the government expects when it declares some person an outlaw - and an outlaw has never lived for long

Where does this leave you, the survivor? It is all negative. You must not trust the average citizen, or rely upon him, or assume that he will behave with elementary decency if the government tell him to behave otherwise. You are on your own, full stop. Rely on no one except yourself and any individual who has proven himself to be other than an ordinary man. This is the creed of the survivor. Depart from it and you are a dead man, or in prison where you might as well be dead; live by it and you might survive.

Part I.


More chaff is written about guns than any other area of self defense. Frank Hamer, the pig who shot down Bonnie and Clyde, once said about a pocket pistol that a man was carrying, "If you ever shoot me with it, and I find out about it, I'll have a stern talk with you." But in real life if he had been shot with it, he'd either be dead before he hit the ground, or lying on the floor in a grim struggle for life.

The rule in any type of armed conflict seems to be that if you are shot, then you are either dead or out of the fight, regardless of the caliber of weapon used, and that those who fire first nearly always win the confrontation. The exceptions to these rules seem to be extremely rare.

Any type of gun is a very deadly thing and great precautions must be taken to avoid any situation where a gun might be produced. This is how all professionals operate, even though they are well armed and trained, and you must do the same - avoid any type of armed confrontation unless the odds are heavily stacked in your favor.

To confront any skilled gunman, whether amateur or professional, and that gunman has the initiative - i.e., is prepared for you - is a death sentence. You must have the initiative in any encounter, which means that you must be prepared while your target isn't prepared. A gun should be considered an offensive weapon, not a defensive weapon - it is too late to do much to defend yourself after you have come under fire, or been bailed, up by a skilled (or not so skilled) gunman. If you analyze any shooting incident you will see that this is the case. Guns are primarily assassination and murder weapons and have never been much good for self defense against armed assailants.

** Remember that being shot with a .25 caliber is the same as being run though with a quarter inch diameter spike. It is a serious matter.

If you decide to own a gun I recommend these:

M98k - this is the thoroughbred of bolt actioned rifles. It was the standard issue of German soldiers during W.W.II. It is based on the older 1898 Mauser design of which almost every modern bolt actioned rifle is a copy. The sporterized versions come with synthetic stocks, telescopic sights, Shilen barrels and sometimes adjustable triggers. What's more they are reasonably priced and look good. Using sniper tactics this is probably the most formidable infantry weapon available.

Handgun: Get a .357 magnum revolver. They are reliable and powerful. The .357 using 125 grain hollow points has the greatest stopping power of any handgun.

Safety with guns

1. Have a gun for self protection, but the general rule is, for God's sake don't shoot anybody with it, just don't.

2. If you must keep a loaded gun, avoid leaving a round in the chamber.

3. Never dry fire any gun. It might be loaded.

4. Wherever possible don't leave a loaded gun around.

5. It should go without saying but, positively identify any person you intend to shoot. Many times a person has mistakenly shot a family member thought to be a burglar, or soldiers have shot friends while on perimeter duty. Always use the words, 'Halt, who goes there?' Avoid using guns in dark places. Policemen have been shot in dark places by other members of a stakeout party.

Unarmed combat

In the following when I refer to martial artists, I mean a suburban black belt who attends class once or twice a week and has maybe spent a year studying in Japan, but who does not have years of experience. When I refer to dangerous assailants I mean a street thug who is probably a fist fighter of natural talent who has also picked up a few tricks along the way.

1. Most martial artists are not fast enough. Most have never fought on the street or anywhere else and do not understand how fast some fighters can be. Few realize that before they can block one punch they can be hit twice more.

2. All martial artists rely on weight shifting and forward movement of their opponent as a base for defensive action, but many fist fighters do not shift their weight forward or move forward when throwing a punch, it is simply snapped forward and turned into a pile driving action by straightening out the elbow and shoulder, and unless they are a lot faster than the snapped punch they are going to get hit, big time.

3. Very few, including muggers, bouncers, policemen, security guards and others, can fight to save their lives. The average standard of street fighting is very, very low. It is easy to gain a big reputation as a street fighter on very little. Therefore it is useless to base your choice of martial arts style on street fighting successes of that style. If you know how to swing a right punch or poke someone with an umbrella you will win most street confrontations. It is the one in a hundred fighter you have to watch for and any self defense style should only be judged against these.

If you choose an unarmed combat method because say, the L.A.P.D. use it, you have to remember that in 99 % of cases they are defending themselves against drunks who can hardly stand up let alone fight back. Fighting some big fearsome opponent who has spent six hours a day for the last fifteen years working out in a gym is another matter and it is these you will sometimes meet in the street. Because unarmed fighting techniques work 99 % of the time means nothing as 99% of street rowdies aren't dangerous and can't fight. It is another matter to fight an opponent who is big and tough and who can punch hard.

4. There are no reliable defenses against some style of attacks that are common on the street or in bars. eg., knife attacks, attacks with fence palings, broken bottles, nunchakus, broken beer glasses and many others. There are certainly no defenses against machetes, except to run for your life as any martial artist would. Remember also that a machete, a broken beer glass or bottle can be thrown at high velocity.

* I've heard of baseball bat attacks coming silently from assailants on racing bicycles who ride up behind their victim on the street late at night, swing the bat towards the head then dismount and continue the attack. Beware of this one.

5. Most martial arts as taught to members of the public is at best of minimal use in a self defense situation. Such training often does more harm than good in that it gives those who will never become skilled fighters a confidence that they shouldn't have and one that can get them beaten up or killed. A 250 pounder with fists flying can be an awesome opponent and no matter how much training one has had it is likely that you will get badly roughed up.

6. Most martial arts styles are good in defense but poor at attack. You must learn attack techniques.

7. Many attacks do not fall into any category that you may have trained for in the dojo. In the street an assailant can jump on your back and hang on piggy back fashion until you are worn out, then pound your head into the pavement; you can be sitting in a restaurant cubicle, unable to get out of your seat, when an assailant smashes your head repeatedly into the table or you can have a pay phone smashed into your head.

8. Cowardice is the normal reaction in any type of conflict. There is rarely a hero. If the attack is violent enough the normal reaction, whether they be citizens, police, security guards etc, is to run, lie low until the danger is past, escape the scene and his duty to protect by running for help etc. A deadly style of attack is so shocking to the nervous system that cowardice is the norm. Government departments, the media etc rarely report this cowardice; at most they say that the poor bodyguard's revolver jammed, or that the victim was running away to draw fire away from his wife etc.

I have used the word cowardice because it is the only word I can use, but in fact such behaviour has nothing to do with actual courage or the lack of it. The victim's nervous system takes over and there is nothing he can do to overrule it. The only way of overcoming this is to train your nervous system through experience. Second best, but the only available option to most, is rigorous training and practice. Training means gaining knowledge of what is and what isn't a dangerous situation. Training is also about the appropriate course of action to take in genuinely dangerous circumstances and then drilling yourself in routines relentlessly. To the professional there is no such thing as courage or the lack of it. It is all knowledge and technique soundly instilled.

And finally, if you've been involved in a situation in the past where you didn't exactly turn out to be the shining hero you thought you might be, don't feel bad about it, learn from it. Take a professionally detached view of your actions to gain insight into how your techniques of controlling similar situations can be improved. Remember, a coward is the person who doesn't turn up in the first place, not the one who turns up but has a bad day!

What is to be done about all this?

(1) ... 968964/pg1

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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Post Re: Self Defense Tech...
Overwhelming superiority
This should be your intention in any likely scenario. To put it bluntly, if someone attacks you with his fists you defend yourself with a .357 magnum. If he attacks you with a baseball bat defend yourself with a Ruger Mini 14. If he is likely to attack you with a machine gun get in a week early and put a **** under his car. These are the facts of life as far as self defense goes. Let your opponent make the mistake of turning up to a gunfight with a pair of boxing gloves. The pigs call this principle 'the edge'. The pigs must always have the edge before engaging in any encounter and you must do the same. Never fight fair. Always try to be better armed than any likely attacker. This can't always be done due to legal or other restrictions but you must always be as well armed as you can be.

Getting Prepared

1. Carry only what you need to carry in your pockets. Have as few keys as you need, no good luck charms, tickets, coins etc. If you are chased down the street by a gang you don't want to fumble with your car keys when the gang is fifty yards behind, and closing fast.

2. Clothing.

Shoes and boots.

These should be of sturdy leather construction. A kick to the knee or groin with a solid leather boot is much more devastating than a kick with a soft shoe. You can also take advantage of the US Marine style stomp to the head if lethal force is necessary


A shirt should be of the type that can't be pulled over your head. A strong cotton shirt with buttons is to be preferred. The buttons might tear off but there is not much your opponent can do to tangle you up in it.


A traditional tie must be avoided as it can be used to choke you. If you must wear a tie wear one which is held around your neck with an elastic band.


These must be made from stretch material otherwise you won't be able to knee your opponent in the groin.

Self Defense Techniques.

Run away

In most self defense situations where you have no one to protect but yourself, run away. This is the best self defense technique there is which will work in about 90 % of cases. This is also the first line of defense taught in all self defense schools.


In situations where you must fight, e.g., you are cornered or you have somebody else to protect you need some basic fighting skills. I don't have space to cover these here but you can learn them over a few months at any self defense or martial arts school. Topics you should cover are the basic defensive skills listed below:

Punches in their various forms.

Front and rear headlock

Choke hold

Kicks in their various forms

Basic grappling

Knife attacks both ice pick and hammer grip

Basic street fighting situation, eg., grabbed by the shirt etc.

Defenses against a powerful two fisted attack ie., a street slugger.

Attacked by two or more opponents

*It is important to study defenses to types of attacks prevalent in your area.

Knife fighting.

The most common mistake in knife fighting is in assuming that an opponent has to be stabbed in the body. The only action needed to disarm and incapacitate a knife fighter is to slash him anywhere on soft, fleshy, inside part of the arm. When your attacker tries to stab you, punch you, or otherwise poke out his arm at you, one quick slash with a razor sharp folding knife is enough to immediately incapacitate him.You can be much further away than you would be if stabbing to his body, and unless your attacker knows this trick, which he probably won't, you will win the fight.

Your knife must be razor sharp to inflict the deepest cut possible with the least effort. He will probably permanently lose the use of the slashed arm.

An experienced knife fighter won't lead with the knife hand but keep it tucked into his body. With the other hand he will push, shove and set you up to be stabbed by the knife hand. Slash the arm he is shoving with, as this will cause him to lead with the knife hand. When he does slash this arm as well.

Unarmed defenses against a knife.

There are no reliable unarmed defenses against a knife. Your chances of dying are very high even if you are well trained and your assailant isn't. But here are some actions you can take.

1. Run away if you can. If you are a faster runner than your assailant your chances of survival are good.

2. Most knife attacks are not lethal encounters. For every determined killer there might be ten who only wave a knife around to show you how angry they are, and perhaps gain sympathy from onlookers.. The real killers will usually stab you before you even realize you have come under attack. But again, you won't know what the intention of your assailant is so run away if you can.

3. If you can't run away and you must defend yourself, a thrusting kick to your attacker's knee is your best chance, especially if done from the side.

4. You might be able to block knife thrusts with sweeping blocks using your arms and driving your palm under the assailant's chin etc., but this type of defense taught in martial arts schools doesn't seem to take into account that knife thrusts can come in at unknown angles and circular sweeps etc., many of them very difficult to predict or block, and often done at lightning speed.

For these reasons the best generic defense is:

1. Avoid being grabbed by the attacker's free hand as once this happens your chances of being stabbed are almost certain.

2. If the attacker is holding the knife in his left hand, move left, if held in the right hand circle right. If you can get to one side, deliver a thrusting kick to the side of the knee. Do this by raising the foot up, chambering, then deliver with maximum speed and force. If it connects he will finish up on the ground. You must follow up with kicks to the head or throat until he is unconscious or dead.

The self-defense knife - although not good for your image a high quality folding knife is most desirable. A stud for opening with the thumb is essential in a self defense situation. When open, the blade must lock securely and when closed it should stay closed. The blade must be capable of taking and maintaining a sharp edge and withstanding a lot of abuse if you also intend to use it as a survival tool.

(1) ... 968964/pg1

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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Post Re: Self Defense Tech...
Baseball bats
most know that a baseball bat can be a fearsome weapon and many have them in their homes or cars for self protection, but most don't know how to use one and as such these weapons rarely do much good.

The most effective way of using a baseball bat is to swing it with one hand and hit your attacker on the knee. If attacked with a baseball bat, your assailant will probably hold it with two hands and bring it straight down on your head. Criminal debt collectors use this method as they know the victim will bring up his forearm to block the blow which will result in a broken arm.

The defense is to stay in close, step forward and at forty five degrees to the opponent, knocking his arm away and then driving an open palm under his chin.

* Take caution though. Many street thug types custom make extra long bats on garage lathes!

Machete - the machete is such a terrifying weapon that when confronted with one most run for their lives, just as you should do if confronted with one. This is the ideal weapon to defend yourself against any number of unarmed or lightly armed attackers. Run around and chase people with it. If you get a stubborn attacker who doesn't run with the rest make like you are going to throw it at him as even the drunkest or bravest will turn and run.

Umbrella - this can be a formidable weapon if used correctly. With both hands thrust with it into the solar plexus, face, eyes or groin. Others can also use the umbrella to conceal guns or swords, be cautious!

Rear choke hold.

This is a most dangerous hold. Carry a small folding knife in your right hand trouser pocket. Try to loosen the grip with one hand and with the other reach into your pocket for the knife. Open the blade with your thumb and place a deep cut in your assailant's arm. You should always carry such a weapon in your pocket. This method is also my first choice of getting out of a headlock.

*This type of knife is the same as described above but has a 1 ½ to 2 inch blade and when folded is easily carried in your left or right front trouser pocket.

The Street Bum

Most fights will be against the street bum i.e., those who can't fight at all but still have the confidence to attack you. Good ways of finishing fights quickly against street bums are:

1. A fast kick to the shin, followed by another and another. It won't matter how big he is, he will probably crumple on the first kick.

2. If you are big, punch him in the head with a powerful, well-timed right and repeat as necessary. Make sure you bring him down, strike hard with your boot, then make your escape. Remember, these bums run on ego and often thrive on admiration from the locals - he will turn nasty and could pull a knife.

3. Block a punch with one arm and with the other elbow him in the head, or if the assault is vicious, elbow him in the throat, punch him in the stomach and kick his legs from under him. Get away fast, he is now out for revenge! His mind may shift to what he can throw at you. This may be a simple pocket knife or a crude homemade throwing star.

4. A simple kick to the knee will take the bum out of the fight and this even works on skilled fighters a lot of the time.

*It always pays to wear steel capped boots or shoes, as kicks with such boots are devastating. These boots or shoes need not look out of the ordinary as many brands have been designed for smart casual dress.


Dive down and put your right shoulder into his groin and your arm around his waist and drop your left knee to the ground. He will finish up on the ground where his punching skill is of no use to him. Sit on his chest and elbow him a couple of times in the head. When getting off it is best to use the Ninjutsu roll so that he can't grab you. This is a simple forward roll from the crouching position.

Dealing with the Local Black Belt.

I've found these methods work well:

1. In the dojo I've found that most skilled fighters are suckers for the snapped kick to the knee. This is where your front foot does the kicking and you fall towards your opponent as the kick lands. These kicks are illegal in karate so if you want to practice them you'll have to join a street fighting style of club. There are easy defenses against such kicks but very few fighters are fast enough to make use of them. To prevent someone from doing this to you always put your leading foot inside your opponents leading foot when getting close to strike etc.

2. I have yet to meet any martial artist who can do much about a fast two fisted assault, if he is the one attacking. One they find especially annoying is simply a straight, well-timed right to the head repeated as many times as necessary. Most martial artists say that even a beginner can handle these but in real life most will be defeated by this style of fighting. What they overlook is the speed of the punch which is usually much faster than they can parry it. However you must be better than an average puncher to do this.

The laymen's guide to powerful punching is to try to push yourself off your opponent when the punch has connected, this will automatically turn your punch into a pile driving action.

A fast punch by a skilled puncher will take about 1/30th of a second. Remember this when your dojo instructor tells you to step back, parry, duck under etc.

Most martial artists that I've met have such strange ideas of the speed of punches that it is common for them to mistake slow motion punches done for demonstration purposes as a full speed attack.

3. Throw a punch at the martial artist without much forward movement of your body. Make it pretty slow. He will block it and try to punch you in the body with his other arm. After he has blocked it, but before he has thrown the punch, punch him under the bicep of his outstretched arm. This one may only work on inexperienced martial artists.

4. If you are bigger than the martial artist, jump on him and hang on, hugging him tightly. When he is completely exhausted, let go of him and kick him a few times in the head as he is lying on the ground. If you have a short bladed knife in your pocket, and it is a deadly situation, cut his throat before getting off him.

5. Carry a length of wood with nails sticking out of it and hit him with it. Whether or not he puts up his arms to block the blows, he will be seriously injured. Be prepared to use this one hard - people are smart-asses and may not have the brains to be scared.

6. If you can, catch one of his feet and up-end him. Then walk backwards slowly with the foot in your hands and keep kicking him in the testicles and tailbone.

7. Watch for the head butt. In a standing position he may or may not first put his hands around the back of your head. But as soon as his head comes forward strike him with an elbow on the crown of the head, and quickly follow it up with a kick to the knee. (Note: if he is within head butt range your fingers should already be deeply embedded in his eye sockets.)

The head butt is the favorite of British football hooligans - don't get too close to anyone.

8. Head high kicks are easy to block and only fools throw them. If he does, block it and break the leg he is standing on with a falling kick from the front foot.

(1) ... 968964/pg1

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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Post Re: Self Defense Tech...
Some don'ts. (1)
1. Never get in close to any trained fighter. If you have a firearm, present it well before getting to within arm's length.

2. Unless you are a skilled puncher, don't throw punches.

3. Always take the high ground, never allow your opponent to upslope you. This increases his reach and power.

4. Always stay off his centerline. Fighters can find it very difficult to attack a person who is not directly in front of them.

Note: Learn only a few moves and blows but become good at them. You will notice that I haven't provided many examples of unarmed fighting techniques. The reason is that you shouldn't ever get into clashes where you don't have the edge ie., a weapon, and in the odd instance where you are unarmed, the above is all you'll need in most cases.

Fighting an Expert

What to do if confronted by a highly experienced martial arts expert or 250 pounder with fists flying. You find yourself under attack or under imminent attack by some fearsome opponent that you are no match for either in skill, size or the sheer ability to inspire terror. How do you cope?

Here are your chances using different fighting techniques if you are of average weight and average fighting skill..

1, Defensive slashes to your opponents wrists or arms with a razor sharp folding knife as earlier described. 80 %. (your opponent is likely to bleed to death before he reaches hospital.)

2. Low kick to the knee with your weight falling forward at the same time, if done by surprise at the beginning of the encounter. 60 %

3. Eye gouge 20 %

4. Punch to the testicles. 10 %

5. 25 baby Browning. 100 % (Use a spray of bullets.)

6. Palm under nose or chin if done by surprise at the bullying stage of encounter.20%

7. Broken bottle or glass punched into opponents face or throat. 60 % (known as the Glasgow kiss.)

8. Broken bottle or glass thrown at high velocity to you opponents head. 80 %

9. A knife used for stabbing to the body. 40 %

10. Censored for AU.

11. Oven cleaner pressure pack aimed at eyes. 10 %

12. Punch to the throat. 5 %

13. Edge of a fry pan to head. 70 %

14. Axe. 20 % Tomahawk 60 % Throw from just outside his reach towards the head.

15. Engineer's hammer targeting the head area. 40 % (known as the Hungarian kiss.)

16. Censored for AU.

17. Pepper or tobacco dust thrown at eyes. 70 %

18. Cane sword. 50 %

19. Knuckle dusters with sharp jagged edges. 30 %

20. Saucepan of boiling water thrown over attacker. 90 %

21. Punching and gouging to face with keys between fingers. 20 % (this is a police approved technique).

22. Nunchakus made from hardwood. 40 % Nunchakus made from stainless steel tube. 60 %

23. Spiked mace (ball attached to chain). 50 %

24. Samurai sword 97 %

25 Throwing a rock 40 %

26 Iron bar 30 %

27 Censored for AU.

28. Slashing throat with a razor blade or box cutter 40-80 %

29. Side-handled baton 50 %

30. Aluminium baton strike to kneecap 50 % (weight the tip with a few ounces of lead)

31. Threaten to attack with hypodermic needle - 95 %

32. Capsicum spray 30 %

33. Standard .22 zip gun made from a car aerial 70 %

34. Home made shotgun pistol 100 %

35. Edge of dinner plate 50%

Remember these figures are only if your assailant is unarmed.

* Note: Censored for AU.

** (All of these techniques rate at 100 % if your assailant is not a fighting expert.)

Part of the percentage figure is made up of the damage you can inflict and another part is made up of the fear factor, how likely is he to retreat and call off the attack. The edge of a fry pan to the head is 70 % and so is the likelihood of killing with a samurai sword but your attacker is more likely to retreat at the sight of a samurai sword and so it is rated at 97 %. On the other hand censored for AU ... has almost no scare factor yet it is still rated at 90 %, a formidable weapon indeed, while others like the baby Browning is 100 % effective whether the attacker retreats or not.

Putting it all together, for conceal ability, the fear factor, how much damage can actually be done the most effective weapons are the gun, the folding knife and ... Censored for AU. Others such as censored for AU ... takes up precious moments after an attack has commenced yet its fear and actual damage factors are near 100 %.

If your attacker is under the influence of drugs the effectiveness of many of these techniques is reduced and in some cases eliminated, due to fear and pain factors being absent. However the effectiveness of these techniques will be greatly enhanced if you attack your opponent by surprise.

You cannot use any of these weapons halfheartedly. They are not magic wands, they are only as good as your determination to use them. If not used as intended they can be taken away and used against you. It is better therefore to fight an opponent without a weapon than to use any of the above weapons indecisively.

Other weapons:

You might also get lucky with these weapons

1. Pen or pencil used to stab at face and eyes.

2. Heavy ashtray.

3. Heavy pay phone. This is smashed into your attackers head repeatedly and savagely.

4. A sock containing a weight such as a block of wood.

5. A large ring on a finger will greatly increase the effectiveness of a punch.


When watching martial arts movies it is easy to think of martial arts experts as philosophers and wise men. In the real world however a large proportion of them are vicious hoodlums who often subtly goad others into attacking them as an excuse for a vicious assault which sometimes results in the death of their victim. The rule is, be aware, never allow anyone to goad you into a fight, and always have the edge at all times.

Legal use of force.

The attitude of the law regarding violence and self defense is based on common sense. You may only use force to prevent an immediate attack from occurring. If you have already been attacked and the attacker is running away, you may not attack him. This is punishment, not self defense.

You may only use the minimum force required i.e., you can't elbow a drunken old man in the throat who is swinging punches at you but can't do you any harm; you may however put up your arms to block the punches. You can't shoot somebody who attacks you with a rolled up newspaper, especially where the attack isn't particularly skilled. If you do defend yourself and manage to knock your attacker over, you can't kick him in the head - this again, is punishment, not self defense.

You can't hit somebody who verbally abuses you, sticks his tongue out at you or even spits at you - all you can do it report the incident to the police, or at most make a citizen's arrest. Most criminals are experts at the law regarding assault and will often try to get you into trouble with the law. Be aware

The first rule is never get involved in a fight of any description. You will be in a much more complicated self defense and legal situation than you think. If you go to a dance hall and some skinny jerk offers to fight you outside to defend a lady's honor, run a mile.

Why not fight the skinny jerk?

1. You obviously can't break his legs and eye gauge him, but if you fight him in the old tried and true tradition, you might well find that he is a martial artist and the only reward you get for throwing a gentle right swing at him is a palm under the nose and a hammer blow to the throat.

2. Fighting is against the law and if caught, you will be charged.

3. If you win the fight, even though you have obeyed all the etiquette of dance hall fighting, and the police find out that you are a martial artist, it won't go well for you in court. The court may look on you as a thug.

If the jerk is swinging punches at you, and your arms are longer, put out an arm as you are walking away and your attacker won't connect. Keep walking until you are out of range and go home. Under no circumstances throw a punch or any other kind of blow at such an attacker, especially to the head area. Punches can kill. Kicks to the lower part of the body can cause a great deal of damage. Even if he connects with punches to your head he is unlikely to do you any damage.

If he is swinging punches from close range, or looks like he is about to, put your hands unobtrusively on his biceps as this will prevent him from suddenly punching you, and will make head butting harder. If you can feel a sudden weight shift, he may be about to kick you in the legs, so push him away quickly as this will break his balance.

5. Walking backwards is a good defense against punches. No untrained fighter will be able to connect.

(1) ... 968964/pg1

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
Überm Sternenzelt richtet Gott, wie wir gerichtet.

Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:32 pm
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Post Re: Self Defense Tech...
Demeanor (1)
- This is an area that possibly more mistakes are made than in any other area of self defense. The mistake is that if a man doesn't look violent then he isn't. Violent men sometimes do look violent, but most often they look nothing like a violent person. We also think instinctively that there are certain classes of person that are not a threat eg., a 14 year old school girl. But can't a 14 year old school girl throw a broken beer glass just the same as anyone else? Even if you have a black belt and weigh 260 pounds won't you be seriously injured if hit by a broken beer glass thrown by a 14 year old school girl?

What it all comes back to is this: what a person looks like, what he talks like, whether he carries a Bible, or just simply because he doesn't have a hair style like Clint Eastwood, is absolutely no indicator of potential violence. Much more important is the history of that person going right back to the day they were born, and this is something we cannot see.

Remember - every hitch hiker ever murdered thought the car looked safe to get into, every housewife murdered by somebody she let past the front door thought that person looked safe, every policeman gunned down after pulling a car to the side of the road thought the occupants of the car were not violent. Appearance, demeanor, age, sex, speech, none of these are indicators of a potentially dangerous criminal.

Personnel history, criminal experience, emotional makeup, ideology, and whether they live by a moral code are what counts, not appearance or demeanor, and these are the things we cannot see. Criminals are not responsible for the shapes of their noses, their complexions, whether their hair blows out of shape in the wind. And believe it or not most policemen and others who should know better are fooled by these false indicators every day. These false indicators are very powerful psychological persuaders and it is almost impossible to see past them.

Consider the teenage girl who shot dead two Coffin Cheater motorcycle gang members in Melbourne in 1982. They didn't see that coming, and unless you take this warning seriously you won't see an attack coming either.

Common mistakes in judging demeanor.

1. That a person's eyes give a liar away. The eyes are only another organ of the body and truth and falsity can no more can be judged from them than from looking at his toe nails. And as for being able to look someone straight in the eye, any actor will tell you that this is a skill that can be learnt in two minutes in front of a mirror.

2. A person who is talking calmly doesn't have violence on his mind. The demeanor of a person is irrelevant and this includes the way he talks or whether he appears calm or not.

3. A person with a sense of humour can't have evil intent. This is all pretty subjective but it is quite likely that it is not an indicator. It is also likely that many victims of violence are the butt of a criminal's joke.

4. That because a person does very human things that we all do he must be the same as us. Because he eats peas with his knife, likes The Simpsons and makes jokes about feminists and Sumo wrestlers does not mean that person isn't dangerous.

Self defense and reality.

All of us have watched action movies and we think that there is a certain class of persons who are tough guys or heavies. In reality there is no such thing as a tough guy.

In reality the skinniest, weakest, most pathetic weed can, and often does, win the confrontation because he is prepared to step outside the cultural assumptions we have about violence. Indeed it is essential that such people do step outside cultural assumptions as they couldn't hope to win a confrontation otherwise.

How much of a tough guy does it take to walk up to a car in traffic, ... censored.? It is easy to do, the one doing it needs only motivation and the victim is history.

There are indeed thousands of scenarios that could happen and that have happened. You can walk into a room and be hit in the head with a fry pan by an irate teenager - you might well be history; you can be stabbed or shot in the back while waiting in line at McDonalds, you can be run down while walking along the pavement. The general rule is that if anybody wants to get you enough they will get you - it doesn't matter who you are and who they are.

The only defense against this is to never rub anyone the wrong way. Never treat anybody with contempt, especially the powerless. Don't instigate negative emotion in anybody, even if you have to defend yourself against them. Don't engage in any kind of violence if you don't absolutely have to. There is nothing like violence to instigate hatred. You cannot win with such emotions against you.

To listen to some martial artists you would think that they can kick, punch, maim and kill on the flimsiest of pretexts and somehow their victims will never come back to haunt them. In reality such killers wouldn't last long - their life spans would be very short indeed. The power of emotion is astonishing and very long lasting.

Do some general reading to see how many policemen have been murdered by small, seemingly insignificant people, then think how easy it would be for anyone to kill or maim you by doing something they are not supposed to do. Self defense experts teach only about a very narrow band of possibilities, it is up to you to avoid confrontation in the real world by keeping hatred and other negative emotions as far away from you as possible.

(1) ... 968964/pg1

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
Überm Sternenzelt richtet Gott, wie wir gerichtet.

Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:35 pm
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Post Re: Self Defense Tech...
City Survival (1)
Holding up in your apartment

The type of equipment and supplies you'll need depends on the type of emergency. An emergency could be a plague, war, riots, etc. Surviving in an apartment has its advantages in that you can stock it up, you can make it secure and you already have some conveniences. Apart from the things you already have in your apartment here are extra things you will need.

1. Several boxes of candles.

2. A fuel stove and 5 gallons of fuel.

3. A battery radio, preferably capable of receiving local stations and short wave signals.

4. 300 gallons of water. This can be stored in garbage bags tied in knots and placed under beds or wherever space is available. You must also fill your bathtub and lots of plastic containers.

5. A flashlight and several changes of batteries.

6. A pistol of heavier caliber such as a .45 and at least 400 rounds of ammunition

7. A ladder. This will come in handy in a variety of ways,

8. A basic tool kit.

9. A comprehensive first aid kit.

10. Extra blankets.

11. Several rolls of duct tape for sealing windows etc. Duct tape is also good for stopping bleeding by using as a pressure bandage..

12. A supply of food for six months.

13. A length of rope about 10 mm and 100 metres long.

14. A bullet proof security door made from clear bullet proof plastic which goes in place of your screen door.

15. Several dozen garbage bags for storing body wastes.

16. You must have maps of your city such as a street directory and maps of the surrounding countryside as well as a nation wide touring map or directory. If escape becomes possible you must know where to go and how to get there.

17. If you have a car you must store gasoline for it in case escape becomes possible

18. If you have a telephone that must be plugged into an electrical outlet, you must buy a cheap handset that doesn't require a power source to operate.

19. In a civil disturbance there are likely to be snipers scattered throughout the city. In such a case you must avoid leaving your apartment for anything and windows must be covered with curtains, but not with paint or newspaper, as this will advertise the fact that your apartment is occupied. It is strongly advisable to cover the windows of at least the most populated room with bullet proof metal sheet.

20. A pair of earmuffs or earplugs will also come in handy if you have to use your weapon inside your apartment, otherwise you will, in all likelihood, do permanent damage to your hearing.

21.The type of food that you choose to store is important. Don't store frozen food as this will go bad when the power goes off and if you cannot step outside to get rid of it the food will cause such a terrible odor that you might have to evacuate the building anyway. Store only canned food, packet food, and grains, and anything that needs the shortest cooking time, also store enough prescription drugs to last for several months and have a stock of books - you will need them.

22. If venturing onto the street your main worries in a civil disturbance will be snipers and bombs, especially snipers and machine gun fire where there has been a curfew put in place. Remember to always play by the rules whatever they are and whoever has put them in place. If there is a curfew, stay inside, if you will be arrested or shot for carrying a gun, don't carry it, or think about it twice. Your chances of survival are always greater if you obey the rules.

Try never to go into no-man's land or stray across sectors, sniping activity and machine guns are always busiest in these areas. If there is a sniper present, try to work out his position and direction of fire and always try to move at ninety degrees to the line of fire as you will be a much harder target to hit. Run in short hops from cover to cover and try if at all possible to move behind anything that gives cover or concealment.

23. In an area of civil unrest there will likely be house to house searches by troops or paramilitary organisations looking for illegal weapons or terrorists or any evidence to link you in any way with their enemies.

Don't have any subversive literature, no matter how mild, or anything that could seem like subversive literature to troops who may lack general knowledge, even a camping manual could seem like a military manual to such people.

24. A good place to hide your pistol, or indeed anything else, is to cut as hole in an interior wall, place the article into the cavity, reinsert the cutout, replaster and repaint it and do it near the bathroom as the bathroom will have lots of pipes that will confuse a metal detector. A good deal of food can also be stored in wall cavities near the beginning of the civil disturbance as troops may come looking for food.

Always keep some food in your cupboards so they will know what you've been living on and may look no further. In times of food shortage, even if you have a lot of food, lose weight. If everyone else in your city has lost fifty pounds, you'd better lose at least forty or there'll be plenty of people wanting to know where your food stash is..

25. In any dealing with troops always think about impressions. These impressions may be based on something shallow indeed but it is impressions that will pacify the enemy and allow you to survive. Walk right through your apartment often as if you were a soldier who has just entered and is searching from room to room, and adjust anything that will give you away or create even a question in the soldier's mind. And remember, familiarity breeds contempt. Because you have been looking at your apartment for years might make you unconscious of the impressions somebody looking at it for the first time might have.

The questions that goes through a soldiers mind might be, "He said his daughter sleeps here, why then is there only a bed cover but no sheets? Why can I smell tobacco when it hasn't been available for three months? How is it that this apartment always looks the same whenever I inspect it, even that cardboard box is in the same position on the floor?"

In times of great stress and fear these instincts will be further heightened, allowing them to think three or four steps ahead instead of one or two, and deception will be much harder. Always assume that such people follow no social conventions, and therefore are unpredictable. Also beware of women and children as they often have less social inhibitions than men and are more prepared to ask awkward questions that don't readily have convenient answers.

Also think constantly of worse case scenarios and ask yourself what would happen if such and such an article was found or if such and such a suspicion was aroused. How would you answer? what facial expressions would you use? e.g.., a soldier searching your apartment looks up at the ceiling and asks suddenly, "What is that ventilation shaft for, none of the other apartments have one?"

And just because you have gotten away with some deception a hundred times before doesn't mean that you can do it again. If anything, try even harder, never get lazy, as laziness or overconfidence will get you arrested or killed.

26. Don't appear to have any areas where something could be hidden, or if you do, make access easy for casual searchers. Always constantly think six steps ahead, i.e. if this happens it would cause this, then that would make a possibility of this happening, and if that happens it could lead to this or that, so I better do this as insurance against that happening etc.

27. Be careful of positive image makers such as an open government newspaper on your coffee table, or a picture of the dictator on your wall, as there is a high chance that whoever sees it will dislike your pretended politics, or hate the dictator, or if you scatter around beer cans in your apartment hoping to pass yourself off as a boozer, that person who is also a boozer knows that beer cans never scatter randomly.

Remember, deception is a twenty four hour a day game and is hard work.

Never make assumptions about people. E.g.., you put an empty bottle of nitric acid into your trash can which is also used by an old lady, but you don't worry about her, because you ask, how could that old lady know what this stuff can be used for?

But that old lady might have worked for counter terrorist intelligence for the last forty years for all you know, or her son in law might work for the pigs and she casually mentions to him what she saw in the trash can. Treat everybody as if they were the worst possible person to be present in any given circumstance. Assume that the old lady is the chief investigator in guerilla munitions manufacture, as indeed she might be.

Remember - you only get one chance but there are thousands of ways you can be captured or killed. Be paranoid!

(1) ... 968964/pg1

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
Überm Sternenzelt richtet Gott, wie wir gerichtet.

Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:38 pm
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Post Re: Self Defense Tech...
Maps (1)
-a map is a classified document whether it's a street directory from K-mart, a contour map from the surplus store, a handwritten map, or an aerial photograph or any other kind of map. To unfriendly eyes any map in your possession will tell them the area you intend to travel to and perhaps how you intend to get there. Never draw on a map, or mark it in any way as this will tell the enemy your destination, you rendezvous and a lot more possible information. Maps are for your eyes only and whomever else you choose to authorize.

Here are some things you can do that will greatly increase your efficiency and therefore your survival. The police can do them which is why it only takes one pig to keep 1000 civilians in line.

1. Turn up on time. If you are to meet somebody don't even be a minute late. Arrive half an hour early if possible so that you won't be even a minute late

2. Be reliable. If you promise something, deliver.

3. Be knowledgeable. Have a wide knowledge base. Read magazines, books on unusual subjects and talk to interesting people whenever you get the chance.

4. Always have your kit with you.

5. Always have the latest communications devices - a cell phone, a home phone, Internet access, and understand call diversions, answering systems etc. Make sure any friend can contact you at any hour of the day or night.

6. Your car must be in good shape.

7. Make a habit of knowing your way around. Study the street directory and explore the routes in your car.

We come to an area now that may not only save your life but in most cases will prevent it from being in peril in the first place. That is being competent at small things. What this means is that you mustn't overlook seemingly insignificant detail. This often happens with tragic results. What happens for example if a friend who lives two miles away calls you because he is under attack by a gang. So far so good, except for the fact that you can't remember where you left your car keys; was it on the sofa or on top of the refrigerator? or are they in the pocket of a pair of jeans in the washing machine?

Many have died in house blazes because the key to the deadlock couldn't be found, others have found themselves in life or death situations because they left their cell phone at home and didn't have a coin for the pay phone.

Others have left home to drive long distances to find when they came to fill up that they had left their wallet at home. Countless numbers of soldiers have died because somebody scribbled a note and the recipient couldn't tell a 6 from a 0 or a 1 from a 7 and artillery was aimed at the wrong area.

All of this is bad enough, but when people are under great stress incidents of these kinds multiply. It is much better to become proficient in small things than have a black belt and an M16; such competence will save your life and of those you care about far more often.

Murders and assaults rarely happen out of thin air . There is usually a string of events that lead up to an assault or murder beginning with some minor oversight. This can be losing your house keys, being given the wrong location to meet your spouse, your car breaking down and having no means to get assistance, losing your bus fare and having to walk home through unfamiliar streets.

After losing countless lives to these type of blunders the military have developed systems to try to overcome them. These systems must also take into account the biggest contributor to these oversights and blunders which is stress.

1. Always write things down and never rely on memory if you can possibly avoid it.

2. Carry a small calendar. If Monday is a public holiday it is easy to think that Tuesday is a Monday when it is the first day of work week. You go to meet someone you always meet on Monday to find out that they are not there and neglect to pick up your kids from school. Your kids are waiting outside the school gates until 6 PM. Sound dangerous? The same mistakes can be made on a changeover to or from daylight saving time.

3. Don't walk around in a dream. If you lose only money and time you'll get off lightly. If you don't it could easily finish up in murder, rape, serious assault, robbery or many other unpleasant and unnecessary experiences.

(1) ... 968964/pg1

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:41 pm
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Post Re: Self Defense Tech...
A notice to survivalist mockers.

To survive and operate in the real world you have to be tough. Toughness means being physically, mentally and emotionally able to operate in a huge range of circumstances without falling to pieces. When you come up against the real stuff middle class trickery won't work, finding a civilized human being to leech off won't work, last minute push ups won't work and stealing might get you killed.

Realistically yourself. Can you fight? Can you use tools? fire a gun? reload magazines with cold fingers? find your way out of a jungle without a compass? start a fire? Do you have the guts and the skill to break both legs of an attacker before he even lands a punch, or to survive an interrogation, escape in an urban or wilderness environment, face a savage dog - and all done under a lot of pressure?

Basically, do you have any brains? If you've never read a book, don't know how to change a tire, don't know which is the safe end on a firearm and don't know where China is on the map, don't get involved with tough men, they will eat you. You stand no chance of survival. There are many situations where even most of the tough men won't survive and there are many, many types of individuals out there who will beat you, rob you, pour gasoline all over you and light you, kick your teeth out, or beat you to death with a baseball bat just because they don't like you.

If you are one of those who won't venture out if it is raining, will fall to pieces when a workplace bully pokes his tongue out at you, will not own a gun, the only tool you own is a screwdriver in the kitchen drawer, and your first reaction in any stressful situation is to call the police, then it is all over for you. All I can suggest is to elbow women and children out of the way at a food queue, or contact some Christian organization who may be able to feed you.

The nitwit will not survive and shouldn't survive.

Rules. .
No organization can operate without rules and those who break them know what the consequences will be.

You will have to look pretty hard to find any person who has been murdered by a drug cartel where they obeyed the rules. They will even tolerate a certain amount of theft, and even give repeat warnings to Mr. Average types who have been turned into monsters through greed, but in the end, drug lords will kill without conscience those who have broken serious rules.

This isn't an apology for drug cartels, but rather an illustration that in any situation rules govern interaction with others. Every group has rules, from drug cartels and prison populations to police departments and citizens groups, and even hobos living under bridges have rules. Understanding and keeping rules is freedom, ignoring them, at the very least, will mean finishing up on skid row.

Some life long principles of survivalists are:

1. Always arm up, never arm down. Never think you don't have to be as formidable as you are. Always increase training, increase overall resources and increase preparedness, not the opposite.

2. Never let others know how formidable you are, whether it be how well armed you are, or how much training you have. Pretend to be just another guy in the street. The less formidable people think that you are the less caution they will have in attacking you which will give you a big advantage.

3. Obey the law . Nothing can help a habitual law breaker or nuisance. Mostly you won't be persecuted by the system if you obey the law.

4. Don't make enemies needlessly. E.g.., why make an enemy of a prison heavy when his strong arms can be better employed digging an escape tunnel? Why make an enemy of a street gang when they might just as well be used as a source of weapons or information?

5. Don't take revenge just for the sake of it. Always run at a profit. Why throw a brick through a window to get even if you can steal fifty gallons of gasoline from the same premises?


If placed under even moderate stress it is impossible to do many things that you take for granted. You may not be able to add up a single column of figures, you won't remember how, you can lose your voice and be unable to communicate.

The ways to overcome the problem of stress are these:

1. Train, train and train some more. Training involves discipline - laziness is the enemy of discipline. Be relaxed, be cool, but disciplined, not lazy.

2.Keep everything ridiculously simple

Never rely on complicated procedures to get you out of trouble. Don't even rely on your ability to read simple instructions or carry out a sequence of actions that require any thought at all.

3. Always have the equipment you need which must be of the highest quality consistent with simplicity of use. Do not put any new item into commission until it is fully tested and you are sure it works and you can operate it.

4. Train for every possibility. Can you load a magazine quickly with cold fingers? Can you pull a hammer back with a wet thumb? Can you operate a radio amid the panic and screaming of a hundred people as an airplane is sinking in a lake

(1) ... 968964/pg1


Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
Überm Sternenzelt richtet Gott, wie wir gerichtet.

Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:55 pm
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Post Re: Self Defense Tech...
Guanosphere tweeted the link to an urban survival website, that, among other things, discusses and analyzes each episode of "The Colony". I am going to take a look at the whole website. I think it is worth a glance, with attention to areas in which I might be lacking skills or knowledge.

Episode 5 of The Colony on Discovery “The Abduction”

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." ~ Albert Einstein

Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:13 am
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Post Re: Self Defense Tech...
Where's the link ruts?

Excellent list recal15. Some interesting things to consider...


I don't know about the one comment - "Be paranoid". A calm demeanour always saves the day and your mind is prone to be in the wrong gear when you are busy 'crapping' yourself. All the survival training stresses good breathing, balance and focused mind when confronted with any situation that threatens your life.

We all have the choice to exercise Free Will.
Omnia Vincit Veritas
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Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:30 pm
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