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Camouflage (1)


Camouflage allows you to hide in the bush and not be seen. Good camouflage will in fact make you invisible from only 2 or 3 metres away. The way that this is achieved is by wearing colours and textures that match the surrounding vegetation. Camouflage will turn you from a target wandering around the bush into a deadly foe. I have had persons looking directly at me from 2 metres away and they could not detect my presence.

What are the principles of camouflage?

1. Your colour must match your surroundings.

2. The texture must match surroundings.

3. You must not move.

4. You must not expose any part of your skin unless it has been painted in camo colours.

5. Your outline must be broken up so that you do not show any type of pattern, especially that of a human being.

A ghillie suit. What is it?

Ghillie suits were invented by game wardens in Scotland. They would lie in wait for poachers. This is the principle used by snipers. They lie in wait for a target to appear. Ghillie suits, or indeed any type of camouflage, is good only for lying in wait. As soon as you start to move you have lost any advantage that you had.

But for lying in wait a ghillie suit has no match. It will make you invisible in any type of vegetation.

How to make a ghillie suit.

Buy a green army shirt, trousers and giggle hat. Over the outside of trousers and shirt stitch green prawn netting. To this netting tie different coloured pieces of burlap, hessian, or even strips of old clothing in appropriate colours. Tie some bow tie fashion, tie some only at one end and make sure you get a mixture of different lengths. Make sure that there are knots of stringy pieces and frayed pieces hanging off. The colour are up to you, but they will be a mixture of green, brown and possibly black and yellow. These colours should be carefully selected for the area you intend to use it in.

Over the outside of the giggle hat tie prawn netting and allow it to drape over your face. Tie longish lengths of cloth to this in the same way so that your face is entirely covered.

Now get your ghillie suit nice and dirty. Drag it in the mud, rub horse dung into it - do whatever you have to do to it to make the colours invisible in the bush.

When you are at the location you wish to hide in, attach little tree branches, weeds, grasses etc to blend even further into the bush. You must then conceal yourself as much as possible by physically hiding behind a wall of grass, or behind bushes etc so that your outline cannot be detected.

What might give away your presence?

Exposed skin, especially if you are white. All exposed skin must be painted in camo colours. These paints can often be bought from camping and disposal stores. They come in a little container with a mirror. Break up the outline preferably with horizontal colours so that when lying down the coloured stripes become vertical to match most foliage,

Shiny metal, like watches. These must be covered.

Smell. Do not use perfumed soaps, shampoos or after shave etc. In the wilderness these scents can not only be detected by dogs, but often by humans also. Use only plain, pure soap for washing. Defecate only in plastic bags, do not smoke, chew gum, or cook.

Other methods of camouflage.

A plain green army shirt and trousers is a very good camouflage outfit, probably superior to the camo dyed versions, as the dyed versions rarely match the foliage at your choice of location. Plain green on the other hand can be painted with mud, have foliage attached etc.

A good trick is to use plain army greens and a plain olive drab ground sheet. Lie on the ground and place the ground sheet over you. This is a surprisingly effective strategy.

Distance. At one kilometer, or even less, you can stand in an open field and not be seen provided that you do not move. If you are lying down and are wearing colours that do not show contrast you will not be seen.

Be patient when making your ghillie suit. Get the colors right, show no pattern, and you will not be detected in the bush.

You can also buy ghillie suits ready made. These range in price from $150 to $700. Price is no indicator of quality. Only colour and outline are. Some are very good, some are very poor. I have a store bought one and a home made one. Both are good, but they suit different areas of bush.

What colours are best for night time? If you said black you would be wrong. Black silhouettes you against the sky. Lighter coloured cammo is the best. If you don’t have this grey or light brown clothing is okay.

Remember - all benefits of cammo are negated once you start to move. Cammo is only of use when you are still. How then can you move without giving away your presence? You must have an escape route planned, so that when you start to move you will be behind a hill or other natural rise in the land. You might be able to move along a ditch, disappear into trees etc., or wait until dark before moving.

Civilians won’t detect a person’s presence in the bush if they are wearing cammo. This includes all civilian type forces such as the police, park rangers, nosey do-gooders, vigilantes. Armies may well detect the presence of say, an enemy sniper, but it is usually too late and casualties result. Those who set up an ambush always have the edge as they are still and cannot be seen. Those who go in after them do not know where the enemy is and are walking targets. So remember, wear cammo, stay still, and you have an enormous advantage.

Cammo on the cheap?

I have found some surprisingly good patterns in fashion shops. At the markets I found cammo t-shirts for $7 each (if buying 3), and these were superior IMHO to any of the military patterns. The trousers were selling for $10, and although they are only made of thin polyester, the colour and pattern are second to none. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on cammo gear.

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Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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