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 Why Panic, not Action! 
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 Why Panic, not Action!


The establishment is braced for panic in the people when they realize that Nibiru is real and approaching for a passage.

The FAA cameras in the US have been blinded,

the Covid lockdowns are used to prevent migration,

and tsunami buoys that are too honest are quickly deactivated.

But what about personal panic in the populace?

They have been denied the truth by the establishment, so in the main are unprepared.

The concept of moving away from the coastlines and preparing for self-sufficiency may be pondered, but no action taken.

Then one day it becomes a reality and rather than take action, there is PANIC!

No, Toilet Paper is not the answer.

Panic is a sudden sensation of fear, which is so strong as to dominate or prevent reason and logical thinking, replacing it with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and frantic agitation consistent with an animalistic fight-or-flight reaction. Panic may occur singularly in individuals or manifest suddenly in large groups as mass panic.
The Fight or Flight mechanism kicks in, designed to save one from certain death, but inappropriate in a situation that requires planning and organization. Panic is thus likely to be disorganized and violent. Even those who have taken the warning seriously and are carefully monitoring the Earth changes will likely not be 100% prepared and confident. Many hope to get friends and family involved in their preparations, but are finding the Zeta warning that 50% of humanity will be in hard denial to the bitter end a sad reality.


ZetaTalk Observation 9/18/2010: Even those who listen to our words and take them seriously are not connecting the dots to be able to envision what these disasters will mean. All intelligent creatures use these types of denial techniques, so we are not just criticizing mankind here. If one hears that they can no longer use their car, because the roads will be torn up, they don't register that all distribution of goods will be stopped or trips to the clinic for injuries will be blocked. They imagine the car, sitting idle while the roads are repaired. It does not sink in, that the use of the car will forever be prevented, or that the car may be flipped on its side with no means of righting it, ever, and will rust into uselessness while the tires rot. If we say that travel restrictions will be imposed, they imagine themselves approaching a counter and pleading their case, as is the situation today, or bribing someone, or finding an alternate road to evade checkpoints. That the counter will be closed, and the applicant facing a loaded rifle and told to leave, is not considered. That bridges will be collapsed, rivers above flood tide souring the banks and washing away boats, and side roads filled with looting thieves is not taken into consideration.

The Zetas and the ZetaTalk Team have for decades attempted to lay out the steps a newbie should take. The best defense against panic is an action plan, as that fits in with the Fight or Flight mechanism and puts all that adrenalin to work. During a time when terms like food shortage and bankruptcy and unemployment and homelessness are increasingly in the news, everyone should be in the self-sufficiency business. These videos are on the Internet for free but when the grid or Internet communications go down, the best is to have your own copy, offered to the public on a non-profit basis.


Taking action can have Right and Wrong steps, so it is important to get on the right path.

Develop a Plan, research your Location

and plan your Route to safety

Dig a Trench during the shift,

Temporary shelter,

and short term Supplies for the week of rotation stoppage and the months after.

Plan to rebuild Shelter,

with Hand Tools,

and a source of Heat.

Garden with Seed supplies,

low maintenace Flocks

and Herds,

and Fishing

and Hunting as the area will support.

Be part of a Team,

have an Action plan to keep people busy,

and collect Books for future reference.

Get into Short Wave radio,

expect to be On Foot or boat when traveling,

and keep your Bearings.


Much practical advice can be found on the Troubled Times pages, where hundreds of solutions were debated and even tested.

The first step in long range planning is to determine if you are presently in a Safe Location,

or will need to migrate on an emergency basis sometime in the near future.

Both the ZetaTalk website

and the Pole Shift ning
have featured the 7 Steps that should be taken to make these Safe Locations determinationss.

Step 1 is to research your current or target locations in the Safe Locations provided on the ZetaTalk website. Examine not only the country and the state or province or city but also any nearby.


Step 2 is to research your location from the standpoint of the climate that will exist after the pole shift. This is quickly ascertained by looking at the New Geology map

and the Lat/Long map provided by Konstantin.

Step 3 is to research your elevation above sea level. A handy and free tool is Google Earth which can be downloaded into a PC and will show the exact elevation of any spot the cursor passes over.

Google Maps is a modified version that allows a color coded map based on elevation.

Plan to be 100 miles from a coastline and 200 feet above sea level to avoid the coastal tidal waves during the pole shift. Bear in mind the predicted 675 foot sea level elevation increase that will occur from friction heat on cold ocean bottoms. The oceans will heat up and swell.


ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1999: The pole shift, with consequent realignment of the poles, will place the New Equator over formerly frozen lands. Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Siberia, and Europe will be affected by the new equator.

Step 4 is to determine if you are in one of those regions which will rise or fall during the traumatic hour of the Pole Shift. India and western Australia will be pushed below the waves. Japan gains 150 feet, New Zealand gains 500 feet and eastern Australia benefits also, Spain loses 50 feet, western UK loses 150 feet, New England gains 450 feet due to the Seaway rip, Florida loses 150 feet, and Vancouver Island gains 100 feet. Step 5 is to research the effect of swollen rivers which will likely be in a backwash during the pole shift. Water on the move tears and bites and scours, and will undercut the soil under buildings so they will tilt and tumble. Tidal bore along cliffs facing the ocean can likewise have water climbing up or funneled up by ravines.


ZetaTalk Description 4/15/1999: Humans are used to thinking of slow moving rivers and tides that ease in and ease out. Imagine if the press behind the water is strong and the waters move rapidly and crash, bore up into the hillsides because they have no place else to go, swarm over the countryside beyond the hills that might bridge along a coastline and come roaring back out to sea so that people find water coming from behind them, coming from inland and from the ocean alike.

Step 6 is to examine your volcanic or geographic risk due to mountain building. We have advised a 100 mile radius from all volcanoes that have been active within the last 10,000 years. Yellowstone will not become a super volcano. You can also determine if the new westerly winds will blow volcanic ash in your direction. Consider that what was formerly north will now be west or east. Newly fractured rock is a clue that more of the same might be expected. Older mountains as the Alps and Appalachians are considered safe, where the Sierras and Andes are building. And finally, Step 7 is to ascertain if you need a migration route.



Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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