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 San Pedro Mountain Mummy 
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Post San Pedro Mountain Mummy
Via ZetaTalk for September 30, 2020 (1)

Is this a mummy of one of the dwarf race, trolls? Or, a human being but somehow
atrophied, stunted? or, someone else creature?
[and from another]
Elves, Do They Exist?
Nov 6, 2018
In 1932, a 14-inch tall mummy was found by gold prospectors in the Pedro Mountains 60 miles southwest of Casper, Wyoming. The tiny mummy was found sitting on a ledge in a small granite cave. Its legs were crossed and arms folded on its lap. It had a flat nose, low forehead, and a broad, thin-lipped mouth. The mummy was x-rayed and analyzed. The Anthropology Department of Harvard University certified the mummy as genuine and believed by some to be of a 65-year old man. It is interesting to note that Shoshone and Crow natives that inhabited the area where the mummy was found had legends of “little people” in their ancient folklore.
[and from another
This first mummy was examined using X-rays which determined that it was the body of an anencephalic infant "whose cranial deformity gave it the appearance of a miniature adult." A second mummy examined by University of Wyoming anthropologist George Gill and the Denver Children's Hospital in the 1990s was also shown to be an anencephalic infant. DNA testing showed it to be Native American and radiocarbon dating dated it to about 1700.
[and from another] ... tain-mummy
The mummy was almost certainly a human baby, either stillborn or dead shortly after birth. This child probably died of anencephaly, the congenital absence of a large part of the brain. The Milwaukee Journal stated, "discernible by X-ray is the food in the stomach, which appears to have been raw meat. The teeth in the front of the mouth are pointed and of the flesh-eating variety."
[and from another]
The anthropologists would soon be surprised to see that x-rays displayed a perfectly formed, manlike skeleton. The tests also showed that the mummy had been killed violently, as the spine was damaged, a collarbone broken, and the skull had been smashed in by a heavy blow. The soft substance at the top of the head exposed brain tissue and congealed blood. After the tests were completed, the scientists estimated that the mummy was a full-grown adult who was approximately 65 years old at the time of his death. One odd finding was that its teeth were overly pointed, having a full set of canines. Other skeletons of the “little people” have said to have been found in other areas of the U.S. Near Coshocton, Ohio, a burial ground was reportedly discovered that contained the numerous remains of a pygmy race of people only about three feet tall. In 1876, another ancient graveyard was documented as having been discovered in Coffee County, Tennessee. The reports indicated the cemetery, covering some six acres, held the remains of thousands of dwarf-like people.
[and from another] ... le-people/
The little mummy was sitting upright and had a flat skull. It had tan skin and sat about 7” tall, so if it stood up it might have been a foot tall. Could the little mummy have been proof of the “little people” or fairies described by Native Americans? Scientists have studied the photographs and claim it’s the mummy of an anencephalic fetus. But why did the little mummy have a full set of adult teeth?
This San Pedro Mountain Mummy is neither an anencephalic infant nor a stunted adult, but a version of early man. As we have detailed, the Family of Man
was primarily a genetically engineered Earth ape, but the American Indian was a transplant. This transplant is so small as to be taken for a monkey when the bones are found. The posture of the mummy shows that it was given a burial after an accident, placed in an upright position and protected in a cave so as not to be eaten by animals.

If the American Indian evolved to take its place among the Family of Man with the equivalent stature that the other races now have, then why did these little people remain small. Just as BigFoot
is a family of transplanted souls, incarnated in a version of early man in a self-imposed exile on Earth, some of the early American Indian transplants remained in this form, by choice. They look and are human, and should anyone try to locate them living in the San Pedro Mountains, they would be protected from discovery just as Bigfoot is protected from discovery.

Prior 6/15/1996 ZT:
The American Indian bears the marks of shared genetics with Asians that crossed the land bridge to Alaska, but the root race was much older and unique to the Americas. Unlike the six races of man, who were formed by genetically engineering an ape of Earth, the American Indian was a transplanted hominoid who arrived far earlier. Why have their bones not been found? What is discovered from the prior race of transplanted hominoids is not recognized for what it is. This race was slight in build, and is taken for monkey bones when found.

Prior 1995 ZT:
These entities have been placed into a primitive condition at their request, so that they can return to a basic understanding of how to get along with each other, with nature, and ponder the wondrous workings of nature. Their quarantine is not an exile. It is a search for peace. Has Bigfoot something to do with early mankind, perhaps an early model of man? The answer is, not surprisingly, yes! Bigfoot is indeed an interim model of one of the six races of man.

(1) ... 1#comments

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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