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 State Funded Psychic Research 
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Post State Funded Psychic Research
(The following story is TRUE. Only the names of persons and places have been changed to protect the innocent.)

In 1996 I was living in a small duplex in College Dist, ID. I had been living there for about 6 months, when one day in the mail I received a curious letter. Upon removing it from my box, I immediately saw that it was from my State of residence, and was addressed to me.

I was very puzzled. I was not expecting anything from my State, so I immediately opened the letter to see what was inside. The letter was from The Idaho State Department for Psychic Research and Development. My jaw literally dropped as I began to read it's contents.

It was a letter offering councilor services for what they knew, often times, to be a difficult transition ahead of me. They wished to offer their support, and tutorship, with my new found abilities. I was absolutely floored. I just kept reading it over, and over. My name was in the introduction (minus the middle initial) "Dear Kevin Smith," it was clearly addressed to me, but I had never heard that Idaho had a Department for Psychic Research and Development; and, how had they heard about ME?

I have always accepted the possibility of extra sensory perception, telepathy, God, the whole realm of the metaphysical. However, this was completely bizarre to me. Why was I receiving this letter? When did we start paying for that research? What do I do now? I called my mother.

While waiting for her to answer, I quickly read through the letter again. It was on State embossed paper, and had all the identifying marks of official paperwork. My mother answered, and I quickly began filling her in on the details of the letter. She seemed incredulous, which I understood. It was at that point that I flipped the letter over and checked the address again.

Kevin H. Smith
3418 SW 68th plc Ct E
College District, Id 73402

Wait a minute . . .my name is Kevin A. Smith, but that is my address! How did I see that H. as an A.? I told my mother it was a mistake and ended the conversation. My next thought was that I had just committed mail fraud! Oh crap! So . . .I destroyed the evidence. (I found out later that the statute of limitations is only 5 years. If I had known this then, I would have saved the letter and posted it today. I was youngish, and fearful of prosecution.)

I then contacted my landlord, who had owned the property since 1962. I asked him if there had ever been a Kevin H. Smith that lived at the property. He said, "No."
I have been wondering about that letter ever since. I have also tried to do a number of searches for The Idaho State Department for Psychic Research and Development. Back in 1996-1999 I found some secure web-sites that were linked within other State agency sites that came up when I searched. Today? Nothing . . .

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Post Re: State Funded Psychic Research

DP - welcome to the forum! :wavey

I now have goose bumps thanks to you! :roflmao :crylaugh

Brrrrie that is too creepy/weird for words. :hmm :dunno

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Post Re: State Funded Psychic Research
Very interesting story DP and welcome to the GT :wavey

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Post Re: State Funded Psychic Research
Yes we've all had our "this can't be true but it is" about things I have people come up to me that I don't even know (haven't seen before) and they somehow know my name I'm like Err.. yeah how the F :censor do you know my name... I'm like "Okaaaaay"

Me being psychic doesn't help in the matter anyhow..

It is Annoying :headbang I've also had Missing time :huh I was playing the N64 banjo-kazooie when I had a UFO fly over it was 9:30pm everything went yellow not unlike the X-files abduction and all the electronics blinked on and off for about 1 minute when I looked down it was 12:30pm I do remember saying something to the effect of "guys not right now" after that I had strange dreams that night of people with GOLDEN HAIR talking to me and me looking down at the tree tops :shock:


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