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 Archaeologists find ‘mini-Pompeii’ 
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Post Archaeologists find ‘mini-Pompeii’
The most well-preserved pottery from the Stone Age ever found in Norway has turned up in an unspoiled dwelling site not far from Kristiansand. The find is considered an archaeological sensation.

The discovery of a “sealed” Stone Age house site from 3500 BC has stirred great excitement among archaeologists from Norway’s Museum of Cultural History at the University in Oslo. The settlement site at Hamresanden, close to Kristiansand’s airport at Kjevik in Southern Norway, looks like it was covered by a sandstorm, possibly in the course of a few hours.

The catastrophe for the Stone Age occupants has given archaeologists an untouched “mini-Pompeii,” containing both whole and reparable pots.

“This is the first time we’ve made a find like this in Norway,” the spokesperson for the Hamresanden excavation, assistant professor Håkon Glørstad, told newspaper Aftenposten. :clap

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Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:37 am
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Post Norway & the Tuatha De Danaan
Interesting article.
I've been researching early ties between Egypt, Norway, & Ireland (as told in the Legend of the Tuatha De Danaan.)

Apparently the Prophet Jeremiah, of the Tribe of Dan, got Queen Tea Tephi out Carthage, prior to its destruction.
He took her to Ireland where she married the "Danite Prince" 587BC.
Norway was a refuge of the "great ones" since the flood. (Looks like they're gearing-up for that again.)
Anyway, the link is that rather strange technologies were brought to Ireland at the same time to conquer it from the local "Fir Bolg" species, to whom Ireland had been their refuge since Atlantis. ("Pan-like" beings.)
The Tuatha De Danaan trained with these "Druid" technologies in Norway and brought them to Ireland...
Spear of Lugh, which was a range weapon.
Murias Sword, which was apparently undefeatable.
Caulron of the Dagda, was some sort of food synthesiser that could feed an army.
& the very-famous "Lia Fail", or Stone of Destiny. <= This is the Stone of Scone, which could identify a "blueblood", or royalty as the true heir to the Kingdom of Ireland & (later on) Scotland. (Some sort of DNA scanner).
The stone would "scream" when someone of the true bloodline stood on it. "The true heir".
What's left of the Stone of Scone was stolen from the Scots, by the British, and is now lodged underneath the coronation throne of the Great Britain.

Of course, these legends are claimed to be myths, but in light of our technological age, some of them are quite possible.
As far as I can trace the Striped flag of the ancient "enlightened ones". It has gone from Egypt, to Norway (vikings), then re-surfaced as the East India trading company flag, which eventual went national as the United States of America.
The US great seal "Annuit Coeptus: Novus Ordo Seclorum." famously translates literally as:
"He approves undertaking - New order for the ages." (Have a guess who "he" is.)
The loose translation has been: "Our Enterprise is Crowned With Success: A New World Order."
This New Order was to be established prior to the 2012 Coronal Mass Ejection.

What I'm saying is that the levels of secrecy go back a long way, but they're quite smug about having us all locked-down, so people aren't dying as much when discussing the great plan these days. (Although you can't ask Dean Warwick, Phil Schneider, Dan Wallace, Bill Cooper & many others about current events. They're dead.)
The New Order of the Ages is for AFTER the disasters. The next "Age".

The Vatican is negotiating to unload it's crypts (about 3km of records going back to Atlantis). They seem to think that disaster will befall Italy but they've run out of money to do it themselves. (Which is bizarre in itself.)

Egypt is preparing to excavate the Hall of Records at Hawara. (The Labyrinth) ... hawara.htm

I know this is freaky stuff, but I'm just putting it out there for comment.
We might get some real answers soon. It's a interesting time to be alive.


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Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:37 pm
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Post Re: Archaeologists find ‘mini-Pompeii’
Trex! Well done and thanks for putting this here! :heart

Read more here:

Pict or Pictish means ’painted’ and the Danaan earned this appellation by virtue of their use of tattoos or woad to decorate their bodies with totemic or magical markings, the favorite being the labyrinth or spiral whorl.

The ancestors of the Irish Danaan - the Ubaid Danaan - had been using tattoos and woad since 4000 BC and examples of it can also be found in depictions of the Egyptian god Osiris or Asher as he is also known, and in the depictions of the Hindu gods Vishnu and Siva. Kali herself was also known as Kali Azura - the Blue Kali.

The spiral or whorl - the labyrinth - is the subject of a later essay in which it and its painted or carved symbol, lie at the centre of vampire and elven tradition. The spiral can be found carved into the rock at Newgrange in Ireland and also featured as a sacred design associated with the dwellings of the related Kassite Danaan clans who migrated to Britain.

In the Gaelic language we find two words specifically defining ’vampires’. The first - Creachaire - means a sepulchre, a tomb, a shrine and a temple, indicating that the character we later become familiar with as the "vampire" of Gothic legend was in fact a "dweller in the tombs", a druidic priest-king or priestess-queen - an Uber or Witch Overlord.

In Eurasia, particularly in the permafrost of Siberia and the arid wastes of Takla Makan in China, the mummified bodies of Scythian Chieftains and Shamankas or Priestess queens have been found. In Siberia the frozen remains of a male were unearthed. He had been tattooed with animal designs reminiscent of the totem Pictish salmon often found carved on stones in Scotland.

In the same region a shamanka had been unearthed who had been tattooed with the spiral labyrinth design. She, like her counterpart in Takla Makan, wore the conical headress of the Anunnaki gods of Sumeria that is also associated with medieval witchcraft. This same headdress is depicted in bas-relief on the walls of the palace of Darius as being worn by those Scythians who brought him gifts in 500 BC.

The Takla Makan mummy, excavated by the Chinese in the 1960’s had red-gold hair and was buried adjacent to a cache of tartan plaid cloth and spiral painted pottery, similar to that found at Al’Ubaid in Syria. In the same region caves have been discovered where the walls are painted with devotional Buddhist pictures featuring the Tocharians, as they are known, conversing with Buddha.

Geoffrey Ashe states that the western Druids were interviewed by Buddha who claimed that they, the Druids, had established Shangri-La in the west.

This should give the reader some hint as to the general thrust of druidic philosophy and of the hidden nature of that promoted by Jesus, whom St Columbus clearly stated was also a druid and magus himself.

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR

Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:14 am
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