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Author:  recall15 [ Mon Feb 17, 2020 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Tartaria

Now on Tartaria:
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Accepted via email:

Tartaria has been on my mind for some months now and has recently piqued again with this article and video. I have searched ZT but wasn't able to find any remarks on Tartaria/Tartars. Is it a topic that the Zetas would shed any light on? Searching on the net gives scant results on what appears to be a very advanced empire, race, with dome topped buildings and conical builds which are thought to be communication receivers/antenna. I think I read somewhere that church roofs made of lead were also similar devices at a later date than the Tartars. I'm certainly curious as to whether a whole part of history has been glossed over/rehashed and why.
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http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.c ... nd-that-...
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Tartary - an Empire hidden in history. It was bigger than Russia once
April 1 7, 2018 ... den-in-h...
Tartary, a vast country in the northern parts of Asia, bounded by Siberia on the north and west: this is called Great Tartary. The Tartars who lie south of Muscovy and Siberia, are those of Astracan, Circassia, and Dagistan, situated north-west of the Caspian-sea; the Calmuc Tartars, who lie between Siberia and the Caspian-sea; the Usbec Tartars and Moguls, who lie north of Persia and India; and lastly, those of Tibet, who lie north-west of China. The official history is hiding a major world power which existed as late as the 19th century. Tartary was a country with its own flag, its own government and its own place on the map. Its territory was huge, but somehow quietly incorporated into Russia, and some other countries. This country you can find on the maps predating the second half of the 19th century.
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Tartary’s map of Putin: what West travellers saw in alien countries?
January 2, 2017 ... imiev-th...
How often did Tartary appeared on the maps of the European travellers? The map illustrates the territory of North-East of Eurasia from the Volga River and the Caspian Sea in the West, to the ocean in the East. The whole territory of Siberia, Central Asia and the Far East is shown as under the authority of the great khan. The territory, formerly known as Tartary, in the modern European tradition is called Central Eurasia. Europe learned about the Tatars during the invasion of the troops of Genghis Khan and his descendants. However, until the 19th century, information about them and about their countries remained extremely scarce and fragmentary.
Did the Mongolian Empire encompass Russia, China, and Turkey as some ancient maps proclaim? The Mongols carried Annunaki blood,
as the facial structure of present day Mongols and ancient Tibetan mummies attest. The Annunaki were forceful and ambitious, so carrying Annunaki blood Genghis Khan roared toward Europe in an attempt to expand his domain. Where the Mongols were dominant in the past in the region ascribed on ancient maps to Tartary, their empire imploded when these areas became more populous, their great leaders such as Genghis Khan unable to maintain control.

The mystique of the Tartary Empire has generated conspiracy theories because the footsteps of the Annunaki are ascribed to the Tartars. Of course the Annunaki built structures and had grand cities where they were in residence. Atlantis was one such city, and the Aztecs in Central America also held another Annunaki city. The Mongols likewise held a city inhabited by the Annunaki, but unless working as servants in these cities, the Mongols were not residents. The Annunaki were chased from Earth by a quarantine the Council of Worlds imposed. Atlantis, a city just off the coast of Portugal,
was destroyed at that time, and the Annunaki destroyed all the rest of their cities to keep mankind from adopting their technologies.

Prior ZT:
In the past Genghis Khan and Hitler and Stalin and the Khmer Rouge and the Argentina junta (so beloved of Thatcher and Kissinger) and even the Bush era in Iraq had long lives for their campaigns.

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