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 Herbs for the Preppers Garden 
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Post Herbs for the Preppers Garden
Got this from another site, hope they don't mind me sharing the cliff notes, link at the bottom.

anitapreciouspearl wrote:
These are some of the notes from our Prepper Meeting near Uxbridge Ontario August 11, 2012

Herbs for the Preppers Garden

Conrad Richter - the owner of Richters Herbs gave a talk on which plants he thought were the most important for an emergency situation - either a major disaster or a long term grid down situation. These plants are winter hardy or will readily self sow and are easy to grow. I've added links for most of them from a website he recommended for excellent information about each one.

COMFREY: ... officinale
Use comfrey in poultices
Promotes healing and balances hormonal issues
Promotes the quick healing of broken bones
It's high in protein - by weight it is higher in protein than steak.
It's called famine food - can be used as a protein source but not over the long term or you can develop liver damage.
The liver damage does not occur when used externally in a poultice.

ALLHEAL: (also known as Woundwort) ... +palustris
Healing herb for wounds
Astringent - causes blood vessels to constrict to stop bleeding
Use as a wash for open sores
For internal trauma it's also a good choice
Make a tea out of it and drink when stressed

CALENDULA: (also know as pot marigold but not related to regular marigolds) ... fficinalis
It's a hardy annual so you need to collect seeds but this is easily done.
It can be planted early in the spring as it can take some frost.
Make a salve out of it by mixing with lard etc.
Use it for skin issues, boils etc.

ECHINACEA: (also know as Purple Coneflower) ... a+purpurea
Strengthens the immune system
Dry the root and make a tea or chew the root to ward off the flu or a cold
Do not use the new colors as they have been crossed with other plants to make the new colors but are probably not as effective.

MUGWORT: ... a+vulgaris
It's related to french tarragon
Improves appetite (good for appetite fatigue)
Stimulates bile production
Used as a seasoning with meats that are greasy or hard to digest like deer or duck

MULLEIN: ... um+thapsus
A low growing clump with a tall spike of yellow flowers
Good for respiratory problems and skin problems
Infuse the yellow flowers in oil and use for ear infections - works better than antibiotics

SAGE: ... fficinalis
Quickens the senses and memory
From the mint family - antioxidant and astringent
Good for sore throats and clears respiratory problems

THYME: (too many in the link to know which specific one it is - regular cooking thyme)
It's an antiseptic oil
Fresh leaves were rubbed on meat carcasses in the Middle Ages to prevent spoilage
Lemon thyme and yarrow can be grown as ground covers
Also has insect repellent properties

VALERIAN: (too many choices in the link)
Use the root as a sedative to help with sleep or for insomnia

It's a hardy shrub
The berries can be used like aspirin - half a berry will knock out a headache. Do not use long term.

BLUE VERVANE: ... na+hastata
Used to calm nerves and for insomnia
Good for colds and respiratory issues

CARAWAY SEEDS: ... arum+carvi
Add to sauerkraut
Aids in digestion reduces bloating and gas
Antibacterial properties

Conrad also suggested that an inventory be made in your local area because many of the plants recommended above grow in the wild and there may be more sources of foraged foods available.

Plants to grow as good food sources:
Squash - easy to grow and collect the seeds - good storage food
Mache - a cold hardy green can be grown early in the spring
Mustard greens
Non hybrid corn
Root crops
Jerusalem artichokes
Burdock root
Stinging nettle - extremely nutritious and good for you. ... =46&t=1685

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Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:17 pm
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Post Re: Herbs for the Preppers Garden
Be very careful when picking stinging nettles. Use thick, heavy gloves that come up nearly to the elbow.

The sting can be very painful and can last for days. It feels sort of like a bee sting!

The "hairs" on the plant's leaves are the culprit in the sting - they contain formic acid.

Also note that the root is often boiled and drunk as a tea. It has been used for centuries to treat prostate problems and frequent urination.

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Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:45 pm
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Post Re: Herbs for the Preppers Garden
Thanks Blue, one piece of advice they missed, potentially a deadly one too for anyone who has a general reaction to plants

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Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:42 pm
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Post Re: Herbs for the Preppers Garden
Also don't forget::

1 Mortar and Pestle
1 Calcinator
1 Retort
1 Alembic

I like GOTHICK sets they look sweet.


Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:56 am
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