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Good Inexspensive Ham Radio
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Author:  L2L [ Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:54 am ]
Post subject:  Good Inexspensive Ham Radio

Phatman wrote:
Lynnwood wrote:
Phatman wrote:

They have shut down the internet. They have shut down cell phones. They have shut down satellites. But they haven't stopped the Ham Radio Operator. For about $50-$100 one can purchase a Baofeng UHF / VHF hand held transceiver. Baofeng UV-5V (check ebay) and an extended range antenna (Nagoya NA-666) one can get approximately 50 miles line of sight.


Ham radio license training for the novice and test can be had here.. Learning online is $20.. ... QgodvTkA7A

I decided to purchase 2 of these...

:candle :candle :candle

Phat, I didn't see that model at ebay: ... s&var=sbar

Should I keep looking, or is one of those comparable?

I entered " Baofeng UV-5V " in ebay (and Google) and came up blank, are you positive it's the right model number?

If I recall, you are on the west coast of the US (so do I) - can you direct me to where you bought yours?


This should help...

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