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The Second Dimension
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Author:  gtavt [ Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:44 am ]
Post subject:  The Second Dimension

The so called Second Dimension is where souls eventually go after you leave your physical body.

Yes, the ancient physical races, i.e., ET's (also referred to as grays), other "human looking" species or humanoid type aliens such as reptilians or more insect looking as mantoids, etc., all have souls and their souls go back when they die as well.

Anyhow, there is a very good chance you had chosen one of these other body types in a prior life. So even though they might appear strange or all out scary looking, don't be alarmed as you could have been one prior. Your soul mate might be one depending on where he or she wanted to experience another life!

FYI: Your spirit guides can help with these type questions, once you can start communicating with them.......they're a raft of information for you....

Do you Experience Emotions while in the Second Dimension?

Yes, but it's reduced some 70% to what you experience in a physical body .........thank god for that, right? The one ones you loved as well as the ones you didn't :huh .....are there, but no need don't worry about that. You can communicate easily with anybody you want, just like here. You create a physical like capacity to talk to one another.

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