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 MH 370 Update 
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Post MH 370 Update
-I commented on the MH370 last year so I copied it here and listed it as "Part 1".
-Added the current info I received last week under "Part 2".
-Decided to not make it derogatory toward the snoopies but am leaving it as neutral info.

It's been sometime now post-event. I respect the family members sufferings and feel now that ample time has gone by to shed light on the situation.

This is for all the "bad" Annunaki higher-ups and others who think we really don't know what's going on.

MH370 flight had important "info" that the annunaki wanted. Matter of fact, they were waiting for the plane to make it's normal arrival and receive this info/material. Unfortunately the plane never made its destination. The unusual twist here is the info was known about by our family and friends in space, I guess you could say "the Federation" did not want the annunaki to acquire this info and during MH370 flight there was a retrieval process by the Federation. Unfortunately, everyone on the plane had to be beamed on to a large starship which it's platform mission I believe is comprised of a health, recovery and recording. The plane itself "did" crash into the ocean. This was something that was not suppose to happen but for everyone's safety an entire beam-out was needed.

Anyhow, this whole process took the annunaki by surprise and they immediately mounted their own research mission to see if what they "wanted" was on the plane. While the plane was at the seabed the annuaki found nothing after going through it.

I believe the "human" research mission (Chinese) found the plane with no passengers (maybe 3-5) individuals possibly crew and thus the reason why there was the "we found it, we didn't" cover-up and blame and confusion, etc., etc., took place.

Our family and friends in space most likely feel terrible for the mishap, but this material could not be in annunaki possession. The so called Federation is here to protect and in time the folks on the plane will be re-united with love ones. As I understand and as most can imagine, passengers were truly amazed when they saw earth from space. Some were shocked but comforted in the process.

Interesting info here...............another leak in the annunaki house hold?

Hope the bugs that monitor this forum bring this little snippet home


Update: 2/29/2016
Some eagle eyed person on the GT found a "newly" released photo of what appeared to be the MH370 pilot in a hospital bed. First looking at the picture I was surprised, many things went through my mind, even a passing thought of a clone, but what was known of the situation would have made no sense to have a clone.

Anyhow, I immediately contacted friends (never mentioned the clone issue to anyone) but was told it was indeed a clone, one that had incubated for some 24 months but not enough time to make a "perfect" example.

My experience with cloning in this lifetime anyhow :tounge, is non existent. I'm aware of cloning here for food consumption that gets shipped off world but that's it. I've never seen "one" in real-life so was very anxious to see all the photo's of this recently found "Pilot".

Clones don't possess the Kundalini as we living folks. Kundalini = our spirit and the earth's energy so to speak, wrapped up in a body. A Clone is the shell of a body without spirit. It survives a short time, mass confusion, inability to function. Eye's can open and depending on what's placed into the brain via trip /montauk chair, it's basically a short lived life of babbling.

The clone idea wasn't a shock to me but the fact this person showed up was! I'm knew beforehand the bad Annunaki picked over the MH370 plane on the seabed after it crashed and didn't find what they wanted. What is surprising was the fact DNA was acquired from one of the dead pilots remains in the cockpit.

Why show a clone in the first place? Makes no sense..... :hmm

Actually, it makes perfect sense if your a good person wanting to leave a message to the families who have love ones missing and provide an opportunity for later on and it was a sympathetic annunaki that made it happen.

The bad annunaki have serious family problems that have been going on for well over a year or so here on the planet......good vs bad playing out the game. This goes hidden, even to the higher up folks who think they know everything unless some have "insiders" to leak information "down" to them.

This Clone "event" had two good reasons:
1. To provide enough hope to the families who lost loves ones on MH370.
2. Provides an open door option for our family in space to possibly return the MH370 people sooner.

This complex issue for our family in space is "time". At the moment, many things (actually good things) are going on behind the scenes on Earth, few really understand the events. More of our family and friends from space are arriving here. Funny how everyone (us folks here on earth and our friends in space) are all waiting to get long lost family members back, some who have been imprisoned on this planet for eons.

The word is out the bad annunaki "house" is slowly falling on earth and their unique grip on the planet is slowly diminishing. Many species in space know this, thus, are my knowledge, our solar system is getting busy and continues to increase in traffic. After a little "excitement" down here, the big money families at the top as well as the majestic military players and everyone else down the food chain, will most likely all try to get in on the "negotiations" with our family in space, but they won't be allowed to play in the sandbox. There were plenty of opportunities but the phone was left unanswered.....

Mon Feb 29, 2016 10:09 am
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