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 How to Contact ET's 
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I decided to put this here because this Post will be a "Fun"" experiment for all to enjoy. Like I had mentioned prior, there is a law set currently with the so called federation that forbids any ET's to interact with humans at the moment. In time that will change but nothing stops you from making communication with them. It's unlikely you'll physically get aboard one their ships until, who knows.

In the meantime, this is for all the folks who have the desire to say hello sooner. For some, most I suspect, this process will be a little scary at first, i.e., might cause a bit of heart pounding or hair on the back of your neck to stand up a little but you might as well get ahead of the crowd because eventually you'll meet these new space travelers who are just as anxious to meet you as you are of them! Remember there're numerous ET's at any given time up there people. Just like humans however, not all ET's will reply, some have other duties and won't bother, but there will be some like yourself that will reply to your invitation.....:)

Here we go:

Tools Needed:

1) Get a high quality walkie-talkie. 25+ mile units they commonly sell at Cabelas, Walmart, Radio Shack, etc.

2) Stephen Greer, MD has an iPhone App. called the "ET Contact Tool" (don't laugh, it's actually well put together) for iphones and other devices and it's not expensive either. You must acquire it.

3) Go to You Tube and look up the "Solfeggio" frequencies. Long story short, these are "ancient" musical frequencies. There were six originally (396, 417, 528 Hz, etc.), now there are nine I believe. Take your iPhone or other device and record 30 seconds of each of the six original separately, label them individually as this allows you to playback any of them at will.

4)Get a battery powered car radar detector (any band wlll work). Stay away from laser only, as you need radar.


1) In the later evening and your location should be away from the city, ideal is out in a farmers field or if your in a rural area your back yard. This makes it easy to see the stars, being away from any traffic noise or radar triggering sources and is just peaceful overall.

2) You need to first have an open mind. "Peaceful, loving, friendly, non anger" type attitude. Extraterrestrials can sense your thoughts and will know if you have bad intentions, even in distance communication. If one in your group has bad intentions, most likely you will not get a reply back.

3) Take your walkie talkie and either "tape" the transmit button down or hold it down with your finger so it's in "transmit mode" all the time. Normally, you would take your finger off the radio button to wait for a reply after you spoke, but with extra terrestrial communication, this is where the law of radio physics takes a big turn. So you will transmit and receive in transmit mode only!

4) On Stephen Greer's App you will find the "Original Crop Circle Tone". This is the Holy Grail marker so to speak, indicating you want to communicate. Greer has another recording on the App but it's helpful to play the original tone that was recorded back in England 1989 ......obviously, it's a cleaned up version but it's true to form.

5) So with walkie talkie button down play the crop circle sound into it for 10- 15 minutes non stop. I think the crop circle sound is comprised of a 30 minute loop on the App. Again, this tone is actually your call to any ET that may be in atmosphere in your area. Cycle this a few times if need be that evening. If you don't get a tone back, try another night. Keep at it, you will eventually make contact!

6) If there is a receptive ET, you will get a tone sent back on your walkie talkie. (Make sure your volume is turned up on the radio so you can hear their return tone). Once hearing this return tone, stop playing your crop circle tone and either record the tone that's coming back to you (it will most likely be a Solfeggio frequency) and play it back to them like the movie Close Encounters or replay with one of the six Solfeggio frequencies I asked you to record prior. Playing these frequencies lets them know your not completely out of the loop so to speak.....:)

Note: Once you get their return tone, you may want to release the transmit button on your radio quickly them push it back down again. if you don't, their return tone will keep going as long as the transmit button is down.

7) Radar Detector:
Some ET's presence will flash your detector causing it to activate. If you feel you have indeed made contact, even though your telepathic abilities are not working yet, theirs are, so just think a thought or a question and see what happens. Ask them to power down your radar detector. .........yes, they can do that without you hitting the on/off button. These are all the fun things you can try with them, lets see where it takes you. May not always work but it's all about starting the process and making new friends.......


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