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 WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into bioweapons 
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Post WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into bioweapons
Quote: ... f-killing/

WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into a means of killing

Two key memorandums from WHO, discovered by Patrick Jordan, prove WHO has intentionally created the three-shot killer vaccine that people in the USA and other countries could soon be forced to take.

1972 WHO Bulletin 47, No 2 Memordanda #1 and #2 Virus-associated immunopathology:

Animal models and implications for human disease * technically outline the ability to create biological weapons in the form of vaccines that:

1) First totally disable the Immune System.

2) Load every cell of the Victim’s body up with Infection.

3) Switch the Immune System on causing the host to kill themselves in a Cytokine Storm.

One, Two, Three, Dead.

These WHO Memorandas describe the three-stage impact of the three “shots” many people will be forced to take this fall to allegedly treat a virus that WHO also helped create and release.

This is a crucial piece of evidence of WHO’s long-term genocidal intentions that could stand in any court of law because these memorandums give the best and fullest explanation WHO’s and affiliated labs (such as the CDC) current activities, such as their patenting of the most lethal bird flu viruses, their sending that virus to Baxter’s subsidiary in Austria, which weaponised it and sent out 72 kilos to 16 labs in four countries almost triggering a global pandemic.

For every crime, there needs to be motive, an indication that it was deliberate, planned. The WHO memorandums provide the evidence of just that deliberate, long-term planning to kill people by weakening their immune system by use of the first vaccine, injecting a live virus into their body by a second, and creating a cytokine storm using squalene in a third.

Download the WHO Memoranda on: ... iid=169484

Scroll down until you find:


Virus-associated immunopathology : animal models and implications for human disease:

1. Effects of viruses on the immune system, immune-complex diseases, and antibody-mediated immunologic injury

Bull World Health Organ. 1972; 47(2): 257?264.
PMCID: PMC2480894 ... obtype=pdf

Virus-associated immunopathology: animal models and implications for human disease:

2. Cell-mediated immunity, autoimmune diseases, genetics, and implications for clinical research

Bull World Health Organ. 1972; 47(2): 265?274
PMCID: PMC2480896 ... obtype=pdf

If you find any difficulty please download it from our Download Section : Here ... eigen.html

Is that World Health Organization or World Holocaust Organization!?!? :stars

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Post Re: WHO memos 1972 explains how to turn vaccines into bioweapons
About WHO and what it can do:

from Wikipedia:
The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) that acts as a coordinating authority on international public health. Established on 7 April 1948, and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the agency inherited the mandate and resources of its predecessor, the Health Organization, which had been an agency of the League of Nations. ... tion_power
Limitations of World Health Organization power?

WHO can declare world pandemic and declare any vaccination mandatory in 194 countries. Those 194 countries connected to WHO can have their governments suspended by WHO who can place an emergency non-elected government and take over the country.

This emergency government responds only to WHO and EU (in Europe) and to the UN (in USA and the rest of the world).

Their limitations are not an issue, since there are no limitation concerning a real or fake health crisis. If they can take over 194 countries they can do whatever they want.


IHR PicA revision of the International Health Regulations, referred to as IHR(2005), was unanimously adopted on 23 May 2005 by the World Health Assembly and these Regulations enter into force on 15 June 2007.

The broadened purpose and scope of the IHR (2005) are to "prevent, protect against, control and provide a public health response to the international spread of disease and which avoid unnecessary interference with international traffic and trade.

3 IHR (2005) : a major paradigm shift
1969 . . . . . . . . . . . 2005
• Control . . . versus . . . Containment of borders at source
• A few . . . versus . . . All public diseases health threat
• Preset . . . versus . . . Adapted measures response
• Reactive . . . versus . . . Proactive

4 Member States' Obligations to the new IHR
Once the regulations come into force, Member States are required to:

• Designate a national IHR Focal Point
• Strengthen core capacity to detect, report and respond rapidly to public health events
• Assess events occurring in their territory and to notify WHO, within 24 hours, of all
events that may constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern
• Provide routine inspection and control activities at international airports, seaports
and some ground crossings
• Build a legal and administrative framework in line with IHR (2005) requirements ... nada.shtml

Under the WHO charter determined in 2005, it has the authority to dissolve Canada's government policies on emergency planning, mandatory vaccinations and to take control should there be a “pandemic”. This applies to any country signed onto the WHO.

From the WHO 2005 declaration: (excerpted) “ Under special pandemic plans enacted around the world..., national governments are to be dissolved in the event of a pandemic emergency and replaced by special crisis committees, which take charge of the health and security infrastructure of a country, and which are answerable to the WHO and EU in Europe and to the WHO and UN in North America."

When it comes to the legal framework under the WHO, PHAC has absolutely no details or restrictions in terms of who will administer the inoculations and how. This means that once WHO pandemic policies are enacted, it could allow non-healthcare personnel, such as police and military to vaccinate people against their will to enforce mandatory vaccinations. These are obviously worse case scenarios, but the laws regarding pandemic preparedness and procedures are clear and these policies are not debatable once the government declares a nationwide emergency.


Confirmed reports of regional H1N1 pandemic planning documents from the UK indicate that local authorities intend to set up mass vaccination sites to be overseen by crowd control police. The United States is preparing for military ‘assisted’ mandatory vaccination but has not explicitly declared its intentions to the public.

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." ~ Albert Einstein

Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:41 pm
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