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China: a form of suspected superflu in children??
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Author:  Siam [ Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:03 pm ]
Post subject:  China: a form of suspected superflu in children??


A stream is in Guangdong in children with symptoms of suspected new super-flu

By Reuters December 20 (Associated Press Shi Lei roundup) China ... =&ie=UTF-8

A stream epidemic scope expanded A stream of severe, deaths continues to increase. A stream in Guangdong, the rare emergence of new children with severe symptoms, is currently in the country has no relevant reports. Experts say flu is now worried that integrate mutate into "super-flu."

Pok Oi Hospital, Zhongshan City, four pediatric director of Fu Mao said the number of children admitted to a flow of successive severe, Jun Cheng emerged in purulent sputum of a very high viscosity, "the latest symptom." A flow of hospitalized children with onset just a day or so, it appears extremely difficult breathing, nose flap, shallow and fast breathing severe symptoms. Currently in the country has no relevant reports.

A Beijing residents who wish to voice a journalist to reveal, Xuanwu District Public Security Bureau two police officers hospitalized because of flu, his condition deteriorated very quickly, "pretty weird and suddenly there are two days cough, can not stand, and to the hospital would have lost plasma , quite severe. "reporter called Xuanwu District Public Security Bureau asked on duty to avoid did not answer.

A stream of the virus caused the pneumonia in strict isolation of patients and their families do not understand the treatment process, some families can finally get the ashes. Beijing informed members of the public said: "He told you, the patient fever, then burned after the person has died, (ashes) can be handed over to family members. (Family members) know not, that is, the patient's immediate family members also know not, let see, more than The facility also strict, prison visiting hours there are, um, not. "

Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, side to England December 17 said that now is not really the core issue of concern of H1N1 influenza A, but worried that influenza virus in human, poultry, pigs integrate the three who mutate into "super-flu", That would be disastrous. "Therefore, in the face of each critically ill patients we would consider 'Is there something else'."

Starting from December 16, Shanghai, said that under the uniform provisions, expand a current vaccination crowd, the live poultry market in places such as livestock and poultry, there is occupational exposure of staff; zoo staff engaged in animal husbandry, construction, etc. concentration of labor units, particularly migrant workers into a stream of key target groups, free vaccination.

Ih-Jen Su, vice president of Taiwan's National Cheng Kung University Hospital, said the H5N1 bird flu mortality rate was 60%, than the H1N1 serious. China bird flu in many parts of the ground-based, that is, is popular in the community (3% of the land birds, water birds with this virus), it is now more concerned about the H1N1 influenza and avian flu H5N1 will restructure.

According to Chinese Ministry of Health, Director of the Office of Health Emergency Response Liang years December 11, said China's current flow is still in the active phase A, the next one to two months of the epidemic situation is still grim. With the New Year's Day, New Year facing a tide of peasant workers, students tide, visiting relatives, a large population influx of movement, population mobility are likely to make a source of infection the same as the fire spread to the areas where there is no infection. According to CDC Deputy Director of Guangzhou Yang Zhicong, at present in Guangzhou for a flow of all influenza patients.

According to the Ministry of Health informed the CPC, as of last weekend, a stream a total of 442 cases of patients died, of which 116 cases occurred in the last week, China has already confirmed that about 11 million people infected with a stream. 不过,However, the message displays only the Guangzhou City, nearly 1.7 million people have been infected by a stream. December 10, Guangzhou Municipal Health Bureau spokesman said Xiong Yuanda, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou City, CDC recently conducted in healthy people serum testing showed that 14% of people have produced antibodies, indicating that they had previously been infected by a stream .

World Health Organization, 18, released the latest outbreak reported that influenza A H1N1 flu has already caused more than 10,000 worldwide deaths. At present, WHO is closely following the situation in the global epidemic.

Guangzhou Guangzhou, the official said that nearly 1.7 million people have been infected by a stream.


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