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The Moon moved!
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Author:  simple simon [ Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:59 am ]
Post subject:  The Moon moved!

I rarely remember my dreams and even when I do they normally seem to point to matters which concern me and family members rather than people generally.

But today (Tues 13th Nov) may have been different. I do not know yet.

I woke up at about 6am and not needing to rise so early I drifted back to sleep. Sometime between then and 8am I had a very short dream of a type I've never experienced before.

I was outside, standing on the left side footpath of a typically British suburban street which had houses on both sides.

It was twilight, the sky was clear and in the distance there was a full moon. The moons' craters / surface topology was visible. The sky was still too bright to see any stars. The moon was not very high in the sky (tops of trees?? not sure / no longer remember) and did not look abnormally large / small.

I do not recall it being hot / cold, although I was wearing a winter jacket. It is not impossible that there was snow on the ground... at least thats how I feel 'right now' as I type this.

Suddenly, as I was looking at it, the moon moved sideways, to the left. It followed an almost straight line - there was just a very slight bobbing up / down movement as in a sine wave.

The move itself took just a few seconds and the moon remained at the same (visual) elevation above the ground.

I noticed this and spoke out aloud saying so, but am not sure whether anyone else on the footpaths or in passing traffic noticed it.

The air had been still, but now the wind started to pick up... however before I discovered whether it became more than just a gentle breeze the dream ended.

btw, the moon did not move very far... if looking at a circular clockface I'd guess that it moved from 12 to near 10 (between 10 and 11).


Maybe I've read too much about possible pole shifts to be able to dream such things objectively. Certainly however I do not recall having ever dreamt anything like this before.


Author:  recall15 [ Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Moon moved!

Could be The Dark Twin planet (1) on a RV experience...

(1) ... w-zetatalk
(2) ... FF0Jh3rWI#

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