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Author:  fr33kSh0w2012 [ Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:35 pm ]
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Author:  recall15 [ Wed Nov 09, 2016 4:36 pm ]
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FTL zetatalk for november 12 (1)

Matt B said:

Donald Trump has won the 2016 Presidential Election.

Without detailing matters still in play behind the scenes, would the Zetas care to offer their observations on the conduct and outcome of the election?
[and from another]
Trump Triumphs over Clinton in Stunning White House Upset
November 9
Trump, who at 70 will be the oldest first-term U.S. president. Television networks projected Republicans would retain control of the U.S. House of Representatives, where all 435 seats were up for grabs. In the U.S. Senate, the party also put up an unexpectedly tough fight to protect its majority in the U.S. Senate. Trump's victory marked a frustrating end to the presidential aspirations of Clinton, 69, who failed for the second time to be elected the first woman U.S. president.
[and from another]
Trump Triumphs
October 9, 2016
The outcome, defying late polls that showed Hillary Clinton with a modest lead, threatened convulsions throughout the world.
Nancy has been assailed with queries from those anxious about the 2016 election, but she was deliberately kept out of the loop to retain the element of surprise.

The GEMS vote collection machines had been shown to be able to be programed to alter the election results in the states where GEMS is used.

Democratic election workers in Florida were caught filling out absentee ballots for Hillary. Electronic voting machines refused to register a vote for Trump.

The polls were skewed for Hillary by mixing in too many Democrats, so the public would not be shocked when Hillary stole the election.

And major media outlets like CNN and NBC were declaring that Hillary would win by 315 electoral votes.

Where we warned, several months ago, that the Council of Worlds would give Dunford cover so he could cancel the 2016 elections, creating any number of violent Earth changes that would make it impossible for the US public to go to the polls, this did not prove necessary.

No severe wobble,
although a minor wobble in August
showed what was possible.

No New Madrid rupture, though the N American continent is over ripe
for this to start.

No electro-magnetic pulse or blackouts, though NASA was warning that a CME might arrive on Earth on election day, causing havoc.

Where the Bush crowd stole the election for Bush in 2000 and 2004 via election fraud, using the Diebold paperless voting machines, this was countered in 2006 and 2008 by the forces for good.

We promised to describe the techniques
after the 2006 election and the techniques were extensive.

Of course they included human and alien hands, working as a team.

In 2016, we, the Zetas, teleport a human into a control room, freeze all others in the room, and reset the GEMS program set to steal votes for Hillary.

We, the Zetas, inform human teammates on where wifi vote swapping was to occur and if the perpetrators were not stopped, wifi static was used.

This is a partial overview of the techniques used in 2016.

(1) ... e=activity

Author:  Lynnwood [ Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:09 pm ]
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It is so quiet at the Clinton Campaign Headquarters, you can hear an email being deleted.

Sorry, saw it online and couldn't resist!

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  pray for Peace Jan 20 is still a ways off

In the news, democrats protesting.
Where were you democrats, when Bernie got RailRoaded?


The Hubris of Democratic Elites
The Democratic Party rigged parts of the party’s primary for Clinton
In April 2015, a strategy memo for the DNC was drafted by the campaign two months before Trump announced his candidacy.
The goal was to “make whomever the Republicans nominate unpalatable to a majority of the electorate.”

“Force all Republican candidates to lock themselves into extreme conservative positions that will hurt them in a general election,” ... dent-trump
Essentially, the Clinton campaign engaged in steps that would help ensure Trump was the Republican presidential nominee. ... dent-trump


They will blame James Comey and the FBI.
They will blame voter suppression and racism.
They will blame Bernie or bust and misogyny.
They will blame third parties and independent candidates.
They will blame the corporate media for giving him the platform, social media for being a bullhorn, and WikiLeaks for airing the laundry.

But this leaves out the force most responsible for creating the nightmare in which we now find ourselves wide awake: neoliberalism.
That worldview – fully embodied by Hillary Clinton and her machine
The Democratic party needs to be either decisively wrested from pro-corporate neoliberals, or it needs to be abandoned. ... ricas-fate

Dear Neoliberal Democrats: Your Blind Support of Criminal Clinton Handed the Presidency to Trump
Willfully insulated from this justifiable opprobrium, the neoliberal left rammed through its chosen darling — even flagrantly rigging debates and corrupting whatever integrity corporate media had left, desperately endeavoring to sugarcoat the nauseatingly unpalatable.
the American populace has apparently had enough. Enough of blatant corruption, despicable collusion, shameless hubris — enough of the exact characteristics the Hillary Clinton establishment represents.
Obamacare has wholly failed what little remains of the middle class
NAFTA evaporated jobs and the triple threat of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA) — as laudably exposed by Wikileaks ... UK7HarM.99

Lest we forget, the truth leaks out
Nor forget the GOP was shocked by who decimated the traditional GOP candidates (mario, mike, ben, etc)

The corporate media pushed the agenda
with widespread fake polls that predicted the opposite

DNC = Dumb Neo Corporatism, aka Fascist Corporatism
It clear that the DNC corporation simply chose the wrong candidate in Shillary.

The "more electable" and "battle-tested" candidate was defeated by the most disliked presidential candidate in American history.
How did this happen, exactly?

Hubris, The Democratic establishment, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC divided their base to install Clinton into the position as party nominee,
and now they'll learn the hard way that if you play with fire, you're going to get burned.

Chill out shiller's you were asleep.
The Trumpet has blown
Now Stay Awake

Peace :candle

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Make America Great

Drain the swamp (i.e. banks,corporations,PTB, Cabal,etc)

Do You Want Your Country Back? You Must Do This One Thing

Time to Unite with POTUS

Author:  Sky [ Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:39 pm ]
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Lynnwood wrote:
It is so quiet at the Clinton Campaign Headquarters, you can hear an email being deleted.

Sorry, saw it online and couldn't resist!


worth the effort Lynnwood - got my start for the day - thank you

hee hee

Author:  gtavt [ Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:06 am ]
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Just in case any of you are thinking of a Christmas gift for me this year, here is my want list:

-Draining the Swamp...... (I like that term)
-Stock Market Crash or "massive, massive" reset, reorganization.
-Alpha Males getting exposed and the final boot!
-All Black Programs exposed.
-The Exposure of the Monarchy in England.........(even though I don't reside there)
-The Vatican to explain themselves.
-And lastly, to hear how NASA will explain their actions all there years after our family in space come in
for a little hello!


Author:  recall15 [ Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:19 am ]
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gtavt wrote:
Just in case any of you are thinking of a Christmas gift for me this year, here is my want list:

-Draining the Swamp...... (I like that term)
-Stock Market Crash or "massive, massive" reset, reorganization.
-Alpha Males getting exposed and the final boot!
-All Black Programs exposed.
-The Exposure of the Monarchy in England.........(even though I don't reside there)
-The Vatican to explain themselves.
-And lastly, to hear how NASA will explain their actions all there years after our family in space come in
for a little hello!


Via RENSE: (1)

Pedophilia Scandal Rocks the Clinton Campaign! “Pizza and Pedophiles” Video Implicates Democratic Party Leaders! Podesta Brothers at the Epicenter!
Dear Reader,

It is truly imperative that every person of conscience watch the following video. It provides essential context which is necessary to correctly understand the great volume of information posted below the broken line.


Only after watching the preceding video will it be possible to make sense of the Democrat pedophilia ring that has been broken in Washington, D.C. When this [ORGANIZED] Satanic ritual child sexual abuse is finished being investigated, it will make the Franklin Scandal and Cover-up look like a garden party.

The Franklin Coverup Scandal: The Child Sex Ring That Reached Bush/Reagan White House

That Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta finds himself at the very center of this exploding Beltway scandal only complicates matters for so many. Podesta was President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and President Barack Obama’s “Counselor to the President”.

(2) ... 57228.html

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:48 am ]
Post subject:  Politicians and Media out of touch, with HUMANITY






(image lost due to google+)


There have always been two narratives about this election. One predicted what actually happened in the end, while the other missed the boat completely.

Narrative 1. Bernie Sanders represents the unachievable in American politics.
Narrative 2. Bernie Sanders is offering necessary correctives, at the most minimal level, to the excesses of the neoliberal economy of the past 40 years. Hillary Clinton represents the essence of said neoliberalism, embodying its worst practices, from trade to immigration. Donald Trump has tapped into real economic anxiety among those—half of the country at least—who have lost under neoliberal globalization. This election is about returning equal economic rights to all citizens. Only Bernie Sanders has the winning message for this explosive situation. ... 066910&t=6

This is the problem, she has been blinded by the NEO liberal class, which has failed the middle class.
The reality is these pundit do not report news they only throw shock jock sound bite.
MS MADdow while well educate, only spouts the kool aid lies and deceit of the corrupt DNC.

What's Next



How about a WOMAN'S POINT of view

DNC made this election about having the First Female.
America said this was about the economic injustice and corruption.
The Power brokers did not learn from the Occupy Wall Street movement (5 years ago!), will they learn this time?

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:57 am ]
Post subject:  DNC voter assaulting random people

This is on you DNC:
The man in this video is suffering from a brain injury after being kicked in the head shortly after the video ended.
His car and cell phone were stolen.

And you were worried about Trump supporters, this is a disgrace


So MR Obama, where is your rule of law?
It is up to Obama and the shill to make a joint speech about accepting and being peaceful.

Could have a peaceful candidate, but then again maybe that was the plan of the corrupt PTB.
Let these words sink in:
"Let me be very clear. In my view, Democrats will not retain the White House, will not regain the Senate, will not gain the House and will not be successful in dozens of governor’s races unless we run a campaign which generates excitement and momentum and which produces a huge voter turnout.

With all due respect, and I do not mean to insult anyone here, that will not happen with politics as usual. The same old, same old will not be successful.

The people of our country understand that — given the collapse of the American middle class and the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality we are experiencing — we do not need more establishment politics or establishment economics.

We need a political movement which is prepared to take on the billionaire class and create a government which represents all Americans, and not just corporate America and wealthy campaign donors. In other words, we need a movement which takes on the economic and political establishment, not one which is part of it."

-Bernie Sanders August 28th, 2015

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Good News

The DNC/PTB Strawman, scapegoat country now holds, no ill feeling toward American.

Let just all get along, we just just avoided WWIII

New POTUS may bring some positive change


Author:  Kisa [ Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2016

Todays Trump Obama meeting went a little long...Video clip possibly unrelated.

'“This was a meeting that was going to last for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and we were just going to get to know each other,” Trump said after the White House meeting. “We had never met each other. I have great respect. The meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. And it could have — as far as I’m concerned, it could have gone on for a lot longer.

“We really — we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. I very much look forward to dealing with the President in the future, including counsel. He explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved.”

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  &NOW



A slice of American Pie

The carcass of the main stream media


EXPOSED: John Podesta, the Sweeney Todd of the political world

Democrats once represented the working class. Not any more
Robert Reich ... s-election

We won


There is Truth, but we also need to see, feel, hear and believe that Fair and Balance Justice will be the Law of Humanity.
Letting those who did the injustice/crimes silently walk way with there billion, will only lead to the same transgression occurring again.
We do not want to big to fail or too big of a secret to disclose.
Reconciliation is part of the healing process, no more sweeping inconvenient truths under the rug.
No more secrets Hidden from Humanity, full disclosure. ... uth_Africa)

Where go from here, no more wars

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  Honeymoon is over NOW get to work to make America Great

A lesson for US all: Do not ignore the reality, that media, banks, individuals and corporate greed got us here.
We need a house and senate cleaning
We need a goverment that controls those greeds by speaking the truth and providing justice, not the PYOPS of old.


Move on and stand up, but peacefully please

Call it a color revolution or civil war, will depend on if trump appoints people around him on merit and not political gender.

He is already off to a horrible start if he brings in Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie and Sarah Palin. We need truth speaker with brains, integrity, honesty, morals, trustworthy, well spoken leaders.

Not the same crew of ideological demigods who serve the corrupt political system and corporations.

You want to make America great again?
Make jobs, good paying jobs, Make healthcare and education for everyone AFFORDABLE AGAIN.
Make Peace again, no more OIL WARS.
Make Manufacturing here in the US AGAIN.
MAKE the priority the country not the corporations.

*NO cuts to Social Security or Medicare benefits.
Grow the economy to save those programs.
“The America We Deserve” Trump wrote that he supported universal health care and a system that would mirror Canada’s government-run health care service.
*Reduce spending further to address impending increases in the deficit.
You must start with the pork barrel projects like the F35 at 1.4 T$, which can fly and navy ships too expensive to fire.
No more too big to fail/fire.
*Allow Russia to deal with the Islamic State in Syria and/or work with Russian President Vladimir Putin to wipe out shared enemies.
*Fire "the corrupt and incompetent" leaders of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
*Invest more heavily in programs that help military veterans transition back to civilian life
*Replace "free trade" with "fair trade."
*Get rid of most corporate tax loopholes or incentives
*Provide more funding for drug treatment ... expensive/ ... force.html

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:27 am ]
Post subject:  color revolution or civil war

Can we talk about issue and not feeling to bring about change?

Author:  simple simon [ Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2016

Bernie Sanders's Reaction to Donald Trump's Election Is Not What Anyone Expected to Hear.

A top Bernie Sanders adviser said Wednesday morning that he had “nothing polite to say” about Donald Trump's win in the 2016 presidential election. But a Wednesday night statement on Sanders's website almost sounded like a Trump endorsement.

There was, however, a big 'but.'

Donald Trump tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and establishment media. People are tired of working longer hours for lower wages, of seeing decent paying jobs go to China and other low-wage countries, of billionaires not paying any federal income taxes, and of not being able to afford a college education for their kids — all while the very rich become much richer.

To the degree that Mr. Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, I and other progressives are prepared to work with him.

To the degree that he pursues racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-environment policies, we will vigorously oppose him"

A change of heart for Bernie?

Just last month, Sanders called Trump “dangerous” and “un-American.”

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  stay awake





Debbie breaks down the danger of discussing politics and enacting protest and activism based on the partisan manipulation and divide. Trump is now moving forward to fill his transition team with corporate lobbyist, same as Clinton. We need discussion about how we move forward to create real change and stop pretending elections are activism.
8 Years of Obama Enacting Bush Betrayals, stop partisan politics, Move on Shills

Author:  Lynnwood [ Sat Nov 12, 2016 5:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2016

From Jim Stone - We need to be mindful, let's get this out before it takes hold. I am going to buy a burner and call the 3 numbers below and tell them "Trumpets" know of their diabolical plan and they won't get away with it. Next, I will email Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. After that I will slow down and think.


DECEMBER 19th is the next date, when the Electors vote and the Trump Win becomes official.

Then, we wait till January 20th when he comes into power.

We have to get him into the White House.

Here's the whole process: ... dates.html


He is speaking DIRECTLY TO US. To conspiracy theorists. He's saying to us, I've Got Your Back. I KNOW. I'M GOING TO DO MY BEST TO FIX IT. -- O. M. G. -- HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL.

I am in tears I am so happy, and this is 4-5 days later. I need to get a grip, but I guess when a nation literally pulls back from the BRINK, a few tears are in order. I just think of a future with my great-grandchildren chipped and force vaccinated and the angst is overwhelming. NOW WE HAVE HOPE!

He said he will be back for more interviews with Alex! He was peddling his new book "Crippled America" but I don't care. It was a great start. I'll probably read it. We've got a like-minded President Elect. An outsider, not a career politician. A birther that wants to reopen 9/11, close our borders, stop terrorism, stop wars, and DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!

If we think THEY were terrified he might win, think of how THEY must feel now. THEY are not finished. This is the calm before the shitstorm coming, courtesy of the criminal cabal. I believe THEY will do ANYTHING to keep him from assuming power on January 20th. Assassination is on the list, as well as anything they can do. I think THEY are working ALL of the angles. Poison dart like how they got Christopher Story, he needs to be careful with his food, sniper--they are just letting these protests go on and on, calling it "protected speech" - I agree it is, but if it's a protest THEY don't want, THEY set up chainlink "boxes" on the street and say "your free speech is in there", so THEY are allowing this to go on.

SO, all that said, here's a warning from Jim Stone's site...

UPDATE AT THE GT, AFTER POSTING - Trump has now "officially" took Michigan... That is good news for any electoral funny business I quoted from Jim Stone's site below, however, the rest is still in play. I think they will try to assassinate him somehow.

Here is what I found:


This is a LONG SHOT but we had better pay attention:

SUMMARY: They may be trying to steal Arizona and Michigan, and then use special powers to flip 9 electoral votes away from Trump. THERE IS A REASON WHY THEY HAVE REFUSED TO MAKE THEIR TOTALS OFFICIAL. THIS IS NOT OVER YET
Trump won Arizona. Why has it not been made official? Trump won Michigan. Why has it not been made official? They are calling the counts "unofficial," WHY? This could be the answer:

The following was posted to a popular forum:

I am writing this not to alarm, but to inform. I believe the Cabal is going to attempt to steal the election, and I'll describe how they plan to do it below. With this information I believe we need to bring our force to bear, and prevent what the Cabal is planning. I've included information below that details actions that you can take to help stop them.

There are currently 3 states that have not declared a winner of the presidential election. The states are Arizona, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

I've done some digging. On the Guardian's electoral map, checking each precinct, in each state, all precincts are completely reported. There is nothing, therefore, from stopping the officials in those states from declaring a winner.

Looking at other sources of information, however, and we get different results. For Arizona, shows that 2 precincts are NOT reported. There are 1467 precincts reporting out of 1469. Which is correct? Why hasn't the Secretary of State declared a winner?

For Michigan, it appears that all precincts have reported, but still, no winner has been declared. You can go to the NY Times interactive map, and see that they are listing the Trump victory chance at 92%, aka likely... not even very likely.

And same thing for New Hampshire, 100% of precincts reporting. Still not called.

HERE IS THEIR PLAN - The Cabal plans to either delay these states then force recounts and find "missing ballots" and switch all of these states to Hillary. That won't make a big splash in the news because Trump has already won the election.

BUT THEN - This leaves Trump up by only 9 electoral votes. And they have already created the notion that TRUMP LOST THE POPULAR VOTE - SO... a majority of Americans wanted Hillary. They will force 9 (going to House, Ryan selects Hillary) or 10 Electors to switch their votes to Hillary (bribes, or the popular vote was for Hillary, threat of death - maybe photos of the other people Hillary has killed).

AND THEN - Hillary is declared as President. The media will say this is shocking, but it is only fair as she "did win the popular vote".

SO, what to do? One, we need this thread pinned. Then we need to start spreading this news so people are aware of this, so this is not surprising when they execute their plans. Then, people need to contact the offices of the Secretary of State below, and find out information about why the Secretaries haven't declared a winner. We need these state to declare a winner. Trump will go up by 27 electoral votes, and it would be too difficult to force 36 Electors to flip their votes to Hillary.

We've been celebrating, relaxing, appreciating a rest from the exhaustion of this election. BUT IT IS NOT OVER. Let's do our duty and force this issue now. We cannot let them steal this election. We have won... but it ISN'T OFFICIAL YET.


Office of the Secretary of State of Arizona
1-877-THE VOTE
[link to (secure)

Office of the Secretary of State of Michigan
888-SOS-MICH; 888-767-6424

Office of the Secretary of State of New Hampshire
Phone: 603-271-3242
Fax: 603-271-6316

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2016

Lynnwood wrote:

DECEMBER 19th is the next date, when the Electors vote and the Trump Win becomes official.

Then, we wait till January 20th when he comes into power.


He is speaking DIRECTLY TO US. To conspiracy theorists. He's saying to us, I've Got Your Back. I KNOW. I'M GOING TO DO MY BEST TO FIX IT. -- O. M. G. -- HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL.
BUT IT IS NOT OVER. Let's do our duty and force this issue now. We cannot let them steal this election. We have won... but it ISN'T OFFICIAL YET.


Excellent post Lynnwood,

I agree is it not over, pray for Peace, and Justice when it is over the Truth will come out.

Author:  Sky [ Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2016

Thanks for that update Lynnwood

Crazy how things get manipulated all over.

Lets trust that the good Guys have their bases covered and keep stonewalling till Jan 20th

I would really love to see how much Donald can get away with - from the P U R P L E script that is.

Rebuild America - imagine that, after the slate was written for total submission.

Whoooboy - interesting times.

Author:  Sky [ Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2016

That 7.8 in New Zealand has been followed by a bunch of nasty after quakes. Tsunami warning also.

Thirteen so far. :awe

Author:  mountaintiger7 [ Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2016

Stop corporate&oil, Now:

MS Maddow, Media is way off track:

Shill & DNC blame everyone but themselves:

The Clintons And Soros Launch America's Purple Revolution" ... revolution



Author:  Lynnwood [ Sun Nov 13, 2016 2:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2016

Here's one LibTard that fully takes the blame and gets it.

I watched this TWICE it was so good.

AND - To pointedly ILLUSTRATE EXACTLY want that video is trying to say - is this latest blowup on ABC's "This Week": ... h-remarks/

During a panel discussion on ABC’s This Week, political commentators Van Jones and Mary Matalin went at it over Jones’ much-played post-election comments about the results being a “whitelash” against Barack Obama.

Matalin demanded Jones retract those comments while discussing with another panelist about Democrats’ takeaways from the election. Jones then jumped in and reiterated that he stands by his comments that race played a factor in the election, especially from the alt-right faction.

Matalin responded back that he should tell his children that he went to Yale and is a published author. She also added that he shouldn’t be a “racial polemicist” when he noted that he was the first person in his family born with all of his rights, leading to Jones blowing up.

When Jones said he’s spent more time being a “racial reconciliar” than Matalin, she shot back that Jones didn’t know anything about her. He retorted that she obviously didn’t know anything about him.

Eventually, Jones said that if he can’t point out the “alt-right whitelash” reaction without being called a “racial polemicist,” there was going to be a “big problem.” The panel then began talking over each other while host George Stephanopoulos looked on shell-shocked.

It's not about issues anymore, it's about LibTards being "morally right, morally superior" and demonizing anyone that does not think like them.

This just proves the point of the video I posted above.

I started saying it to my friends a couple/three years ago. This politically correct crap has been taken too far. Everyone is offended about stupid shit, and their "offended-ness" gives them the right to demand everyone else change so their little itty-bitty feelings aren't offended. I AM SO SICK OF IT. Grow a spine. Whatever happened to LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Author:  Dondep [ Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Welcome to the The Golden Thread, Volume 7.1 2016

Great graphics all, as usual. I think we're all aware of how hypocritical it is of the Hillary supporters to whine about the election when they supported the robbery of the nomination from Bernie Sanders, who's silence in that coup has YET to be explained (and it WILL be necessary if he plans on accepting the keys to the DNC from discredited cheat and liar Donna Brazile). The hypocrisy just pours off them in rivers when considering how they jeered that Trump and his supporters wouldn't accept the loss of the election (because they were so CONFIDENT they were going to steal it, not taking into account certain Zeta Reticulans that froze a control-room at the GEMS voting-machine network in order that a human go in and re-program the machines to perform their sacred duty without stealing votes for Hillary). Instead, they throw violent temper tantrums, encouraged by the sums of Soros who rents buses for many of them and pays them $35/hour to go protest at Trump's hotel properties.

What I'd caution us all to stay clear of is castigating the "left", or genuine liberals. This wasn't an election about "liberals vs conservatives", it was between Right and Wrong, not Right and Left. Hillary was stone-cold evil. A sociopath who stole the nomination from Bernie without remorse. A pathological liar who blackmailed up to 900 FBI agents beginning in 1993 to help set the stage for a spectacular defeat (I saw it coming but was concerned her thieves would still steal if for her, as they planned to). A demon-worshipping witch who engaged in pedophilia and surrounded herself with satanists who were full-time pedophiliacs; now it turns out that the Podesta brothers have now become primary suspects in the long-ago disappearance of that little British girl in Portugal, Madeleine McCann. Did anyone hear of that? That Anthony Weiner and Cristina Reynolds, Hillary's "communications director" that Hillary threw that glass at following the Matt Lauer CinC debate, were guests at that hotel and gave their statements? That the only two individuals previously unidentified were sketched, and those sketches look exactly like the Podesta brothers, just as the sketch of Weiner looks exactly like him?

With the Podesta brothers taking $140,000 a MONTH to lobby for the Saudi Arabian govt and help keep its image going strong, what kind of Democrat is enthusiastic about a candidate who hired such a team to head her campaign, all the while taking hundreds of millions of dollars from that same govt in the form of "donations" to her family the same time that same govt was funding America's new Number One Enemy - ISIS??!!??

No, this was NOT an election between liberals and conservatives, but the 1%, their PR firms known as CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, even FOX.....and the vast number of clueless sheeple that actually believed the words the Psychological Projectionists directed their PR firms to push. Most thinking liberals, genuine progressives, humble and authentic Democrats swarmed to the side of Trump as I myself felt obliged to once the evil FRAUD pushed Bernie out of her way - as she had planned all along on doing.

Doofuses like the guy above you posted the video to Lynnwood are symptomatic of the myopic propagandists that actually bought their own feces! They did such a good job of selling it to the naive masses they themselves actually drank the Kool-aid and bought it! Surely most of them knew the Fix Was In and the Steal Was Done Deal?

America beat globalism, and the house-cleaning, the swamp-draining, has yet to begin, but if anyone wants to Serve America, there's a website where you can offer up your services to the nation. I'll include it after my latest blog post, which you can always read at

Election 2016 - Right VS Wrong, not Right VS Left

The Existential Threat Posed By Hillary Rodham Clinton

As the reality of President-Elect Donald Trump sinks in, with the violent temper tantrums by the Soros-funded gangs still sputtering off in the distance, it may seem to many of us that “happy days are here again”, and indeed they are, but America narrowly dodged an existential threat. Few of Hillary Clinton's supporters took the time to actually read the Wikileaks' “Podesta Emails”, but if they had, they would know by now that they were supporting a satanic demon-worshipping witch, yes an actual witch, and her inner-most circle of staff of a similar bent. No, this wasn't something to be casually scoffed at as so much “new-age curiosity”, but was rooted in the most depraved pedophilia that included child sacrifice as well as rape and all manner of perversity.

The Popular American Nationalist

Donald Trump is not, and never was, a traditional Republican. It's for that reason that he was resisted by the Establishment, both the GOP Establishment as well as the Democratic Establishment and practically the entire mainstream corporate media Establishment. The Bush family moved their allegiances to Hillary, and this was barely mentioned in footnotes here and there whereas had this happened before, it would have alienated a substantial chunk of the Democratic base. When that happened, it should have dawned on most voters with half a brain that the real lines of conflict were NOT between the values of a leftist party that normally champions diversity, justice for the disenfranchised, care for the least fortunate, concern for the ecology of the environment, etc, and the values of a right-wing party that normally champions individual ambition, security, business, fewer taxes and regulations, etc. Instead, the electorate was faced with a candidate who was probably the most untrustworthy in modern memory and slowly being exposed as a morally-hollow poster child for corruption, who based her policy positions on whatever her focus groups told her......entrenched in the Establishment and against an opponent who had been an avowed enemy of globalization for decades, who had never held elected office or who had been an officer in the military yet who seemed to have his finger on the exact pulse of the electorate. This businessman went on to clean the clocks of well-established rivals who had been governors and senators; his claim to fame was building skyscrapers, resorts, casinos, and who had starred in his own reality TV show. Shades of Ronald Reagan, made to order for the Orwellian Double-Speak world of the second decade of the 21st century. The 'Giant Cheet-O', or 'Yuge Yam' as some detractors called him, seemed perfectly scripted, as he already owned an aircraft that could be compared to Air Force One, a matching helicopter that could be compared to Marine One, who filled his rallies with rock n' roll from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that reflected the mood of the audience, and his speeches left little room for the stale politics of your grandfather's GOP. His demeanor was determined, a bit rough around the edges with surly tinges of bellicosity, but his genuine concern for the country and his innate honesty was communicated nonetheless.

Globalization, Globalism, & Evil Globalists

The new political conflict is between the populist form of 'Americanism' vs 'globalism' that is the invention of the 1% of the elite that has controlled both the movement of political forces and their definitions, through their ownership and control of the mass media they use to mold public opinion and passions. The public made their choice known, and the scale of the tsunami would have been much greater except for the fact so much of the smug 'intelligentsia' in the urbs and sub-urbs had been so inundated by an onslaught of anti-Trump propaganda. There were teams of reporters and researchers digging frantically for novel bombshells that would somehow expose the anti-globalist Trump as even more of an ogre than they thought they had painted him as. And, they actually were arrogant enough to think they had succeeded.

The Discrediting of Corporate Broadcast & Print Media

Imagine! This corporate media had become a public-relations conglomerate of Hillary lackeys, as Wikileaks amply demonstrated in daily leaks, and were so out of touch with the average American they had no clue whatsoever that all they did – through their constant lies and genuflection – was alienate their viewers even further (if Alex Jones and InfoWars is correct, they – CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox to some degree, lost over 90% of their audience this year, including this writer). I couldn't stand to listen to the voice of Hillary once it became clear her team was stealing state after state for her away from Sanders, who was the overwhelming choice of the majority of Democrats. The voice of a thief, an evil thief who was actually an impostor both as thinking of herself as the actual choice of most of the rank-and-file of Democrats, and for her corruption in having a “public position” for the voters to hear, and a “private position” for the bankers and elitists whose bidding she was sure to do. And even when she wasn't speaking, having to hear the pundits on CNN and MSNBC speak constantly of her and her qualifications, coupled with negative coverage of Trump, was simply too much for my brain to have to bear, even as part of the background noise. The only time I see what goes on the CNN and MSNBC sets is when I watch clips filtered through the new “”, who help break down what the hidden agenda might be in that particular instance. These days we get our CNN through people like Gary Franchi and MLordAndGod, AmTV, H.A. Goodman and of course Alex Jones.

The history of this election will be replete with daily bombshells from Wikileaks, and it could be said that Wikileaks and the InfoWars operation run by Alex Jones fueled the Trump movement and was there to welcome the average TV viewer tired of hearing the outright lies by the corporate media. This took place not only on laptop and desktop screens, but the new Roku, Chromecast, and “smart” TVs that allow viewers to 'cut the cord' to their cable boxes, many of which lie disused and gathering dust as the audience has migrated to YouTube and various other platforms they can access on their smartphones, which are in large part replacing computers (excepting those who consider themselves creative, who need the larger capabilities a laptop or desktop offers).

Almost all of the that appear on YouTube autoplay queues have begun to adhere to the concept of 'globalization' as Public Enemy #1, whether alt.right or alt.left. The product of the annual Bilderberg meetings, G20 and G8 summits and other institutional efforts, globalization has come to represent the loss of jobs and even civil liberties in the US, and the Republican candidate limited himself almost exclusively to attacking the Democratic candidate on many of the same issues her Democratic challenger had attacked her on – issues involved with the concentration of wealth, the power of that wealth on the political process, and how certain wealthy individuals, such as George Soros, were pushing an agenda of open borders, unrestricted refugee flows, and the now-dead trade deal TPP and its Atlantic forerunner TTIP.

The antidote to this globalization process first came to widespread attention with the victory of the Brexit movement (Britain Exit – exit from the European Union) which totally confounded the corporate media. The leader of that movement, Nigel Farage, went on to advise Trump and that effort laid the groundwork for the populist movement that Trump rode to sweep 16 competitors into the dustbin with little effort. Those competitors seemed to have completely missed the message of Brexit, missed the effect of the and its centerpiece, Alex Jones' InfoWars, missed the growing awareness of the corruption at the heart of the DNC and the Clinton campaign, missed the growing disgust of “identity politics” that sparked a backlash in the wake of the Ferguson riots when it became apparent that the central figure whose shooting caused the rioting turned out to be a petty thief.

It may yet turn out that George Soros paid Michael Brown or otherwise caused him to be enticed into flouting the rule of law to openly steal a box of cigars from a convenience store, to openly walk down the middle of the street instead of using the sidewalk, and to threaten the police officer that confronted him about it with violence. Daryl Wilson, the cop who shot him, went on to be exonerated and became as much a poster-child for “Blue Lives Matter”, the backlash to the “Black Lives Matter” (Soros-funded, along with the violence staged at a Chicago Trump rally) and ITS poster-child Michael Brown.

How "Identity Politics" Helped Fuel "Demexit" (The Exit of Democrats from the Party)

People, it turns out, are largely sick of “identity politics”. The “Black Lives Matter” movement only serves to further polarize society along racial lines. Of COURSE black lives matter. Who are you gonna inform that doesn't know this? The racist cops? Soros wants black people to buy into this polarization, to riot against “whitey”, so that he can call upon the national guard to protect his resources, his real-estate, his vast holdings. And as far as black shootings go, the fact is that more whites get shot and killed by cops than blacks, and more blacks get killed by the hands of other blacks than by whites or especially white cops.

It seems people prefer being thought of as Americans first - LEGAL Americans at that, and not illegal hispanics or middle-eastern refugees that have little interest in learning English or becoming Americans but who want to maintain their national identity while availing themselves of illegal jobs that continue to put downward pressure on legal jobs and law-abiding American citizens. As (black or brown or white or yellow) Americans, people can point to globalist corporations outsourcing their jobs or foreigners sweeping over hole-riddled borders as the 'enemy' and not someone who's skin is a different color or who's taste in music is different.

George Soros - Public Enemy Number One

At this very moment Soros has classified ads up advertising $35.00 per hour now (up from $15 and then $18) to protest Trump at various Trump properties. Seems he was paying people $1,500 plus medical and a cellphone to protest Trump rallies, carrying Bernie Sanders signs.....the better to pit one opponent against another. Where is the FBI on this?! Is InfoWars and the the only source of facts pertaining to the true origin of the violence Democrats supposedly fear in a Trump presidency? Do we need to have James O'Keiffe and Project Veritas go into every scheming back room where corrupt Democrats are working overtime to divide and conquer, to pit the races against each other?

Sadly, many small-skulled dimbulbs nationwide bought into the public-relations firms' campaign to attribute the popularity of Trump's campaign to “white supremacy”, but this is largely borne out by the fact many of them openly admit they prefer to let these PR firms (a/k/a CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, etc) do their thinking for them. Unbelievable, but true! I actually read a Facebook post by someone supposedly smart enough to rub their own brain cells together, smart enough to know better, who openly admitted to this and defended the practice! No WONDER we're tyrannized by the stupidity of sheeple! Thanks to Wikileaks and the, there's no excuse any more. The facts are in plain sight, including the most damaging news that only emerged in the last days of the campaign: senior campaign staff, and allegedly the candidate herself, are involved in child pedophilia and have participated in satanic rituals designed to call upon the forces of demons from another dimension to assist in sating their lust for power.

Does the Left even have a future?

The Left, or what's left of it, can be encapsulated by the policy prescriptions of Bernie Sanders, who had the Democratic nomination stolen from him (but mysteriously did not fight back, supposedly because the minions of Hillary had some type of 'leverage' over him as attested to in Wikileaks). That message was very similar to the one espoused by Trump, (which is one reason many Bernie supporters got on the TrumpTrain enthusiastically) but unfortunately was silenced and placated by hollow promises (the hollowness spelled out again in Wikileaks) made by Hillary's staff as they held out olive branches to the platform committee. That 'platform committee' is where all good candidates' ideals are put out to pasture as a consolation prize; designed never to reach fruition but maybe convince dim bulbs – like Michael Moore turned out to be – that the winning candidate was actually interested in incorporating their ideas into their policy planning. Hah! Maybe one day, once the genuine progressives and humble Democrats are able to go into the Democratic National Committee and scrub out the stench of the Clintons and their smug, warmongering neo-con allies, there will be a true competitor for national leadership, but until then, the American party of Donald Trump will lead both the free world and the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, and the People shall rejoice as common sense – from both the right and left wings of the poltical arena – returns to Washington DC after an absence of decades, to “drain the swamp” and rebuild the nation.

For a time. There's still a poleshift a' comin', and a lot of work to do to prepare for it. Meanwhile, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to help Make America Great Again.

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