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UK Fakes Flu Death Numbers
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Author:  rutsuyasun [ Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  UK Fakes Flu Death Numbers

UK Fakes Flu Death Numbers
Posted on January 16, 2010 by johndstone

Annual flu deaths in the UK averaged no more than 33 over the last 4 years despite Department of Health claims 12,000 people die annually: 360 times higher than actual deaths. Fictitiously high death rates from flu continue to be invoked resulting in scaremongering despite scientific evidence the vaccines are ineffective for at risk groups.

Disclosures by out-going Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson show the flu death figures are fabricated. Donaldson posted details late on Christmas Eve on the British Medical Journal electronic letters after challenge by British Medical Journal deputy editor Tony Delamothe. Donaldson wrote:-

…. annual mortality statistics produced by the Office for National Statistics …. record the underlying cause of death. They are based on all registered deaths, based on the information on death certificates. The number of deaths for England & Wales with an underlying cause of influenza (ICD-10 code J10-J11) for the four recent calendar years are: 39 (2008), 31 (2007), 17 (2006) and 44 (2005). Many more deaths are attributed to pneumonia, some of which will be secondary to influenza.

But Donaldson also gave the official method of “estimating” flu deaths which can greatly inflate the numbers:

The official estimate of influenza mortality is produced by the Health Protection Agency. It is derived from excess all-cause death registrations in the winter. When the number of all-cause death registrations rises above an ‘expected’ level in a given week, this excess is counted. The estimates for the last five years in England & Wales are: 1965 (2004-05 winter season), 0 (2005-06), 0 (2006-07), 426 (2007- 08), and 10351 (2008-09). The highest estimate in recent years was for the 1999-2000 ‘flu season, at 21,497.

In two of five recent years the figure was zero. Using this averaging “method” it is inevitable in some years the “flu deaths” figure will be a negative number, meaning fewer deaths than average. The Department of Health has also tried to associate flu death with entire excess mortality for the winter season. In a BBC news report with Sir Liam declared during the annual flu vaccine “drive” in 2007:

“According to Department of Health figures, flu contributes to over 25,000 excess winter deaths every year and thousands of people are hospitalised due to serious complications.”

Less ambiguously a pamphlet on pandemic flu, published by the Department of Health and with an introduction by Sir Liam states:

“Ordinary flu occurs every year during the winter months in the UK. It affects 10-15% of the UK population, causing around 12,000 deaths every year.”

Dr Jefferson, a Cochrane Collaboration reviewer independent of drug companies is concerned that the flu vaccine is being hyped into the ‘must have flu prevention’. He stated in the British Medical Journal in October 2006, that given the huge resources involved in yearly vaccination campaigns, an urgent re-evaluation was needed, as fresh analysis of study data revealed much of the prior research was flawed with little proof of the ‘flu jab’s merit. His opinion is that flu vaccines are not worth the effort. Influenza viruses vary from year to year so the effects of the vaccines are unknown and Jefferson has said:-

“What you see is that marketing rules the response to influenza, and scientific evidence comes fourth or fifth.”: “2 Studies Question the Effectiveness of Flu Vaccines” – The New York Times By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL – September 21, 2005

People should ask whether it’s worth investing these trillions of dollars and euros in these vaccines.” “Studies question flu vaccines’ effectiveness” – The Seattle Times By Rob Stein [The Washington Post] Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dr Jefferson’s Summary points:-

* urgent re-evaluation is needed because of the disparity between official panic and the lack of good evidence to support the steps taken
* the best evidence shows despite public policymakers world-wide recommending their use to prevent seasonal ‘flu outbreaks
* most studies are of poor quality and the impact of confounding factors is high
* little evidence exists on the safety of these vaccines ... h-numbers/

Author:  L2L [ Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: UK Fakes Flu Death Numbers

I think we are going to see more & more reports like this..

When will we "Joe BLow" stand up against these greedy bastards and say NO MORE :headbang :headbang

I don't know about you folks but I am very tired of these "False Flag" operations to scare the crap out of the public just so these evil rodents can turn a proffit :headbang :rant :shakehead

Author:  rutsuyasun [ Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: UK Fakes Flu Death Numbers

L2L wrote:
I think we are going to see more & more reports like this..

When will we "Joe BLow" stand up against these greedy bastards and say NO MORE :headbang :headbang

I don't know about you folks but I am very tired of these "False Flag" operations to scare the crap out of the public just so these evil rodents can turn a proffit :headbang :rant :shakehead

I completely agree, L. So, what can we do about it? I ask this sincerely, not with sarcasm. By "we" I mean everybody, no matter what country, who realizes the - I can't think of any words to use that aren't subject to censure (my own) - b**lsh*t, the scams, the tricks, none of these words do justice to the evil that is being perpetrated upon the general global populace. There are so many fronts on which we are being lied to, from a "war on terror", to unnecessary and most likely poison vaccines, to meaningless elections, fake global warming, hidden UFO knowledge, healthcare, add to the list if you want.

A planned campaign to expose the underbelly of the beast cannot be general and diffuse. We have to pick one issue to concentrate on, and JMHO, but I think that vaccines pose the greatest threat to the greatest number of people at this moment in time. I am dead serious (pun intended) about brainstorming a plan to ramp up the attack on flu vaccines, particularly the H1N1 vaccine. It is widespread on the internet, but not in the eye of the general populace. This is not an impossible task. Every important movement started in a few minds, which engaged each other, and then spread their message everywhere.

We have the internet, which we didn't have in the sixties. Despite that, we (those who opposed the war in Vietnam) had a decided role in changing peoples' minds about the real purpose of that war, and the carnage that was being dealt to combatants on both sides, and to untold numbers of innocent women and children as well.

The threat today is much more severe, more widespread, more world-changing, earth-shaking, than that war, or any war ever waged. It is also more insidious, since it is presented as a boon to mankind, a silver bullet to stop pandemic flu in its tracks. How can anybody have anything against such a great gift from the hard-working, self-sacrificing BIG PHARMA INDUSTRY!! Sarcasm intended here.

Is there anybody here who agrees with me about the dangers of vaccines in general, and flu vaccine in particular? about the lack of scientific evidence that it actually has an impact on the number of people protected? about the dangers of injecting the many dangerous ingredients in EVERY vaccine into our bodies, especially those of the youngest and most vulnerable? Then let's have a conversation about what we can do. There comes a time when one has to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. That time has come for me. Anybody else? Let's talk.

Author:  L2L [ Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: UK Fakes Flu Death Numbers

Ruts I totally agree with you about the Vaccine issue and I have stated from the get go that this stinks but what can we really do but provide links to PROOF of a scam?

The Global Warming Issue is just a Corporate SCAM to tell us Joe Blow's that we must believe what the TV Broadcaster (WHO OWNS THAT BROADCAST) tells us is true.

Perfect point in case is the H1N1 FREAK OUT...

Britain is now destroying their stock pile of H1N1 Vax as I am sure Canada will be right behind soon as they too over bought...

Wow guys thanks for being my elected officials and wasting all that money on a vax that we really did NOT need yet the boob tube told us we needed because YOU panicked and over bought.
I wonder how many Canadian Politicians have had not only their homes but cottages paid for by going along with this H1N1 scam by Big Pharma?

At least now I know what my next years tax increase will be paying for, it won’t be going to my retirement, the politicians have made sure of that :shakehead :rant

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