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 Bigfoot In Burke County? Residents Discover Mysterious Footp 
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Post Bigfoot In Burke County? Residents Discover Mysterious Footp
Oh goodie! We haven't had a bigfoot sighting in a while!

This is from Charlotte, NC

Posted: 3:57 pm EDT June 17, 2010
Updated: 5:27 pm EDT June 17, 2010

BURKE COUNTY, N.C. -- A large, muddy and mysterious footprint has captured imaginations in the area.

The print is much larger than a human's foot, and some say it couldn’t be an animal. Its size and unexplained origin are fueling wild theories about a creature of lore making a real-life emergence in rural parts of Cleveland and Burke counties.

A farmer said he recently stumbled across a larger-than-life footprint near the intersection of Highway 18 and George Hildebran School Road in the southern part of Burke County.

Pork Lowman said he was walking in the woods when he came across the print, which measures 15 by 8 inches.

“It's out here in no-man's land, and that's what really got me,” Lowman said.

Lowman said its size and shape doesn’t resemble that of a bear or large cat, which raised a question: Could Bigfoot have trekked through Burke County?

Area resident Rex Lail and others videotaped the print and also made a casting of it. They said they then contacted the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Lail said the wildlife officer doesn't think the print was made by an animal, either.

Lowman and Lail said they hope the print turns out to be a hoax, but aren’t sure that it will.

“We're trying to prove that it is a hoax, but the details of it are amazing,” Lail said. “If it is a hoax, they are doing a terrific job.” :lol

A sighting of a large, unidentifiable creature was recently reported about 15 miles south of the location of the footprint. :huh

“I had a fellow call me yesterday, told me I was crazy; that they had a sighting in Cleveland County and they must be a-running everywhere,” Lowman said. :roflmao

In the Cleveland County report, though, there was no print or any other evidence of someone -- or something -- passing through.

Eyewitness News reporter Dave Faherty tried to contact the wildlife biologist that Lail contacted, but he was unavailable.

Lowman said, while he hopes the print is a hoax, he still plans to be more cautious in wooded areas. ;)

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Post Re: Bigfoot In Burke County? Residents Discover Mysterious F
Then: BigFoot
Via ZetaTalk for May 31, 2022 (1)

Recently on the newest season of paranormal caught on camera, there is a new video of a bigfoot and its also very clear, someone tied the camera to a tree and caught it.
[and from another]
May 31, 2013

These images of a Bigfoot mother and child were taken in 2013,

and that was the year we confirmed that increasing introductions

between man and Bigfoot would be made.

Mankind will be driven to the forests and fields, forced out of their cities by earthquakes and starvation.

Thus they will encounter Bigfoot, and in anticipation of this the Council of Worlds has approved a gradual introduction.

It is known that Bigfoot is a version of Early Man,
and since some hybrids
have emerged, should be considered another race of man.

They are peaceful, unlike some in mankind who can be war mongers.

Prior 1995 ZT:
Bigfoot has fascinated mankind for as long as the two races have been in contact with each other, as infrequent and fleeting as that may be. The reason for this has less to do with Bigfoot's size and man-ape like appearance, which would be understandable on this Earth, as with Bigfoot's elusiveness. Why is Bigfoot a fascination? The answer lies in his seemingly uncanny ability to elude detection. The reason for this is that Bigfoot was to house a group of entities who are in quarantine. They remain elusive because they are not to intermingle with mankind. In this effort, they do not go unassisted. Their quarantine is not an exile. It is a search for peace. Has Bigfoot something to do with early mankind, perhaps an early model of man? The answer is, not surprisingly, yes! Bigfoot is indeed an interim model of one of the six races of man.

Prior ZT:
In that mankind will be chased into the wilderness in great numbers during the Pole Shift and Aftertime, the Council of Worlds has decided to allow mankind to be educated about Bigfoot. Thus, the increased sightings. Bigfoot can and has mated with man, producing offspring. This has been documented among the American Indians of the West Coast USA, where the offspring reportedly died young, and in Russia near the Caucasus mountains where they survived. This is possible because Bigfoot is merely a living version of early man, with similar DNA. Will survivors of the Pole Shift live alongside Bigfoot? They will encounter each other, and as long as respect is shown to Bigfoot, who is not inherently a violent or malicious entity, will have a peaceful coexistence. They may even visit and befriend each other.

(1) ... e=activity

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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