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Dondep wrote:
The Night of the Ultimate Paradox


As Michael (who's surname was Why, a PFLN -- Perfect Fitting Last Name -- if there ever was one) and I walked back to our neighborhood it was getting increasingly dark and very late. Most of the conversation was on my end, and he would ask certain questions on occasion to keep me on track. Since my particular area of interest was history, I described the Arc of history as I had come to understand it, and this led to the first example of paradox: how thesis was posited and antithesis created to counter it, resulting in synthesis which became the new thesis to which an antithesis would be matched, etc. Politically, extreme right and extreme left would meet "on the other side" and merge, and the details of how this dielectic had been artificially set in motion began to dawn on me, from the millions of random bits of information drawn from the books I had read over the course of my life up to that point. What the education system taught was that this process was organic, random, accidental. What was unfolding that night to me is that this process is in fact carefully plotted, years in advance. Plotted by human actors, while countermanded by divine actors.

These revelations began to accelerate, involving science and art, music and technology, sociology and theology, and time seemed to stop as I was recounting to Michael what I had known and learned and what I was now figuring out, what was being revealed as I was describing it in real time. By this time we had reached the entrance to the college and were standing on the sidewalk lining a large oval roundabout (Michael lived on the other side of the college grounds, and I only had to walk back to the entrance and cross the street to where I was living).

(Note: This phenomenon continues to this day, albeit on a much lesser scale, when the mere act of sharing a bit of knowledge and putting it in the framework of language can result in teaching oneself a bit more about a situation than one knew even before one began the sentence, or paragraph....perhaps many of you experience this as well.)

Soon, or what appeared to be soon but apparently took place over hours, I beheld a vision of military vehicles silently and slowly passing us in a long procession on the north side of the roundabout, opposite where we were on the south side. Despite the silence the vision was so realistic I was wondering where they were coming from and where they were going. They were all of a uniform gray, a solid gray. While there were basic truck shapes that were recognizable, there were also odd looking vehicles that I mistook for either tanks without gun barrels or half-tracks, as those were familiar to me. Twelve years later I watched live coverage of desert Storm and saw my first Humvees, and immediately recognized them from this vision in 1979. The other vehicles turned out to be modern-day MRAPs and LRAD acoustic cannon, but on that night in 1979 they were unrecognizable to me. After absorbing this vision I turned back to Michael and this is where I encountered a different I mentioned, 9 or 10 ft. tall and dressed in a white robe with a black sash, still having a Prince Valiant haircut, but now bathed in a cold, brilliant white light from above. He was no longer speaking vocally to me, but I was continually asking him about the paradoxical nature of reality and whether or not it was all futile. I wasn't asking so much as saying, "so if this is all futile, what is the purpose then?!?". I was under the distinct impression I was now communicating with an entity from either another dimension or another world, or even an entity - maybe even myself - from the future possibly, but the closest I can relate to now is that it was one of Earth's "gardeners", and the closest analogy I can give the reader of what I was going through is that of an NDE, a Near Death Experience. (If you haven't watched any of these yet, there are hundreds of these NDEs now available on YouTube and I recommend watching at least the one I'll link to later, as it surprisingly appeared at the top of my Recommended List just as I was pondering how to share this story.)

I remember several times coming to the conclusion that reality was utterly paradoxical, with Michael conveying to me the understanding that I had wanted to know and therefore had volunteered to bear the curse of knowing, showing me amongst many other things that "ignorance truly is bliss" (because as even Burisch would say, "the more you know, the more you owe"). This played out in the telepathic communication that revealed a myriad of examples of paradox, such as ultimate comedy is ultimate tragedy and vice versa. (How much comedy is not based on misfortune, real or imagined? Isn't it all a matter of perspective?) Still I argued, "why do this, if reality is but a matrix of paradox?" This is when the 'downloads of knowings', as one recent NDE describes it occurred, and these appeared to be concerned with the future. I was positively bursting with information and revelation overload, so I was ascribing short phrases or descriptions so that I could remember them later, phrases some of which would later find a home in the lyrics to songs I wrote such as "lost in the show", "the unconscious conspiracy", and the biggest idea of all which was, "how do you fight the ultimate paradox?" I saw it revealed to me how every good thing that begins life as an attempt to fight the paradox ends up becoming part of it, becoming part of the evil. This was true of every religion and sect professing to offer a way to humanity to reach God, to experience fulfillment, etc. This is why no words can be used to describe it, and I think I used the term The Feeling as shorthand for the unnamable. I remember saying to the voice that appeared to come from Michael telepathically "but isn't it love? Can't we call it Love?" No. "Not even agape love?" NO. As soon as a word is used to define it, it initiates the process by which it becomes part of the evil. Near-deather's, as people who have NDEs are apparently called, and assorted New Age types use the term "Source"; Oahspe and ancient Jewish texts have stressed the fact that God can have no name, for God's name should be unmentionable. It was given to me to understand that "the feeling" is the only thing that can fight the paradox, and even then it cannot win. You see, it, too, is itself part of the ultimate Paradox and perpetuates it, yet it is the curse that must be engaged with. It was after this third plea, when it was revealed to me that it was not even a choice for me, it was an obligation. It was a sentence actually, and I was condemned to it. And this is where I believe I was being reminded of a mission I was here in the earth matrix reality to complete, and while much was being shown to me, I would have to hide most of it from even myself until the future would in fact prove the past.

I was stunned to be absorbing so much knowledge, in fact so much wisdom that I knew I had yet to earn. I knew that such a thing as an unconscious conspiracy was going to be a major element in this mission I was being sentenced to carry out, even if it was a mission I had volunteered for initially, before manifesting here on the Earth plane. I also knew that I had to keep most of this to myself for my own protection, particularly at that time.

Around the time this began to sink in, I heard a voice call out to me from the entrance. It was my brother, but it was dark and I couldn't see (the light over Michael was localized and when I turned around to face the entrance that light did not extend). Instead of walking towards where we were, he called to me to come to where he was, sitting on the fence abutting the entrance next to the gateway. I started to walk towards him and within a few moments a yellow light was cast over the scene, it was of a nature like gaslight would be, a softer and more yellow color, as if from the previous century, and it illuminated my brother as he sat on the fence like it was bleachers, dressed in black jeans and black T-shirt, which is how he and I normally dressed in those days.

What was most shocking about the scene was not necessarily the lighting, which was almost theatrical in both instances I've described, but the scene in front of him: a handful of assorted tombstones were jutting out of the ground at odd angles, they were all of a dark brown stone and rounded at the top. The one feature that intrigued me most is that the grass was longer around the base of these tombstones because the lawn mower apparently couldn't get close enough. I know that may sound like an irrelevant detail, but it was that detail that was so realistic that I think it was a device designed to ensure that I would remember the scene and not attribute it to vague musings or impressions as people often experience. I asked him what he was doing there and he asked me the same, but I didn't feel that I could tell him that I had just learned about the history and purpose of Everything so I told him that I would explain things the next day because it was going on 4:00 a.m. Apparently that was sufficient because the scene ended and he went back across the street to the house and back to bed.

I turned around to walk back to where Michael was, but instead of seeing him where I'd left him under that cold white light towering several feet above me, I had my last vision of that night, and this one had to do with the very fabric of reality. I saw no other humans in this vision but the very buildings and space between them, the sidewalk and the trees, were transformed as if into a cubist painting by Picasso. Even the space between the things of our reality was dense with purpose; the AI-generated art applications that have proliferated in the 2020s are the closest analogy I can make. Words cannot describe the extent of this phenomenon, nor my wildly varied mixed emotions coming from experiencing it. This last vision did not last that long, but it was a definitive moment to remind me that what I had been experiencing over the course of those many hours was very real. Even if I had to bury some if not most of that data in my subconscious until the moments in the future when I would be called upon to recall them, it was such a moving and profound experience that it needed that kind of punctuation.

Some of you may wonder what were the meanings behind the visions. While I can't claim authoritatively that it was an omen, it would be less than 5 months later when my brother and I became the faces of the infamous "Deppeller gang", or the "L.A.S.T. bank robbers" - after the ill-fated L.A.S.T. attempt to secure the train station for the town was betrayed by a corrupt mayor and town manager, which will be the subject of another chapter. During that event, my brother had a running gun battle with the police as we sped down the highway at over 120 mph, while being chased by 21 police vehicles; while it's a miracle we lived through that, it may still have been an omen of how close we would come. Years later we would talk about what I saw that night in 1979 and invariably he would assert I would die first. I would retort that he would probably go first because he continued expecting to live the merry life so....'fulsomely'. Then, in 2005, he boarded a plane bound for Idaho and told his mother not to tell me if he were to die after he got out there. He was prescient as it turned out, as he died not that long after he arrived from what I've been told and this was supposedly due to a heart condition, supposedly brought on by too much 'good living'. I only learned of it by accident, almost 10 years after his passing.

One example of the "future proving the past" came in 2002, when I learned of the coming pole shift as being a very real thing and not merely an intellectual hypothesis. By then it was 7 years after the release of my band's first album, "Shift", a name which our drummer came up with but which appeared in a fractured font over an image of Skara Brae in Scotland, an image I'd chosen which featured a megalithic stone structure that it appeared later had been used for shelter during the last pole shift. I didn't know that at the time, nor did I even suspect it, nor was I even consciously aware that one of the biggest secrets that had been revealed to me in 1979 was the pending pole shift. While I did not see a vision of the Earth changes that will constitute this pole shift, the changes that human society are going through are exactly what those phrases are referring to in this time period. There is indeed an "unconscious conspiracy" comprised of people who don't believe in conspiracies and trust the official Narrative put forth by the powers that represent material control of this Ultimate Paradox matrix; they have convinced themselves of the legitimacy of the Delusion and dutifully commit suicide by eagerly taking the genocidal Jab. They welcome the opportunity to fund their own - and by extension our - demise. This naïve trust is now dangerous to the rest of the population, yet most of them think the opposite is true. TBWCW Syndrome is another example; because of the timeline having been either extended or prematurely announced, this syndrome curses anyone who is attempting to assist in deploying The Feeling for the purposes of satisfying The Matrix -- we are cursed to do it [warn the people to be aware and to prepare] because it is a prime example of The Golden Rule, but we ruefully recognize the sad fact that by the time it will occur, the public we had been trying to help will have given up on the truthfulness of the claims actually manifesting. Yet another paradox and that TOO is happening now. While the normies and sheeple have been Lost In The Show since a show was actually out there to get lost in, it's only recently that we have come to find ourselves living in an Orwellian police state more real than anything that could have been imagined by George Orwell himself, or Aldous Huxley for that matter.

I dread using the phrase "in conclusion", not just because of it's hackneyed and cliched nature but because nothing has been concluded yet. By the time of conclusion, no one will notice nor care. We are now facing that point in time when the celestial conflict of the ultimate paradox will be resolving for this aeon, and neither the Deep State nor the so-called Alliance (satan vs Christ, good vs evil, black hats vs white hats, etc) will ultimately be victorious on Earth [at least before the era of Homo Sapiens ends], or both will be. It was the final realization of Earth as the home of the Ultimate Paradox Matrix: what will count in the final analysis, which our souls will undergo a debriefing of, is where our souls were animated and motivated to go, what they did to experience 'the Feeling', or 'God-Source', what they did and experienced for the benefit of the zillions of souls that will be generated and constantly unfurling throughout the universe ever after, as we are a living textbook for the galaxy. This is why we continually need to "re-illusion" ourselves, so that we never give up.


In 1995, a website named went up on the embryonic internet. I first noticed it, briefly, in 2001 but never looked past the first page until a year later when I was directed to it by someone involved with the Burisch crowd. Having just immersed myself in Oahspe and thumbed my nose at the smug Majestic 12 and their tongue-in-cheek MJ-12 website, Zetatalk came crashing through my past memories by touching on all of these things. I was surprised to see them all listed in the index so I put all of the terms together in a Google search window and lo and behold, that is the website that popped up when I hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button. Of course by then I had already familiarized myself with Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny as well as the so-called "18 page Document" Burisch had authored for said PPD [Project Preserve Destiny], and having heard sufficiently from one of my most prolific sources - a retired employee of the Dept of Energy - who continually told me he had to "talk around the Big Secret" (due to his 'national security oath') I had already had the epiphany that the Biggest Secret above even the H-bomb was the pending poleshift. What the ZT website did was confirm the details; contrary to some claims, I did NOT form my opinion based solely on ZT.

Also in 1995, Mindshaft (my band, in which I was lead singer and bassist) released our first album "Shift", with a cover image clearly hinting at a pole shift. I didn't realize that for years, until I had a flash that it was something I had seen that night in 1979, even if not exactly that image.

It was in 1998 that I discovered the 9th Key of alchemy and adopted a stylized version of it as my personal coat of arms, or logo, as well as the symbol for the band; while my soul connected strongly to the symbol, it was the description that was so vividly startling and searing when I read what it meant: "humanity's never-ending quest for compassionate truth". To me, that came as close to the definition of 'The Feeling' that I have found to date. Oddly enough, that phrase is not searchable in that context. I'm thankful my memory serves me well enough to know that is the true meaning behind the 9th Key.

It's entirely possible that Burisch may have known more than he let on publicly, because as even Nightshade had to admit, he was like a "bird in a gilded cage", and thus unable to "Tell The World!" himself, so he dropped a few breadcrumbs to do what he himself wasn't able to lest he get beaten to a pulp again, possibly dying in the process. I don't discount that possibility, though I'm not convinced of it either. We know how Majestic operates, as even Dan himself would say {does anyone have the exact wording of this? I'm paraphrasing here}, 'Majestic wants to own the solution'. The now-eliminated Georgia Guidestones, one of their creations, is a perfect example of that. Unfortunately they suffer from excessive nepotism, just like their European counterparts; even the personalities that populate the Priore de Sion may - despite having descended in the physical world from the genetic bloodline of Jesus - be churlish and small-minded, because divinity isn't inherited. I'm more than certain that if Christ were to re-incarnate again in this reality, he wouldn't be choosing a bloodline insulated by those arrogant secret societies in which to do it.

More later, as events warrant.

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Dondep wrote:
Dex wrote:
This is like a continuing space programs Alternative 3 / Committee 300 saga...Expansion over the years projects...Not good..No wonder I can't relate to the ICC/SSP programs and agenda's. Novel slavery still..Believe me, there's Greater Life to be envisioned and joined with through the Living Spirit of Light/Life....Much above this reality.Watch with discernment...

Of course, Dex; most of Earth's history during these last days is a history of the Committee of 300's vain attempts to maintain their controlling grasp on our lives via control of resources AND information.

P.S.A. When People Ask What The New Madrid Adjustment is, tell them to "Ask Alexa what is the New Madrid adjustment". Seriously.

Hint: The answer shouldn't surprise you; it's regularly posted here.


via YT:

[Verse 1]
Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size
Catches thieves just like flies
Look out, here comes the Spider-Man

Is he strong? Listen, Bud
He's got radioactive blood
Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look overhead
Hey, there! There goes the Spider-Man
In the chill of the night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time

Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
Wealth and fame, he's ignored
Action is his reward
Look out, here comes the Spider-Man

Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
Wealth and fame, he's ignored
Action is his reward
To him, life is a great big bang up
Wherever there's a hang up
You'll find the Spider-Man!


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Dondep wrote:
Lynnwood wrote:
High strangeness with my iPad for 2 days, then Poof! Like it never happened. My touchscreen was not working right. Screen would jiggle and dance. Could not copy/paste—or even highlight. Could not type into text boxes. Safari had a mind of it’s own and took me places I have no idea how it got there. It was as if someone else was using the ipad and I was fighting them for control. I reset the iPad, didn’t help. I reset and deleted all apps and settings!! Did NOT install the cloud backup. Still didn’t work. How can that be? Then, just when I’m looking up the number for the Apple store near me to take it to a Genius Bar… POOF! It. All of a sudden started working normally.

And today I found that my main phone had been set to 'vibrate' for notifications, and two of my 3 phones had the toggle set to On so that a touch sound would emit whenever I touched a key on the keyboard; I never changed them.

All kinds of high strangeness going on electronically; I see that there's new ZT about the circling sheep. Yes, sheep marching in lockstep in perfect least in Mongolia. God certainly has a sense of humor; the sheeple are wandering around in circles too.

I asked the emissary about what we can expect to resolve the Patriot Narrative, since it's running up against the Poleshift Paradigm and one of them's gonna have to 'lose' for the other to be right. Here's the gist of it:

Correspondence With The Emissary Regarding the New Madrid


In light of the fact the white hats are going to initiate martial law on the back of the New Madrid Adjustment, can patriots at least expect to hear some of the accountability they've been promised for so long via the EBS -- even though it'll be the furthest thing from people's minds when they get the information? Could they expect to hear stories of a Russian tsunami sub that has caused all the havoc, or finally an honest admission about what's causing the massive destruction and Earth movements?

BTW, did I tell you earlier about how Alexa directs listeners to the ZT description if people ask her "Alexa, what is the New Madrid adjustment?" Maybe Bezos currying favor?


" , can patriots at least expect to hear some of the accountability they've been promised for so long via the EBS"

I doubt it. Do we know who killed JFK?
Did not know about Alexa. Great news!


Does Alex say "zetatalk"????

"Does Alex say zetatalk??"
Alexa (guess there is a male version named Alex, but most of us use Alexa) does INDEED say "zetatalk", but she pronounces it "zeddatalk". After you ask the question, she responds with: "From, the New Madrid adjustment is...."



Actually we DO who killed JFK; his name is James Files and he detailed the entire operation from his vantage point from the time he was notified in Chicago to go down to Dallas, where he met Oswald who took him to a practice range and on the morning of the event to the diner where the Dallas Police were passing out the IDs to the perps, and describes the other teams and where they were positioned. He was actually a backup and the one behind the fence behind the grassy knoll. The man who tracked him down and cultivated a friendly-enough relationship by visiting him in jail where he was serving time on a lesser later charge was subsequently murdered, but not before giving the information to another researcher who then retraced his steps and got the detailed and reluctantly given interview. He stuck by the story for years and by now has been released from that state prison in Illinois where he conducted the interview and where the warden himself was convinced of the authenticity of the story Files told. But I get it; the average American doesn't know this, let alone most researchers. The Pied Piper platoon passing on platitudinous and fraudulent hopium.

So just to clarify, because you avoided the question about which scenario we're likely to hear via EBS; no one's going to tell the truth about what will cause the massive Earth changes that dreadful day coming up shortly. No accountability, no admission of Nibiru causing the NMA, and probably propaganda about a Russian tsunami sub, right? A controlled descent with both white and black hats working together to prevent panic and too much societal disruption?



I stand corrected re JFK. Thanks.

"A controlled descent with both white and black hats working together to prevent panic and too much societal disruption?"

Yup! In the midst of a Pole Shift with Nibiru lashing its tail right above us, they will still play the denial games. And half the populace will want that, as denial is comfort.


So......if true, we're all being misled in the Greatest Show About Our Fake Reality. I suspect the entire Q operation, "intel dump" etc, was authorized in order to keep the patriots from rising up in outrage with pitchforks, as otherwise many would be 'watering the tree of liberty' by now with their own blood, as well as the blood of the corrupted and evil asses that arrogantly think they can own and control our very lives now that they think they have TIA (Total Information Awareness).

I'm beginning to suspect I volunteered as a jailer for the souls of the Evil Ones, to ensure they receive true justice (and not just vengeance) upon their deliverance to a prison planet following this sojourn. After my 'download' following the expiration of my current flesh-suit, that is. Also my 'report' will contain ample data along with the emotional impressions that will address this major fault in the outcome of the coming soul harvest; many who would otherwise make a legitimate decision to serve Others may not survive this harvest in a state of completion and will have to continue on to the Orion system to occupy an octopod form, where they can hopefully graduate in a better-balanced soul harvest.

White-hats. Getting away with doing the minimal and letting the Patriot Pied Piper platoon brag on them for the glorious 'storm' that will - apparently - never be revealed publicly. :roll

Author:  recall15 [ Sun Nov 27, 2022 6:42 pm ]
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Dondep wrote:
I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, it's likely to be the last before we descend into a primitive state for the next one.

I just uploaded my latest video to rumble, titled "Beware The Narrative of the Patriot Pied Piper Platoon": ... ative.html

Author:  recall15 [ Tue Oct 03, 2023 9:34 pm ]
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Dondep wrote:
It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

That The Golden Thread Came To Stay

So in honor of those who keep posting and searching, reading and writing, I offer this Part One of a synopsis of the beginning. I'll post a Part Two later.


It was 20 years ago today that Dan Havers, a Dutch citizen from the Netherlands, started a thread on GLP that would go on to become the Golden Thread, breaking all GLP records of longevity. "Mystery!!! The Enigma of Dr Dan Burisch!!!" He took the name of "Human Subject #58-001" as his avatar, and I urged Kate Sharon, an Aussie from Brisbane, to combine her thread about the J-Rod with Havers' thread. That thread stayed on the front page of GLP (GodLikeProductions) for what seemed like was at least a year, garnering over 8,000 replies. That was only volume 1; without skipping a beat, volume 2 began and racked up over 5,000 additional posts, after which we had to keep future volumes to a more "manageable size" per Elaine, the site's then-owner. I believe the number of volumes on GLP alone came to 34, but I have yet to go through the files for accurate figures. Apparently the 'Thread was so massive it was causing slowdowns when people tried to access it, so we were asked to leave GLP.

Eventually Elaine sold GLP - a site intended for anonymous discussions of UFOs, aliens, and government conspiracies by the 'lunatic fringe' - to a consortium headed by "Trinity", but by then, the embryonic platform incubated by DARPA (Facebook) was gearing up to welcome millions of average citizens to the internet, to a place where they could be easily surveilled and manipulated. During that same time-frame YouTube and Twitter also started making their mark, and as expected, were soon bought up by the amorphous collective known today as the "Deep State", the better to not only control and mold the thoughts of the masses, but establish their official Narratives.

For that brief, shining moment when the Internet was truly free and populated by truthseekers, citizens worldwide organically came together to suss out the human condition and determine the truth and falsity in a landscape filled with trolls, sock-puppets, naysayers and true believers. The Golden Thread came to the attention of the freemasonic Majestic 12, as was allegedly indicated by the Looking Glass, particularly as the subject matter - one Dr Dan Burisch - was of intense interest to them. That interest was kicked up a notch when I asked Nancy Lieder, who was interviewed live on the Lou Gentile Show, what the story of the zetan J-Rod was all about. Even before that, the most dramatic moments in the history of the GT had already occurred; because GLP celebrated "anonymous cowards", insiders engaged truthseekers in what appeared to be a proxy war between factions. At first these insider(s) used the term "raven(s)" and appeared to be support staff (either bodyguards or jailers, depending on perspective) to Burisch. They may or may not have included the person who made contact with me in 2002 via snail-mail when I was living in DC; that person had informed me of certain facts about Burisch and the programs he was involved with. While I received both emails and snail-mail, they may have originated from different sources; included in the information was the fact that Burisch had become withdrawn, angry, sullen. It had to do with "the 2003 and 2012 issues", and such items as the ET craft being relocated to Utah. One email pointed to a page at as well as a (since-deleted) NASA webpage about a brown dwarf star.

Those interactions occurred in 2002, when my house was under "haunting surveillance", as ordered by then-NSA director Michael Hayden (as told by Marcia McDowell, now Mrs. Crain, as Dan Burisch has taken his original birth name of Crain back following his divorce from Deb Burisch, whose surname he took when he married her). Eventually we (StarryEyes and I, who are about to finally tie the knot after 20 years of this story) fled the surveillance to Canada in early 2003, after a year of being followed everywhere and having our phones tapped.

Sometime shortly after the 'Thread began and (several? or multiple sock-puppets?) raven(s) began posting drops to Yahoo briefcases, someone going by the name IMNVSBL posted on Volume 1 and engaged me in a discussion about the Masonic Temple on 16th St NW DC. He indicated he wanted me to have copies of 2 of Burisch's 'work discs', and so in our behind-the-scenes 'huddle chats', Rearview (a denizen of Las Vegas, murdered via the Jab on Halloween 2021 just as he had been hurriedly discharged from hospital) volunteered to retrieve them from a drop spot provided by a raven on the 'Thread. Unfortunately, he was distracted by a blonde driving a red convertible, who took him on a road trip to California and so he missed the pickup. He tried to explain later that he didn't really believe this was all happening and didn't think there would be anything there for him to pick up anyway, but this IMNVSBL was able to secure them and have them sent to me. Included among the images were certain very startling ones, including one allegedly taken from the Looking-Glass and showing my avatar, the 9th Key (that's the one of three hearts with serpents growing out of their tails, chasing each other).

Apparently it was because of this rebellious move by the IMNVSBL entity that he was pushed over the balcony of his Watergate apartment in early December of 2003. That's when we learned his real name was Gus Weiss, an advisor to 7 US presidents, and what happens to even such illustrious characters when it came to protecting certain information.

Another entity that began posting cryptic notes to the group was "Peace", who apparently was none other than Fleet Admiral Lord Hill-Norton. (Of course all of this has to be noted as "allegedly", although these two identities I am convinced are real.) Peace indicated that our group, the initial group of roughly a dozen people from around the globe who were active and regular participants on the Golden Thread, were thought to be representative enough of Earth's population that it "could be the group that could bring Disclosure to the masses." He also explained to me that I had "made the correct assessment".

I have not changed that assessment in the intervening 20 years, aside from a few tweaks to compensate for having been misled several times.

There were other courageous and patriotic insiders who also provided information to me that convinced me of the reality of the experience we were sharing here, although to this day many of the original participants believe that some of these entities, if not all, were merely sock puppets invented by a pranking duo of Dan and Marcia. Of course they (our fellow truthseekers) aren't privy to some of the information I have received and in some cases, have kept confidential. For instance, the identity of the individual known as "Blackbird"; whose correspondence I have shared here on the Golden Thread and is still available, I believe, in a sub-thread [not his identity, just our correspondence].

Many other adventures have occurred on this Golden Thread, as well as off of the thread, real life adventures that took us first to Canada and then to Alamogordo New Mexico and from there to Las Vegas Nevada, where StarryEyes actually got a job working for George Knapp of all people while we were staying with Marcia until we 'got on our feet'. Then, as is typical with Dan and Marcia, we (StarryEyes and I) were subsequently denounced and the new cast of characters that were handpicked by Majestic 12 to surround Burisch with tried to steal our very name (which originated with Uncle John, may he rest in peace). Whether or not the participants here have accepted the reality of a pending poleshift and it's causal agent, Nibiru, it is widely perceived by virtually everyone here that it was plainly evident the officially-sanctioned Disclosure Burisch was to engage in was the portion of his interaction with the zetan ET known as the J-rod, and was to follow the Spielberg plot line of the heroic doctor who tried valiantly to save the life of a visitor from another was NOT to inform the public that a cataclysmic event such as the pole shift was, and is, in the offing. The zetans that Nancy Lieder communicates with have insisted they are Service To Other aliens that have been entrusted with the shepherding of humanity through this cyclical event, whereas the zetan that crash landed in Kingman Arizona in 1953 that Dan B. attended to was (allegedly) a double agent; some have even suggested he was a triple agent.

Keep in mind that the entire purpose of the 1954 summit between the aliens, President Eisenhower and 60 powerful human authorities was to inform Humanity about the coming pole shift, "early in the next century". This fact becomes most urgent when placed at the nexus of the saga of Dan Burisch, the saga of ZetaTalk, the legend of MJ-12, the 'parent' organization Scottish Rite freemasons, and the true authorship of Oahspe. There's a reason Project Preserve Destiny features prominently in the Burisch story as well as the non-fiction book by former Sgt. Dan Sherman, "Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny".

I digress, but will be back later to wrap up this short synopsis with Part Two.

Author:  recall15 [ Tue Nov 21, 2023 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dondep´s Chronicle

a Recap of this one -Multiplex Timelines/Timeworlds Version- :

This is our future. The United States of America endures a second civil war, killing millions. Immediately after that, a World War begins. Nuclear weapons are used. Billions are killed.

The aftermath leaves the earth in ruins. Electric grids are down. Food becomes scarce. Disease is rampant. Society breaks down.

Then, in 2038, all computers go offline. Civilization is set back several hundred years. The world enters a second dark age.

Only by changing events in our past and present can we avoid this nightmare of a future.

In 1998, in a small town in Florida, John Titor was born.

In the year 2036, John, a temporal soldier would be sent back in time.

His mission? Save the world.


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