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 Re: The Problem Annunakis 
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This group is so far dug into earth's global society and controlling a large percentage of governments, Wall Street, Big Oil and the Media. They literally manage humans like mice in a cage. By controlling others, their main goal is to keep everyone "on edge" through trouble, starting wars, getting everyone upset ....... "Media hype" is their main goal!

Humans here on this planet have no idea how much they were being watched by others "on other side" so to speak and now being helped. It's been realized there was no way humans could unravel what was created by this race. Just look at how close the Annunakis have merged with the special aspects of some military programs. So bad, even our friends in space are in danger to land here!

The Annunakis backs are against the wall now so things around the world will get a bit out of control. For example, if explosives go off in a given city, it will be contained and short lived. Everyone thinks God or the Creator can just click his fingers and everything will be dealt with. It would be nice if it could happen that way but unfortunately it's not quite like that.

After this unsettling occurs and these pesky Annunakis are removed, the truth will become available and people will be able to evolve normally like they should have a long time ago. Folks will also understand what kind of a "sci-fi" life they've been living in without even knowing it (this will literally come as a shock to many).

Timeframe for all this: Prediction of the future is impossible. Doesn't matter if your an ancient physical race with technology or on "the other side" so to speak. But estimates seem to be by 2018 the dust will settle. Hang in there, the ride will get a bit rough everywhere for everyone, but will be tolerable. Don't get yourself worked up over armageddon that some refer too...not going to happen folks.

Watch the news but go with your gut feeling about what is and is not real. Some of you already are noticing your abilities. Evolving will occur for everyone, it's a slow process and just takes time. If you hear ringing in your ears, it's actually your spirit guides! Yes, some people seek medical treatment for it. Don't bother going to the doctor for this, it's the first stage of you recognizing them.

Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:03 am
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