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 Problems with "Dark Energy" from the Other Side 
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Post Problems with "Dark Energy" from the Other Side
There is a pesky problem going around for a few people and I'd like to try and explain it in simplified terms. Just wanted to mention this to folks who talk with their spirits guides, view, and astral project.

The "Other Side" aka second dimension, heaven or whatever you personally refer to it, is where everyone's souls reside when "not in body" and this goes for our friends and family in space as well. Since 2012 there have been ongoing changes for the better over there and you'll immediately notice it when you go back.

Creation has released "five" groups of souls since the beginning. Prior to the release of these souls, there were two ancient group of souls that starting having lives to "practice" so to speak. These ancient groups were comprised of the Creator itself. It actually took 1/3 of itself and then removed most of the negative energy. This negative energy was referred to as "negative source energy". I'm personally referring to it here as Dark Energy. It was this matter that never had lives and stayed in the second dimension.

The "clean" or "positive" energy component leftover was broken into three groups. Angels, Essence and Source Family. Angels are not broken into male and female as Essence, Source Family and the five groups of souls that followed later. Some Source Family are here on earth, less than 50 individuals I believe and 2/3 are female. The rest are either out of body back in the second dimension or are in body in the different species throughout the different universes. Yes, there is more than one universe folks...we all have a very, very large family out there.

The Problem:
Remember, everything on the Other Side exists as energy, we're all different by our unique energy frequency. We don't use names when were over there as we've had so many it would be hard to remember them all. Even the NSA has satellites that can scan the planet for different human / ET frequencies. Our family and friends in space have these devices also. This technology is nothing new and it's been around for a long, long time.

Anyhow, when energy has not had a life, like the Negative Source Energy, it doesn't fully understand suffering, pain, etc. Not that it's evil, it just doesn't understand. However, it has the capacity to cause problems over here in the physical world.

I'll provide you what has happened to me over the last year. If any of this sounds familiar then you've been "hit" so to speak.
I know I'm about to experience problems when I' start seeing images of an individual dressed in "black" in my "viewing". Usually it's a male but one occasion it was a male and female together. This is key because right now there are both male and female elements over there acting up. These male and female are comprised of "pieces" or "fragments" of a soul. This is the reason why it's been so difficult to remove them. I know there are literally thousands of pieces of the male, not sure how many of the female. We all provide each other info on what we see or experience then it can be acted upon. Its gotten so out of hand it may take a few more months to resolve. It's not really dangerous, just a massive irritation.

Physical issues:
1) So far I've had an abscess on a tooth which is perfectly healthy. I think the worst was waiting some six days for it to break and drain. I knew it would resolve on its own, but the pressure on the last two days was most challenging.

2) Dermatitis Event: I'm 54 y.o and never had it in my life. It came out of nowhere for three weeks. I had no changes in soaps, shampoo's, environmental changes, etc.

3) This past November was in my sleeping bag in the upper bunk at camp and I was pulled down to the foot of the bed. At first I though I was dreaming, so while in the bag (I didn't unzip as it was too cold) I shuffled myself back toward the head of the bunk. As soon as I got where I wanted to be, my bag with me in it, got pulled down again. It was at that point I knew I was being played with.

Unexplained events mixed with metaphysical occurrences that come out of nowhere.....good news is it's being take care of, just another "issue" to get cleaned.

Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:49 am
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