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 Left - Right Ear Pain and Telepathy 
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Post Left - Right Ear Pain and Telepathy
When it comes to someone trying to contact you telepathically, normally there is no pain but the communication between you and the other person(s). In some cases you may experience pressure and/or pain in either ear. I'll try to simplify it here. Ear pain itself does not mean someone is trying to contact you, but if your already aware of your waking telepathic abilities, here are a couple of things that may help clarify issues some may have.

Pain Experienced: This will be "pressure" like when you drive up a mountain road or on an airplane that doesn't have controlled cabin pressure or scuba diving. Normally your ears will "equalize". If they don't, you get a rather sharp pressure and this is the same type of pain I'm referring to.

Ear Pain Mechanics:

Right Ear:
Few seconds of mild pressure, possibly a little pain (not much, very tolerable). This is either someone trying to contact you directly or it's your Spirit Guides. Your Guides are always adjusting the frequency in your ears for better communication, etc. They work in the background. As you start to "wake up" they get busier and you may notice this on a daily basis. However, it will never distract you.

Left Ear:
This is the problem ear and you need to make note of it. If you notice pain that lasts for 15 seconds or more or keeps "at you" multiple times during the day, you need to realize this is not right! Someone or something is trying to access your conscious mind. Call it rude, non polite, call it what you want but it's not correct to do it. The Annunaki do use their "Trip Chairs" to attack people who are a threat to them. My guess would be very few folks reading this would ever have to deal with it, but if you were ever "hit", you can expect your left ear will be the telltale sign of an attack. Another common source right now for left ear issues is the rogue "Dark Energy" on the Other Side I talked about in another thread here. That's been a pesky issue and will be for a few more months for some folk.

Note: From time to time your Guides may use your left ear as well for "maintenance". Again, it's only a few seconds and is really not an issue.

How to Protect Yourself:
Again, you'll probably never have to worry about this but the best way to counter these attacks would be to purchase a piece of Star Essonite. Long story short, this stone was actually from a planet that exploded eons ago and some of it is here on earth. Very powerful stone for humans. Actually powers up your metaphysical abilities. Some folks when they hold it, feel the energy emitted. Others don't feel the sensation but that doesn't mean its not working. This stone can be purchased for $20 (US) or so for a small piece. You need to hold the stone with both hands, that's the best way for absorbing the energy. It can literally shut down the left ear pain issue if your targeted.

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