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What are our Limits when "Out of Body"
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Author:  gtavt [ Fri Feb 27, 2015 1:48 pm ]
Post subject:  What are our Limits when "Out of Body"

When you die, your soul goes back to the second dimension or whatever you want to call it. There's really only one place your not allowed to go right now and that's the first dimension. It's off limits to everyone except a couple of Original Source Family members. That's where the original Creator or God was created eons ago. Other than that, your home to heal and explore.

When "in body" your soul does grow larger depending upon how much suffering you endure in your physical life. You also accumulate a negative energy from being in the physical world with this suffering. Thus, the reason it's customary or advisable staying over in the second dimension some 100 years or so to let this negativity fade away.

The original Creator wanted people to go right back in body. The bigger your soul was, the more praise you could give it. Sounds a bit greedy doesn't it? Well, it was and that was the downfall that caused the chaos over there after 2012. Most everyone wanted to have a bigger, stronger soul so most of us hopped right back in body. Animals had no choice, they were forced back in whether they wanted to or not. In reality, animals suffered the most as they live much shorter lives, so they were the ones who really got abused!!

Anyhow, during your time of recovering on the Other Side, your able to come back down to earth and see everything. Many of us here in the physical world (the third dimension) see ghosts. Guess what, these ghosts are everyone that has died and are now exploring. So actually you could be that ghost around here when you die. For some reason, some souls come right back to earth and stay in or around a structure they were familiar with while "in body". Thus, we have programs on TV like TAPS, etc., that try to film them.

While out of body, most everyone will travel the different the solar systems, visit different planets. Many of us will hop on an ET craft traveling in space to take a peak.... :) Folks on the starships know when souls are on board as they have a device that measures the different frequencies. It doesn't bother them, there use to it. As soul, your literally able to cover a universe in about nine seconds! You can scan the different planets and see which one appeals to you. For those of you who can astral project, looking around as a soul in the second dimension is similar to projection in a way.

Really some amazing things are out there. Remember, no person is any better than anyone else. Yes, some souls are older, larger, you'll notice some heavy hitters over in the second dimension.

Please don't look at some ancient physical race and think they are more advance than you. The species body they have chosen in life may be more advanced than your human body, but it's the soul that carries the knowledge base. Unfortunately when all bottled up in physical form, everyone's real abilities are locked down for the most part. Different species do have more flexibility on "metaphysical abilities" than the human form at the moment.

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