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Annunaki / NSA Database of People's Frequency / Soul
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Author:  gtavt [ Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Annunaki / NSA Database of People's Frequency / Soul

Another one of these hard to believe but true issues:

When the war is over here on earth, I'm in great hopes people will be able to see the technology that the bad Annunaki used on everyone.

One of those expected "events" of the future will be the NSA will be torn down from inside itself, rather an implosion. Will be interesting to see how that unfolds, again, another good movie scenario I'm looking forward too...

By the way, "Homeland Security" is the "FBI" for the NSA......both organizations are closely intertwined.
A scary thought indeed!

Anyhow, what I wanted to mention was when your soul was first created, you and your soul mate have a specific frequency. That's how we all can tell everyone apart when were in the second dimension / heaven or whatever you refer to it as. Interesting enough, when your born on this planet your "soul" still emits this frequency and the bad Annunaki have a huge database and use special satellites to find and log theses frequencies. This provides them a heads up as to who is back in body. If you were a person who had some "abilities" they will get you right back in their program to reuse your talents if your still have them.

This type technology has been around a long time. Other ET's use similar technology to find their missing friends / family if need be.

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