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"Spirit Guide" Training Cards
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Author:  gtavt [ Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:06 am ]
Post subject:  "Spirit Guide" Training Cards

Training cards to help communicate with your guides? Yes, and are the only ones every made for it's purpose.

By using the cards, your working all parts of your brain for communication, i.e., Pineal gland, Hypothalamus, etc.

1.You spread them out on a table. Ask your guides which one to pick. Just relax and pull what feels good to you. Before you flip it over, ask if it should be inverted. The cards will have two meanings depending on which way it's faced. The symbols and meanings are comprised of many ET names that are foreign to us.

2) Once the card is pulled, look at the symbol, go to the handbook find the symbol and its meaning.
I think there are 53 meanings in the handbook.

3) Lay each card down after looking up the meaning of each individually. In the end, as an option, combine all the meanings of the cards by reading "right to left".

Note: When living offworld, all our family in space read "right to left and up". Earth is the only exception thanks to our pesky "controllers" that started the current reading format in Great Britain. Exception: think the Chinese do go right to left and up.

Note #2: These cards are "not" for reading or predicting the future that some psychics use. Only for Spirit Guide communication.The cards are regular playing card size.....maybe a tad bigger and of very high quality.

Cost I think is $34 plus shipping.

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