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 Store more water than you think you need 
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Post Store more water than you think you need
Ok this is a short story about a real life scenario that just happened to me that opened my eyes widely as to how little I was prepared as far as water storage goes.

What ever you have calculated that you and your family need per day for water for drinking, bathing, toilets etc, I am saying double it and here is why.

My fridge just let go on me, thankfully we saved the food so the loss was minimal at best, however our fridge has a water dispenser & ice maker so it is obviously connected to our water supply in the house.

Long story short I got the bright idea that I could cut this supply off and temp it until we got the new fridge in place, BAD IDEA....

As it turns out I am NOT Joe Plumber, much to my shock and disappointment :roflmao

One leaky solder joint later our house is now without water (1.5 days) until my buddy can come give me a hand to fix my handy work :doh

I filled 4 5 gallon pails of water to get us by until then and I was shocked at how quickly we went through them for toilets, dishes, brushing teeth, washing etc...

Now did we conserve it as if it was the end of the world, hell no but it sure gave me a wake up call as to how badly we take for granted water that flows from the taps.

Anyways that’s my lil real world story that I thought I should share with all of you!

Stay safe folks

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Sat Oct 29, 2011 5:30 pm
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Post Re: Store more water than you think you need
Yeppers! Always, always, always fill the bath tub for washing and for toilet flushing if you get the chance.

We had a bit of low water pressure earlier in the week and da girl filled the garden tub to the brim. :yamon

Thankfully, the pressure recovered after about 3 hours but ya never know, right? ;)

Save that precious drinking water for, well, drinking! This includes coffee, tea, etc.

As I've said before, when we lived in Venezuela we kept a 30 liter unused trash can with lid. This sucker was filled every week and emptied every week and refreshed. This water was for washing and toilet flushing.

Did we use it? Yes siree Petie. One year between Christmas and New Years we had no water the whole week. Seems a water pump burned out at the coast and all the fresh water pumped up to a city of 6 million people went pooff until a new pump was installed and the water lines cleared.

Jest my two cents...

P.S. - scooped the water out of the tub and filled the rain barrel. Sigh! That's about the only way that sucker is getting filled lately. :roll

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Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:58 pm
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Post Re: Store more water than you think you need
Nice report on your practical L2L - even though it may seem funny to some, this is really important. If you have no water to flush a toilet - then what? Let alone a good supply of drinking water.

Two things I highly recommend:-

1. As BB stated, you simply have to have an outside storage tank! Fill it from the gutter, with an inline strainer to keep leaves and bugs out. That's if you don't have a pool to scavenge from. And believe me, most folk think they are safe with a pool. Wait till you wake up and find yo kindly neighbours drained your pool during the night!!

2. Keep a quality water purification system at hand. It will save the day when you need drinking water desperately and you can at least filter and purify water gained from am impure source like a stream, or the neighbour’s pool! We have a good supply of MMS stashed now just for this purpose. Last thing you need is an infection or dysentery with no water in your toilet.

We have 30 tons of water now in tanks at the top of the farm, which is fed by our springs. About a 4 month supply if we have absolute drought!

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Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:17 pm
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