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 Coming soon One of the most powerful astrological alignments 
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Post Coming soon One of the most powerful astrological alignments
Anyone explain what this means?


The Astrology of 2010:
Personal and Generational

by Bill Streett

In this third and final installment of essays investigating astrology around the year 2010, the focus is on the personal impact of the incredible astrological alignments occurring at this time. While the first two essays examined both historical precedent and the creative consequences of these alignments, this article will center on the individual and generational potentials that will occur at this time. To review, occurring in 2010 is a T-Square alignment involving Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto—a rare alignment and a profound symbol connoting societal and socio-economic transformation.
Although the full explication of this alignment has been addressed in the previous two essays, I will borrow an iconographic image from popular culture to help to better understand the meaning behind the planetary symbolism. One of the most popular scenes in the original Star Wars involves the rebel forces caught within a trash compactor. Trying to elude oncoming storm troopers, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and other members of the rebel alliance find themselves trapped within a garbage processing machine. With the walls of the trash compactor closing in on the heroes swiftly, time is of the essence and a creative solution is absolutely imperative. This famous scene captures so many of the potentials and meanings of the 2010 alignment involving Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus: constrictive forces creating crisis; garbage, waste, and unprocessed filth; rebels and revolutionaries; rebirth from the darkness into a new case scenario; and elemental intensity that demands awareness and creative solutions. This scene from Star Wars mirrors the significance behind the 2010 alignment. Like the rebel forces of Star Wars, we may very well find our selves within a difficult, constrictive case scenario that not only brings us face to face with our shared “garbage” but which also demands swift and creative action so that a new beginning can emerge. The Saturn-Pluto-Uranus alignment in 2010 is both a societal bottleneck and crucible where situations of the past and solutions of the future enter into a highly dynamic and highly chaotic relationship.

This astrological alignment is certainly collectively owned—we are all in the metaphorical trash compactor—however certain individuals and generations are likely to resonate with the archetypal energies more than others. That is, certain generations and persons are likely to feel the impact of the alignment to a greater degree in their consciousness and will have a greater tendency to react to the reverberations and character of the alignment. This is by no means a comprehensive guide, but this essay does highlight some of the generations and individuals that will be significantly transformed by the events and general atmosphere surrounding the 2010 alignment.

The Cardinal and Mutable Cross
When speaking of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the sign of Virgo of the 1960’s (the main alignment which correlated with countercultural ethos of the time), astrologer Erin Sullivan remarked that those with their Sun placement in Virgo just went through the greatest of transformations—they almost literally changed identities and became very different people as a result. Although that era was very transformative for the entire world—as cultures were shuttled through a rebirth sequence at the time—certain individuals were to carry or become a conduit to the massive, transformational, and creative energies of the era. Certainly, those with their Sun placement in Virgo were good candidates for change, as the Sun is closely identified with our identity and self-concept.

The T-square between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto occurs in the very late degrees of what are called the “mutable signs” (specifically, the T-square occurs in Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, with the additional mutable sign being Gemini) and the very early degrees of “cardinal signs” (specifically, the T-square occurs in Libra, Capricorn, and Aries, with the additional cardinal sign being Cancer). Certainly, those with their Sun or Moon placement within these “power zones” of the late mutable or early cardinal signs are sure to feel the effects of this dramatic alignment quite prominently in their lives.

One way to interpret how these individuals will be impacted is to simply extrapolate the meanings and significance that this alignment has on a collective level. If socio-economically the alignment suggests a death-rebirth sequence, a tight and tense negotiation between history and the future, and a tremendous amount of energy placed on transformation, then the same can be said for those whose Sun or Moon are in the cross hairs of the alignment. Both internally and externally, the alignment suggests that those with prominent Sun and Moon degrees already discussed will go through rapid, creative, and dynamic personal changes. This will be seen both in attitudinal shifts and in changes in life circumstances—through family, work, relationships, and self-concept. The alignment is certainly a threshold and will symbolize a tremendous and concentrated period of personal evolution and transformation in these individuals’ lives.

The Legacy of the Sixties Generation
The 1960’s was a decade of upheaval, reaction, turbulence, creativity, activism, protest and social change. The youth coming of age at the time rallied against the structures they inherited with an intensity and sweep that was almost unprecedented—certainly there was no precedence for this earlier in the twentieth century. Ironically, however, the children of the sixties, for the most part, haven’t had the thirst for social activism, political change, or the tenacity for tearing down structures as their parents did. However, many of the 1960’s generation are just beginning to throttle through their mid-life transition, which can bring about significant attitudinal changes and value shifts.

In astrology, transiting Uranus opposing natal Uranus—a transit which occurs somewhere between the ages of 38 and 42—is often a time of re-evaluation and change. The creative, independence-loving, and visionary archetype of Uranus is not going to be satisfied with life structures that have been created if one’s essence, creativity, uniqueness, and independence are not involved. There’s truth to the belief that the more one sleep walks through life, the more challenging the Uranus opposition at mid-life can be. The notorious “crisis” may ensue if one really has chosen life style patterns for the sake of fitting in to consensus reality without any consideration of one’s authenticity and spirit. During the Uranus opposition, tolerance for simply “going on autopilot” may be completely exhausted, and events may transpire to suddenly and rapidly “wake one up” and get motivated to “out” one’s true identity to the world-at-large.

We can see the Uranus oppositions that are occurring to the 1960’s generation now as the slow, almost imperceptible, shifts in consciousness that will really break free in the next decade. In particular, those born in the mid-1960’s have a very interesting Uranus opposition ahead of them in the upcoming years. Those born in the mid-sixties were born under a Saturn opposition to Uranus. It was at this time when the countercultural tendencies became heightened and serious. Saturn opposing Uranus suggests a “facing off” or negotiation between young and old, tradition and progress, established values versus new ideas and ideals. Interestingly, as these mid-1960’s individuals throttle through their Uranus opposition, Uranus and Saturn form an opposition in the sky, aligning over the original Saturn-Uranus axis of the 1960’s.

This double axis of Saturn and Uranus suggests a need to renegotiate structures for this generation as they go through their mid-life transitions. Although the shape-shifting, creative, and “trickster”-like energy of the Uranus opposition always brings in some unpredictable change, with the addition of Saturn in the mixture, the changes will be of a harder quality, impact structures and security patterns directly, and force one to break free from outworn arrangements in one’s life. Saturn and Uranus as an archetypal combination is highly similar to the “Tower” card in tarot. The Tower suggests radical, unpredictable, and sudden reversals and shake ups. Like falling from a tower, the Uranus-Saturn interface suggests leaping into the unknown (or being forced to do so), abandoning a crumbling edifice in one’s life, or being hurled into a radically new life circumstance. As the alignment of 2010 draws near, the mid-sixties generation will be going through significant and important life alterations that “stacks the deck,” so to speak, for the collective transformations of 2010 and beyond.

But what about the later 1960’s—what about that part of the decade that was even more radically countercultural in expression and tone? As the mid-1960’s saw the height of the great tensions between old and new, the final moments of the 1960’s saw the experimentation, new freedoms, and creativity of the generation reach great heights (and in some cases, new lows). To traditionalists and conservatives, 1968 and 1969 were a tarnishing moment in global history, with many commentators claiming that 1968 was the annus horribilis—the “horrible year”—of American history. To those embracing the new freedoms, this brief period was a celebratory triumph of individuality, creativity, and spirit. 1968 and 1969 were marked by a highly significant triple conjunction of the planets Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. With Jupiter coming to conjoin Pluto and Uranus, it released, exalted, celebrated, and exaggerated the radical and creative potentials of the outer planet conjunction that characterized the 1960’s.

Interestingly, this triple conjunction of Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter that occurred in the late 1960’s falls underneath the axis of the upcoming T-square between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. If the mid-sixties babies will need to need to come to terms with the structures and security patterns that they have created thus far in their lives, then these late 1960’s babies will be challenged to take on greater social roles. This period could either coincide with an intense feeling of restlessness with their current roles in their communities or a sudden stepping into a much larger sense of self within their community. Regardless of the case, this certainly will be a dramatic time for these people, and the energy they will be participating within will catalyze major changes in their belief structures and lives.

A Saturn Return Like No Other
The Saturn Return is one of the more notorious generational transits that occurs for everyone around the ages of 28 through 30. The Saturn Return is the great rite of passage that transforms adulthood-as-experimentation into adulthood-as-commitment. If the early twenties is increasingly becoming a time of postponed adolescence where different adult behaviors and roles are taken on, the period of the Saturn Return is the period where greater responsibility and accountability enter into one’s life. Usually through a period of tests and challenges, the Saturn Return makes one acutely aware of the limitations of adult life and the necessity of making informed choices for the sake of structure.

The Saturn Return is often a difficult transition period as it is, but what happens when you add the archetypal energies of Uranus and Pluto to the equation? For those individuals born in 1980 and 1981 (when Saturn was in late Virgo and early Libra) the T-Square of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto will be transiting your Saturn at the time of your Saturn Return. This will be a time of having to negotiating some very powerful energies relative to the meaning of Saturn: personal definition, career ambitions and goals, commitments, one’s accountability for the larger collective, hard work, and acceptance of one’s limitations.

Although the symbolism present during these Saturn Returns is complex, one likely pitfall that could occur with this mini-generation is an over-identification with the Saturn archetype. With Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto all transiting and inflecting Saturn in these individuals, there is the likely tendency of being in the grip or possession of all things Saturnine. That is, there may be a tendency of “over doing” things which are affiliated with Saturn: becoming identified with one’s work, turning cynical or bitter, growing old before one’s time, living life in a routinized or habituated fashion, and closing one’s self off from the environment. It may be true that real circumstances demand a tremendous amount of responsible action from those going through the Saturn Return at this time, however, a wise policy is to not become overly attached or identified with the cold, dark, harsh, embittering facets of life that Saturn symbolizes.

The Awakening of the Indigo Children
A particularly creative, self-determining, and restless bunch of children were born in the last several years of the twentieth century. Known by various metaphysicians, healers, and educators as “Indigo Children” (for their high vibration like the color indigo they purportedly carry in their personality), this generation is supposedly gifted in their intuitive and creative capacities while having a difficult time submitting to traditions and authorities.

Many of these Indigo Children will be coming of age just as the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto T-Square aligns. What is most fascinating about this is that the T-Square alignment will be lining up with the Uranus-Neptune conjunction that these children were born under. The high amounts of creativity, imagination, intuition, and rebelliousness that these children display are certainly attributes of the Uranus-Neptune combination. With the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto T-Square aligning over the Uranus-Neptune conjunction these children were born under, the creativity, sensitivity, and rebelliousness should be activated in all its potential glory. In particular, children born between 1988 and 1992 will be most sensitive and susceptible to the potency of the alignments in and around 2010.

Certainly, this generation will begin to make their mark right at this time and the creativity and rebelliousness these indigo children showed in their early childhood should begin to fully develop. Extraordinary gifts of intuition, insight, and inspired imagination should begin to fully materialize from these children around the 2010 alignment. Specifically, we should witness highly imaginative and brilliant work in music, film, and literature; rebelliousness in traditional academic institutions; a more refined environmental ethic; and gifts in healing, intuition, and religious matters. If we look to the members of the generation born under the last previous Uranus-Neptune conjunction—far back in the 1810’s and 1820’s—we witness luminaries in spirituality, literature, and radical politics: Karl Marx, Mary Baker Eddy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Herman Melville, and Bahá'u'lláh (founder of the Baha’i faith). Members of the generation of the last Uranus-Neptune conjunction should certainly produce contributions as powerful as their predecessors, and the T-Square alignment of 2010 should catalyze their creative and intuitive powers. ... tions.html

T-Cross of Death and Rebirth in 2010

This is probably the most difficult configuration of our time. Not since the Great Depression of the 1930's have Saturn, Uranus and Pluto been configured in such a challenging array. It will almost certainly coincide with a global crisis of previously unimagined proportions, most likely involving ecological upheaval bringing about economic collapse. However, the most skillful way to regard such an eventuality may be to see it as a necessary and inevitable consequence of our current trajectory, and quite possibly as the opportunity for a collective, global psycho-spiritual death-rebirth process, which we as a species must undergo in order that we might fulfill all of the prophesies in a way nobody could have foreseen, and be reborn as one. May we all prepare ourselves to act as midwives to that process. It will take great clarity to hold focus when all about us are in despair.

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Post Re: Coming soon One of the most powerful astrological alignments
Hey L,

Interesting that this was written in 2004; this person has great insight to the modis operandi of these planets.

Cliff notes;

Basically this is a life changing planet configuration that will affect many people. Not only is it a major 1st Saturn return, it will also affect those folks aged 56 to 59 for their 2nd Saturn return. This is the opportunity to "fix" whatever you didn't or did do around your 28 - 30 years of age. My husband's DD dropped everything and headed East from Cali with nothing to start over again. (still made the same mistakes but W/E; bad habits hard to break).

The T-Square is a 90 * angle and a 180* angle (square and opposition). Neither of these angles are kind. These are hard lessons to learn and based on where those planets are in your personal chart, is where you will feel the brunt of their force. Saturn is the teacher, Pluto is the destroyer and rebuilder, Uranus is a wild card of unexpectedness. For example, if Uranus moves through your 5th house, you can expect an unexpected pregnancy as 5th house rules children. It also rules gambling, so an unexpected windfall or loss. Pluto can take everything you hold dear and strip it away to nothing so you need to rebuild again. (i.e. recent floods and tornadoes)

The current economic crisis is another good example of this powerful alignment. It was this way during the depression and we have the same situation. Look how many people have had their lives completed turned upside down with losing their pension plans, homes, jobs etc. Having to start over from scratch in their late 50's early 60's. Their exuberance of their youth gave them rose-colored glasses and they felt like nothing could ever hurt them, but hoot, there it is. We have become a nation of reckless consumerism and we and our future generations are paying the hard price for it.

Our saving grace will be the Indigos, whose brains are somewhat configured differently from their previous generation either due to better nutrition, or tv air waves who knows; they are different. They think differently and extrapolate data differently. Hopefully, they will find the answers; out of the box, putting odd bits of info together and getting the right answers. Still going to be a tough ride, only the strong will survive. Will also put a strain on ethics and morality issues as lately people have none.

Hope this helps,


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Post Re: Coming soon One of the most powerful astrological alignments
PART II (it was too long to post in one reply)

A new beginning will come even if it must be birthed with violence.

As the tropical zodiac’s relations to its own parts remain fixed, it retains its template of twelve 30° signs and its own grand cross between solstice and equinox signs, but the connection to the galactic axis is what makes it a Holy Cross, a Holy Cross whose illuminating light will be completely gone in about 500 years from now. Then the tropical zodiac will have moved so that the vernal axis is further into Aquarius and the galactic axis, the one aligned with the Galactic Centre, will be in Capricorn.

For the last 2000 odd years we have lived in the Pisces Age, because the constellation Pisces was on the tropical point of 0° Aries on 21st March. Yet few of us know that the galactic axis was also in the sign of Sagittarius (to which constellation it also belongs), so that we have been living not just in the age of Pisces but in a Sagittarius/ Pisces age, these are the two constellations and signs ruled traditionally by Jupiter, so we have lived in an Age of Jupiter.

When, in approximately 250 years, the Galactic Centre enters the sign of Capricorn we can say we are living in an age of Capricorn and Aquarius, both the sign Capricorn and the constellation Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, so we will be living in the Age of Saturn. Saturn is remembered as the Father of the Golden Age.

Yet a very good time to mark the transition from the age of Jupiter to the age of Saturn and the birth of the Aquarian Age, would be in the coming years when Uranus, one of Aquarius two rulers, enters and moves through early Aries (first solar fire sign of birth) in 2010 to 2013. It enters the sign Aries against the constellation background of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, while at the same time another major outer power of transformation, Pluto, is in the sign of an earthly birth – Capricorn, conjunct the Galactic Centre in a Holy Cross.

In a thousand years from now the Holy Cross between the solstice/ equinox axis and the galactic axis will be quite over.

The constellation on the left of the chart will be nearing mid- Aquarius and will rise over the horizon as Aries swings his sword at the spring equinox every March 21st

Opposite Aquarius, on the right side of the horizontal axis, in the outer circle will then be mid Leo. Up on the mid-heaven or zenith, Capricorn ruled by Saturn, might be seen to rule the heavens.

We could say that 250 years ago, about the time of Pluto’s last transit over the Galactic Centre and the Lisbon earthquake and Tsunami of 1755, this cross was already in pretty close position and the transformations it would cause had begun. Related to this, earth’s magnetic field has been weakening for approximately this length of time, and recently this seems to be quite a dramatic weakening. This field protects us against damaging rays and debris from outside our system and keeps our climate constant.


We are at the end of a Great Year cycle and the transition coming now will be a major one. It will be for instance a transition from an age ruled by Jupiter (the galactic Sagittarian – vernal Pisces Age) to an age of Capricorn and Aquarius ruled by Saturn.

In the next chart we see the Holy Cross as it formed half a Great Year ago, the Galactic Centre was in reality in the same position but the signs shown on the inner cycle were opposite their positions now, so that the Galactic Centre was placed at the place in the inner circle of the summer solstice, where now it is at the winter solstice. This is extremely important and as I will show in my next book the tropical star signs were calculated by ancient cultures and used to mark the time of “creation” of Eden and all the events in history. That they understood both cycles has not been understood and led to confusion.

Below the arrow points to the right to the area between Leo and Virgo where the constellation of the lion or would have risen. The Egyptians place a sphinx between the two signs and see it as a beginning/end point of a cycle.


Here is an abridged version adapted from O.D. Miller’s chart created in the 19th century that describes the world view of many ancient peoples and the beginning of many ancient calendars, which he could recalculate and explain in his book HAR MOAD or the Mountain of the Assembly (p.372). It shows the date from which they calculated the creation of “Man” in a mountain paradise, which was followed by its loss. I find it amazing that without seemingly any knowledge of the Galactic Centre / anti-centre axis he was able to calculate the time of the last Holy Cross, date of creation/destruction, through the ancient cuneiforms of different cultures that connected it to the winter solstice, as also to Capricorn and Gemini, meaning the time of the alignment of the tropical sign Capricorn with the constellation Gemini.

It is certainly fitting to my own historical research, in which mankind has made great advances at the times of planetary transits through the sign of Gemini that this constellation with its picture of two human children Castor and Pollux, should represent the creation of humans, at least a new kind of humans. In earlier myths this area of Gemini was associated to other humans, not always two brothers but sometimes also a male-female pair like Adam and Eve. So this was the last point of creation on the Great Year wheel as we passed the door of Man, and now we have arrived at the door of god or Gate of the Gods. Certainly something holy must be awaited amidst all the din of material disasters?

I will not comment further on this chart, the two outer circles can be viewed complete in HAR MOAD, but the innermost one shows the signs and the next one out the constellations 12,500 years ago. I will look at it more deeply in an article on the Heavenly Clock.

The Chronicles of Akakor have retained an exact record telling of the arrival of the Gods over the eastern horizon in golden space ships, whose symbol was the rising sun and who came from an area in the heavens one can translate as Sword. Their arrival was like the arrival of spring bringing light to an ape-like humanity living in dark caves and primitive conditions. The gods looked like dark-haired humans but had six fingers. They became their masters, helped civilize them and crossed with them, which is supposedly why their tribe remained pale-skinned, they were the “Chosen People”.

This information makes me wonder if the interbreeding carried out in Meso- America was also carried in another area, if the seed of the gods would die in one area it might surive in the other. For the Hebrews also see themselves as the Chosen People and set their creation date according to Miller’s research at the date c. 10,468 BC or 12,500 BP.

The gods built them a fortress called Akakor with underground tunnels, taught them to keep records and warned them of the coming of a disaster that would be caused by the cyclic passing of their planet close to ours, the date of a truly terrible disaster in 10,468 BC in which two large continents to each side of Meso/ South America sank suddenly[i]. At the same time the Andes range was thrown up in Peru so that people froze and the Amazon ceased to flow to the west coast as it had done before. Climate changed completely with great thick forests growing up and the Sun was changed too.

If these aliens had not crossed with them and given them these abilities and a place to shelter they would probably not have survived the last two catastrophes. They have gone underground now.

There are a number of studies suggesting that something really happened at this time, such as evidence that a culture at Teotihuacan came to “a sudden and tumultuous end”.[ii] Its ruins with huge pyramidal temples are found 30 miles from Mexico City and its name means place of the Gods and is still called “City of the Gods”

And in the graph above an abrupt change in temperature is noted

Not just in Greenland either but also in Antarctica, so at both poles.[i]

[i] According to an article in Science Daily (Oct. 2, 1998) James White a paleo-climatologist from Colorado University noted changes in stable isotope ratios from the ice core in Antarctica, which are almost identical to changes seen in cores from Greenland's GISP 2 core from the same period.

"The ice cores from opposite ends of the earth can be accurately cross-dated using the large, rapid climate changes in the methane concentrations from the atmosphere that accompanied the warming," White said.

The evidence from the greenhouse gas bubbles indicates temperatures rose some 12,500 years ago about 20 degrees Fahrenheit in a 50-year period in Antarctica, much of it in several major leaps lasting less than a decade. ... 082033.htm

At the end of this 1,300 year ice age other records tell that another terrible event occurred, as it is not mentioned in the Chronicles of Akakor and for other reasons, I am certain that it occurred in Indonesia, that at that time was a great centre of learning. Its volcanic collapse caused enormous flooding.

So what about the Holy Cross in the coming Years ? What will the T square of Uranus add to the difficulties of the time of transition?

The Krakatau eruption back in 1883, before the cross was perfected, shows what a Uranus T square

may do.KRAKATAUERUPTSholycross.jpg

Uranus was not yet on the Fall Equinox but it was square the G.C. at 25° Sagittarius, with Mercury the The presence of Mars and the Moon at the Summer Solstice completes a T square close to the galactic axis and solstice-equinox axis.KRAKATAUERUPTS2holycross.jpg


The volcano Krakatau, date and time of eruption, 26th August 1883. One can see the T square between the galactic axis and solstice axis on which Moon, Mars and the GC are placed squared by Uranus and Mercury. This is similar to a number of other charts of disasters which are shown in my article "The Cause of Disaster".

In all cases of disasters the galactic axis and solstice equinox axes are significantly involved. As the Galactic Centre is now tropically placed at 27^Sagittarius in June 2010 the alignment of solstice-equinox cross to galactic axis is almost complete. All it requires are a number of heavenly bodies placed on these axes to set off the worst disasters.

June 2010

June 2010 may mark the beginning of a very active three year period in which consciousness will change at a sometimes exciting and sometimes terrifying rate, there will be great advances, which will be necessary to keep track of and understand all that is happening and there will be terrifying moments. It will be a time in which there are increasing disasters caused by temperature extremes and by volcanic eruptions and wars.


The whole three week period from the 8th June 2010 to the end of the month puts the Earth under a great strain. Significant is the involvement of the two giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, they were conjunct the Galactic Centre when the largest ever earthquake occurred in Chile on 22nd May 1960.

Einstein is supposed to have suggested back in the 1950s that if the rock beneath the polar ice should soften this could allow a very strong gravitational event to affect the poles[1]. Anyway in 1993 scientists noted that what he had foreseen had occurred, the rock had turned to a toothpaste consistency. I mention this because Einstein pointed to a date in the then far future[2].

He thought the alignment of a number of bodies in the sign of Taurus ( 5th May 2000) might add that extra gravitational tug to cause that gravitational event - a pole shift.

Yet nothing apparently happened. One of the reasons it did not have the strong effect expected is that this aspect did not involve the galactic axis and was not on the Holy Cross.The effect of the Galactic Centre’s gravitational tug given at the same time, and considering that each planet has a different kind of effect, could be like a kind of tug of war to in some way shift the poles. In fact the idea reminds me rather of the famous Indian myth of the churning of the ocean of milk, which I believe was a description of what happened during the last polar shift and Holy Cross 12,500 years ago when Mount Meru (sometimes Mandara) was used to churn but needed to be supported as it was beginning to sink.

The effect of both giant planets aspecting the Galactic Centre on the Holy Cross, with Jupiter conjunct Uranus at the spring equinox, who I associate with sudden changes and disasters, could fire some shift. Jupiter is 318 times as massive as the Earth, it is large enough to affect the barycentre of the Sun and is most likely the main cause of Sun Spot cycles in its somewhat over 11 year revolution, the Sun itself is actually revolving around this slightly off-center point caused by Jupiter.

As both Jupiter and Saturn are involved in June 2010 squaring the Sun and the Galactic Centre this could also trigger an unusual response on the part of the Sun, perhaps a flare. The Sun is of course also ruled in its cycles most of all by the Galactic Centre. The Sun, sacrificial bull of the Galactic Mother, is anyway nearing its likely strongest sunspot period around 2011 to 12. Each solar cycle lasts an average of 11.1 years, with sunspots switching magnetic polarity at the beginning of each new cycle.

Some fear this perhaps strongest ever sun-spot peak[3] could cause the Earth’s magnetic pole, which has been weakening for many years as if in preparation, to suddenly switch at this time also.

Each solar switch is connected to sunspots and on Earth the sunspot periods are associated with increased volcanic activity, which point has also been researched by Will Hart ( ... ycles.html ). The switching of magnetic poles of the Sun and Earth may be associated with both enormous solar flares andon Earth a massive volcanic eruption, both triggered by the Galactic Hera and her helpmate and King, Jupiter[4].

This enormous volcanic explosion may be unavoidable anyway. Tom J. Chalks Msc., PhD. Head of a geophysics research team states that there have been 5x as many earthquakes all over the world in recent years and that they are connected to an overheating leading to the danger that Earth could explode as a result of global warming. The heat it receives is stored inside. The Earth is a nuclear reactor and he sees us nearing a “nuclear meltdown”. There is evidence that a similar explosion may have occurred as a result of overheating half a Great Year ago.

There is evidence attained independently that during the Younger Dryas around 12,400 years ago some kind of nuclear explosion occurred: “EVIDENCE OF A NUCLEAR CATASTROPHE IN PALEOINDIAN TIMES”. They investigated a cluster of sites in the north-central area of North America: Michigan, Illinois and Indiana. The nearly vertical direction of the tracks left by particle impacts at most sites suggests they came from a distant source[5]. I believe that source was an enormous sunken volcano in Indonesia remembered in the Greek myth of Phaethon[6], that its explosion was so large it sent a huge piece of the volcano up into the stratosphere, from where it descended like pieces of a meteor over this area of North America

A theory that about 12,900 a comet over North America made by Richard Firestone and Allen West has supposedly been disproved.

Modern man seems to have done relatively little study of the volcanic beasts that our ancestors lived with and that most likely killed the dinosaurs as well.[7]

It seems to have been known that there was a cyclicity to volcanic eruptions, that they occurred once every c. 13,000 years or every 26,000 years, and even that a particular volcano erupted regularly at the End of every Great Year cycle. Volcanoes were the great creator destroyer gods, or their embodiments, or dwellings on Earth. This is supported by many myths about the fiery eye of Shiva, the fiery eyes of Jesus, of gods with tongues like swords of flame come to purify the world for a new beginning and secret signs employed by those in the know, like the upward pointing index finger of the right hand shown in paintings by Leonardo, even in the Last Supper, that signified fire. The idea of a purification coming through fire was also given by the Cross of Hendaye, which places, like the cross of Jesus crucifixion, INRI at its peak. As the eye itself represents fire the symbol on the American dollar note of the pyramid with an eye at the top can be taken as a symbol for a volcano. To alchemists INRI would be understood as through fire all things are made new. The Aztec priest-prophets who wrote the Pyramid of Fire, brought out by John Major Jenkins, also saw a great fire of purification coming.

This idea grows in plausibility the more myths one reads and according to sulfur levels associated with volcanoes there are rather regular peaks that may relate to the 25,000 to 26,000 Great Year cycle.

For instance the eruption of Toba has been recently pushed back in time from early estimates of 71,000 B.P. to now nearer 75,000 BP. You may want to read Mystery of the Megavolcano on this. which is 3 x 25,000 years. If the Akakor catastrophe was really at 10,468 BC or c. 12, 500 B.P., which I see no reason to doubt, and there is a lot of evidence now in its support, then 25,000 years for at least this Great Year may be a more exact estimate.

The first peak going back in time began between 25,000 and 26,000 years ago and then a larger peak is marked 27- 28,000 years ago. The next on the graph occurs about 52,000 years ago (52,000 is 2x 26,000 years). At least in part this came from an eruption Iceland. ... a major eruption of Torfajökull in Iceland occurred about 52000 years ago (Grönvold et al., 1995).

References and further reading may be available for this article. To view references and further reading you must purchase this article.

Michael R. Rampino states that super-eruptions are estimated to occur on average about every 50,000 years, which is about twice the frequency of impacts by comets and asteroids ≥1 km diameter predicted to cause similar climatic effects[iii].


Here is a graph of the approximate volcanic peaks based on sulfur deposits in ice[9].

The last volcanic eruption in the map, marked at 75,000 B.P., was caused at least in large part by Toba. However evidence is pointing to a volcano beneath the waters told of in ancient texts and in Revelation, of which we have no idea at present, yet Revelation suggests its position as do other texts. I believe this volcano may be the true culprit.[iv]

It is a volcanic eruption that awaits us, the son-sun of the Galactic Goddess, will arise out of the womb of the Mother Earth. When Jupiter got fed up with mankind the last time and decided to wipe the slate clean he thought of using the Cyclops, the one-eyed workers in the volcano and helpers of Vulcan/Hephaestus, but then he remembered that, no, he was going to need them for the next great catastrophe so he sent the Flood.

It is interesting that in Biblical texts, which O.D. Miller’s work suggests reaches back in its understanding some 12,500 years, there are many signs of the coming volcano for those versed in the ancient texts. The return of the bridegroom[10] is awaited at the end of the age, and the beginning of the Son of Man and the bridegroom was a common description of the midnight Sun, for the Sun begins its return at midnight (same as winter solstice) and in the same way the man came for the woman in Hebrew texts at midnight when they married. He was considered the thief who stole the bride’s virginity. Then we are also told of Apollyon in Revelation, the under-earth manifestation of Apollo the Sun God, who has the keys to the abyss to let out the beast, and we can compare him to the Babylonian Sun God Shamash, whose travel beneath the Earth was known to also cause volcanic eruptions. As to the stealing of virginity and the idea of the end coming “like a thief in the night” the Cyclops themselves were considered thieving sons of Hephaestus, the volcano god.

Because Jupiter and Uranus move into tropical Aries in 2010, there may be a sudden rush of upward surging energy that makes people feel alive and positive about fighting for something, like starting a revolution, it is birthing energy. Think of how the song bursts from the throats of birds in spring and how the cherry blossom transforms the world. Spiritually inclined people may feel the kundalini serpent awakening inside them, others may find to God. However the grand cross involving Saturn and Capricorn will make the way difficult and uncertain, it may seem more like a reign of terror. In retrospect we may see that this time began a bloodbath. For the energy will be tightly bound and attempts will be made to prevent it breaking its bonds in an uncontrolled manner, conflicts will arise between East and West and the kundalini snake swiping her tail to and fro in galactic storms will cause great damage. This same upsurging of snake energy will be felt by the volcanoes too.They will know that their time has come to free themselves. This is what will lead to the birthing of a new Heaven and a new Earth told of at the end of the Biblical Revelation.



The Spring of 2010 will see increasing T squares and grand crosses involving the Galactic axis solstice axis and the vernal axis. Here is one example that might cause an earthquake on May 16th 2010

I will show a few charts for some of the three week period in June that I see as so crucial. They all involve the grand cross between Pluto and the GC at the winter solstice, Jupiter and Uranus entering tropical Aries at the spring equinox , the Sun near the summer solstice and Saturn at the autumn equinox. This begins about the 8th June.

Depending on where the Moon is placed and the ascendant and midheaven axies are at different times of day, a number of possible local disasters could be visualized, though the worst lurking in the curtains, and in the long term the best, I see as the coming raising of land through earthquake and volcanic activity, possibly a volcanic explosion, all of which could be involved in causing large tsunamis.

2010 is by no means the worst of what is coming, October 2011 looks a lot more dramatic for volcanic eruptions, and 2013, when Jupiter in Cancer forms an opposition to the GC from the summer solstice, could add a great tsunami. Still 2010, as Uranus with Jupiter enters the fire sign Aries in this grand Holy Cross should set off the volcanoes, of which there will be signs probably already in the spring when the Sun moves through Aries.

Charts for the three week period in June 2010

8th June 2010

The evening of the 8th June shows bows and arrows[11] pointing at Neptune and then at Saturn suggesting a possible earthquake. On the 8th June the Sun is just beginning to oppose the Galactic Centre creating that grand cross on the Holy Cross.


Jumping of course a large number of bad aspects, one sees again on the 24th June the grand cross on the angles of the tropical solstices and equinoxes.

26th June 2010

Most important of all perhaps in the years 2010 to 11 is that the nodes of the Moon are also aligned on the galactic axis. As the nodes align also with the Sun in June it may be that the Sun is involved in some negative way.

Most interesting of all, and in some ways comparable to the 26th December 2004 as the Full Moon was also opposite the Sun etc, we see the Full Moon on 26th June involved in the grand Holy Cross. 2010june264am.jpg2010june264am.jpg


The 26th June could be the most difficult of the month, as the Full Moon joins the Holy Cross, also the line up is now more in the cardinal signs of new beginnings to start building that new Heaven and new Earth. Here I show the line up in different ways with different programs and at different times.

The figures left and right show different versions or perspectives on 26th June 2010

NASA’s solar system simulation shows also on 26th June 2010 the alignment between Uranus, Jupiter, Sun and Saturn.

2010 to 2013 may not be the only years in which the transition to the new Great Year makes itself noticeable, in fact the whole period of transition may last just over a thousand years as the Bible tells, after which time the (volcanic) beast that was released will then be chained up again and returned to its hellish pit. This was probably true half a Great Year ago as well.

In 250 years Pluto will again be conjunct the GC and the GC will be just into Capricorn, but the aspects occurring in the next years are not repeated in the same way with this square to Uranus at the spring equinox in Aries the sign of new beginnings. In the last few hundred years and especially the last seven years the Sun conjunct square or oppose the Galactic centre and it axis have produced the largest and most deadly disasters: just consider these last few years: the largest earthquake of 2005 occurred on 28th March as the Sun squared the Galactic axis, the deadliest earthquake of 2004 occurred on 26th December as the Sun was conjunct the Galactic Centre and galactic axis. The M 8.3 in Japan on 25th September 2003 was the largest of the year, as the Sun squared the GC and the deadliest came on 26th December 2003 in Bam Iran with somewhere between 33 and 43,000 deaths. The deadliest earthquake in 2002 was in Afghanistan on the 25th March (Sun square galactic axis), and the largest in 2001 occurred in Peru on 23rd June (Sun opposite GC and Nodes of Moon on the galactic axis, as will be the case in June 2010.

This would probably be no surprise to an Aztec or Mayan Priest versed in the ancient knowledge, or even his own language for both names for this age Olin and Caban in Mayan suggest that the end of the age will involve earthquakes.

Understanding Yin and Yang, I would suggest that the major disasters of the last half of the Great Year would have been caused by the collapse of land, and that the disasters of the near future may be caused by the raising of the Earth again. Half a Great Year ago Atlas failed, could no longer hold Atlantis up, and we sank into a sinful valley of forgetful Yin, great cultures were swallowed by the seas. That is what the priests of the volcanic jaguar- the Chilam Balam - recorded when they predicted:

"These valleys of the earth shall come to an end.“

Pay heed to the truth which I present to you in the Katun of dishonour…

I speak to you! I Chilam Balam, the prophet of the Jaguar!

But this is a subject for another article.

All these legendary gods, demi-gods and sons of gods, whose fathers were heavenly and whose mothers were earthly, were volcanoes and in a Great Battle of heated conflagration the Golden Age came to its fiery end, the gods and giants and all the good spirits left us. Some of them may have left in their space ships but the rest just sank back down into the pot. Most of the great gods of our past sleep now beneath the seas (like Osiris) are “extinct” or rather till now inactive volcanoes.

As I show in my book it is largely the influence of the spring Mars ruled sign Aries (March 21st to April 21st) that awakens the sleeping giants. This is where Uranus will be from 2010 to 2018. It is no accident that the largest volcano in the solar system, called Olympus Mons, is found on Mars. The last greatest eruption of Tambora in Indonesia occurred as both Sun and Moon aspected the Galactic centre from the sign of Aries. Mars was on the galactic axis by Krakatau’s eruption. Etc.

After the great earthquake with hail occurs at the end of Revelation 16 we are told in Revelation 17, in language which only those very attentive may understand, the very height and worst of what the Apocalyptic disasters of the End Time will bring and also where. The Bible and tells us quite clearly what is going to happen, here a small clue:

17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth 17:10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

Do we have heads the size of mountains that we must egotistically identify with these kings- this is a league above us, and the most exciting of the seven is number eight and of him I write in my coming book “Meru”


[1] It also makes me wonder if our inclination to a pole star really does occur in a gradual cycle or if it does not sometimes occur quite suddenly .

[2] Book by Peter Noone, 5/5/2000: Ice The Ultimate Disaster
[3][3] The Sun Is Freaking Out and Now More Cosmic Dust by Paul Winter is an interesting conglomeration of information in an internet article about the sun, volcanoes and the coming ice age.

[4] Both Jupiter and Juno/ Hera ruled Mount Olympus and Jupiter is long the ruler of Sagittarius, sign of the King and Lord. Yet that he was married to a quite weighty and influential goddess has tended to be downplayed until recently when we rediscovered the power behind his throne at the Galactic Centre

[5] the author also tells of some already very surprisingly strong activity on March 27, 2008, showing huge eruptions with M-class radiation at about the equatorial region of the Sun, which eruptions suggests a barycenter of disturbance from an object even more massive than Jupiter, and the author even goes so far as to postulate that this might be the beginning of the Galaxy's effects on our Sun.

[6] This needs explanation, which I give in my book “Meru”

[7]„Volcanic Eruptions, Not Meteor, May Have Killed The Dinosaurs”.
New discovery validates theories in Not by Fire but by Ice 30 Oct 07 - "A series of monumental volcanic eruptions in India may have killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, not a meteor impact in the Gulf of Mexico. The eruptions, which created the gigantic Deccan Traps lava beds of India, are now the prime suspect in the most famous and persistent paleontological murder mystery, say scientists who have conducted a slew of new investigations honing down eruption timing.

[8] Here is one recent article The MYSTERY OF THE MEGAVOLCANO which gives the date 75,000 BP for the megavolcanic disaster that caused in all likelihood an ice age. ... avolc.html

[9] The adapted graph of the three peaks, correlating approximately to the end of each Great Year, are at at Stories in Ice by Peter Tyson NOVA Online Producer. modified from:
Zielinski, G.A., P.A. Mayewski, L.D. Meeker, S. Whitlow, and M. Twickler, 1996a, A 110,000-year record of explosive volcanism from the GISP2 (Greenland) ice core, Quaternary Research, 45, 109-118.

[10] Additionally we told not just of the Bridegroom’s return but also in Revelation of the rise of Apollyon out of the Abyss, this too is the underworld aspect of the Sun when he is below the earth and begins to rise. The Babylonians called the Apollo sun god Shamash and gave him a Saturnian underworld aspect in which his passage beneath the Earth caused volcanic eruptions.

[11] Bows and arrows are aspects I have named since discovering the Galactic Centre and the role of these aspects in the tsunami of 2004 and other disasters. For they focus the energy of the planets involved on the area where the arrow points. When Saturn or his sign are pointed toward then his earthy element will also likely be involved.


The Ugha Mongulala[ii] recorded that Peru was thrown up from sea level so high that people froze in the icy temperatures of the Andes. This is what to all likelihood created the Titicaca sea, the highest saltwater lake with docking attachments fitting to 12,500 years ago it was thrown 12,500 feet up (0ver 3,800 m.) above sea level as well as the remains of saltwater creatures. T is the highest, or at least one of the highest commercially navigable lakes in the world. Great stones and walls were created yet the means of their transport or working is still a mystery. There are legends of the people who once lived there in the golden city of legend now below water and of its return in the near future as the light returns.

[ii] ... pic=128631 - 137k

[iii] ... 31e55badba


[1] Saraswati ‘s saving waters were represented by a very large river that once passed through India. She has dried out and/or gone underground in the last few thousand years.

[2] Hel was the underworld was named after the grim goddess sister of Loki who was thrown into it.

[3] Angels were associated with fire and similar to cherubs or seraphim whose holy fire surrounds the throne, these angels are filled with eyes, which are again symbols of the solar fire and the volcano power. In some creation myths it is the volcano god that creates or births the Sun in heaven.

[4] Originally the idea of God was a three in one, a male part, a female part and a connecting part or energy, so Ja-Hova expressed- the male-female. At different times in his or her story one has outweighed the other but just like Shiiva-Shakti or Yin-Yang they can never be separated but are connected with the holy spirit of Ki, Ku, Qi, Chi, ether and the Galactic Centre is at the root of all these notions gods and goddesses.

[5] In this chart I have reversed the positions of the four fixed constellations, usually Taurus would by placed below, I explain this in an article on the Heavenly Clock.

[6] For more information on the Holy Cross visit Nick Fiorenza’s site and scroll down the page:

[7] These prophetic texts are dealt with in detail in my coming book “MERU”.

[8] The proof of this is shown in other articles on Yin and Yang, and books.

[9] This I will detail in an article on Yin and Yang and the Great Year Cycle.

[10] See also Crucifying The Earth On the Galactic Cross by Sergey Smelyakov, Jan Wicherink ... nment.html

[11] In 2010 the Galactic Centre is tropically placed in 27° Sagittarius

[12] A number of graphs show the increasing earthquake and volcanic activity in the last half a century: such as the one given here:, and Will Hart has specialized in understanding the cycles in connection to the Sun.

[13] The disasters involving the Holy Cross are analyzed more deeply in my book “THE GALACTIC CENTRE and the Great Waves Coming in December” The Krakatau eruption was triggered by a T square of bodies on the Holy Cross with Uranus involved. The same was the case by the All Saints Day Lisbon earthquake and tsunami.

[14] See Fiorenza’s discussion of the difference between sidereal and tropical at If you visit Nick Fiorenza’s site you can see at that the vernal axis moves in relation to the fixed galactic axis. 2,160 years ago, as the Pisces Age began, it was 30° away from the exact cross to the galactic axis, 720 years ago it was only 10° away from the Holy Cross aspect

[15] Such divisions of the Great Year into two sections lasting 12-13,000 years each were recognized by the Greeks, the Mazdaists or Zorathrastrians and the Chinese among others.

[16] The Holy Cross involves 5° of all these constellations, or could also be said to be at the junction to the four fixed signs Scorpio, Aquarius; Taurus and Leo, a position long known to be dangerous to the ancients but meaning little to us now.

[17] The volcano is the son of the god of heaven (fire- the sun) and the (goddess of) earth. In Chinese understanding December, the time of year of our solstice, is associated with K’un who is the female energy of Yin and represented at this time by the earth element. The solstice is for them more exactly the time of Fu – the Return, which is the return of the Yang power – the solar fire, so she gives birth to a son through the earth but of fire – a volcano.

[18] O. D. Miller’s study of ancient cuneiform texts in HAR MOAD and the Mount of the Assembly, originally published in the 1870s was most likely not understood at the time but can now be proved to be correct, as I show in my article on The Heavenly Clock.

[19] In a correct symbological understanding we would have to place the Galactic Centre below as the Chinese do in their understanding of the cycle in which K’un Sagittarius is at the bottom and represents Yin and also the point from which Yang is reborn, but this complicated reversal of the astrological picture cannot be undertaken here, nor the reason for the shift in our world picture, suffice it to say it was connected to what occurred at the last Holy Cross 12,500 years ago.

[i] As to men’s loss of wisdom, in the greed or need for more mineral deposits from the Arctic there are apparently spine-tingling reports about deeds done to speed up the melting of the arctic sea, despite the warnings of all the terrible things this may lead to.

[ii] Angels refer usually to bright stars, or their constellations, like the four fixed star-markers of the zodiac in the constellations Taurus (Aldebaran), Leo (Regulus), Scorpio (Antares) and Aquarius (Formalhaut). These constellations were the royal ones, whose parts were mixed to create mythical creatures with wings, bull bodies, and human or lion faces, like the Cherubim and Seraphim who were closest to the throne of God. These four represented the four elements, fire, earth, air and water and were considered the markers of the four corners of the earth. They were additionally associated with the four prophetic support scribe of the evangelic gospels, of whom John the Divine was one.

[iii]Eleazar, Uraltes Chymisches Werk, Leipzig, 1760.


The graph is adjusted from a graph taken from an article by Peter Tyson. The eruption of Toba I have shifted to 75,000 BP as some date it and the Iceland eruptions I have adjusted to 52,000 BP as there is evidence that more than one volcano may have erupted there at this earlier time[iii], this spike looks worse than Toba, but this is explained as being caused by the proximity of the Iceland eruptions to the Greenland ice core where the samples were taken. The dark blue lines mark the period 25-26,000 year periods. There is a lesser group of peaks about one Great Year ago.

[iv] This can only be explained in a coming article: Yin and Yang and the Great Year cycle .

[v] I believe this connection was made in Hamlet’s Mill and mentioned in Fingerprints of the Gods.

[vi] Tiamat was the sea monster (also salt water) who gave birth with her partner Apsu (fresh water) a milliard other monstrous life forms that lived in her oceanic body, before she was killed by the Babylonian hero, usually called Marduk, and divided into two portions, as the zodiac is divided along the vernal line into a part ruled by the solar god above the horizon and in the summer months and a kind of original chaos to which we return in the night at winter…


Whew !!! Leo

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Post Re: Coming soon One of the most powerful astrological alignments
Here's some more GREAT info on this powerful alignment, (L, I didn't know how to open the pictures, can you help?) This is a LONG read, grab a POT of coffee (and the seat of your pants)... Note this was written in March of 2009.... Part II follows in next reply...

By Susan Seymour Hedke
12th March 2009

Watch the sky, watch it often: you will find signs there and when you see a grand sign (the Cross in the sky) the moment will be grave and anxious. Pray...Because I will come to the entire word in triumph with a great light..." Virgin at San Damiano (Mama Rosa) 13th May 1967

The Great Year is a cycle lasting between 25,000 and 26,000 years, punctuated by four major markers of transformation. These four markers make up the Holy Cross. This grand cross in the sky has only just begun to be activated. It is extremely likely that 2010 to 2013 will show intense earth changes. The Holy Cross is a recurring galactic event known of and recorded by some of our ancestors.

A great many myths and sacred texts give accounts of the worst disasters of the past and even the reason for them, especially the last one, which was a Great Flood. They also recognized the nature of future disasters, because they were able to read the signs in the heavens, yet they expressed this understanding in a language we can no longer interpret. They told us also of the worst catastrophe which comes at the end of a Great Year cycle, where we are now.

Once Shiva the destroyer opened his third eye. He saw the world sinking in corruption and decided to wipe the slate clean. The goddess Saraswati[1] saved humanity by carrying his fire to the bottom of the sea. Another version, with a more predictive element, tells that Shiva banished Kama to the bottom of the sea, imprisoning him inside the skull of a mare. He would remain there until all wisdom is abandoned by men[i] Then he will be freed to rise as Badavagni, a fire-breathing mare: the beast of doom.

In Greek myth, Prometheus would remain bound by Zeus to a volcanic mountain until the End of this Age and then be freed.

In Biblical stories the beast Satan would remain imprisoned by God in a hell of fire and brimstone, until he breaks free at the end of this age for a thousand years.

In Norse myth it is predicted that the earthquake God Loki and his son the giant wolf Fenrir-Sulfur would break their chains in Hel2] at the End Time of Ragnarok. Fenrir will open his fiery mouth. He and the other giants will bring the destruction of the world.

We have forgotten these volcanic gods, beasts and giants of yor and the language our ancestors used to communicate to future generations.

Gladly, we remember stories of the return of gods, saviours and the good, we are longing for the return of Jesus, Quetzalcoatl, or Osiris from the Underworld, but we do not understand that their return will cause great disasters.


Figure 1 shows how the heavenly bodies will weight the Holy Cross
in June 2010.
(adapted from a chart created by Bruno Huber, astrologer, in 1980)

A dangerous time is approaching us on Earth in the three years from 2010 to 2013.

We near the end of the Great Year cycle as the Galactic Centre on the Galactic axis of the Milky Way aligns with our solar winter solstice and its solstice-equinox cross, while additionally in June 2010 a grand cross of heavenly bodies around our planet settles onto this cross. The cross involves the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn.

For those who do not believe in astrological charts, below is a solar simulation chart made by NASA with the direction to the Galactic Centre and a faint cross marked in by me. It shows the date June 26th 2010.


In the solar system simulation created above we see Uranus above the Sun and closer to the Sun, but also on the same line, Jupiter. On the opposite side, below, we see Saturn. Pluto is on the horizontal line aligned with the Galactic Centre. From the Earth out the Sun appears as part of this cross.

Well of course, one might say, such grand crosses occur every now and again, they may be difficult but do not imply the end of the world! That is true, and I do not mean to imply that the world will end, but for a while it may seem pretty close!
This grand cross of heavenly bodies forms on the angles that mark the four fixed directions. This was known by ancient peoples to signify an apocalyptic period. This Holy Cross is what John the Divine saw as the Apocalypse begins: “I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth...“ Revelation[ii] 7:1.

These were the four angels[3] ruling the four fixed signs of the zodiac, who at the same time were thought to mark the four directions on earth. John is then taken up into the heavens and sees these four around the throne of God. “And the first beast was like a lion, and the second like a calf, and the third beast had a face like a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle” and they did not rest from saying “Holy, holy, holy, LORD God[4] Almighty”. It was known that the Holy Cross between these four constellations, as the main spokes of a great wheel, signalled the End Time catastrophe at the beginning of the Age of Man.


The four fixed directions of the Holy Cross: Scorpio as eagle, Taurus the Bull, Aquarius the Man and Leo the lion, inspired by the Book of Kells. We are entering the Age of Aquarius or the Age of the Son of Man, which Jesus warned and his four gospel writers tell, will begin with a volcanic apocalypse. The galactic axis is unmoving, but when the vernal axis precesses into the constellation Aquarius or Leo a Holy Cross is formed[5].

My research suggests that this Holy Cross[6] will set off a mega-volcanic eruption. Very likely these eruptions occur at the end of every Great Year to purify the world before a new beginning. This eruption is also the clear message of prophetic texts and of John’s Revelation, which additionally tells us where it will occur.[7]

The Holy Cross is created four times in one Great Year about every 6000 to 6,500 years. when the Galactic axis aligns with one of these four fixed spokes. But the two times when the Galactic Axis aligns with the Solstice axis are the most transformative.

The last conjunction of the Galactic Axis with the Solstice Axis formed most intensively from 12,400 B.P. to 12,900 B.P. and the other one is occurring right now.

We could also imagine the Great Year cycle as two huge dragon-like beasts, forming a kind of Yin-Yang circle. When the head of the one beast eats the tail of the other we have the catastrophic end of half a Great Year that feeds the beginning of the next half.

Sometimes the Ouroborus self- eating serpent or dragon–which I have associated elsewhere with the Milky Way Galaxy and the Great Year cycle - is given two heads, showing the two points of transition in the Great Year cycle.[iii] The tree, likely here a symbol for the Milky Way, and/ or the galactic axis, forms the unchanging fixed element creating the Holy Cross.

The Holy Cross that occurred 12,400 to 12,900 years ago caused the demise of the mammoths and 57 other large mammal species, this disastrous die-off period affected the whole world.

At that time there was also climatic instability leading at some point to a very sudden and unexpected event, an event which appears to have freeze-frozen mammoths while they were chewing on summer flowers.

This event was the sudden onset of a 1,300 year ice age known as the Younger Dryas, this was so significant it stands as a watershed between the end of the Pleistocene period and the new Holocene Age which we have been living in since.

Half a Great Year later we are at the end of the Holocene. Our present climate instability will increase and could cause something very similar to what was expressed in the film “The Day after Tomorrow”. Yet a part of what will occur is missing - and that is the volcanic part.

According to ancient texts and some scholars of cuneiform script, like the Rev. O. D. Miller, many calendars are aligned to begin at the date 12,500 BP, including the Phoenician and the Hebrew: the date of 12,500 BP marked the end of what is remembered as the Golden Age and was also a Creation date.

Each Creation date is precedeed by a catastrophe in which much of the earth's population is destroyed, and seemingly often this has involved volcanoes, who are the destroyer-creator gods per se.

There have been many great disasters and floods in our past that we have forgotten , but the next worst catastrophe after the 12,500 BP disaster occurred between 4,500 and 4000 BC (6,500-6000 BP). this was when that Great Flood occurred, told of in the epic of Gilgamesh, the Chronicles of Akakor and remembered in Egyptian texts. This further sank and destroyed what had begun to be lost around 12,500 BP.

Now the Holy Cross occurring again marks a reversal, for the cross is like a wheel. We have been as if tied to this wheel, since the Fall began we have been plummeting down in the descending half of the Great Year cycle. Now what sank will begin to rise, the souls that fell will rise, the return of what was lost is very close[8]

This is a very positive sign, the beginning of an ascent to a new Golden Age, the birth of a new spirit, a refreshing of the kundalini energy, all this we can expect: a long awaited covenant will be fulfilled. Yet the new Heaven and Earth will not be born easily.

Some may consider the present Holy Cross to be over, because it was said by some to have been exact back in 1999. A lot has happened since then and we are very busy people! Many years have passed. But the Cross is still there and lasts a lot longer than a few years. At some point in the most unstable 500 year period of its existence, it must lead to a sudden “reversal”. [9]This could occur when the additional weight of passing heavenly bodies are placed upon it. That is the case in the years 2010 to 2013.

The Cross of Hendaye[10] in the South of France is a monument supposed to warn of the End Time disasters caused by this great Holy Cross in the heavens. It was analyzed by a mysterious philosopher and astro-alchemist remembered as Fulcanelli, and it was written about by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges. The Mayan Prophecy of a supposed disastrous end to our age, perhaps at the time of the winter solstice on December 21st 2012, fits within that time scheme too.

I myself am not certain if there will be a pole shift at this time, certainly the magnetic pole is moving fatser and faster in the last years, but a mega-volcanic disaster in the years 2010 to 2013 could be the main trigger and I find daily increasing evidence to suggest that a major shift may occur. I hope that we may still have a little more time but I fear that things may move very fast when the last few grains are added to tip the scales.

What makes the winter solstice a likely date for a sudden disaster in one of the coming years, and perhaps in 2012, is the transit of the Sun and its accompanying bodies over the most important arm of the Holy Cross, when it aligns with the Galactic Centre and Pluto there each December. The plot thickens in the next years as increasingly these square Uranus on the spring equinox arm of the Holy Cross, and in June 2010 all arms of the Holy Cross are involved, as we will see.

Since 2001, when Pluto neared conjunction to the GC[11], there have been powerful earthquakes, faster melting of ice at the poles caused by heavenly factors and volcanic heating from below, and changes in the ocean salinity and temperature have resulted. Human activity is also part of this cycle as also the increasing sun-spot activity which, it is thought, will reach an all-time peak in the years 2011-12. Before all activity may suddenly stop. Yet all of these cycles within cycles are wheels in the clock-chariot of Time driven by the Great Year Goddess, who is racing her horses to the end line.

End Time prophecies given by the Bible, and most of our other deeply-rooted cultures all over the world, are going into fulfillment. Some ancient peoples have already retreated below the Earth to their safe places built for the days ahead.

Even without all these prophecies coming together, that are in some cases thousands of years old, it is quite unprecedented that there should be so many earthquakes since 2001, of such magnitude and repeatedly occurring over a span of what is now seven years, without a break.

The race is on because the labor pains of the Galactic Goddess ,told of in Revelation by the Scorpio prophet John, have begun:

A great sign was seen in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun,

and the moon below her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

She was with child. She cried out in pain, labouring to give birth. Rev. 12

In the seven year period before 2001 there was only one earthquake of any historical significance.

A very great shift, not just in our consciousness, but also one that will affect the whole natural world is about to occur. This will be implemented through earthquakes and volcanic activity. The volcano is the womb of Mother Earth and through her the Galactic Gddess will bear the Sun-Son of a New Great Year- a New Earth.[12]Of course this is all part of a plan in which legendary lands will rise - Atlantis-Meru rising and a new city of Jerusalem will shine upon it at the new world centre.[iv].
Looking backwards early labour pains of our Earth could be observed even before the Holy Cross was perfectly erected, when the outer heavenly bodies, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, passing over it causing disasters like the eruption of Krakatau back in 1883[13]. Some land sank as a result, and some islands and Anak Krakatau rose up too from below the sea.

Recently the earthquake and tsunami on 26th December 2004, occurred as the Full Moon opposed the Galactic Centre, conjunct the Sun and Pluto on the Holy Cross and it caused the land beneath the Indian ocean to rise over 4000 feet in many places.

Let us now look at how the Holy Cross functions. Below we see the galactic Centre at the centre of a relatively flat galactic plane. Our solar system is inclined to this plane at an angle of about 6o°. The winter solstice, shortened below to W.S., is aligned with the direction to Galactic Centre where the constellations
Scorpio and Sagittarius are also found.


The Galactic Centre has phases of activity, of a rather eruptive nature that affects our Sun which becomes eruptive too and flares up, which in turn affects the Earth with volcanic birthing activity, this occurs in cycles.

The Holy Cross is described by Nick Fiorenza as occurring between 5° Pisces (where the vernal equinox is) and 5° Sagittarius (where the Galactic Centre is found sitting on the galactic axis). This is certainly correct to within a few degrees, in terms of sidereal or astronomical placing, but some researchers show reason to see the galactic axis as pretty exactly between Scorpio/Sagittarius on the one side (where the Galactic Centre is placed) and Taurus/ Gemini on the other end (which marks the Galactic Anti-Centre).

Let us make things easier and take this option of seeing the galactic axis as directly between these two constellations: Scorpio and Sagittarius. This axis can then be crossed by the approximate axis between the constellations Aquarius/ Pisces and Leo/ Virgo[14]. Again here it has been claimed that we hare very close now to the entry point in the Aquarian Age, as the Vernal Equinox points towards Alpha Aquarius.

This in turn puts the constellations Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus each on one side of each angle. At least in theory, for the transition between constellations, whose forms sometimes overlap or are changed with time, is not easy to calculate. This is where tropical astrology became useful, as it fixed its points according to more provable positions like solstice and equinox, solar maximum and minimum and day and night equal points.

However, it seems this transition of the vernal axis into the fixed constellations was recorded with fear in ancient texts.[v]The Sphinx in Giza may have been created at the time of the Holy Cross, half a Great Year ago to mark this beginning-end point and could also be taken, like the Cross of Hendaye and the Giza Great Pyramid, as a monument to mark an important date on the clock as an age ended and a new one began, with an integrated alarm for a future disaster.

Mark Vidor (The Star Mirror) has discovered that the Great Pyramid is aligned to the stars in the heavens in a quite amazing way, this alignment between Heaven and Earth however only lasts for a short time, from about 2000 to 2,100 AD. In fact not just this Pyramid but all major ancient Pyramids and even mountains on the Earth are aligning at this time to major stars and signs in the heavens as only would be possible if there were a plan not just recognized and followed by clever humans but by Nature herself.

Of course this should be no surprise to us when we begin to understand the heavenly clock and the Holy Cross.

The major two Great Year transitions, involving the motions of the vernal equinox into the fixed signs of Leo half a Great Year ago and into Aquarius now, seem to have been associated with disasters of the Great Summer and one of the Great Winter[15], or rather a time of transition from life existing primarily in the equatorial and southern latitudes before that time to one in which life moved progressively into the Northen latitudes as the ice sheets of winter melted. The great civilization that existed before the disaster half a Great Year ago was global. Its loss was caused by a "conflagration" and eventually the collapse of an enormous volcanic mountain whch had marked the centre of our world.

The one occurring to a deluge, yet these events have been hardly noticed by modern scientific astrologers and inquirers, obviously not being considered disastrous at all, or even interesting.

One reason for this is that they have not associated the motion of the vernal equinox into one of these two constellations with the time of the Holy Cross, as our ancient ancestors seem to have done. The involvement of the galactic axis in this transition seems to have been known by only those prepared to go through a grueling initiation into the secret mysteries. If one wished to prove the connection scientifically, one would need, additionally, to verse oneself in a great amount of astrological/nomical knowledge, which would take a long training and much time and today is no way to earn money. Yet even then, without knowledge of the Galactic Centre the quest for the grail at the bottom of the well of wisdom would be denied. Transitions from one constellation to another cannot really be dated, and could only be symbolic suggestions pointing in the rough direction of the most exact date of the Holy Cross. There are variations of hundreds of years between astrologers’ dates for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Another connected reason that this date, marked in monuments by ancient peoples, is forgotten by us, is the speed of change in our world and the great destruction of our roots with its past buildings, languages and texts, leaving only fragments of knowledge of astrology, or an understanding of the meaning of life in our galaxy, and the only monuments that still stand were those not stealable, dismemberable, or found.

This knowledge that is missing and that we need now is not taught in schools, until recently it has lived in hiding not just because it saw itself as better than the rest of us, but because of the danger of it being misunderstood, lost and that the possessors of the knowledge would be killed.

Only those who have hidden from the world and hidden the memory of such knowledge from the desire of the increasingly ignorant (yet deluded that they have received the fruit of education) working masses, (whose sole purpose is to earn money in the illusory idea that it will free them), to destroy it, can help us. Even if a surviving astrologer, not burned at the stake or “suicided” by society, should raise his voice in truth he would not be heard with respect. Astrology today is tolerated by real scientists as an art form, one that creates pretty flowers, pleasing to cultivated people. Or astrology may find its niche in the healing arts as one of society’s placebo pills, it might rise even into high society but only as a party trick. Yet as long as it is kept separate from its root of power it is sterile and fruitless. So castrated, astrology cannot do any harm, so is hardly considered worth attacking, but neither can it make any real sense.

Yet let us be wicked, throw caution to the wind (it all may be nearly over anyway) and reclaim our power. Taking the modern tropical astrology back to meet its galactic astronomical root we see that the galactic axis[16]of the Milky Way is beginning an alignment with the solstice axis now, and as the equinox axis always squares the solstice axis in an unchanging way, we have a very fixed and stable grand cross and marker to say that the alignment of the Galactic Centre to the winter solstice must at the same time activate the Holy Cross through adding the holy element of our Milky Way galaxy to the solstice-equinox cross.

Such an alignment, involving solstice-equinox axis to galactic axis, is something more exact that one cannot ignore. Even non-astrologers must admit that the Galactic Centre is now aligned with the winter solstice and these solstice/equinox axis markers have long been considered very powerful positions, which is why sacred festivals have always been held at the times of transition near, or at, these times, especially at the winter solstice and just after, where a great number of solar heroes are given their, at least symbolic, birthday, because this is the time of year when the Sun returns to us incarnated in the earth sign Capricorn, or alternately, incarnated on earth, or - getting more esoteric here- of earth[17]. It is no coincidence that as the Galactic Centre crosses this winter solstice many prophecies are also heard, of the return of some solar hero, god, avatar, son of god: Jesus, Quetzalcoatl, Osiris are just a few.

One important point to be made before continuing, is that tropical astrology is no senseless cutting of the flesh of Tiamat[vi]’s body for one’s own pleasure for, combined with an understanding the constellations, these tropical divisions were, even in Babylonian times, a godly gift. It is not true that our ancestors were savages, or that tropical astrology was invented recently, the combined use of both methods stretches back at least 12,500 years.[18]


The chart above shows an outer circle of twelve different-sized constellations on a black background and an inner circle of twelve 30° tropical signs on a brown background. Through both, and through the centre of the Earth, a turquoise cross is formed. We can call it the Holy Cross as it involves the galaxy: the solar year divisions of solstices and equinoxes align their cross to the greater axis of galactic purpose and the Galactic Centre. As the Galactic Centre is calculated in 2010 at 27° of the sign of Sagittarius the Holy Cross might be considered as not yet quite exact. The axis itself is also not calculated as being in exactly in the same degree as the Galactic Centre. As the GC takes 1° 24’ to move 100 years we can see that it will not be in the sign of Capricorn and over the exact winter solstice for nearly 250 years. Yet 2010 to 2013 is the time when other heavenly bodies will weigh the Holy Cross most strongly and more so then in 200 to 250 years time.

The preceding chart shows that on one side of each angle of the cross a “fixed” constellation is present: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius. But more exact is the inner cross on the brown background showing the cross running through our most holy dates of the year: the winter and summer solstices spring and autumn equinoxes.

At the top of the preceding chart is the position of the Galactic Centre between the constellations Scorpio and Sagittarius[19]. In the inner circle we see that same Galactic Centre spiral symbol is marked in the zodiac signs, between Sagittarius and Capricorn, this inner circle is a moving one. About 2000 years ago at the time of Christ teaching, the moving tropical GC transited over the astronomical GC. It is still in Sagittarius, but so close to the border now to Capricorn that this huge centre, and we are already partly in the first throes of the age of Capricorn.

If we see the constellations as fixed, then the Galactic Centre also never moves. If we choose this way, in which we move the tropical chart and keep the constellations and Galactic Centre still, to see the passage of the ages, then we must give up the idea of precession of the constellations over the eastern horizon each spring, or of the constellations moving at all. We must then see the tropical zodiac as the moving part.

This idea of motion can lead to sea-sickness. It can be confusing for astrologers too, as usually astrologers take 0° Aries as a fixed unchanging mark and the whole tropical system as an unchanging template to place on top of the revolving, precessing, constellations as they tick by at the rate of about one degree per 72 years. Tropical astrologers would prefer to see the constellatory backdrop as pregressing, or revolving far out in space, while the solar system remains still so that daily business be not so disturbed, for modern tropical astrology has found a quiet backwater where it can earn money unbothered by the raging ocean of the galaxy.

Perhaps it is not important whether one sees the sidereal or the tropical hand of the clock moving, but if we are going to avoid confusion among another and give the galaxy an overhand over the solar system (and the goddess over god ;-) we had perhaps better say “age before beauty” and let it stand still while we dance tropically around it.

In astrology the point 0° Aries, which is on the spring equinox has long been considered the main marker in the round body of the chart. Here Aries’ ruler Mars wields his conquering sword in the name of the returning spring Sun. Here it was, as the mythical hero, that he could divide the body of Tiamat into winter and summer and establish with his conquering light the new year or age beginning, when his sword pointed at a new constellation. Aries has been the shining solar hero killing the dragons of the past and birthing the new ages.

The tropical Aries (sign of the spring equinox) and tropical Capricorn, (the sign of the winter solstice), are the tropical signs most associated with new beginnings, they are called “cardinal” signs in astrology.

This association with beginnings is because of their placing in the solar-tropical cycle. In Capricorn at the winter solstice the Sun begins its return, the solar hero begins his struggle up out of the darkness and chaos of the underworld of long winter nights, and in Aries he triumphs, over the dragon, for here the Sun and day become longer than the night and the fiery rays of light rise over the horizon like swords fighting the dark away. Aries appropriately is a fire sign and Capricorn an earth sign and together they signify, when empowered by the holy spirit of the Galactic Centre and the Great Year cycle, the coming of a new Heaven and a new Earth. In the years 2010 to 2013 these two axis positions are accentuated by the galactic power: the Galactic Centre is conjunct Pluto close to the solstice in Capricorn and square Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, at the spring equinox moving into Aries.

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