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Don Predicted Planet X Doom BEFORE 2009 that Never Showed UP
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Author:  Shady Groves [ Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Don Predicted Planet X Doom BEFORE 2009 that Never Showed UP ... sch_30.htm

Cashe Copy of Don's Website found above! DO read it in its entirety.

Don's webite btw

Excerpt: His emphises not mine...

While those members of MJ-12 who have known all along about the pending passage of the 'brown dwarf' known as Nibiru/Planet X/Hercolobus/Wormwood continue to ridicule the idea publicly, they have spent the time since 1996 - when they relieved Dan Burisch of his National Security Oath - carefully keeping Dan aware of cutting-edge information that is stripped of any truthful data about the position of the rogue planet that will be seen in our skies before the end of 2009, what the ancients called "The Destroyer" due to its appearance and effects on Earth.

So here we are into the 8th Month of 2010 and Planet X is a no show. Not a peep or prickle yet Don keeps preaching and you keep listening.

Shall this continue into 2012 and beyond?

Shall you continue be so gullable and keep waiting for Nancy's channelled planet to materialize?

I think your smarter then that. And your life lot more valuable with things alot more worthwhile you can be doing then instead of Listening to muslings of a nut such as Nancy Lieader.

By the way Dan Burisch speaking on Planet X for reference:

Anonymous Coward 1/5/2004 12:04 am EST

TX (03JAN04) from a friend to Dr. Dan, then back to a friend to You:


Anon: Yea they are still talking about you and Planet X online.
Burisch: During the interviews that were ”snuck”, I thought I had made it plain?
Anon : No, they think you believe that a planet is out there …that Lieder is correct.
Burisch: Good God! They think I believe in a "doomsday planet"?
Anon: Yep, they do!
Burisch: I made it plain that the concept of “something out there” was correct -- that Lieder was correct in that sense -- but not about the planet issue. You know, of the natural bridges on the galactic plane, right?
Anon: Have heard of them but don’t quite know what to think.
Burisch: Well, know it. The Planet X scenario was born out of mythos concerning previously experienced natural gate charging that caused severe meteorological, environmental, and geophysical issues in the “pas.”.

Burisch is speaking about WORMHOLES not Brown Dwarfs or Planets.

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