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Anton Parks: no evidence for Nibiru in Sumerian cuniform
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Author:  Simmering Frog [ Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Anton Parks: no evidence for Nibiru in Sumerian cuniform

On Nibiru and Gold

Parks writes (Le Secret, Note 4):
We will see that the first humans on the African continent were procured over a period of several millennia for the purpose of mining gold for the "Celestial Bestiary."

In the course of your reading, you will learn why gold was so important for the Gina'abul. You will see that my ideas are totally original and absolutely to be distinguished from those put forward by independent researchers who claim to have read on the clay tablets (I must ask where???) that the Sumerian "gods" inhabited a planet named Nibiru (or Neberu) and that the gold served them as an active component in the fashioning of its atmosphere which no longer retained sunlight (sic!).

I don't know where this information came from, but quite clearly not a single clay tablet claims that Nibiru (or Neberu) is the original planet of the Sumerian "gods" called Anunna [see Races]; on the contrary, the only celestial habitation that is mentioned, quite rightly, is Dukù of which we will speak again and again.

Note also that Dukù is actually the name of a planet, but also became the name of an orbiting habitat that the Celestial Bestiary, once confined to the Earth, constructed in order to survive. The Sumerians used this same name to designate chapels in the ancient cities of Eridu and Nippur. These cult places symbolized the terrestrial manifestation of the "primordial hills" of the "gods." In the second work of this series, we will equally evoke the Dukug of which the sense is strictly the same and which was the name of the mountain where the Celestial Bestiary established itself at the edge of the Mesopotamian plain.

The information about the Gina'abul's use of gold, to which Parks refers, is given on our page Twilight of the Age of Heroics.

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