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 Doomsday: Earth's core spinning out of control 
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Post Doomsday: Earth's core spinning out of control
Doomsday: Earth's core spinning out of control
Fri Apr 29 2011 18:17

Strange core mutations may signal Expanding Earth Doomsday.


Nearly 700,000 years ago the Earth's core shifted, changed the magnetic field, and precipitated mass extinctions around the globe. Now worried scientists think it may be happening again.

The Expanding Earth Theory, core mutations, and creeping Doomsday


As the Earth expands, the core mutates

The theory of the expanding Earth has fallen in and out of favor over the years. Currently, most geophysicists discount the idea. They point to a lack of evidence supporting such a thing.

Yet, advocates counter by pointing to deep ocean fissures that continue to split and widen while being "patched" by material upsurging from the planet's mantle. It's evidence, they argue, that the Earth is expanding, blowing up like a balloon, and will eventually explode many millions of years from now.

The shifting, aberrant, unstable core is a symptom of the process and causes geomagnetic field instability.


It's another step along the road towards Doomsday.

According to expanding Earth theorists, the planet will grow bigger and bigger until it bursts.

That day the Earth will cease to exist, continuing in orbit around the sun merely as tumbling chunks of jagged rock and clouds of drifting dust.

Unstable core a symptom of inflation


Asteroid belt...was it once an expanding planet?

Theorists that support the expanding Earth scenario promote the idea that a planet once existed between Mars and Jupiter—a region where only shards of rock remain. Known now as the asteroid belt, they claim that once a giant planet orbited there and expanded until it blew up.

Mars was a moon of that planet and other chunks of what remained either fell into the sun, were catapulted into space, or were captured by the large gas planets becoming additional moons.

Only a fraction of the planet remained in its original orbit. The asteroids are the debris of—and a testament to—the death of a world.

Earth once one-third its current size


The expanding Earthers argue that none of the large dinosaurs could have existed on today's world. Earth's gravity is too high now for the larger dinosaurs to have survived. Their weight and mass was adapted to a planet one-third its current size with a gravity field less than half of today's.

The continents drifted away from each other not by continental drift of the underlying tectonic plates, but because as the Earth inflates the land masses naturally are pushed farther apart.


Once all continents were one super continent.

Paleontologists and geologists scoff at the theory and point to evidence they have amassed discrediting such things.

Core the key to inflation

But the advocates of the expansion theory are persistent. The core and its permutations drive the expanding Earth, they say. And now as the core wobbles and shifts—causing the entire geomagnetic pole to shift—they have redoubled their argumements and their critics have no response.


Fukushima, Japan March 2011

The core shift affects the deep sea plates—the mega-continent sized plates the land masses sit on. As the core shifts the mantle pressure builds and the plates crack and move generating mega-thrust quakes like the ones that devastated Japan during March 2011.

And as the magnetic field shifts it causes an electromagnetic flux affecting climate.

Its interaction with the sun's electrical field, they claim, will fuel the outbreak of superstorms across the planet from Russia to Australia, from the United States to northern Europe.

And there is evidence of that with the two back-to-back superstorms that pummeled Australia, the giant storms that lashed the UK and Russia and the titanic snowstorms that slammed America during the winter of 2010.


Tuscaloosa, Alabama April 2011

Now during early 2011 more superstorms have whipped across Europe and ferocious storms have pounded the United States. During April 2011 alone more than 600 tornadoes devastated huge regions of Texas and the South up towards the mid-Atlantic states. At one point the storms affected many millions in more than 25 states and caused terrible destruction across 14 of them. Hunfreds of people lost their lives and property damage soared into the billions.

Some scientists see this as only the beginning and predict bigger and more frequent storms.

And all the while the core continues its turbulent shifting. Writhing and spinning out of synch with the rest of the planet...a sphere of molten metal gone mad as the Earth expands...



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