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 Earth wobble and Earth's axis shift 
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Post Earth wobble and Earth's axis shift
Via ZetaTalk for April 30, 2021 (1)

Kamil Rak said:

Several articles are popping up in the media describing an Earth wobble and Earth's axis shift.

Has the recent increase in the visibility of the Nibiru complex reignited the talks how to unveil Nibiru to the public or is this just more cover-up by the establishment? A means to explain what is causing the Earth wobble so to say which is only going to get worse?
[and from another]
Earth is Wobbling, and it’s Probably our Fault
April 27, 2021 ... -fault-0...
In recent years the poles have begun to drift faster and more dramatically than they have in the past. There have been many theories as to why this axis drift is happening, but a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters pins it on climate change.
[and from another]
Melting Ice Shifted the Earth's Axis, Scientists Discover
April 27, 2021 ... 18460038...
The massive melting of the world’s glaciers due to global warming shifted the North and South poles in the mid-1990s and altered the Earth’s axis, scientists report in a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters. Similar to how the magnetic poles migrate, the locations of Earth's geographic poles are not static. For decades, the North Pole had been slowly drifting southward when in 1995 the drift suddenly shifted eastward. The speed of this drift also accelerated between 1995 to 2020 by about 17 times from the previous average speed — from less than 1 cm to 10 cm per year.
[and from another]
Climate Change may be Reason for Earth Axis Shift
April 26, 2021 ... 73431583...
A new study by researchers in China found that melting glaciers have redistributed enough water to cause the location of the North and South Poles to move eastward.
[and from another]
The cover-up over the presence of Nibiru in our inner Solar System and the pending passage of Nibiru have resorted to many ploys over the past couple decades, among them Global Warming to cover rising seas, blaming the Sun to cover EMP episodes, blaming red dust on the long reach of dust from the Sahara, dusting the Ionosphere to simulate Nibiru dust, and fracking as an earthquake excuse. They have no excuse for the migrating N Pole.
Two years ago it appeared that the establishment had proffered excuses for all evidence of the approaching Nibiru complex except for the issue of migrating poles.
The Magnetic N Pole had moved to Siberia and the Magnetic S Pole was over southern Africa and pulling toward India. All this had happened since Nibiru entered the inner Solar System and was approaching for a passage. Now, in desperation, the establishment is declaring that they have an explanation.

We predicted in 2012 that the Global Warming excuse
would be raised anytime that the presence of Nibiru nearby threatened to hit the news. With the recent visibility of the Nibiru Complex and in particular with dropping and flaming Petrol in the atmosphere, this threat is upon the establishment. To claim that wandering poles are due to melting glaciers is akin to claiming that frogs cause ponds, because they appear in proximity to each other. How does the weight of a glacier affect the flow of magnetons in and out of Magnetic Poles? Patently silly.

Prior ZT 11/17/2012:
All who participated in the cover-up –the Global Warming crowd on the cause of weather extremes – all hope that the public continues to be confused about the cause of these events. Thus they emerge when any information pointing to the Earth wobble or the presence of a magnetic or gravity giant nearby is about to hit the news.

Prior ZT 1/31/2019:
For several years, the Magnetic N Pole of Earth has been drifting toward Siberia, forcing periodic adjustments in navigational systems. How far will the twisting of the Earth’s magnetosphere go, prior to the Pole Shift itself? From the core to the surface, the Earth’s magnetosphere is no longer a circle. The Magnetic S Pole too, has drifted. Both of Earth’s poles are now approaching the shape of the magnetic wings depicted for Earth’s magnetosphere in space. Satellites systems such as GPS will fail to be reliable. Airplanes will land so far from where intended the pilots will be shocked. And until Nibiru is admitted, the public will be confused.

Prior ZT 12/17/2011:
Where it is known that mining accidents, explosions, can cause buildings in the vicinity to shake and windows to rattle, such activity on the surface does not cause earthquakes. Earthquakes are caused by an adjustment in the entire rock strata, over a wide and deep area. Fracking cannot accomplish this.

Prior ZT 10/31/2017:
Dust from the Sahara has been the excuse for red dust in the tail of Nibiru for over a decade, but there have been reports and photos of red dust on cars and snow and outdoor furniture worldwide since 2003. A yellow cast to the skies is a known symptom of tornado weather, as dust is pulled up into the upper atmosphere, and hurricane winds can do the same, but a red hue in the middle of the day is not possible.

Prior ZT 7/31/2017:
NASA has recently started blowing red and blue-green colored clouds into the skies, so claiming that Second Sun sightings are just a reflection from such an experimental cloud is just a step away. NASA will claim that what the public is seeing is their cloud seeding, which has drifted into the upper atmosphere and is creating the Nibiru images.

Prior ZT 6/1/2002:
Solar Flares, an extended or anomalous solar cycle, has been planned for decades to be used as a distraction and excuse during this time. Solar flares are not anything man on the face of earth can recognize, thus can be made up freely as disinfo. Trust NASA, as they have the Hubble and probes and satellites, and will tell you what has occurred. Of course, they lie.

(1) ... e=activity

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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