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Plate Shifts in Hours . Zetas & Charles Hapgood
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Author:  recall15 [ Wed Dec 15, 2021 10:52 am ]
Post subject:  Plate Shifts in Hours . Zetas & Charles Hapgood

Charles Hapgood 101
Hapgood was the son of Hutchins Hapgood (1869–1944) and Neith Boyce (1872–1951).[2] Hapgood received a master's degree from Harvard University in 1929 in medieval and modern History. His Ph.D. work on the French Revolution was interrupted by the Great Depression. He taught for a year in Vermont and directed a community center in Provincetown, also serving as the executive secretary of Franklin Roosevelt's Crafts Commission.

During World War II, Hapgood was employed by the Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI, which became the Office of Strategic Services in 1942) and the Red Cross, and also served as a liaison officer between the White House and the Office of the Secretary of the War. After the war, Hapgood taught at Keystone College (1945–1947), Springfield College (1947–1952), Keene State College (1956–1966) and New England College (1966–1967), lecturing in world and American history, anthropology, economics, and the history of science.

Hapgood married Tamsin Hughes in 1941 and divorced in 1955. He was struck by a car in Greenfield, Massachusetts, and died on December 21, 1982

While at Springfield College, a student's question about the Lost Continent of Mu prompted a class project to investigate the lost continent of Atlantis, leading Hapgood to investigate possible ways that massive earth changes could occur and exposing him to the literature of Hugh Auchincloss Brown.

In 1958, Hapgood published The Earth's Shifting Crust. It denied the existence of continental drift, an idea that was not supported by mainstream science for another decade. The book included a foreword by Albert Einstein. In Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (1966) and The Path of the Pole (1970), Hapgood proposed the hypothesis that the Earth's axis has shifted numerous times during geological history. The Path of the Pole was meant as a replacement for The Earth's Shifting Crust after corrections were suggested to him. Hapgood writes in Voices of Spirit (1975): "In later discussions we discussed the theories of my book ‘Earth’s Shifting Crust’, and he [Einstein] suggested that one of them was wrong; as a result of this I revised my book, which subsequently was republished as ‘The Path of the Pole’. My own further research confirmed the truth of his observation, which involved technicalities of geophysics.”

In Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings he supported the suggestion made by Arlington Mallery that a part of the Piri Reis map was a depiction of the area of Antarctica known as Queen Maud Land. He used that to propose that a 15° pole shift occurred around 9,600 BC (approx. 11,600 years ago) and that a part of the Antarctic was ice-free at that time and that an ice-age civilization could have mapped the coast. He concludes that "Antarctica was mapped when these parts were free of ice" and took the view that an Antarctic warm period coincided with the last ice age in the Northern hemisphere and that the Piri Reis and other maps were based on "ancient" maps derived from ice-age originals.


Author:  recall15 [ Wed Dec 15, 2021 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Plate Shifts in Hours . Zetas & Charles Hapgood

On new Geography, due the Tectonic Plate Shifts... 002
Via ZetaTalk forDecember 31, 2021 (1)

Accepted from the standpoint of the unexplained ZetaTalk statement on "continuous plate movements". Blending of the seasons and lots of migration has been addressed within ZetaTalk and in the Newsletters. They have been allowed to be more specific on their predictions but only in the area of breaking the Nibiru coverup, not everything else in the Universe. Do they warn people that a tornado is about to touch down?

Kamil Rak said:

The Zetas have also said that the 8 out of 10 events will include "continuous plate movements", but they have never explained what that entails. Are the Zetas now allowed to describe what geological changes will take place during the 8 out of 10 phase?

Beyond the 7 of 10 Plate Movements we have implied that there would be restless plates up until the time of the Pole Shift.

We have implied continuous movement for the Indo-Australia Plate
which is under continuous pressure to rise on the eastern end near Australia.

This is because it is the brake restraining all other Plate Movements.

We have implied that the West Coast of N America would be subject to a continuous moderate tsunami threat
because of a compressing Pacific.

We have also stated that the Antarctica Plate
is free to move while it gradually pushes new land up between the tip of S America and Africa.

We also stated that beyond the 7 of 10 Plate Movements that some continents would shift so that they would have a different alignment
with each other.

What continents might those be? Given a shortening Pacific and a widening Atlantic, there will be an increasing void in the South Atlantic.

While S America is lobbing its bulbous top to the West, the tip of S America floats up into the South Atlantic, thus laying this continent on its side.

Africa does a similar tilt to the East so that it likewise is laying on its side.

This allows Antarctica room to push New Land to the surface.

Continuous Plate Movement is happening for Eurasia, which is being pulled toward the East by the compressing Pacific.

The new inland bay we have predicted to rip open from Persia to the Ural Mountains will steadily change the landscape.

This tension can also be seen in the seemingly endless shaking at Tiksi, Siberia just East of the Urals.

The N America Plate and Eurasia Plate connect along Siberia and down to Japan, but when the New Madrid allows the Mainland portion of N America to slide down into the Pacific, this will distort the Siberian connection.

This action, to essentially rip Eurasia into pieces, will allow the Far East to drift closer to Alaska, virtually eliminating the Bering Straits as a water barrier.

Prior ZT:
We have hinted that continuous plate movement will be a factor during the 8 of 10, but declined to give more details on location or extent of such movement. We have stated that the 8 of 10 will also involve sociological factors, without getting into specifics other than to point to the Arab Spring. We have stated that a blending of the seasons will be a factor, to the extent that the weather would jump from mid-summer to mid-winter within a day or so. We are not there as yet.

Prior ZT:
We have described the 8 of 10 as being a phase where some parts of the globe are continually in motion, without rest. In that the Indo-Australian Plate is the brake, holding all other plate movement back, it is certainly one of those places.

Prior ZT:
We mentioned during the 8 of 10 discussions that there would be some shifting of plates during the 8 of 10 such that the alignment of continents to each other would change. The Antarctic Plate is one that is relatively free to move, not being locked on any side.

Prior 11/27/2010 ZT:
Where the 7 of 10 is not expected to generate severe tsunami for the Pacific Rim, the 8 of 10 has not been detailed as yet beyond the mention of continuous plate movement in some areas. Since the Pacific will be shortening, it goes without saying that there will be tsunami included in the 8 of 10, as we detailed for Puget Sound recently.

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