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Whatever destroyed the towers could power the planet


by Robert Cinque

In the latest Batman movie, the Dark Knight flies a clean energy device over the ocean and blows it up. He says, “Humanity is not ready, it would only be weaponized”.

He’s too late. It’s already happened.

The destruction of the Twin Towers, 110 story skyscrapers, over a million tons of steel and concrete, turned to dust in 10 seconds and floated away. This takes an astronomical amount of energy.

Whatever the source of that energy, it could be used for powering our world, cleanly, without fossil fuels.

The only other time in known history that such an enormous amount of energy was released was Tugunska, Siberia in 1908. 900 square miles of forests were flattened, 80 million trees were laid down in a radial pattern from the blast center. It was over 1000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

The Towers were apparently disintegrated by microwaved interference patterns that induce a phase change in objects, where solids begin acting like liquids, and liquids like gasses. Tesla was working on electric current that could be transmitted like radio waves and he also experimented with waves of different frequencies that he intersected upon an object. If the interference pattern elongated the space between the atoms, the object disintegrated. If the atoms were contracted slightly, it levitated. This has been duplicated, mostly by John Hutchinson. The evidence strongly suggests that the Towers exploded at a molecular level, the energetic bonds within the atom were released and the Towers turned to dust. The debris pile was only 2-3 stories tall, as shown in this picture. It should have been at least 30 stories!

It’s the equivalent of using your little finger to unleash an avalanche by removing a single pebble.

The point is this: Free energy technology exists, the disintegration of the Towers proves it. It is 100% impossible to explain the way the Towers blew up (from the top down, no less!) with airplane impacts, fires, nuclear bombs, nanothermite, or any other theory that has been presented. None of those theories explains the historical, forensic, actual evidence: the Towers turned to dust and what was left of them hit the ground in 10 seconds, leaving a tiny seismic signal of 2.3. 1.2 million tons of buildings hitting the ground would have produced a 6.0 on the Richter scale and flooded Manhattan because the debris would have destroyed the concrete “bathtub” that surrounded the base of the Towers and holds back the Hudson River. The Towers were built right next to the Hudson, the foundation was 75 feet below water level, yet the subways were not flooded, like they should have been.

This weapon was unleashed upon the world as a signal that the thieves who stole Tesla’s work are now calling the shots. The Gloomanti agenda is to destroy the nation state through endless war and debt and vaccinations. Now, they have a weapon so powerful that it dwarfs even the weaponization of the weather, and is probably the same technology (HAARP).

Our urgent task as human beings is to reclaim our lives and our power. The discoveries of Nikola Tesla belong to Humanity, not the thieves who now use it against us. Our planet has been hijacked by criminals who run a syndicate, an extortion racket in which we are offered a truly crappy deal, we have to buy back our own property at exorbitant rates! Plus, we have to endure the state sponsored terror inflicted upon us in events like 911 and the 7/7 London Bombings, which is then blamed on innocent parties, the “enemy”.

It’s so cartoonish, an insult to one’s intelligence.

The problem is, it works and it works well. It works because we believe lies. In this essay, I am going to enumerate three lies that we tell ourselves, lies that have absolutely no basis in reality, but become animated entirely by the energy and attention we give them.

Lie #1
Original Sin

This plague infecting humanity has coagulated and is oozing through the
arteries of our despair. Not only are we taught that we are separate from God through sin, we are also supposed to be ashamed for having been born. This is religious psychosis, and gives birth to false religions and salvation schemes, vicarious sacrifice to an angry god, ritual slaughter and scapegoating, instead of responsibility for love, as Jesus taught.

Incredibly, even Jesus’s message of liberation and prior Unity with God was weaponized and his fiery denouncement of blood sacrifice and
appeasement rituals were later applied to him, as if he were a substitutionary sacrifice himself. Jesus hated blood sacrifice and he
demanded that his followers understand that such rituals only reinforce the illusion that God is absent and to repent from the ego idea which imagines
itself to be separate from God. It is not even possible to be separate from God. This was an unbelievably inflammatory message and is what got him killed, because he undermined the false dichotomy between consciousness and matter, God and self, whole and part.

Man is not separate from God, it’s simply not possible.

Lie #2


If every human being on Earth were in Texas, every family of four would have a city block to themselves. This planet could feed 50 billion people,
there’s no actual overpopulation problem. Malthus and Erlich and the 1970 sensation “The Population Bomb” are boneheaded conclusions drawn from
theoretical assumptions. Even if there was an overpopulation problem, we, as a family, could build cities on the oceans, or create habitats in space, something, anything more creative than mass genocide masquerading as leadership. Everyone has the same needs, food, water, shelter, everyone is
equal, everyone has value. When meeting needs becomes the criteria for decisions, then we will climb up out of the hole in the human mind that the
Battering Social Memes created.

Humanity is one species, now. We do not have to become united, we already are united, just as certainly as you as an
individual are one, though made up of trillions of cells. Consensus, agreement is not needed for unity, we are already unified, now. Plus, the
rest of the Good News is that all the wealth of nature, the minerals, the water, the coal, oil, and steel, are all rightfully owned by humanity as a
whole, the true Beneficiary of Nature’s largesse. Currency, authentic currency, represents this wealth, and is spent into the economy, not
borrowed, like Benjamin Franklin and the 13 Colonies were doing. They issued the Continental Scrip which started the American Revolution, since
King George would not allow anything but the Crown’s currency to be used. Their economies were booming and prosperous because Nature is prosperous and
they were not paying interest on borrowed currency.

Lie #3

Humanity will never be able to handle free energy because it will be weaponized, so lets forget it because there’s too many people anyway and
free energy would grow more food, and more food means more people, and more people means more scarcity.

Humanity is like a teenager whose parents won’t let him have the keys to the car because they beat him up so much, now he has brain damage.

It’s true, battered children can’t run a planet very well. Maybe one day we’ll find the courage to run away from home and stop participating in
abusive relationships and find a better way to live.

Even Batman’s mouth is being used by the Controllers: no clean energy, don’t grow up.

Truth is the nature of Reality. It is not hidden, it is we who are hidden beneath the lies we tell and believe. Once we make the distinction between truth and the lies we tell about it, things will change, not until. I’m not talking about “my truth” or yours, I’m talking about Truth Itself. Truth is Life, Life is Love, we are That.

Let us build our lives on that Fact and be a blessing to all.

On Zen Gardner.


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