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 Response to PenguinBrigade from thread 4.5 
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Post Response to PenguinBrigade from thread 4.5
Hi Charlie,

Last night my wife instructed me to put this question out to the forums I visit. At the time I thought how strange. Her question doesn't even relate to the topics being discussed here or elsewhere. But then I see you're here, a person of the future, so you might have a better idea of what she's talking about. Who knows? It's worth a try.

About a decade ago my wife dreamed that I invented "Adam's Elixir." In the dream I was brewing the drink with flasks and tubing in some kind of laboratory. She's always pushed me to invent it, but I'm clueless. It's her dream. Anyway, at risk of losing my "copyright and patent" on the idea, do you happen to know what Adam's Elixir is and how to make it? If so, pm me.

Considering Dan Burisch's Ganesh Particle discovery, I'm thinking it's related to that. If not, then definitely to the "tree of life."

Thanks for the help.


Hi PenguinBrigade,

I'm sorry but I have never heard of Adam's Elixir. But the "tree of life" is not what you think it is if you accept what the religions say it is..... it has Annunaki origins.

To explain what I mean by that, I will have to tell you more about the Annunaki. Brightstar asked me in a private message on the TT forum last week and below I will put my response to her (I hope you don't mind brightstar)....

To put this in context, I will start with the question brightstar asked me:

1. You mentioned about God and religion to some degree and I think I understand what you tried to describe fairly well, but could you elaborate a bit more on the various religions and how they got so corrupted? I have an idea why on the major 3, but I would like more clarification if it is possible. Especially on the Hebrew aspect and just how that one really came about and what happened there. The Islamic one I figure the ones that took over after Muhammod were the main culprits in changing things since there were two factions at odds with each other veying for control and power, the Sunnis and Shias. On the Christian one I think that that mostly happened during the time of Constantine. Are these assumptions fairly correct? I had read that the Buddhist was the closest to being correct originally but it got corrupted along. And the Hindu I read that it was based upon the Reptilian hirachy, not sure if that is correct or not. But the Hebrew one was supposedly kind of started by what we call Abraham, but just what was Abraham? And then this story of Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden and this Serpent. Was this Serpent one of the Anunnaki or actually a Reptilian?

Here is my response...


To completely answer this question will take a great deal of time as it is a very complex issue. However, I will provide you with a summarised version that hopefully answers your question sufficiently.

In so-called official circles the accepted age of The Great Pyramids and Sphinx is about 4000-5000 years. This is incorrect. The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx are over 12000 years old. They were built by the Annunaki who came to Earth to mine for gold which is a vital element that they require to maintain a quality of life on their home planet. The Annunaki come from the planet that the Summerians called Nibiru which means The Planet of the Crossing. In fact, Annunaki is a Summerian term as well which means Those From Heaven Who Come To The Earth.
The planet they come from is actually a part of our solar system. The Summerians called it Nibiru which means Planet Of The Crossing and is the name we use as well. For much of what I have written in the forum, I have used the term Anomaly. Although it is not known in astronomical circles yet, The Visitors will show us that our Sun is actually has a companion star forming a binary star system. Our Sun’s companion is what we call a failed star due to the fact that it contains a significant amount of heavy elements that completely subdues its fusion process and therefore emits no visible (to the human eye) light and very little heat. Apart from that, its mass is comparable to our Sun which it has to be otherwise the binary relationship between them would not exist. The Visitors tell us that the Annunaki home world was more than likely a wandering planet that eventually got caught by the gravity of either our Sun or its companion and over a period of time found a stable orbit which takes it from one Sun to the other. For this planet to achieve one orbit (going around one sun to the other and back again) takes approximately 3600 years.
You are probably thinking, how can anyone live on a planet that moves so far away from the only Sun in this binary system that emits heat and light. Well, this planet is something that humanity has never observed because it is unlike anything we have in our solar system. It is a water world which covers 96% of the surface. It is 4 times the size of Earth and is 23 times denser. What makes this planet so different is its core in which there is a fusion process (of sorts) occurring and is similar to our Sun in that it emits light and heat but on a much lower level. The surface crust (or ocean floor) of this planet contains many fissures enabling some of this heat and light near the surface. Some of these fissures are near the land that exists above sea level which is where the life that evolved in the ocean moves to land and eventually the Annunaki came to be.
Now you are probably trying to picture what it would look like to stand on the surface of Nibiru..... and why would they need gold? Well, picture a red dusk on Earth which is eternal.... after the sun has set and you can just start to make out the stars in the sky and this is as close as I can put it to you. If you can stretch your imagination to not have the light in the sky but a soft red glow from the oceans then you are getting close. The temperature on this planet is very consistent no matter where you are at around 25 degree Celsius which brings me to why they need gold. As Annunaki society advanced they discovered that gold processed in a certain way and dispersed in a particular atmospheric layer reflects minimal light back to the surface but more importantly substantially increases heat deflection. This allowed the Annunaki to spread out from areas near ocean fissures and their population grew.
With all the gold from their planet mined they went to seek new sources when their planet came within range of our solar system and were presented with two choices. Firstly there was Earth; a planet rich in gold but was considered too dangerous because of the wide range of dangerous animal life. The other consideration was that occasionally, Earth has violent reactions to Nibiru when it orbits around our Sun which causes significant upheaval on the surface. The other choice was Mars which at that time had a considerable amount of surface water containing primitive forms of life and a slightly more primitive atmosphere than Earth. It also had less gold than Earth and needed a more complex mining process to extract the metal. This should give you some idea of how long this was ago...... over half a million years. When they started mining on Mars, they built a pyramid which was used to track Nibiru when it is close to our solar system (the same reason the pyramids of Giza were built) and a large face looking out at the sky which was a monument to the king of Nibiru at the time. You probably know this as the Face on Mars and the Pyramid on Mars as observed by a NASA space probe in the 1970s in Mars’ Cydonia region.
Eventually, they completely mined Mars of gold and the complex mining process used up all the surface water which was channelled to underground areas. When the atmosphere became too thin from this they left and came to Earth.

When the Annunaki came to Earth (around 15000 years ago) they firstly established themselves two major cities that would each govern half the world. The first city was built on an island in the Atlantic Ocean and this city is widely known by today’s culture as Atlantis. The second city was built in the Pacific Ocean and is known today as Mu or Hiva.
12000 years ago, humanity was still very much a tribal culture scattered in small groups around the world. They had little contact with the Annunaki who went about their mining operations when one day it was proposed to the Annunaki royalty permanently stationed on Earth (Nibiru was only in range during the brief time it was near our solar system so three members of the royal family stayed to oversee the mining operation) that they use the humans population to mine the gold. Although some objected, it was agreed and interactions with humanity began. Starting in the middle east, they built the pyramids and sphinx in Egypt and settlements for the humans in what today is Iraq. This is where the Summerian culture came from. They taught us how to organise into a society, how to read and write, some language, and some other elements that you can still see in society today.
You can imagine how primitive humans would react to a group of beings although significantly taller look more or less human with their technology and abilities....... we treated them as Gods. There were basically two human groups in the beginning – those who mined for the gold and those who were servants for the Annunaki. The miners lived in Summeria and the servants lived with the mining chiefs in Egypt.
Over the next 6000 years or so, the Annunaki spread their mining operations all over the planet setting up human societies in Europe, South America, Japan and Vietnam to name a few. They became increasingly oppressive to mankind and as the Annunaki had many Service to Self elements which they were beginning to infect humanity with. It got so bad that eventually the Council of Worlds authorised the removal of the Annunaki and a permanent quarantine or barrier between us and them be established.
Again, you are probably asking the obvious question.... why did the Council of Worlds wait for so long before they did anything? This is what we were told. Typically, 3rd density beings that have the ability to make technology (such as Humans) will never reach the capability of making a space ship that could reach another populated star system. Even if they could achieve reach the speed of light, light in this 3rd density universe is still too slow to reach anywhere of consequence. So essentially, 3rd density beings are isolated in their own schoolyard to learn the lessons of the 3rd density. The lesson is what orientation are you and your people going to achieve... Service to Other or Service to Self. In our case, Nibiru is a part of our solar system and therefore is technically in the same schoolyard. The Visitors say it is rare for two species to evolve in the same system and when they do they are normally of equal technological capabilities. However, due to the unique and violent history of our solar system, we evolved many millions of years after the Annunaki. But, the Council only intervenes as a last resort because free will must be given the chance to express itself and good triumph over evil. But when it was clear that certain rules were being broken in regards to the STS Aliens that were answering the call of the Annunaki to help oppress the Human population, they decided to step in.
The human population suddenly found themselves without their “gods”. The mining slaves from around the world except for the middle east slowly broke up into groups, wandered and started to develop separate cultures eventually leading to the various countries we have today. In the middle east it was a bit more difficult.
The mining slaves, eventually known as Jews, did move away from their original location and settled in the region of what is today the Israel area but the servant slaves remained in Egypt and tried to continue to live as they did under the Annunaki but with human leaders (pharaohs). This is not to say that some of the mining slaves did not become elitist also – don’t forget about the Summerian/Babylonian conquest of the Kingdom of Judah....... but I want to concentrate on the Egyptian because it is a story most know because the story of the Jewish Exodus occurred at the time of the last Pole Shift (approx. 1,600 BC) and much of what happened before is not generally known.
From the moment the Annunaki were exiled from Earth, very wise souls from much higher densities incarnated into humans to guide human groups all over the planet to guide them back from their journey towards Service to Self back towards Service to Other. And occasionally, Service to Other aliens did things to assist but the Service to Self influence (as well as guidance from Service to Self alien groups) was strong. What the Service to Others were trying to achieve was to spread the message of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and love others as you would love thy self. Basically, they were trying to steer us away from thinking about Gods etc. and more about each other. The Service to Self were trying to keep things as they were – have those in power create fear and oppression amongst the people and keep people thinking that God with strike them down should they not follow the rules.
Anyway, it was crunch time when the last Pole Shift occurred even though it was nowhere near as severe as the one we are about to face because Nibiru’s magnetic apex with Earth was 4 times farther away then it will be this time around. It was crunch time because the chaos could be used to break the Egyptian slavery cycle once and for all.........
I hope you have heard of Moses..... because what I am about to tell you is from The Visitors database. Moses was a very gifted human because he was a 3rd density soul (so a relatively young soul) and that soul had already made much of the journey required to fix it’s orientation towards Service to Other. But still having a primitive mind, he did have belief in a god being but believed there was only one true god. He was a natural leader to people who were slaves and looking for leadership. He would constantly think about how he could make his life better for his people and these thoughts gave “The Call” to which Service to Other aliens answered as they do today and spoke to his subconscious.
The Visitors guided him and his escape in many ways. Firstly by telling him what was the best night to leave which was a few days before the Pole Shift which happened on his groups route to the Red Sea. The earthquakes were constant and volcanic activity was excessive. One volcano caused the region including Egypt and much of the middle east to be in perpetual darkness for many months after the Pole Shift. You can research this yourself as vulcanologist have accurately worked out (a rarity – believe me) when this volcano last erupted.
This volcano once used to be an island called Thera. Thera (known today as Santorini) and Crete used to be under the control of the Minoan civilisation (a mixture of heritage from both mining and servant slaves) died out from this eruption. Anyway, back to Moses.....
With the area in perpetual darkness and the normal roads destroyed by the earth tremors, Moses feared for the safety and wellbeing of his people thus subconscious further calls for guidance. It was here that one group of Visitor sought permission from the Council of Worlds to give direct physical assistance. They argued that should this group survive, Moses can pass on his Service to Other to his people but were aware that such primitive minded people would interpret the assistance as acts of god; a risky side effect.
Due to the darkness and damage to the countryside by the earth tremors, a small Pleiadean scout vessel positioned itself a fair distance ahead of the group shining a light to the ground as a signal to follow the light. Rushing to keep ahead of the Egyptians who were now in pursuit, the group eventually arrived at the Red Sea and this is where one of those “risky side effects” rang true.
Due to the Pole Shift, the earth’s crust was heaving and in combination with a much slower rotation of the Earth and gravity attraction from Nibiru, water left the Red Sea area. This enabled Moses and his group to wade through the water and cross the Red Sea. As they were crossing, the Red Sea floor continued to heave and Nibiru was heading away from Earth so water slowly entered back into the bay. By the time Moses and crew were across they looked back and could see the Egyptians in pursuit but increasingly struggling against the rising water. The side effect was that people connected this with the guiding light and therefore attributed it to god.
Please note: this assistance was a special circumstance as it is normally against the rules to directly influence directly the development of 3rd density worlds. I do not tell you this lightly because the great part of the 3rd density lesson is to understand that the human’s life is in his/her own hands and even though we are in a schoolhouse or sorts there is no parent or “god” that will rescue us. Only give guidance to souls based on the orientation of the call they are giving – STO or STS. The other thing I don’t want you to think is that because the Jews received special assistance that the Jewish people are special in anyway – they are not.
Anyway, continuing on. You may have read that Moses and group wandered the desert for 40 years. Although the length of time is not that accurate (it may have seemed that long to those in the group) it was standard fare for those who survived the Pole Shift. With destruction everywhere, everybody was wandering looking for better areas to live. Moses was constantly giving the call relating to the safety of his group which was answered and communicated to his subconscious. Frequently, he would climb hills to look far ahead to see if he is going in a direction that will be better for his people.
Now, this next bit I have to be a bit fuzzy on because I don’t have access to what was said. During one of Moses trips up a mountain, he was visited by a light entity (or a soul from a much higher density that was out of body). This entity stood behind a bush to shield some of the light from Moses and this entity relayed some information to Moses.... like I said, I don’t know what was discussed. But as the story goes which is accurate, Moses came down from the mountain a different, re-energised man but another one of those side effects.... he attributed the light entity as being god.
What is not accurate in the story is the 10 commandments element to it and this is a very clear example of how the Service to Self operates. Unlike Jesus (who I will touch on shortly), who spoke to a large number of people and a great number of places repeating the same message again and again, Moses group was small. And after the death of Moses and everyone that was alive in the original group, some individuals who wished to control others by using the religion and people belief in god gave the call which was answered by STS aliens. So after nobody was left alive who could refute the story, the 10 commandments element was added to the Moses “burning bush” story. When you really think about what the 10 commandments are, you will realise they are rules based and fear propagating. Each commandment starts with Thou Shall Not..... leaving little room for a person to follow their hearts. This was the beginning of how religion was used to control humanity.
Anyway... moving on...
It took many hundreds of years for humanity to recover from the Pole Shift, Egypt recovered but was less powerful and another servant slave originating culture recovered strongly in another former Annunaki royal outpost in a place called Rome. In Israel and the middle east, the situation was much improved but they still had a long way to go. The STS influence was still there but more and more souls were undecided as the population increased. So beginning around 500BC which lasted for about 1000 years Earth was visited by many high density souls who incarnated into human form. 3 are of note and I will discuss one here – Jesus.
Jesus was a human with a soul from 8th density. And like any other Star Child, he was here to influence human affairs and the spiritual evolution of mankind. Governed by the rules that 3rd density life has to abide to which is that soul memories from previous lives are not able to be accessed by the human. The memories of this soul would have been awesome because 8th density existence is not tied to a physical body and is a veritable feast of learning and exploration. But, as does your soul and my soul, it had a goal for that particular life. That goal was to spread the message of love for others and sacrifice for others to thousands of people. This message is the exact opposite of the Service to Self which is love thyself and sacrifice for no one, ever!
The difference that Jesus made was that he delivered his message in such a way and delivered often enough that corruption by STS was difficult. He did succeed and his legacy is playing out today despite the STS corruption of the Bible and religious control over the past 2000 years. You must have noticed how many people have been leaving religion behind in the past 40 years..... But many of these people have abandoned the religion and the message all together. They blamed the messenger who delivered it and not the ones who have obviously twisted the message.
Other notable Star Children were Buddha and Mohammed who both had their messages corrupted – more so Mohammed than Buddha.
I notice that you ask about the Reptilians. I fear that you have been influenced by the anti-alien message which focussed on the Reptilians because we as mammals have a natural fear of them. A tip: when it comes to Alien groups, it is the soul that is important and not the physical body you can see with your eyes. There is nothing to fear from most of the Reptilian species.
Regarding Abraham. It needs to be said that much of the Old Testament of the Bible comes from Summerian/Babylonian writings edited along the way slightly and passed down by those in the Service to Self. Some books in the Old Testament even had direct written influence from the Annunaki – the Book of Genesis being one of them. If you read Genesis carefully, you will understand what I mean. It describes how the Annunaki came to Earth and started mating with the human population. They even use the names of the Annunaki royalty. Even though Abraham existed long after this period, he was inserted into the Old Testament.
Today’s Christianity religion refers to Abraham as “father of faith” and a leader because he was a believer of one God..... and here’s the STS element. Why would Abraham offer his son as a sacrifice to God if he was truly Service to Other?
And finally Adam & Eve – this is a difficult one. While the Annunaki were permitted to have sex with the human population not only to gratify themselves but also as a domination technique, it was protected sex so that no bodily fluids were exchanged and pregnancy was not possible. Any Annunaki who broke this rule would have their family line expelled from Annunaki society and would be unable to return to Nibiru so therefore nobody broke the rule. The Annunaki were very protective of their genetic integrity particularly the royal family bloodlines. However on Earth, the human slaves were not meeting their mining quotas and pressure on one of the royals, named Enki, was growing. But he came up with a radical solution....
Using his sperm, Enki fertilised a human egg and (in their version of IVF) implanted the embryo in a female Annunaki volunteer named Ninmah. She gave birth to the first Annunaki/Human hybrid who looked like humans do today but was closer to the Annunaki average height of 8 feet and a solid build. Ie: the perfect slave. They named the baby Adamu. The only thing that was different was that this baby had skin that covered the head of the penis where as the Annunaki’s does not. Enki was unhappy with this and had the foreskin removed which is obviously an element that has remained with some religious cultures.
Immediately after the success of Adamu, Enki implanted seven cloned fertilised eggs in Ninmah and six other volunteers. They all bore males.
Now needing some females, Enki implanted a fertilised egg that would be born as a female into his wife’s (Ninti) womb. Later Ti-Amat was born. Enki used 7 more clones of Ti-Amat fertilised egg as he did with clones of Adamu and created 7 more females.
Enki put the 8 males and 8 females together who copulated quite frequently but the females never got pregnant. By now, the mining class of Annunaki were near mutiny after Enki did not deliver the super slaves he promised.
After more research, they discovered that the reproductive gene in both Adamu and Ti-Amat was switched off and there was only one way to switch it on. Genetic material from a significant amount of bone marrow of a Annunaki male and female was needed to be inserted into the hybrids. Enki and Ninmah had one rib each extracted and had them inserted into Adamu and Ti-Amat. It was successful, Ti-Amat got pregnant by Adamu. Enki apparently declared “We have added two branches to their Tree of Life. Now with procreating ability their life essence are now entwined”
To keep them secret from the other Annunaki royalty, Enki let Adamu and Ti-Amat live in his private orchard at his place in Edin (mouth of the Persian Gulf) while the pregnancy ran its course.
Just before the Ti-Amat was due to give birth, the most senior royal on Earth, Enlil, discovered what Enki was up to and was furious. Enlil ordered them to be expelled from Edin into the desert where they would die.
That’s it... the story of Adam & Eve. The Visitors tell us that Ti-Amat (Eve) most probably died from her pregnancy due to the size of the baby.
I hope that answers question 1 for you and it should cover question 2 also.... I know it was a bit long but that is the minimum I could get away with telling you.



Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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