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The Golden Thread, Volume 5.2 2010
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Author:  Siam [ Sat Mar 13, 2010 5:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Golden Thread, Volume 2010 5.2

On Jan 14th a dear five year on-line friend and intellectual pen pal of mine Sharon entered Hospice Care after losing a year long fight against stage three breast cancer. We her online friends began a 24/7 world wide prayer circle.

Yesterday afternoon Sharon age 34 walked out of the Hospice Care Unit. Her cancer COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY Gone out of her system.. To the other and complete shock of her doctors and specialists!!!

A Tribute to the power of The ONE, To the REAL POWER Behind the Throne of the Universe! The one that EVERY earthly king and power wanna be WILL have to face and bend knee to and answer to for their deeds upon the Earth!

A Tribute to God! Goddess or Great Spirit what ever its name. But know this and know well IT is Real! Here and Watches over all of us in this Universe.


That is wonderful, every once in awhile you hear of such a miracle, I just wish we could have more. Thank you for sharing. :candle

Author:  midnight [ Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Golden Thread, Volume 2010 5.2

So I thought it would be interesting to participate in the Saturday Nancy-Zeta GLP thread.

Here is my question, and the Zeta response.

Is Nibiru (Planet X) still populated by giant hominoids, as was said to be the case the last time it crossed through our section of the solar system?

The Annunaki reside on Planet X, and will for some time. Where they are considered peers of mankind, they have a decided negative bent, as they were influenced unduly by aliens in the STS in the past. Thus, they are not participating in the Transformation as mankind is at this time, and will remain in 3rd density after the Earth switch to 4th density.

I keep reading about the recent Zeta interactions with humans, particularly the hybrid outcome, but I wonder what role the Annunaki (if they exist in our current time) will play in the next few years. The Zetas say they "are not participating in the Transformation as mankind is at the time", but in the months leading up to this possible transformation are they going to be passively watching events unfold on Earth?

The Annunaki haven't in the past been described as passive. My question is whether they are a threat? That is, if they exist on the Destroyer, a planet that I am still not sure exists in our present time.

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