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 The Golden Thread, Volume 3.6 2007 
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Of course the ghosts of 911 victims haunt the sites. They were MURDERED by their government. Unable to find rest they are now venguful spirits. sigh

Shady ... 70911-0842

Ghosts Haunting Flight 93 Crash Site?

Grown men who work as security officers and are known to be tough guys started seeing ghosts at the crash site of United Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania soon after the plane crashed on Sept. 11, 2001. Hired to guard the site 24/7, security officers with R.A.C., a rent-a-cop outfit, reported that strange things started happening on this sacred plot of ground they were charged with protecting. There were heroes aboard Flight 93--ordinary people turned heroes who wrestled with the hijackers and took the plane down in an empty field in Pennsylvania rather than its intended target in Washington, D.C., now thought to be the U.S. Capitol. The 44 people on board perished as the plane plowed into the ground forming a mammoth crater and a huge fireball.
See an aerial photo of the Flight 93 crash site shot on Sept. 12, 2001, as well as a series of photos of the memorial created on that site.

The site is protected by a gate, which is about a mile from the crash location. In addition, there is a house trailer that was supplied by the FBI and state police that is located right next to the crash site. A few months after the crash, guard Robert Wagstaff told EarthFiles reporter Linda Moulton Howe about the ghosts.

Where were you on September 11, 2001 when you first heard of the terrorist attacks? Share your story in the News Forum.

Ghost Story No. 1: The Game of Cards
One night after they had searched the area thoroughly and found nothing out of order, Wagstaff and his partner decided to pass the time playing cards in the trailer. Someone knocked on the door. They opened it--and no one was there. So they went outside the trailer to do another search. They found no one and assumed it was the wind that made the knocking sound. "So, we go back into the trailer and we got our coffee and we went to sit back down to play some cards," he told EarthFiles. "We didn't have any chairs set up yet. Well, when we went to sit back down, one of the chairs was already set up and we didn't set it up. I don't know where the chair came from. I don't know who put it there." Wagstaff and his partner looked at each other and shrugged. He said they tried to ignore it. They started playing cards. And then they heard muffled voices outside the trailer. "It sounded like a group of people. It sounded like more than one. They all sounded like they was outside on the back half of the trailer. So we hurried out and ran outside, and we looked and there was no footprints in the snow," he said. Wagstaff has a theory about this: He thinks the hero spirits were herding the terrorist spirits into the trailer using it as a prison, and the heroes are still being heroes--protecting the guards from the terrorist spirits.

The 9/11 New York firefighters and first responders who rescued thousands will do something on this sixth anniversary of the terrorist attacks that they have never before done.

Ghost Story No. 2: "So, now what?"
The trailer spooked him so much, that Wagstaff guarded the site from the main gate while sitting in his car. He was there one night at about 3 a.m. He had been alternately working a crossword puzzle and staring at the gate, when he laid his head back to rest for a minute. Then he heard a male voice distinctly say: "So, now what?" No one was there. "It sounded just like somebody was in my car, like somebody was in the passenger seat and I was in the driver's seat. That's how clear it was, but there was nobody there!" he told EarthFiles.

Find out why there is much tension in New York City surrounding the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Ghost Story No. 3: Who's Sitting On the Car?
Another night he was at the main gate sitting in his car--a 1987 Cougar--with the engine running. It had just stopped raining. All of a sudden, it felt as if someone jumped up to sit on the trunk of the car. No one was in sight. He got out to look. No one was there. No tracks or footprints were in the mud. No scuffs were on the car, marring the dirt and rainwater. Nothing. But while Wagstaff was staring at the trunk of his car, the rear end of the Cougar jumped back up. "Like whatever was on it came off," he said.

You're on a subway. A man rises from his seat and hurries to the door, leaving behind a package. You notice and call out to him, but he keeps going. Did he just plant a bomb on the train? Find out what you should do.

Ghost Story No. 4: The Woman With the Light Brown Hair
Wagstaff says he saw a ghost near the main gate, which is about a mile from the crash site. "I seen this woman as clear as day," Wagstaff told EarthFiles. He said she was walking toward the main gate from the crash site at about 4 a.m. one night. There was a full moon and a lot of light. She was wearing a blue baseball jersey and blue jeans. She had light brown hair and wore glasses. She didn't have a coat. She vanished into thin air when Wagstaff approached. He said, "She totally disappeared. She didn't like fade out or nothing. It was almost as if I blinked, and she wasn't there no more." But he saw her again--in photographs of the Flight 93 passengers.

Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:21 am
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Post Will they go round in circles....again
Personally, after having read the one statement that should appear on Rick Doty's epitaph:

“There are times when you deceive the public you are doing the public a great service and I certainly protect the public with deception operations if it were for their own good.”

I have to agree wholeheartedly with Marci's statement, that he and the rest of the gasbags are:

"Exempt From Concern"

Sometimes it's hard for me to bite my tongue when I think of just how criminal these ufoologists have been in tying up the thought-time of truthseekers, channeling their interest into book-buying and dividing them into various camps. Other times I know I have to forgive them their ignorance and lack of humility, but one thing is certain: unless they can collectively admit they've all been bamboozled on certain matters, while being given select morsels of truthful fact, and take the issues to where they really belong - which is in the legislatures, particularly the Congress of the United States - they need to be avoided at all costs. Dan B. claims Doty was thrown out of Area 51 when he got drunk and out-of-hand at the bar there, and even without believing Dan on this he's already admitted he deceives the public and takes pride in it! Continuing to give this guy press is to take part in his deception. As for the rest of them; I'll give them the benefit of the doubt when I weigh in, assuming that most of them have a grain or two of 'factual truth' and a genuine willingness to get to the heart of the matter, but it won't be as easy as simply 'sweeping out the rubbish'.

"We seek a free flow of information... we are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."-John F. Kennedy, Feb. 26th, 1962.

Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:30 am
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Where did you find that Doty quote?


Thanks for the info. Very interesting, it will take me a while to sort through it.


"Better a small leader than a big follower."

Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:29 am
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I look Rick Doty and the rest of Former Intelligence types entirely differently.

Doty’s job was (and is who really knows) is Protecting the United States from ‘all’ foreign intelligence types (spies). Protecting Uncle Sam’s secrets be they saucers or simply advanced aircraft under US development.

So we UFO investigators (like it or not) in Uncle Sam’s eyes are “foreign intelligence operatives” attempt to discover Uncle Sam’s TOP SECRETS. Doty and his like are simply doing their jobs as Counter Intelligence Operatives. And keeping you from prying into Uncle Sam’s secrets. Its really a matter of National Intelligence and Security. If you really really sit back dispassionately and think about it.

What he did to poor Paul Benn was dirty and underhand. But people really forget Paul Benn had “Listening and Illigel” Wiretaps into Kirkland and he was publishing those radio traffic frequencies all over in the net in late 1980s and 1990s (Still the Cold War btw). Like it or not Paul Benn was endangering the USA at the time by publishing that data. Any Russian/Soviet could have picked up those frequencies and used it against the USA. When mess with the Military your not going to get a slap on the back of the hand “You must’en do that! Shame on you.” The military folks “Silence” you we all know that! Yes it dirty and underhanded for them to have sent Paul Benn into the loony bin. But that’s official policy in the military’s view the most expedient course.

The likes of Doty and co-hoorts are simply doing what they were trained to do by our military

I’m spoken to Doty and Dr.Green in email correspondence in the past. These guys like it or not are Military through and through. They believe in the United States they believe in this country and what it stands for.. They believe in and love this country. They do what they do out of their love for this country. Can we really blame them for being Patriotic? They’re willing to lay down their Patriotism and lives if need be down to protect their Country and and Government.

We may all scream FOWL! FOWL! (Ufo investigators) but like it or not Doty and the rest are simply doing what the military expects of them. They are keeping foreign operatives from getting anywhere near Uncle Sam’s secrets. If the UFO community believe the like of Doty, Collins Smith and the rest to give up their secrets (betray their country) for the sake of UFO truth. People are indeed in for a long long long wait that will never end. These guys WON’T spill the beans just give you countr operative treatment.

If the UFO investigators want the “Truth” they will have find it on their own and stop waiting for the Birds to spill their guts. Nor should the UFO community bitch and gripe about the likes of Doty and his co-horts for they are simply following the dictates of their conscious which tells them they are doing the right thing in the protection of the country they love.

Yes I view Doty and his co-horts as "Trickly Coyotes" Tricksters extrodinary and some of their actions as reprensable to me and my views. But I understand their point of view and respect their beliefs. Even if I don't agree with them.

Just some thoughts,


Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:58 am
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Post "everything you know is wrong" - Firesign Theater
Rick Doty is a compulsive liar. He was picked up and promoted just for his ability to spew swine on pearls. Have I met him? No, I just use my sense of smell. It seldom fails me.

Is Dr. Dan? I am 'exempt from concern" on that one. I am a nobody so i don't hafta concentrate onnit until my eyes cross. He presents a far better story than Doty, the pathetic littol tragicomic figure glazed wrong. A much better story.

How's your story coming along, btw? Do you even have one yet? Better get one. Its fashionable theze daze....

One thing to consider...everyone who claims contact with aliens acts a littol weird. ya know? How can ya try to toil toil trouble and bubble weird into acceptable. this is fruitless,
in my humble opinion. call it what ya want, all yer gonna get is weird.

So, let's get weird. alien-styled-us.

Tue Sep 11, 2007 7:04 pm
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trinity wrote:

911 was an inside job perpetrated by the United States Government against its own people. It was a false flag attack to justify an illegal war.

Because NONE OF YOU will do a god damned thing about your corrupt government the oppression continues...

- You have been a SLAVE for thousands of years -

I have sacrificed greatly to try and open your eyes... to little or no avail...

I have very little faith left in the human race as a whole...

You are absolutely the most disgustingly selfish and self centered creatures I have come to know in all my travels through gods creation..

For you - There will be NO PARDON -

you didn't even try....

Uncle John here: First, I applaud you for bringing attention to 911 by turning off GLP. For this you have my respect. You also have my appreciation for GLP.

The "NONE OF YOU" is wrong. Every Wednesday, Carol Brouillet sets up a table in down town Palo Alto, California, and sells and passes out 911 info. She has been doing this for years. God bless her. I'm now listening to Jim Marrs on Jeff Rense discuss 911.

Second, if you think that 911 was an inside job perpetrated by a government of independent humans freely selected by humans, you are seriously mistaken. Our government is controlled by non-humans. Our whole democracy is a charade! The whole military industrial complex is a charade!

Of course we are slaves. God has allowed our souls to be controlled by evil. Perhaps a soul can only advance by experiencing being controlled by evil. The truly sad thing is that most all humans are not aware being controlled by evil. They are too dumbed down!

Sharks are way more selfish and self centered creatures than humans.

If you have traveled much through gods creation and remember it then why don't you tell us about it? Why keep it a secret?

Forgiveness can reach each being. Of course are sins will not be forgotten or pardoned, but each sentient being can raise themselves above their sins. Have you not studied the message of Christ?

I try each day to awaken those around me. So far today I've spoken to at least ten persons and tried to awaken them to the 911 truth. The major problem is that these persons can only see as far the figureheads in our government and their lust and greed to control the oil fields. They and probably you don't have the imagination to see that these figureheads are only puppets to the real controlling force in our small section of the universe. Also understand that the ET's are also puppets to this real controlling force.

Only by recognizing this real controlling force can we overcome it. This can only occur one sentient being at a time and perhaps your time has come.

Edit: Follow up from person feeding my ego. I love it.

Yaeshuah at GLP wrote:
You have honor. You know love. You serve divinity. You carry the Spirit of Freedom deep within your heart.

I can sense your LOVE flooding your soul my friend.

Tue Sep 11, 2007 8:56 pm
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Post Re: "everything you know is wrong" - Firesign Thea

I respect you greatly I said long ago that your one of the unique people I've encountered on the Internet, a artist when it comes to written word. I still hold that opinion no matter what you think of me.

You put too much faith in Burisch, even if he's the real deal, even if what he's telling everyone is the truth as he perceives it. Key point as he perceives it.

Its not the entire truth and never will be. He's been feed the only truth his handlers want him to tell the public while they retain 'meat' and toss you (an the rest of the public) the gnawed bone.

Do you honestly think those behind Burisch would willingly share "The Truth" to public if knowing that truth gives them a tactical advantage to keep their power and wealth. These men/women have hidden "The Truth" for more then sixty years now. They have even KILLED to protect their secrets from reaching the public. Do you for one minute think these people would share those secrets just because Dan Burisch demands it??

No Ulbeck they wouldn't given their track record.

What 'Truth" Burisch is sharing can be considered only at best 'disinformation' if its not then Don Dep is entirely correct in his assumptions. The worlds going to hell in 2012 either by Planet X or some other world wide disaster. There for telling the public the "Truth" at this point won't do us any good anyway we'll be all DEAD while they are safely away in their bunkers.

Notice Ulbeck that even Dan Burisch can't talk about anything of importance or his handlers simply Shut him Up! Anyone that asks the "meaty" questions are Shut OUT (Sterling asking about the bio-weapons work that produced the Gulf War Syndrome great example) When Dan Burisch HIMSELF began to talk about "Safe Zones" to survive the coming disasters, Don was "Shut UP" Hell he and Toni got chased off to Canada and their lives destroyed! Today all Dan talks about is "bright happy future" when originally HE was the Doom and Gloom town crier!

Dan Burisch's truth is all Ordered all designed from above and when its not going as his handlers want it go, its constantly revised and re-written.

Ulbeck thats not "truth"

So is Doty or the "Birds" speaking the truth then? Hell know. Because EVERY true insider has constantly said one thing about the UFO/ET studies under the military one simple truth.

A. EVERY project is highly compartmentized by the powers that be. So that NO ONE has clue to the whole story while they do their cubical work on it.

B. You are only given enough information to complete your cublical work and NEVER more.

Did Doty or Burisch have un interupted access to S4-Area 51? NO Doty had his desk in the O.S.I had his assignment folders and thats it. If Burisch is the real deal then all he had was lab table top, and sildes with tissue samples for his microscrope. Thats its not more, no access to anything else and no means what so ever to give us anything of "complete" picture because they themselves would have never been given a "complete" picture.. Catch my drift?

Doty, Burisch, Dan Smith, and the rest of them have volumes of volumes of stories and tales to tell, Thats simply IMPOSSIBLE given of what we know of how the Black Ops communitty handles their UFO/ET projects.


ubleck wrote:
Rick Doty is a compulsive liar. He was picked up and promoted just for his ability to spew swine on pearls. Have I met him? No, I just use my sense of smell. It seldom fails me.

Is Dr. Dan? I am 'exempt from concern" on that one. I am a nobody so i don't hafta concentrate onnit until my eyes cross. He presents a far better story than Doty, the pathetic littol tragicomic figure glazed wrong. A much better story.

How's your story coming along, btw? Do you even have one yet? Better get one. Its fashionable theze daze....

One thing to consider...everyone who claims contact with aliens acts a littol weird. ya know? How can ya try to toil toil trouble and bubble weird into acceptable. this is fruitless,
in my humble opinion. call it what ya want, all yer gonna get is weird.

So, let's get weird. alien-styled-us.

Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:12 pm
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Just to add.

Simply put if Dan Burisch was telling the truth. He wouldn't be hidding in his secure forum, his handlers wouldn't protect him like a child they do!

TRUTH if its the REAL TRUTH doesn't need defenses to protect it form skeptism or critics or investigative questioning. Truth is the most powerful of things NOTHING can stand against it once spoken!

Lies on the other hand need the prefect ground to be planted in. An thats what is. Furtile Ground for it be planeted in, Protected and Guarded by watch dogs, owls and handler Marci.


Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:24 pm
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Andy Lloyd - Dark Star, Evidence for Planet X
September 9, 2007

We're joined by Scientist, Research and Author Andy Lloyd to talk about his Book: Dark Star - Evidence for Planet X. Topics Discussed: Zacharia Sitchin, Planet X Research, The Science behind the Dark Star, A surprising Force in our Solar System, The Object Emits Heat and Light, The Dark Star may have Planets Orbiting it with Life, New Findings, Jupiter as a "failed" Star, Velikovsky, Binary Star Systems or Dual Suns, Brown Dwarfs, The Orbit of the Dark Star, Where is it Now? Sagittarius and the Center of the Galaxy, Searching in the Infra Red Spectrum, Vatican Observatory, Mythologies about the Dark Star, Was Planet X destroyed: Evidence for this is in the Gap between Mars and Jupiter; the Asteroid belt? And Much More. Don't miss our Subscriber interview with Andy on Freemasonic Symbolism, Alchemical Art Work in connection to the Dark Star, The Return of the Gods and the Origins of the Rosicrucian's, 2012 and the End of the Age. ... 70909.html

Very extensive information on "Dark Star" Planet X

Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:55 pm
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Shady Groves wrote:
I look Rick Doty and the rest of Former Intelligence types entirely differently.

Doty’s job was (and is who really knows) is Protecting the United States from ‘all’ foreign intelligence types (spies). Protecting Uncle Sam’s secrets be they saucers or simply advanced aircraft under US development.


You're sometimes a hard one to figure Shady?


Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:09 am
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Strange..I just finished finding update information about William Herrmann and the Zetas.
Apparently, he did a documentary and now regrets doing it because he feels the Zetas are satanic deceptive. Egads...BTW..which ones is he talking about? I never got that feeling after reading about his experiences.
The below is from Andrew posting on prepare4contact.
So, I'm cross posting.
If you think his is an unlikely case...think again. I have somewhat a similar problem situation. And it isn't any fun.


Andrew wrote:

or ... coming to terms with the zeta ..

In 1996 in Leith, Edinburgh, I was recuperating late from a Scottish
music gig the previous night when at about eleven O' clock in the
morning a small slim alien wearing of all bizarre things an evening
dress materialises in my bedroom.
She is about five feet seven, emanates great age and is wearing an
evening gown with long evening gloves and a string of pearls.
At this point, your guess is as good as mine.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw this.
She walks over to the side of my bed and stands there looking down at
me. She explains that she is from an Imperial court and that she wants
to teach me about their Royal etiquette.
She next asks if I thought she was comely … and I look her in her
strange almond shaped humanesque eyes.

I could hear my guardian Angel shout out `No !!' and then next there
is a flash of white light as a standard zeta reticulan capture device
discharges in its attempt to transport me.
I next feel like I am floating with everything totally white around
me, there being absolutely no visible landmarks in this white zone.
Still fully conscious I next could see four Men who were not very
pleased at the attempted abduction.
Not knowing exactly where I was, I asked them if it was all over for
me and they just said `no .. its ok, we're going to return you.'

My guardian or indeed a team of Angels had headed this one off at the
Obviously the regal stuff was some sort of confidence trick to gain my
attention and empathy, but what was this all about I wondered …
I was being protected by some no nonsense Angels.
Thankfully whoever had supplied the technology to this being had been
unable to prevail with it.
The next time I saw this lady she was wearing normal looking clothes
looking more human but with the same head-shape and had a similar
pearl necklace on and she smiled at me.

Who was this person I began thinking .. and if I'm not mistaken that
would be the third time in four weeks I had seen her locally either
smiling at me from a passing car or waiting for me at the Mall.

She could teleport herself and appeared to have access to resources
and equipment and how could she be certain that the regal type
confidence trick was going to get past my obvious guardians.

What was that about and why would regal things really go for my ego.

Was she operating solo and indeed was I being tagged and targeted by
invisible interstellar technologies and beings.
The human eyesight and cognition can only do so much in these

Where I was staying in Fife, the television reception was bad and
tended to not deliver any meaningful pictures to the license payers.
Indeed the place was a known black hole for terrestrial TV.
I had put the teletext news service on to pick up the headlines but
could make out nothing meaningful in the jumble of letters except `Be
Good', which had been the little ET's advice to the child hero in the
Spielberg film ET.
Deciding that I needed some control of the situation, and not letting
my psychology be driven and hence controlled by alien BS, I put on my
starwars DVD, and having heard the dialog before put on some music to
play along with it, just letting the images run. To my surprise it
seemed that the dynamics of the movements in the film were somehow
synchronising to the music.
My music was upbeat pop and the movements of the characters in the
movie seemed to jerk along to the beat.

Realising that this kind of stuff is totally impossible to prove after
the fact or even before it – certainly without careful scientific
measurements and timing – I changed the CD and put on a classical
music track behind the same tract of film. This time to my horror
things seemed to get a bit more slow and smooth and twirly.
Cannot be .. said my rational mind, starting to object.

Lets see if there is some stuff in my house interfering with the laws
of physics and motion.
I had a coffee table and decided to try out the laws of gravity. I
held a small hard plastic ball over it and let go. The expected effect
was one bounce not so high as the original drop height, then a
succession of quicker and progressively shorter and hence more rapid
bounces diminishing the balls energy to a stop.
That was exactly what happened.
I did it again and I could hear the first bounce, but the second one
didn't happen .. not for a disconcertingly rather long time … the ball
had been held up .. postponed .. delayed.
But by whom or what.
I reckoned that with my television set and HiFi not co-operating that
I had better switch them off and try to sit down on my couch and take
stock of what seemed to be happening.

It was getting dark and tonight was actually Halloween which in
Scotland is traditionally a time for unhappy things in the great outdoors.
Witches, Ghosts and Aliens no doubt were all over the place and
knowing my track record for these kind of encounters even when I'm not
looking for them, I intended to stay in tonight and get some peace and

I made my supper and sat down to look at a magazine, looking up
suddenly to see a fairly dark monotonic hologram of princes street,
Edinburgh's main street, in the glass display cabinet.
I don't do any substances and hadn't been slipped any so whatever I
was looking at was being provided on top of my beans on toast.

I sat there looking at this brown grey hologram of some guy in a long
raincoat being shunned and socially abused by classier looking people
on Princes street in Edinburgh.
One often doesn't need alien vision equipment to see that.

A rather disconcerting sight, I get up from my couch deciding that the
UK television standards agency Ofcom needed to be informed about this
illegal and pirate TV station that was putting out programmes without
adequate sound and then broadcasting them straight into my glass cabinet.

I rather thought that I should go on the internet and went over to my
machine, but as I looked into the dark powered down monitor, I could
see some movement behind the glass.
Not certain what I was looking at I stood back and then could clearly
see a little women in white, identical to the interstellar secret
agent lady who had previously tried to abduct me and she was waving at me.
This was not on .. in more ways than one.

I blinked and rubbed my eyes .. but then she brought her face closer
to the glass and as it got bigger and more obvious I stepped back.
As I did so … other little specks of light started to fly out of the
black glass front of the monitor.
More and more quickly came into the room through the monitor that was
being used by this being like some sort of portal.
I could see that there were lights and objects swirling about in my
room and that the objects looked rather like triangular wedges, like
they were little manta rays.

I realised that I was in deep sh*t so I prayed to my guardian and felt
that things were ok and that I was not to panic.

The big swarm of strange flying wedges circled and chaotically circled
around the room and passed upstairs through the ceiling and I went up
the stairs to see what it was up to. It then formed itself into a
formation, getting smaller and smaller and flew into my landscape
painting of mars like they were a flock of happy migrating geese under

I was relieved to see the flock of horrid stuff go because I had the
idea that these things can get into humans if we get unlucky.
It was possible that I had been exposed to some sort of parasite
hosting attack by this strange being who appeared to be out to get me.

Was she some sort of interstellar hit lady and in fact, were there
others on the case too ? and why ?

I went outside after that to get some fresh air. It was a dark
Halloween night and the rows of houses were sparsely lit.
I looked up the hill to the top of the allegedly abandoned underground
base where I had seen a UFO offload a few weeks ago and wondered what
else was going on around here at night.
My eyes looked up to the sky to try to pick out the moon and stars and
some movement caught my attention on a rooftop opposite.
There was a stocky semi-transparent alien running across the roof in a
loping gait.
It was about five feet tall and seemed thickly built or somehow suited.
Next thing there is a flash of orange and the thing is gone.

I started to wonder whether or not I was going to get out of this nest
of nonsense intact. I certainly don't think having one of Captain
Kirk's best phasers would have helped, as these things could become
impossibly small, fast and difficult for the human faculties to track.
I don't think any human nervous system could successfully wage war on
these processes, however specially trained and equipped.
Worse still, the local police, who played for laughs were wearing Star
Trek Federation badges and not necessarily any lapel numbers.
I was hoping to Klingon here for as long as possible.

My local Chinese takeaway was called the Wok In .. which no doubt
served up the very best cuisine for miles around to the Naval
personnel at both the surface and underground military base and
training academy.
As long as no-one `walked in' to my being and abducted me, things
would be ok.

The next morning after I peacefully slept in the Angelic arms of my
guardian, I powered up my camera and started taking some pictures,
especially of the room downstairs.
Sure enough there were still a couple of the little wedge-shaped
parasites swimming about amongst the more usual astral plankton and I
managed to get some images of this entity.
There had though been many more last night.

In Scotland it is traditional to have sea food served up with chipped
potatoes, so if anyone wants to know what they would be having with
their chips if they went to Rosyth take a look at the photo section in
this book.

In the morning, there was a circular blister about two inches in
diameter in the paintwork on my front door.
Some alien had managed to fire one off in my general direction.

To me there was some significant stuff happening locally at the
alleged deep level base. I could see the UFO traffic.
On top of this though, long before I had ever come to this locality,
this luminous white haired spindly being had been trying to do some
bad stuff to me.
Trying to abduct me for and on behalf of the Zeta's.
Whoever had hired her though no doubt expected results and no doubt
she would be requesting bigger and better equipment and no doubt would
be trying harder to get close in the future.

The next time I saw her, she or someone looking almost identical and
much more human was on the streets of Edinburgh one minute and when I
looked away and looked back, she was gone.
She has been on my tail for at least ten years and was letting me know
that she's still around.

Maybe the Zeta's will have found somebody better in the galactic
yellow pages by now … I doubt that my Guardian Angel is worried though.

Wed Sep 12, 2007 3:05 pm
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what is happening here?
a kilo just ain't what it used to be.....
unibongered wrote:

Official prototype of kilogram mysteriously losing weight
Published: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 | 11:48 AM ET
Canadian Press: JAMEY KEATEN

PARIS (AP) - A kilogram just isn't what it used to be.

A 118-year-old cylinder that has been the international prototype for the metric mass, and kept tightly under lock and key outside Paris, is mysteriously losing its weight - if ever so slightly.

Physicist Richard Davis of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures in Sevres, southwest of Paris, says the reference kilo appears to have lost 50 micrograms compared with the average of dozens of copies.

"The mystery is that they were all made of the same material, and many were made at the same time and kept under the same conditions, and yet the masses among them are slowly drifting apart," he said.

"We don't really have a good hypothesis for it," Davis said in a phone interview Wednesday.

But only the one in Sevres really counts. It is kept in a triple-locked safe at a chateau and only rarely sees the light of day - mostly for comparison with other cylinders shipped in periodically from around the world.

"It's not clear whether the original has become lighter, or the national prototypes have become heavier," said Michael Borys, a senior researcher with Germany's national measures institute in Braunschweig. "But by definition, only the original represents exactly a kilogram."

The kilogram's inconstancy illustrates how technological progress is leaving science's most basic measurements in its dust. The cylinder was high-tech for its day in 1889 when cast from a platinum and iridium alloy, measuring 3.9 centimetres in diameter and height.

At a November meeting of scientists in Paris, an advisory panel on measurements will present possible steps toward basing the kilogram and other measures - like Kelvin for temperature, and the mole for amount - on more precise calculations. Ultimately, policy-makers from around the world would have to agree to any change.

Even countries that don't use the metric system could be affected by the kilogram's uncertainty: the kilogram is also the ultimate weight standard for the U.S. customary system, where it equals 2.2 pounds.

But don't expect the questions about the kilo to lead to public campaigns to lower the price of bread, or cause wary waistline-watchers to re-examine their weights: 50 micrograms is roughly equivalent to the weight of a fingerprint.

"For the lay person, it won't mean anything," said Davis. "The kilogram will stay the kilogram, and the weights you have in a weight set will all still be correct."

But for scientists who rely on the official kilogram for minute measurements every day, the inconstant metric constant is a nuisance - threatening calculation of things like electricity generation.

"They depend on a mass measurement and it's inconvenient for them to have a definition of the kilogram which is based on some artifact," said Davis, who is American.

Many measurements have undergone makeovers over the years.

The metre was once defined as roughly the distance between scratches on a bar, a far cry from today's high-tech standard involving the distance that light travels in a vacuum.

One of the leading alternatives considered for a 21st-century kilogram is a sphere made out of a Silicon-28 isotope crystal, which would involve a single type of atom and have a fixed mass.

"We could obviously use a better definition," Davis said.
© The Canadian Press, 2007

Wed Sep 12, 2007 7:36 pm
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Dex don’t get me wrong I’m not excusing Doty’s (or his co-hoorts) actions or Burisch’s (if he is who he claims and the rest of them).

They willingly choose to join the BLACK side of the military industrial complex they may have done so originally as a patriotic thing believing they served the greater good. Yet, along the way they learned truth. That the military industrial complex required of them go against basic human conscious. Common human decentency ethics and moral.

Doty did when he played mind games with Paul Benn sending him to the loony bin Crain did the moment he blocked out the screams coming off level four and preceeded to work on level five.

At that moment they “sold their soul.” Signed and Sealed their Faustian deal with powers that be and the Military Industrial Complex. They in essence became servants of evil from a philosophical stand point.

The Doty’s, the Birds, the “Insiders” and yes even Burisch, Owl Mongrel and the rest of them (if they are the real thing for the sake of argument) are broken and morally corrupted men. Indeed all of them in the “Black Community” it’s the only way the “Black Community” could operate and function. These men and women inside it would obey any order given to them and would not question it even if went against common human decency morals and ethics.

In theory they are no better them common criminal this very night sitting in their jail cells or prison sells. With one accept ion they still walk our streets and continue to commit their crime against society instead of occupy a jail cell.

Does that mean they are beyond redemption? Does it mean they are beyond hope. NO. For I truly believe that no one is beyond hope of redemption.

I’m sure in those quiet private moments I’m sure their conscious over what they have committed against society, eats that them gnaws at them they might have even had many a sleepless night over it. I’m sure that they may want stop it, “get out” and join the rest of normal society from which they hail. But the only way they are going to do just that is slay “the Beast” in their lives. The Beast being in this case their allegiances to “Black Ops” Community.

In the sake of Doty and Insiders. In the sake of Burisch and Majestic. They have to REJECT everything. They have to resign and most importantly admit to their crimes while in these agencies.

Its more easily said then done. For in many cases these men and women of the Black Ops community have devoted their entire adult lives to the “agency” it would mean they have to admit their lifes work was “wrong’ maybe even “evil”. In the case of Burisch it would be Dan would have to say to his surrget father fignre J1 (Mike McConnell) “You serve an evil system and I will no longer be apart of it or you!”

Then and only then would there be “remediation” An then and only then could we as humanity welcome them back into societal fold as one of us sort of speak.

Until they in essence Repent of their Sin against all of humanity, in their works and deeds with the Black Community. We should NOT accept them as anything other then the our own enemy.

So Dex for me to say I can understand where Doty and Crain come from in their views and respect their position. It DOES NOT nessuary follow that I forgive them or agree with their actions. They’re still not invited under my roof or at my table as a welcome guest.

But I do hope one day that their individual consciousness eat at them enough until one day they say “ENOUGH! Screw you! Military Industrial Complex! Everything you taught me was wrong simply wrong. I reject it! I will no longer be apart of it! Or work in your behalf!”

If that day ever happens.. Hell I’ll make peace with Burisch instantly along with the likes of the Birdies and Doty. For in Christian terms “The Prodigal Son” would have returned. In christian sense “my brother was Dead but is alive again!”

Until then Dex they are my enemy and the rest of humanities. For they work against Society against Humanity itself!

Dex wrote:
Shady Groves wrote:
I look Rick Doty and the rest of Former Intelligence types entirely differently.

Doty’s job was (and is who really knows) is Protecting the United States from ‘all’ foreign intelligence types (spies). Protecting Uncle Sam’s secrets be they saucers or simply advanced aircraft under US development.


You're sometimes a hard one to figure Shady?


Wed Sep 12, 2007 7:46 pm
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Why thank you Mongrel for confirming that you read here.

You know I'm right, even if your afraid to admit it. One day you will though Mongrel, when you see your communitty set off that missing nuke in a Major US city. When the PTB create another False Flag OP in the USA.
as they did on 9/11.

Until then snicker all you wish.... I will say this and it might even give you a laugh. We are in the "end times" The question is Mongrel can you honestly say in your heart and soul that your Black Op's brothers and sisters are side of Good or the side of Evil?

There is still time to choose the Light and Love of your Creator, God or Goddess or Great Spirit what ever you want to call it. .



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by Bob Dylan

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone.
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

[Mongreal Highlighted]

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin'.

For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There's a battle outside
And it is ragin'.
It'll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'.
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'.
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

Thu Sep 13, 2007 12:43 am
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ZetaTalk: Snooping on Contactees
Note: written on May 15, 1996


As a part of our agreement with MJ12, we originally informed them of the contactee status of US citizens. It soon became apparent that this information was being misused by the CIA arm of the secret government, and we ceased this practice, altering our agreement. This was in place during the first two decades of our agreement with MJ12, the fifties and sixties, more or less. Those in the Service-to-Self orientation were also asked to keep the government informed, but as they don't keep their word the list of contactees from these aliens not only lacked their true contacts, it listed citizens who had never been contacted. Thus many were harassed by the CIA during those decades, pointlessly. We do report to MJ12 when we are taking a contactee elsewhere in the Universe, checking the contactee out and back in, in a formal manner similar to US Customs. As this is seldom done, few contactees have been affected by this routine.

As a result of discovering that Service-to-Self aliens were not reporting their true contacts, and our eventual refusal to list contactees at all, the CIA set up their own intelligence operations. In those days contactees were not aware of each other, so locating them was done by scanning for profiles. If a citizen indicated an interest in UFO subjects they were put on the list and subsequently watched through phone tapping or other surveillance. Nowadays this type of snooping and searching for contactees is done primarily in contactee support groups, which are infiltrated by CIA agents pretending to be contactees. As the majority of humans asserting contactee status are making it all up, and as the vast majority of humans interested in UFOlogy don't have contactee status, this is all an exercise in frustration for the CIA, and lately this activity has fallen out of favor. What's the point? They have a list of suspected contactees which is almost entirely incorrect, and the true contactees are unknown to them. Add to that the burgeoning list of contactees as the Awakening progresses and the budget cutbacks the CIA is experiencing, and one can see why the program has little backing any more.

All rights reserved:

Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:17 am
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By LONG JOHN NEBEL As Told to Lloyd Malian

Space visitors make Earthly contact with only a select few, and here the famous radio personality discusses a few of their experiences (of the contactees, that is, not the Space Visitors).

Source: TRUE Report on Flying Saucers, Page 44, Vol. 2, 1968

The name "Long John Nebel" is a household word in millions of American homes. His all-night radio talk show on WNBC reaches out far beyond the confines of New York City to 35 states. On the NBC national network he is heard across the nation. He has avid supporters - and equally avid dissenters. Nobody can be indifferent to Long John Nebel, which is the key to his huge success. He is undoubtedly the dean of radio discussion-panel moderators. His subjects range from surgery and law to psychology and Flying Saucers.

An affirmation of his broadcasting magnetism was an award presented to him recently by TV Radio Mirror magazine. The Long John Nebel Show was voted the "out­standing program in its broadcasting area."

A man with an incisive tongue and broad erudition, John Nebel is six feet four inches tall - which is why he became known as "Long John." He is certainly one of this nation's foremost authorities on the lore of Flying Saucers.

Sam Vandivert photos of G. Adamski, H. Menger, G. Van Tassel, A. Sinatra, etc,. ... eKnown.htm

I’ve had so many people on the air telling me wild stories about how they have been contacted by the crews of Flying Saucers that I want to preface this article by saying: " I don't buy any of it." However, my personal opinion about Saucers, or UFOs, as they are now more accurately called, changes from day to day. Some days I think that there must be something to them. Other days I am sure they are figments of the observer's imagination. I must say that I do feel there is something up there in the air. But whether that something may be pieces of paper tossed by the wind, weather balloons, meteors, the planet Venus or simple hallucinations I cannot truthfully say. Yet some of the strange phenomena that have been reported as seen in the sky certainly makes me wonder.
So let's look at some of the cases that have been described to me by the people who claim to have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings from Flying Saucers - and make up your own mind about their validity.

Who opened the era of contactees? I am going to let these men tell you in their own words - as I tape-recorded them during personal interviews. The first important contactee was Dan Fry. His initial experience took place on the Fourth of July back in the year of 1950 at the U.S. Army's rocket test range, then called the White Sands Proving Ground, near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Here is Dan:

"I was sent to the White Sands Proving Ground to set up instrumentation for the testing of some very large rocket motors. On this particular holiday, the air conditioning system unfortunately broke down and the building I was working in became very hot. Figuring that it was cooler outside than inside, I decided to go out and take a hike to breathe the cooler desert air. And I'd gone about half to three-quarters of a mile when I judged an object was coming toward me from over the peaks of the Organ Mountains.

"I couldn't determine much about it when I first saw it - because it was after sundown and the moon hadn't come up yet. I merely decided that there was something there - something that was destroying the light from the stars. As I continued to watch it, it grew in size and eventually landed about 70 feet from where I was standing.

"It was completely silent in operation. And I heard no jet streams, no propellers. There was no outward evidence of who were the persons or the forces that controlled it. This was extremely startling to me, because I had been for some years engaged in the rocket and aircraft industries and I thought I was at least reasonably familiar with all types of airplane that we are producing in our country to be used at the time. And this craft of course bore not the least resemblance to any one of our objects. It was coming down too slowly to have been supported by even the most efficient sort of air­frame. Whoever had built it had solved some problems of which our best physicists had only commenced to dream at that time.

"I almost became convinced that it was - and must be - an aircraft from some place other than this Earth.

"Understandably enough, I became considerably perturbed - not to say frightened out of my wits. Well, not quite out of my wits - because I didn't break into a run or anything. I remained frozen to the spot. Instead of telling you that this was canny thinking on my part, that I didn't want to attract attention to myself by breaking into a run - the actual truth of the matter is that I was scared stiff. I couldn't move.

"I saw it come in and touch down about seventy feet from where I was standing. I heard a very definite crackling of the brush as it settled. And this of course removed the last possibility that it was in fact a lighter­than-air craft. The object was an oblate spheroid, a sphere that is considerably flattened at the top and bottom. It was about thirty feet in diameter at the widest point and about sixteen feet in height. On the ground it had a silvery color.

"After observing it for some time and not knowing whether to approach it or get out of there, I found myself approaching, a step at a time, very cautiously. I walked up to within a step or two of it and then made a circle about to see if I could see any doors, windows, or openings of any sort. I didn't see any. It was just a smooth, unbroken sphere, or spheroid."

In other words, Dan Fry was the first man actually to have physical contact with a Flying Saucer - as far as the White Sands Desert was concerned. Mr. Fry claimed that the Saucer crew took him aboard and gave him a spin through space before returning him to Earth.

On Sunday, July 7th, 1952, one Truman Bethurum, a truck driver, claimed to have been contacted by a Saucer some three hundred feet in diameter. At the time he lived in Prescott, Arizona. He told me that he had been driving a truck across the desert out of Mormon Mesa, when he fell asleep at the wheel. He ran off the road and the jolt woke him up. As he opened his eyes he saw this polished silver metal object a hundred yards in diameter and six yards high. Around it were a number of little men and a gorgeous woman. "She was a real swinging chick," Truman Bethurum told me. "I left the truck to join this crowd of extraterrestrial people. The girl was captain of the ship and she spoke to me in English. She said that she and her crew came from beyond the moon, from a planet called 'Clarion.' Her name was Aura Rhanes. The space ship was just hanging there, about three feet above the ground."

So went the story of Truck Driver Truman Bethurum.

Then on November 20th of that same year, the late Amateur Astronomer George Adamski saw a Saucer land and he met the pilot, a Venusian. Here's how George described that meeting to me:

"A man was up there and waving to me, so I come up to this fellow and he had a funny suit on him, sort of a ski-type suit. And I thought it was one-piece. Well, later I learned it was two-piece. He was a man of about five-foot-seven-to-eight inches. And I would say he weighed about 135 pounds. He had quite delicate hands with tapered fingers and beautiful, very sharp eyes. Looked like they looked right through you. Sometimes you couldn't hardly tell what he was really - a man or a woman.

"His long hair was waving while it rested on his shoulders. He had a kind of half away smile. He put his hand out to shake mine and it was a palm-to-palm contact that away - and he smiled. He started telling me things and I couldn't understand. And finally I got an idea: I wanted to know where he's from.

"I pointed to the sun and I made one orbit with my hand, called it planet Mercury, named it that way. Then I made two orbits, called it Venus. And then three orbits and pointed to myself on Earth. And then I said: `Where are you from'?' He got the idea. He finally pointed to the sun and he made one orbit. He didn't say anything. He made a second orbit and he pointed to himself and to that orbit. Then, that meant Venus. That's how I knew he was Venusian."

But he couldn't talk with you? I asked George.

Adamski nodded. "He could talk. He was testing my ability to receive impressions, he told me later. So he could understand everything I said ­ except I didn't understand."

When you say impressions, I asked George again, are you referring to telepathic impressions?

"That is correct," George told me. "All information we received silently."

George, you seem to be a little bit doubtful of his sex. Did he tell you he was a man?

"He did. But even then I was a little bit doubtful. But you know, when Nature calls them, Nature calls them that way, same as us."

I laughed. So that's how you found out he was a man!

George continued: "While we were standing there talking, trying to get some understanding between us, I saw a flash of lights go out. And I wondered where that came from ­ just like a mirror would reflect light, you know. And I looked around fast and that's when I spotted the ship ­ that same ship that I photographed ­ that he was hiding in this little cove. And I pointed to him and I said, `That your ship?' That's what I said. He nodded his head and we walked all of 75 to maybe 90 feet from where we stood, to this place, and that's where he finally told me to stay away from the ship, not to get too close to it because it's on fire.

"There was somebody else in it. You could see this, you know, a shadow, somebody else in it. But talking I forgot all about it, his warning, you know, and I somehow pushed over and this arm got caught under the flange and the magnetic force, or whatever you want to call it, pulled the arm up suddenly and slammed it back down. And even now, unaware, sometimes this arm goes limp.

"He finally went in the ship. He went up this hill, see, and went up on a flange in a door in there - and he went in there and away she took off toward her Mother Ship. Later I've learned how they get in and out of their spacecraft. They have hatches at the bottom, or they come out through the side where certain openings are which appeared to be port­holes. They come right out the side or out of the bottom. They usually return on the top, like a flat top, like a carrier, and then slide in down a chute."

So much for George Adamski. The second of the famous Flying Saucer Georges is George Van Tassel. This George Number Two was first brought to my attention about the first week of October in 1956 by Virginia Belmont, of the Belmont Bird and Kennel Shop in the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center. She told me that Mrs. Roosevelt was giving a cocktail party for this Van Tassel person and she inquired if I would be interested in interviewing him on my show, which was then being broadcast from Carteret, New Jersey, by WOR. I said, yes, I would be interested. So George Van Tassel came out to my studio that night and told me a wild story - at least I thought it was wild. But you be the judge. Here's what he told me:

"This occurred on August 24th of 1953 at approximately 2 o'clock in the morning. The wife and I were sleeping out in the open in the desert because of the heat in August. I woke up and looked around and there was a man standing there at the foot of the bed. I said: `What do you want?' He smiled at me and said: `My name is Solganda and I would be pleased to show you our craft.'

"After I said, `what do you want?,' I never uttered another word during the whole course of this contact. Every time I thought of something to ask, he was answering me before I got the first sentence out, the first word."

I should mention here that George Van Tassel is the owner of a small desert airfield and lives with his wife in the Mojave Desert of California at a place called Giant Rock - which gets its name from a rock that is about four stories in height. Today it is the site of annual Flying Saucer conventions, mainly because of George's professed experience there as a contactee. But I was curious about the way this creature from another world could anticipate questions before they were even asked. In what manner did he answer you? I queried George, who told me that the answers came in spoken English.

"The only English I can compare to his speech," said George, "was that of Ronald Colman - who I think spoke the English language as near perfectly as anybody ever did."

As an aside, it appeared to me that George Van Tassel was trying his best to speak also in the cultivated tones of Ronald Colman. But let's allow George to have the floor again:

"I tried to waken the wife and she seemed to be under some spell. So I got out of bed and walked with him down to the ship, 100 yards away. It was a bell-shaped type of craft, with portholes up near the top, and was roughly 36 feet in diameter at the rim and 19 feet high on the outside and inside was circular with a cage in the middle through which a shaft went up into the dome from a rotor in under the deck.

"As I approached this ship with this man, I became very nauseated. And this feeling became greater as I got closer to the ship. However, after I passed underneath the ship and stepped on this spot on the ground which had turned a butter­color, almost, I started to rise up into the bottom of the ship. This man followed me on an anti-gravity beam.

"I stepped inside. And as he walked along this wall, he appeared to snap his thumb. And I don't know whether it was a sound that he made, but seats came out of the wall and curved into a lounge. And he did the same thing on the top part of the shelf. And four doors opened with instruments mounted on the bottom of the doors and in this open position the instruments were placed before the port­holes.

"And we passed behind the three men who were on the ship, who never got off. The center man was apparently controlling the ship and the other two were standing beside him. And after we passed the crew, he again flicked his thumb up on the higher wall and a door slid open ­ and in this compartment were a number of their uniforms, which appeared to be very similar, at least the blouse appeared to be very similar, to our sweatshirts. They were of a very close-knit material and so were the pants, which would be only snug around the ankles. He explained that this compartment cleaned and deodorized their clothing by a density­of-light process. I thought to ask him if all their people were the same height - and before I could get the first word out of my mouth, he answered me."

At this point I interrupted Mr. Van Tassel. Do you think that was a coincidence? I asked. Or do you think he was reading your mind?

George was emphatic: "Well, I know he was reading my mind." But you did not receive his statements telepathically?

"No. He spoke in the finest English I've ever heard. And then without any further information on the clothing, he walked to a hole in the deck. He just jumped down and remarked, `Stoop, so you don't hit your head.' In the center of this catwalk was a big rotor turning. And on the outside of the catwalk was another rotor turning in the opposite direction. Well, I could see where these two rotors were apparently geared together underneath the catwalk in order to coordinate their speeds and counteract the torque so the ship itself wouldn't spin. And this was apparently figured out so that the mass of both were the same - and therefore there would be no torque relative to the structure.

"This reminded me. . . I mean, I got the thought at the time of Ezekiel's wheels within wheels. Because you couldn't describe a planetary gear system any better than by saying wheels within wheels, or gears within gears.

"He stepped by me and climbed up through the hole and I followed him. And then he walked over to the entry port and he just stepped into that hole like there was something there to hold him. Well, when I got to the edge of the hole and looked down at the ground - which was about, I'd say, fourteen feet down - I figured I was going to have to light with the normal impact of a jump from that height. So I squatted down on the edge of the hole and then just dropped in a squat position, ready to take the shock when I hit the ground - which would be normal to anybody that wasn't used to this antigravity beam.

"And then he walked back to bed with me and he said they would return. And he walked back to the ship and apparently got aboard. The ship took off on about a fifteen-degree climb and in about seven seconds, it just faded out in the distance."

I reminded George Van Tassel: that was three years ago and you mentioned that Solganda said he would be back to see you again. Has he ever contacted you since that time?

George's answer was elegantly simple: "No."

From my viewpoint the most completely amazing and exciting Flying Saucer tales are told by the charming Orfeo Angelucci. Mr. Angelucci claims that his original sighting occured even before Saucers were made popular in 1947 by Kenneth Arnold. His first sighting took place back in 1946. But his first actual contact with Space People didn't happen until 1952. The wildest and most beautiful of all the stories told to me about the Flying Saucer phenomenon is the one recounted by Orfeo Angelucci. Nothing compares with it for pure, lovely imagination. Here it is in Orfeo's own words:

"I entered the door and at the table nearest the door was a very, very handsome man. And as I approached, he said: `Greetings, Orfeo. Sit down.' And I said: `You have a third glass here. Is someone with you?' He looked at the glass and he was surprised. He said: `I don't know how that happened. I only ordered two glasses.' He asked me to order. Then he asked me if I wanted a bottle of beer. I said: `No. Not tonight.' So he says, `Good.' And he lifted the pitcher of water from the table and poured it into my glass.

"Then he went into his pocket and he says, `Then how about some of the best champagne in the world?' He took out a little pellet and dropped it into my glass. And it started to fizzle like his own. See, he's told me to call him nothing but `Adam.'

"Two months ago he discovered he had nine months to live. He had cancer. And it's incurable. Anyhow, he says, `Eat up. Let's talk and just get acquainted for the time being.' I noticed that his glass was filling itself with water - that no one had poured it in there. So we talked for awhile and as the dessert approached I heard music coming from the glass, a subdued music. He said: `Wait a minute. On this pitcher here the water was up to this black spot. Now it's down here.'

"He said, `But the pellet. . .' He went into his pocket and said, `Wait. I'm supposed to have four.' But he took out the pellets and there were only three. He said what they were doing was sublimating the water or evaporating it from the pitcher into the glass by remote control and sublimated the pellet in his pocket over into the glass so that no one ever actually saw the process.

"Of course, I know now that he had had either an experience with Space Visitors, or that he himself was one of them. And then I looked up at him and I noticed that he was looking down intently into the glass. He had a little smile on his face, yet tears were streaming down from his eyes, landing right on the table before him. I thought: `Golly, what is it that he ... what is going wrong?' I looked at the glass and now there was the ... well, the figure of a girl dancing in it, a girl with blonde hair. A little miniature woman. Just dancing to the music.

"And the music itself became more spirited as she danced. I had never seen such dancing before. And immediately I thought: `Well, Adam is either recalling someone or he's had an experience out of this world, literally out of this world.' She never looked at me. She always looked toward him. But in the finale, she suddenly whirled and went on her knee and looked toward me. But she had a very grim aspect on her face, as though to say, `You don't know now, but you soon will, why and what Adam is experiencing now.'

"And with that gesture, that is, when she got down on her knee and bowed like a curtsy and presented that grim look toward me, as much as to tell me, `You too will know what Adam is now experiencing, someday,' she disappeared. She completely disappeared. And that was the end of the dance. And the music ceased."

At the other end of the spectrum is Contactee Dan Martin. His claims are all really unbelievable. What happened to you in 1955, Dan Martin?

"I guess it was midnight. I was driving alone throughout a remote section of Texas. Suddenly I began to tingle. So I pulled off to the side of the road. Just as I come to a stop, an object came up from behind me and on the opposite side of the road. And it came to a stop. Pulled just ahead of me. The back end of the thing was just about even with my radiator.

"Now this thing had very much the appearance and was about the size of a diesel railroad locomotive, possibly 50 feet long. And I could see what appeared to me to be two men through glass or windows. When I walked to within about four feet, I'd say, the door opened in the stern of the object. A lady stepped out on the ground. Now this lady weighed around 120 pounds, maybe. She was wearing a mask, had glasses over the eyes, and she hooked her thumb un­der this thing and she peeled it back over her head and held it in her hand.

"She looked at me and smiled. Now I know that you're going to say, `Oh, she was a gorgeous beauty!' But I didn't say that. But she was a very nice-looking girl. And she said: `Hello, there, Mr. Martin.' She didn't say, `Hello, thee,' or she didn't use any Bible terms. She said: `Hello, there, Mr. Martin,' I said: `Hello, you.' Then she told me that I would be contacted later and taken aboard a space ship.

"And she told me that they were from the planet Mercury. I asked her why it was that she, being a lady, came out to talk to me when I could see that there were men aboard. Her reply was that she was the only one aboard who could speak my language. Then I said to her: `Our scientists tell us that Mercury is too close to the sun to afford or permit animal life, much less human life.'

"At this she smiled and she said: `Well, you see me. Am I alive?' Then she repeated that I would be contacted later, but she didn't say when, and that I would be taken aboard a space ship. At that, the door opened exactly as it had before, the lady stepped back inside and it took off. And in a matter of a couple two or three seconds, it was out of sight."

That's about it for now. I don't mean to imply that there are not a tremendous number of other contactees whose stories I could have told. Obviously, space-limitations of this magazine do not permit an endless number of anecdotes. So I have chosen only the key figures among the contactees of this Flying Saucer Age. Whenever this Age is remembered, these will be the men that historians will talk about. These men and, may I firmly hope, the man who originally introduced this incredible period to the American public by radio - yours truly, Long John Nebel.

And that's "thirty" for the moment. ... eKnown.htm

Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:45 am
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Air Force ordered to stand-down tomorrow
Published on Thursday, September 13, 2007.

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Source: WorldNetDaily - Jerome R. Corsi

Contrary to rumors surrounding the Air Combat Command's stand-down of all 100,000 active-duty airmen ordered for tomorrow, the U.S. will not be devoid of fighter aircraft to protect the nation.

Michael Kucharek, spokesman for NORAD and USNORTHCOM, told WND the stand-down does not include the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves assigned to NORAD.

About 70 percent of the aircraft involved in NORAD alerts are Air National Guard or Air Force Reserves aircraft, according to Kucharek.

Meanwhile, NORAD and USNORTHCOM will be on alert status Monday when the U.N. convenes a high level meeting on climate change and also Tuesday when the General Assembly begins its 62nd Session in New York City.

The stand-down Friday was ordered by Gen. Ronald Keys to conduct a command-wide review of operations, safety procedures and checklists after the Aug. 30 incident at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, according to the Air Force Times.

At Minot, six cruse missiles with nuclear warheads were loaded onto a B-52H and flown to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana – without the bomber crew or ground command realizing nuclear weapons were on the aircraft.

Military sources insisted to WND the incident was a procedural glitch and there is no suspicion within the military of any other purpose.

At the U.N. Monday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon will chair the meetings, and numerous heads of state are likely to attend.

According to Kucharek, Canadian and U.S. NORAD aircraft will be armed and on alert status, prepared to scramble from unspecified NORAD airbases.

Kucharek told WND the aircraft involved in the alert will be F-15s and F-16s assigned to the NORAD Air Defense Deterrence Mission.

Under Operation NOBLE EAGLE, which NORAD has conducted since 9/11, fighters on alert have scrambled from alert sites and diverted from irregular air patrols more than 2,400 times, Kucharek told WND.

More than 44,000 sorties have been flown in support of the missions, including support from tanker and AWACS aircraft.

"NORAD and USNORTHCOM missions," Kucharek said, "are conducted in close collaboration with homeland defense, security and law enforcement partners to prevent air attacks against North America and to safeguard the sovereign airspaces of the United States and Canada by responding to unknown, unwanted and unauthorized air activity approaching and operating within these airspaces, and to provide aerospace and maritime warning for North America."

As WND reported, NORAD is a bi-lateral U.S.-Canada command and USNORTHCOM is a U.S. continental military command that works with its counterpart Canada Command.

Kucharek also confirmed NORAD and USNORTHCOM were scheduled Oct. 15-20 to conduct exercise Vigilant Shield '08, a series of field exercises testing response abilities against a variety of potential threats, including the simulated detonation of three radiological dispersal devices within the USNORTHCOM and U.S. Pacific Command areas of responsibility.

The primary locations for the Vigilant Shield '08 field exercises will be Oregon, Arizona and the territory of Guam.

WND reported Bush administration plans to utilize USNORTHCOM as a U.S. military command to direct the operations of troops deployed in a wide range of continental North American emergencies, including health epidemics, natural disasters, terrorist events and even domestic violence or civil disorder.

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Another source? Planet X again.

Cross posting:

Coming of Planet X: Is Nibiru "nextdoor"? Jaysen Q. Rand (forwarded)

Last night on Coast to Coast with George Noory, He had a guest
on that talked about the coming of Nibiru in as little as 6 months
or in late 2008 and a full pass by in 2009 and in 20012. He said that
Planet X is in the solar system (in the far side of the Sun) and
will emerge in full view.
_ (

What he said is eerily much like I've been saying. He also said that
Nibiru is being dragged behind Planet X. Planet X is a dwarf star or
the "dark" companion (also referred to as Nemesis)of our Sun(
Ancient name Solaris or Sol) I was spellbound and I could not get to
sleep till 4am and I guess I'll be in a "Dream State" all day. What
I fear is that others will see it a as a sign that their "Prophet"
is returning. But the idea of the "Dark Companion" and ancient
prophecy coming to fulfillment in such a dramatic way is

The Coming of Planet X

Debuting on the show, researcher _Jaysen Q. Rand_
( shared his view that Planet X is
drawing close to Earth and will wreak havoc as it makes two passes
through the solar system in 2009 and again in 2012. Culled from his
study of ancient sources, as well as his alien contacts (which began
when he was a young child), he's determined that Planet X is
a brown dwarf star, around the size of Saturn, that's on an
elongated orbit which comes our way every 3,600 to 4,000 years.

Interestingly, he said that the planet Nibiru, which Zecharia
Sitchin has written about, is in tow behind Planet X. The closely
guarded third secret of Fatima talks about the return of Planet X,
and the Vatican itself may suffer damage during the planet's return,
Rand claimed. The Book of Revelation spoke about 'Wormwood,' which he
believes is Planet X-- its last return coincided with Moses and the
Hebrews exodus from Egypt and accounts of the plagues and the parting
of the Red Sea correlate with effects from the passing planet, he

In the period of September/October 2009, we'll first begin to see
drastic changes taking place, and when Planet X comes through for its
second pass in 2012, a total pole shift will occur, Rand outlined.
The calamitous earth changes will claim the lives of up to half the
population, but a new hybrid species developed by ETs will be
introduced to fill the void, he detailed.


Earlier posting, re Next Nibiru Perigee (albeit maybe in X's tow)

PLANET X CLOSEST TO US 2900, NOT 2013A.D. by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.

Six thousand years ago, astronaut/pioneers from the planet
Nibiru dictated Enuma elish--the Creation Epic--to the Sumerians.
The Sumerians wrote on clay tablets what the Nibirans told them about
how our solar system formed [Sitchin, Z., Genesis Revisited, page
109]. The Creation Epic says Solaris, our Sun, then a solitary star,
first created a planet the Nibirans called Tiamat. Tiamat was the
proto-Earth. It orbited Solaris counterclockwise.

Next, our Sun, Solaris, called Apsu, created Mercury and
propelled Mercury with water and gold to Tiamat. Planet-pairs
formed: Venus with Mars, Jupiter with Saturn, Uranus with Neptune.
These planetary partners, say the Enuma elish, orbited the Sun
counterclockwise, the same direction Tiamat followed.

Tiamat lacked a partner-planet, but one of her moons, Kingu,
enlarged. Kingu prepared to partner with Tiamat. Then Kingu could
orbit the Sun, rather than Tiamat. But, four billion years ago,
before Kingu could attain planetary orbit around Solaris, some 4.6
billion years ago Nibiru invaded the Solar System clockwise.

The gravitational pull of Nibiru tore a piece of Neptune into
space. That's how Nibiru created Neptune's moon, Triton. Triton,
unlike other moons in the inner Solar System, orbits its planet

As Nibiru pierced the System, it lost three moons. But
Nibiru gained four. Nibiru ripped four moons from Uranus. Not only
that, but the invader tilted poor Uranus' orbit.

Nibiru slung Gaga, Saturn's largest moon, into clockwise
orbit (between Neptune and Uranus). We call Gaga Pluto.

One of Nibiru's moons slammed into Tiamat and gouged out huge
chunks. These chunks of Tiamat careened into space. The huge gouge
in Tiamat where Nibiru's moon hit is now the Pacific Basin. The
chunks of Tiamat that exploded into space are now asteroids and
comets. What's left of Tiamat is our present Earth.

In the Pacific, waters and life-seeds of Nibiru and Tiamat
evolved together.

Nibiru's gravity gripped and took with it all Tiamat's moons
except Kingu, the moon which, just before Nibiru invaded, verged on
creating its own orbit around Solaris. But Nibiru's invasion left
Kingu lifelessly orbiting Earth, rather than Solaris. Tiamat's other
moons became satellites of Nibiru.

The orbit Nibiru then followed, is inclined (17 to 30 degrees) to the
ecliptic and clockwise, rather than counterclockwise, as are the
orbits of the other planets circling our Sun. Nibiru, like Halley's
Comet, "as it nears the Sun, from the south, from below the ecliptic,
near Uranus,. It arches above the ecliptic and makes the turn around
the Sun, saying "Hello" to Saturn, Jupiter and Mars; then it comes
down and crosses the ecliptic nare the site of Nibiru's Celestial
Battle with Tiamat–the Crossing-and is gone." [Sitchin,Z., 2007, The
End of Days, page 184]

Nibiru stabilized into a clockwise orbit equal to 3,600
orbits of Earth around the Sun. "3,600 has always been a
mathematical orbital period, because celestial orbits–of planets,
comets, asteroids–digress from orbit to orbit due to the
gravitational tug of other planets near which they pass." [Sitchin,
Z., 2007, The End of Days, page 314]

13,000 years ago, around 10,900 B.C. E., "in the Whiteland,
at the Earth's bottom, off its foundation, the [Antarctic] icesheet
slipped. By Nibiru's netforce it was pulled into the south sea. A
tidal wave arose, northward spreading. [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost
Book of Enki, page 227].

Nibiru, up to the Deluge--causing perigee, 10,900 B.C.E.,
this point, had come nearest the Sun (perigee) every 3, 600 years.
Every 3, 600 years, Nibiru crosses the ecliptic–the plane of Earth's
orbit around the Sun. At that point, Nibiru–called the "Celestial
Lord" (depicted by the ancients as a winged disc) up till then–
becomes "The Planet of the Cross" and many humans expect the leading
Nibirans to return to Earth and validate their hopes and religious

But around 10,900 B.C.E., Miranda, a moon of Nibiru, hit
Uranus and became a moon of Uranus. Sitchin writes: "Uranus lies on
its side–its north-south axis faces the Sun horizontally instead of
being vertical to it" and "caused the "ploughed feature that NASA's
Voyager 2 found on Miranda." Uranus and Neptune "have been drifting
away from the Sun...and that can explain why nothing happened out
there" for 120 revolutions of Nibiru around Solaris.

Then "on its "Deluge" orbit, Nibiru encountered the drifting
Uranus" and Miranda "struck Uranus, tilting it on its side... and
ended up captured to orbit Uranus." This affected the orbit of
Nibiru, sped it up to 3400 Earth years rather than 3600, ...
resulting in a post-Diluvial reappearance schedule of circa 7400,
circa 4000 and circa 550 B.C.E."

The gravitational pull of Uranus on Nibiru sped Nibiru's
orbit around the Sun to 3,450 Earth-years. Nibiru's next perigee,
when it's again closest to Earth, will be around 2900A.D., not 2012,
as it would have been had it continued 3,600 year revolutions around
Solaris. [Sitchin, Z., 2007, The End of Days, page 316]).

The Nibirans who genetically engineered us by grafting their
genes with those of Homo Erectus and then repeatedly interbreeding
with the hybrids are not limited, however, to this 2900 ecliptic
crossing of Nibiru. Nibirans come near enough to easily reach Earth
with the spacecraft they've been using so far as early as 2087AD and
can leave, catching Nibiru on its way out of the inner solar system
for the next 75 years or so.

Though most of the leading Nibirans–except Marduk/Ra/Baal
(who subsequently died), Inanna/Ishtar/Aphrodite and Nannar/Sin/El--
left Earth from 610 to 560B.C.E. (Sitchin, Z., 2007, The End of Days,
page 260) And many lesser Nibirans and their descendants by hybrids
never left our planet.

We can stop waiting for the Nibirans, the so-called gods who
created us to slave for them, to return and make things right here on

I say we've had enough of the violence, greed and hierarchy
that most of them embrace.

Hierarchy, embraced and taught us by the Nibirans, is the
problem, for all consciousnesses have their contributions to make.

Slaves no more, who will no longer accept slavery, economic
or physical. We need no longer accept violence the Nibirans taught,
nor their killing explosives, biological agents, patriarchal biases
and religions that reward blind obedience to them and require killing
of those who obey rival Nibirans.

We can free ourselves from the genetic blocking of our
longevity technologies and genes which they imposed upon us lest we
throw off the intellectual shackles they insinuated into our genome
to keep us enslaved.

We're ready to take our place in the cosmos and make Earth a
planet of peace.

Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:51 am
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Post ... ntdown.htm

9/11 First Responder Heard WTC 7 Demolition Countdown
Former Air Force Special Operations for Search and Rescue expert witnessed officials attempt to conceal planned nature of demolition

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, September 13, 2007

A 9/11 first responder has gone on the record to describe how he heard a demolition-style countdown precede the collapse of WTC 7, eyewitness testimony that dovetails with other EMT's and rescue personnel who were also told that Building 7 was going to be "brought down".

Earlier this year, we reported on the testimony of an anonymous EMT named Mike who told Loose Change producer Dylan Avery that hundreds of emergency rescue personnel were told over bullhorns that Building 7, a 47 story skyscraper adjacent the twin towers that was not hit by a plane yet imploded symmetrically later in the afternoon on 9/11, was about to be "pulled" and that a 20 second radio countdown preceded its collapse.

That account was backed up by another ground zero rescue worker who went on the record with her full name. Volunteer EMT Indira Singh described to a radio show how she learned that WTC 7 was going to be "brought down" and the context was clear that it was to be deliberately demolished.

In addition, former NYPD officer Craig Bartmer described hearing bombs tear down the building as he fled the collapse.

Now another ground zero first responder has shed more light on how he heard the countdown moments before attempting to escape the collapse of Building 7 as a stampede ensued.

Former Air Force Special Operations for Search and Rescue expert, Kevin McPadden traveled to ground zero completely of his own accord and spent the next four days searching through the rubble and nearby buildings for survivors.

In a speech given at this week's 9/11 truth events in New York City, McPadden describes the shocking details of what he witnessed shortly before WTC 7 imploded into its own footprint.

Watch the video.


"While we were on the right side, there was firefighters getting ready, they were bussing them back and forth, and a couple of vets that were there - they got the vibe that something was coming down," said McPadden.

"We started asking questions, everybody started asking questions, and the next thing you know there was a Red Cross representative pacing back and forth in front of the crowd holding his hand over the radio - I couldn't hear what it was saying but it was like pulsed - whatever the speech was on there it was pulsed - and that means to me most likely it was a countdown."

"But he took his hand off at the last three seconds and he gave this heartfelt look - like just run for your life - because he didn't want to bring it on his conscience - he didn't want to go to his grave with that - and then we had a couple of seconds to put our heads together," said McPadden.

McPadden then describes the frantic attempts to escape as the building began to collapse.

In a taped interview with us after the event, McPadden made it clear that he and onlookers clearly heard "three, two, one" from the radio before the building collapsed. We will be releasing that tape over the next week. We also talked to other first responders who verified the story.

McPadden's account, when added to the testimony of other first responders, clearly suggests that officials knew the building was about to be brought down in a planned demolition, and that they made a conscious effort or were ordered to hide that fact from the first responders, though at the very end onlookers were given a brief warning which enabled them to escape safely.

The following video from CNN clearly shows firefighters and police telling the public to get back because Building 7 was about to come down and in the words of the cameraman was about to "blow up."


In June it was revealed that an individual who had a high level security clearance and was stationed in the Office of Emergency Management in World Trade Center 7 witnessed explosions and damage to the lobby of the building before either twin tower had collapsed.

The testimony of these individuals meshes with others in confirming that Building 7 was deliberately brought down on the day of 9/11, a fact that eviscerates official investigations into Building 7 as nothing more than part of an orchestrated cover-up.

In February of 2002 Silverstein Properties won $861 million from Industrial Risk Insurers to rebuild on the site of WTC 7. Silverstein Properties' estimated investment in WTC 7 was $386 million. This building's collapse alone resulted in a payout of nearly $500 million, based on the contention that it was an unforeseen accidental event.

A cursory insight into professional building demolition tells us that experts are required to spend weeks and months planning the demolition of any building, ensuring that the explosives are placed in exactly the right spots, that the collapse will not impact surrounding buildings, and that a myriad of sufficient safety procedures are followed.

To imagine that demolition experts could rig such a huge building amidst the chaos of the day, unsure of whether further attacks were coming, in a matter of hours and bring the building down neatly in its own footprint without afflicting major damage to adjacent buildings is beyond belief.

Even if one entertains the notion that this is within the realm of possibility, the fact is that the federal government, FEMA and NIST and Silverstein Properties are all knowingly lying in claiming that the building collapsed by accident as a result of burning debris from the twin towers.

Now it is established that they lied about Building 7, how can we trust their often changing explanations of the collapse of the twin towers, especially considering the dozens and dozens of eyewitnesses who have gone on the record to report the fact that explosives were seen and heard on all levels of both towers, including underground explosions before the planes even hit?

We are being asked to put our faith in either the federal government, who deliberately lied about 9/11 in the very days after the attack in telling emergency workers and firefighters that the toxic air was safe to breathe, or the emergency workers and other rescue heroes who risked their lives and are still suffering the consequences of their courage.

This testimony demands an immediate grand jury inquiry into both monolithic insurance fraud, potential manslaughter, and a complete re-appraisal and re-investigation into everything else that happened on 9/11 in an effort to discover what else the government lied about concerning the events of that day and its aftermath.

Thu Sep 13, 2007 11:02 am
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Shady Groves wrote:
The question is Mongrel can you honestly say in your heart and soul that your Black Op's brothers and sisters are side of Good or the side of Evil?

That is assuming, ofcourse that Mongreal IS who or what he says he is. Personally, IMHO, I don't think he's even a real person/dog/whatever.

I think we are guilty of giving these charicters too much credit, way too often. If we are in the habit of simply taking people at their word and assuming people are who they say they are, even though all signs point differently, I fear we won't accomplish much in the way of finding any real truth.

Comments like these NS, give them credit where credit isn't due. Thus adding to the validity of thier statements. If we were to discredit the caller, the call would be disregaurded. In other words, by acknowledging his credentials, you are confirming them. Not a good habit to get into.


"Better a small leader than a big follower."

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Dagwood wrote:
Shady Groves wrote:
The question is Mongrel can you honestly say in your heart and soul that your Black Op's brothers and sisters are side of Good or the side of Evil?

That is assuming, ofcourse that Mongreal IS who or what he says he is. Personally, IMHO, I don't think he's even a real person/dog/whatever.

I think we are guilty of giving these charicters too much credit, way too often. If we are in the habit of simply taking people at their word and assuming people are who they say they are, even though all signs point differently, I fear we won't accomplish much in the way of finding any real truth.

Comments like these NS, give them credit where credit isn't due. Thus adding to the validity of thier statements. If we were to discredit the caller, the call would be disregaurded. In other words, by acknowledging his credentials, you are confirming them. Not a good habit to get into.


What's your feeling about Mongrel Dag? Do you think he might be Dan?...There's no real telling is there? It's already proven not beneath them. Oh well...


Thu Sep 13, 2007 12:15 pm
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For the Golden Thread records...

(11/05) I'm wondering if Dan and Marcia honored their agreement with me (with us) by putting the Dex name attached to a CD as promised for helping them in their discovery quest.
Boomer was informed via a posting by Dan of which Boomer posted on this forum telling him 'Dex did it'. Does Boomer know what Dan meant by that?
Has anyone seen the Dex name anywhere in any of Dan's CD's?

The below was a reply as to what name they would use. I found this forgotten posting to Marcia today.
Thought you might like to read it considering the confidentiality agreement now null and void.

Dex wrote:

You write your administering procedures very well. I can see how helpful that can be.
I'm sure Dan appreciates it much.
I agree and understand the requests Marcia.

I will keep all materials under discussion between Dan and I accordingly as requested... STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

This confidentiality agreement will last until such time as I receive a written release of confidentiality. That written release of confidentiality would only be valid if it were issued by Dan Burisch or by Marcia Mcdowell, as the representative of the 12.
Signed by

And as to instant messaging discussions I'll let you know when I get that fixed on my computer. In the past people did a lot of strange tampering with my machine and messed it up. My fire wall works overtime still. When I fix these things I have to be careful losing files. Generally, I just replace the hard drive, I might have to do that again.
I replied to Dan tonight and did mention the preferred shorter version of Dexxxaa...."Dex" would be fine by me.
You can bet I was surprised to hear this from Dan. I consider this quite an Honor.

Yours and Dan's friend


Thu Sep 13, 2007 2:16 pm
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Post Update From The Capstone, or more Psy-Ops
I have a request, gentlemen; in light of the information I'm going to share (which may or may not be partial or total disinfo) I would ask that you hold off posting for awhile so that this doesn't get buried in the many cut-n-pastes and crossposts (no offense intended, so please do not take any).

I've been checking and cross-checking the information that I received to see if it is more or less likely to be true or not. I have to be very careful not to rush this to the public as if it's all true, and also avoid the tendency that the skeptics would have in tossing it out in knee-jerk fashion as some sort of disinfo designed to lead us down false paths. Time (and the reactions at SNEDs, not to mention the additional evidence I've requested) will tell.

Update From Inside, Or Another Top-Down PsyOp?

The source of the image below came to me from someone who, if the evidence pans out, is a very very powerful politician who received it in turn from one of my original sources from 2005. As this source explained it, this information was given to him in the event "anything happened to [the original holder of the information]." As the new source says, "Anything happened." Now, this intimates yet another death of a 'patriotic insider'. Would my actions be different if I thought that laughable or deadly serious? I have to make sure it doesn't cause me to deviate from my path, which is on course. In light of the accompanying evidence, I have to err on the side that the intimation is more or less truthful. If it turns out to be fraudulent, I have back-up information that helps provide the rationale for the scenario.

The image below is obviously a variation on the standard American passport, of which I have one so I can compare. This image shows one that appears longer than the standard one, the better to accomodate the word "Sion" at the top. Now, where do we remember that word from? I recalled immediately Dadmiral's admonition to Dan regarding he and Marcia, "Remember, the two of you must walk alone to Sion."


On the upper right corner are the names of the NINE members of Sion. The first thing that strikes me is the mention by Nancy Lieder that, following the theft of the presidency in 2000 by the Bush/Cheney gang, the "rump group" of Majestic left would NOT be allowed to use the cloaking 'travel service' the STO Zetas had provided Majestic in the past. This was one of the few things (technologically speaking) that the 'good guys' gave Majestic, so they could consult with one another without having to worry about cross-border travel. If, as appears to be the case, the treaty with the 'good guys' wasn't renewed because of the presidential theft, then the remaining, rump group of Majestic would have to use passports. They also (to avoid public disclosure, which standard passports allow for in the public reporting of cross-border traffic) might wish 'special' status for themselves. Therefore, their successor group (Sion) would of needs ALSO have to have 'special' status for cross-border travel. That would present a somewhat reaonable rationale for the first question, which would be "why a special passport for these people?"

The second most glaring fact to me is that there are "NINE" members. Where else do we hear of NINES? Virtually every step of the way; the TAU-9 Treaty, which is ALSO mentioned in the accompanying documents (as 'an alleged ET treaty') is a plain NINE; they made Dan supposedly wait until April NINE 2005 for him to sign the "Request To Admit", a costly delay that forced the document to have to be entered into the court record via oral motion that went unaknowledged 48 hours later. [Note: I bet they were 'snickering in their shirt-sleeves' at that one too, like they did over the undecipherable power-plants of the 'saucers'.]

The third most glaring fact is that Dan is Number 2, and has re-taken his born name, "Crain". (In fact, he prefers to be referred to as "The Most Honorable Prof. Crain" once again, according to what the accompanying scuttlebutt evidence shows.) This isn't surprising to someone aware that Dan's primary emotional object is Marci, not his wife Deborah. Dan had taken Deborah's maiden name as his own surname, but that dynamic has taken back-seat to the one between he and Marci, especially since Marci is apparently S-4 on the list of NINE. (According to Dan's own words to me, Deborah had little to no clue to the meaning of the 'Priory of Sion' and so wasn't properly appreciative at first.)

Fourth, and actually even more important, is the presence of George Tenet on this list. Why? Because of Dan, Tenet was given the boot from Majestic, and replaced by Porter Goss. Dan made a powerful and public statement against Tenet on April 29th, 2007, at SNEDs (we can pull that out after we get over the shock - or derision, take your pick - of these new 'revelations'.) Therefore, how could he end up on this list? I had to go back to my records, and sure enough.....Tenet was in power when the Tau-9 was signed, and it was that signing that authorized this last group to preside over the preparation "for the time preceding the Coming of the Comet of Ages" name. Therefore, Dan could rail about Tenet publicly, only to sit at the same conference table with him at a later date. (This also augered well for bamboozling the public, who would have a hard time reconciling the public, demonstrative Dan vs a vs his role conspiring with him in the halls of power.)

Fifthly, or higher for some, is the presence of the name "Bush" as No. 5. This is Bush Sr., "Poppy", who was apparently quite personally complicit in the assassination of JFK and JFK Jr. I know, I know how Dan implicated Chickenhawk Cheney in the Afghan poppy drug trade (AHAH! "Poppy"!) in his public damnation of Tenet, and apparently his indirect implication of him in the 9/11 crime has also not endeared him to "Poppy", but supposedly Dan and Marcia have a majority of this group behind them (if the accompanying scuttlebutt evidence pans out) in the plan to dissolve the national sovereignty of the American nations. Apparently Marcia thinks she is doing the 'common man' a favor by insisting the lesser countries have a place in the new 'one-world government' that is preparing to introduce the Amero, the super-highways for Mexican trucks (Bravo, 110th Democrats for voting it down yesterday!) etc, a-la the European Union. Poor, poor misguided Dan and Marci; a place was made for them at the table by the selfish Zetas who insisted they be 2 of the NINE members of Sion --- set to replace Majestic, due in part to the fact that the real Majestic ceased to exist following the 2000 presidential theft. "Adjourning Majestic" only ratified what had already occured. So, now they work hand-in-glove (again, ALLEGEDLY) with Kissinger Associates (remember he was MJ-4) to effect the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" of North America (google it up; it's hiding in plain sight!). Old relationships die hard, so it isn't a surprise to hear that Sion is working hand-in-glove with ex-Maji Heinz.

Lastly, but maybe most importantly, Dan and Marci are supposedly working on a one-time-use-only "Looking Glass" (using a strange code-name, until I found the original comic-cartoon origin fit right in with Dan's 'taste' in pop-culture.) For what, you may ask? Why, what else? For the exact

"date and location of the impact......of the Comet of the Ages."

So, once again, we hear of a T-2-type of catastrophic event (that isn't Planet X, CAN'T be Planet X, ANYTHING BUT PLANET X!) that suggests an "impact", which of course can be relievedly explained away at the last minute with a cry of "it's going to miss us after all!" which will be true, but totally totally ignores the consequent poleshift anyway. This, even supposedly given that Dan warns AGAINST the use of a 'Looking Glass' device.

So, is this true? The correspondent seems to indicate, and goes on to spell out, that he and his cohort KNOW this is a BS scenario, and that its purpose is to 'eclipse' the main fact of the approach of 'Planet X' by obfuscating the information in info that SOUNDS similar, carries some of the same weight as ZT, but without the nasty reality of just WHO has been bamboozling the public since he was selected to sit in the Ofal Office (malaprop intended). It also assumes that any "Looking Glass" device would be accurate in its 'date'.

Could this be partly true, and possibly the TRUE information was intercepted and a semi-truthful version inserted in its place (a la the Majestic Documents)? This way, maybe only 1 or 3 'facts' might be at odds, but just enough for some people to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater.

Or, it could be completey false, and has as its only goal the object of throwing everyone here COMPLETELY off. If so, someone went to an AWFUL lot of trouble to "throw me off track" and the destiny of my 'message' doesn't deviate one iota, but it should give pause for all readers to absorb this and take a moment to reflect before firing from the lip.

Therefore, I'm requesting that you all give your posts some time to ferment before picking up the regular programming.

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New 3.7 thread started

"We seek a free flow of information... we are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."-John F. Kennedy, Feb. 26th, 1962.

Thu Sep 13, 2007 3:23 pm
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