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 C-19 mARN Vacines + HIV New Variants Elite Cocktail Recipe 
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 C-19 mARN Vacines + HIV New Variants Elite Cocktail Recipe
Covid Vaccines mRNA + HIV New Variants: The Death Cocktail recipe...

Via ZetaTalk for February 28, 2022 (1)

Now there are reports of HIV variants emerging from Covid 19 injections; well, they told us 2 yrs ago that HIV, in low doses was in the vaccine. The UN is linking Covid testing and vaccines to this HIV announcement. And suddenly Luc Montagnier is dead.
[and from another]
Fast-Spreading HIV Variant Doubles Rate of Immune System Decline
February 7, 2022
Newly published research from the Netherlands has revealed the existence of a more transmissible and damaging variant of HIV, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) said. People living with the newly revealed subtype, experience double the rate of immune system decline (measured by the CD4 count level of infection-busting T cells) and have higher viral loads. They are also vulnerable to developing AIDS two to three times faster after diagnosis, than if they were living with other strains of the virus. The research also revealed that the variant has been circulating in the Netherlands for years and remains receptive to treatment. According to UNAIDS in press statement, the discovery highlights the urgency to “halt the pandemic and reach all and reach all with testing and treatment”
[and from another]
Moderna Launches Clinical Trial for HIV mRNA Vaccine like in Covid Shot
January 28, 2022 ... -trial-f...
The biotechnology company has teamed up with the nonprofit International AIDS Vaccine Initiative to develop the shot, which uses the same technology as Moderna’s successful COVID-19 vaccine.
[and from another]
The MSM Prepares the Public for Incoming AIDS Outbreak – COVID Vaccine Link?
February 10, 2022 ... ic-for-i...
Pr. Montagnier, Nobel prize who discovered the HIV, passed away on February 8, 2022. Almost nothing has been written about his death! This guy was one of the first (feb 2020) who said that COVID19 was a man-made virus with sequences from HIV. Rest in peace professor. Seems like a solid tinfoil theory right? But the thing is, I remember when vaccinated people were showing up as false positives for HIV 2 years ago. I also remember the virus containing HIV inserts that really dumbfounded the science world
[and from another]
Luc Montagnier, Co-Discoverer of HIV, Dies Aged 89
February 10, 2022
Luc Montagnier, the French virologist credited as a co-discoverer of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), has died aged 89. Montagnier was jointly awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize for his work in isolating the virus that causes Aids. ... -laureat...
[and from another]
Fact Check: Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier didn’t say Covid Vaccine Recipients will Die in Two Years
May 26, 2021 ... -laureat...
A viral statement attributed to French virologist and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier has left netizens startled and scared. As per this statement, all those who have vaccinated themselves for Covid-19 will die within two years. A clip of Luc’s interview is being circulated on social media in which he’s seen questioning the idea of vaccinating people during the pandemic. “It’s unthinkable to vaccinate during a pandemic. They’re silent. It is the antibodies produced by the virus that enable the infection to become stronger. It is what we call antibody-dependent enhancement, which means antibodies favour a certain infection. It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination,” Luc says.

Luc Montagnier was a threat on several fronts.

He was a Nobel Laureate virologist.

He was familiar with HIV,
having discovered the virus responsible for HIV and its result – AIDS.

He understood the immune system and could explain how exhausted immune systems develop, a process called antibody-dependent enhancement .

Thus, Luc represented a person who could identify any HIV variants embedded within select Covid-19 vaccine batches.

Thus, as this gambit by the elite to reduce certain population segments is close to being exposed, Luc Montagnier was killed to silence his voice.

There have been rumors that mRNA vaccine batches differ, with saline water for demonstrations by politicians or the elite and more deadly batches targeting people the elite want to eliminate.

This is true, although the vast majority of vaccines delivered to the public are consistent with the published recipe.

As can be seen by the nexus between the announcement from the elite in Europe re the discovery of a new HIV variant and the announcement by Moderna re a new vaccine for HIV using the mRNA route – this was the plan.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 10/31/2021:
HIV destroys the immune system by invading it and using it for replication of itself. HIV cannot replicate by any other means. The Covid-19 virus does not have this need as it can invade and use many different types of cells for replication. But destruction of the immune system can and does occur with Covid-19, albeit only temporarily. The ADE concerns with Covid-19 vaccines are legitimate. The mRNA vaccines do not completely destroy the Covid-19 virus, so a weakened viral part can become incorporated into the immune system in the same manner that HIV invades the immune system. Thus sheltered, Covid-19 variants are developed.

Why are repeated boosters of the Covid-19 vaccinations weakening the immune system? Comparing the immune system response to a human battlefield, first we have immune cells that meet the enemy on the front lines. Both the enemy and the soldiers take losses, but even though the battle appears to be won, there are the wounded to care for. The wounded soldiers are carried back and amongst these wounded are hidden enemy soldiers, who have embedded themselves. So the battle has weakened the response by exhausting the supply of soldiers and inviting the enemy to embed itself.

During an ADE invasion of the immune system, eventually, the immune system recovers. Immune cells replicate and a cleanup of virus pieces occurs. The mRNA vaccines slow this process because they generate spike protein pieces. Thus repeated booster shots with the mRNA vaccines perpetuate the ADE reaction. We mentioned early in these discussions that a worry was exhausting the immune system because the mRNA starts a process that does not have an off switch. This has now been well documented. This constant activation of an exhausted immune system can also incite auto-immune reactions.

ZetaTalk Advice 5/31/2021:
Luc Montagnier has explained the process as the vaccine itself incites variants, by failing to effectively eliminate the original virus. During the process of killing pathogens, the white cells consume the pathogens, and if this process is not complete, the pathogen lives on within the white blood cell. This is a process that happens in HIV, where the T-helper cells carry the virus - the immune system itself infected. Covid-19 is not HIV, but when any Covid-19 virus is not completely killed but lives on within the immune system, the possibility of a mutant emerging exists. Crippled, changed, but like Frankenstein’s monster - still alive. The mutations around the world are in great part due to the mRNA vaccination program, which is not an effective Covid-19 killer.

Seeing this process, the elite wishing to sculpt the population and continue the lockdowns jumped at the opportunity to encourage mutations. The lockdowns prevent the populace from leaving the coastlines, where they will soon be drown during the passage of Nibiru. By insisting on endless booster shots from the mRNA vaccines, the process of spiking Covid-19 deaths continues. It is a self-perpetuating process that benefits the elite and their desire for control. The solution is to stop the vaccines, and allow herd immunity to develop. This is the natural way.

(1) ... e=activity

Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
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