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 The Apocalyptic Day of the Lord begins 
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Post The Apocalyptic Day of the Lord begins
The Apocalyptic Day of the Lord begins in the Galactic Alignment

The 2012 Mayan End of the Age – Part One


The 2012 CE Galactic Equator and Solstice Eclipse

The Mayan astronomers developed the most precise calendar ever developed on earth. It was associated with a Large Cycle, where over the period of 25,625 years, five great eras existed. At the end of their era, their cultures ceased to exist. During each of these days of the final apocalypse, the “Sun”, known as Kinich-Ahau, synchronized with the central galaxy where a bright light (“Spark of Light”) would emanate with great intensity.

This signal would cause our sun to erupt with immense solar flares. That event would then be associated with the reactivation of our sun’s solar magnetic field. This era of solar activation would blast the magnetic shield of our Planet Earth, increasing the intensity of its decaying magnetic shield while at the same time revving up the engine in the core of the earth.

The magna erupting off the iron core of our planet would intensify. Volcanoes would begin to erupt along with earthquakes of greater intensity and magnitude. The world would wretch and groan with great intensity, and life as humans know it today would begin to change.

This “Day of endings” and “Day of beginnings”, every 5,125 years also became the causal agency for the displacements of the earth’s rotation during times of great catastrophic upheavals and earth changes. Is it not a coincidence that today, we are beginning to see the merging of the ancient Mayan prophecies interrelating with the prophecies of the biblical prophets of old?

As our earth entered what appears to be the last Seven Year Sabbatical Week of Years in the fall of 2008, we knew that the Messiah was not expected to return until the 8th and final year; the seven years spanning between the two eighth year; the 8th year at Rosh Hashanah 2009 to Rosh Hashanah 2016. These then are the two anticipated years given to us for the greatly awe-inspiring and most anticipated date in human history; the final GogUMogog War and the rescue mission of the HaShem’s Messiah. Yet we have another interesting clue. Rosh Hashanah, being in the fall of year of 2016 is actually the day one of the Jewish Year of 5777; that is 5000 (Number of Man) plus 777 (Number of G-d) years after the Creation of Adam.

Somewhere in these final seven years, in the “midst of the (seven) years” the final Abomination of Desolation will occur. If it is in the midst of the Sabbatical Week of Years, it will be on Passover 2013. The Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem has not been built, but that does not preclude the fact that the ancient Mishkan, the Wilderness Tabernacle that Vendyl Jones for decades sought to discover might be revealed by the G-d of Israel and with the ancient Ark of the Covenant be ready for erection in a moment’s notice. No matter how we look at these auspicious times, the Master of the Universe, will continue to amaze and surprise us with the millions of details that it will take to completely unfold the “Great Day of the L-rd” when HaShem’s Messiah will come and begin his rule on Planet Earth in Jerusalem.

These events suggest that a new Jewish temple would be desecrated all about the same time that the Binary Twin Star of Nibiru may arrive for a flyby near to Planet Earth. The problem is that a New Temple has not been built as of this date. So are we to leave the literal peshat interpretation behind of Daniel 9, and lean towards a mystical or spiritual interpretation?


The Mayan Calendar

Does it rather suggest that the 7 year hudna, or peace agreement with the Holy Rabbanim of Israel, brokered by the Messiah the Prince will begin, prophetically knowing that this Peace Agreement will be broken by the Messiah the Prince 3½ years later, just in time to initiate the GogUMogog War and welcome the coming or the revealing of the Maschiach ben Dovid Messiah son of David?

Daniel 9:25-27 – “Know and comprehend: From the emergence of the word to return and to build Jerusalem until the anointment of the prince will be seven septets, and for sixty-two septets it will be rebuilt, street and moat, but in troubled times. Then, after the sixty-two septets, the anointed one will be cut off and will exist no longer; the people of the prince will come destroy the city and the Sanctuary (Holy Temple or Tabernacle); but his end will be [to be swept away as] in a flood. Then, until the end of the war, desolation is decreed (GogUMogog War).

He will forge a strong covenant (peace agreement) with the great ones for one septet; but for half of that septet he will abolish sacrifice and meal-offering, and the mute abominations (golem) will be upon soaring heights, until extermination as decreed will pour down upon the mute [abomination].”

Like the “death angel (star)” of old that flew over Egypt and triggered the first Passover, with these biblical passages, “I will pass over you, when I see the blood” (Exodus 12:23), the Mayan’s suggest that it will portent a new era and may become the catalyst for the Great Earthquake of the 6th Seal of Revelation, in which “all mountains and islands will be moved out of place”. (Revelation 6:14)

“One half hour” in prophetic time will pass, and there will follow, within days, the first three Trumpet and Vial Plagues of Revelation. This may impact this planet in a successive sequel of events that will include:

The Catastrophic Trumpet and Vial plague of “Hail and Fire mingled with blood” that portends to burn up a third of the populated centers on this globe as our planet enters closely to the cometary path of the Dark Star Nibiru and its seven planets.
The Apocalyptic “a Great Mountain burning with fire” that will impact one of the seven oceans on this planet that may in turn cause mega-tsunamis and global earthquakes that will affect every coastal city surrounding that designated ocean. If so, then its impact will be magnitudes higher than the 2004 Christmas Day Indonesian Earthquake (9.1 magnitude) and Tsunami that destroyed the lives of over a quarter of a million people. Then finally;
The Apocalyptic “Great Star” called Wormwood (Bitter Water), “burning like a torch” that will impact or pass closely over a certain continent. It will make this continent non-inhabitable for there will be no water potable water from any source of water, for anybody to drink. (Revelation 8:7-10).

In the process of a few weeks, this planet earth may be destined to be depopulated by a third to one-half of its 7.0 billion populations of human souls. Will these epic events be looked upon by the G-d of the Universe as His judgment for mankind? Could these horrific events be altered and changed by the Heavenly Council if the inhabitants of Planet Earth did confess and repent of their sins?

What if the Jewish population in Israel made a massive appeal and beseeched the G-d of Israel in restitution for our entire planet, like Abraham did who asked the divine emissaries to spare Sodom and Gomorrah living in the beautiful garden district called the Vail of Siddim? What if there arose a “New Jonah” whose apocalyptic message triggered the repentance of the population of Nineveh a few centuries later?


The Annual Galactic Alignment

The universe, as known by the Mayans was governed by the Laws of nature in which they observed with great skill. They understood that these cycles in the heavens never changed. The Galactic Cycle was like the “breathing of the galaxy”. The body and earth processes, according to them, also never changed, but the changes that did occur were inherent in the lives and consciousness of the human beings that were transitioning from one era into another. To the Mayans this process was always a process towards more perfection, but something was different in this era that purported to end at the Winter Solstice of 2012.

While each era of the past was a transition from a prior era into another, where the “end” only met with a “new beginning”, at the end of the Grand Cycle of 25,625 years, something was to happen at the 5th End of the Era was not fully known or understood by them. Was it to begin a New World Age, according to the Divine decree of HaShem, the G-d of Israel? Their understanding that it would be an era of great calamities and catastrophes was not fully known.

Will all the heavens, constellations, and planetary bodies such as the sun, moon, and the stars be thrown out of their courses in the heavens so we will not be able to count the days of the week, and our yearly calendar will become null and void? Will the earth’s rotation around the sun, the moon’s rotation around our earth, and the constellations of stars in the heaven be cast awry in an era in which even soothsayers or astrologers will not be able to practice their wares?

From the observations of the Mayans in the heavens, the beginning of their civilization started on the day of 4 Ahau, 8 Cumku in the year of 3113 BCE. One complete cycle after that date of 5,125 years will bring us to the “End of the Age” on December 21st, 2012.

According to the Mayans, during this same day, our solar system’s Sun will be crossing the Galactic Center upon which the “Sun” will receive a powerful ray of renewing life from the Galactic Center. It will change the polarity of the sun, and produce what was called a “cosmic event” that would move or propel all mankind into a new era. With this event, it was the Mayan’s hope and all mankind that remained would be thrust into a new “Golden Age”. The social culture of fear would be over. A new social culture would be born that would be living on a higher plane of divine energy and will bring humans into an era of brotherly harmony. As the prophets of Israel saw it; it would become the beginning of the Messianic Age of the Future.

The Precession of the Equinox


The Blue disc represents the path of the equinox over its 26,800 year journey.

As in the Mayan’s sister imperial lands along the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers in the land of ancient Sumer, originally called Shumer or Shinar in the Old Testament, the Mayans were now living on a continent that moved westward from ancient Pangea as our global earth expanded. The Mayans also were the recipients of the knowledge about the stars and the constellations, plus the astronomical phenomenon called the “Precession of the Equinoxes”.

Even today, the global masses have no clue of the grinding gears of the heavens moving the stars and the planets on their defined and predestined locations, yet the intellectual elites of the Mayans and the Sumerians understood. We shall attempt to describe this wonderfully divine orchestrated movement of the planets in the heavens.

First, the Planet Earth rotates on his own axis, that imaginary line that goes straight through the center of the earth from the North Pole to the South Pole, extending into outer space. As the earth rotates on this axis, one complete cycle is associated with one earthly day. Yet the earth is also a part of another rotation, the rotation of a slightly elliptical orbit around our Sun in this solar system in which one rotation or orbit is one calendar year. As our nine known planets (including Pluto) are rotating around the Sun, so our Sun and its planets are also rotating in an orbit around our galaxy called the Milky Way.

As the picture becomes more universal, let us image again that imaginary line going through the center of the earth, now extending into outer space towards the starry orbs in unknown realms. Yet, we notice that our Planet Earth is not perfectly round but has a kind of a tummy bulge at the equator. In fact it is called the “equatorial bulge”. The spinning earth, along with the outside gravitational forces of the sun, moon and even the other planets, cause our planet to wobble, and now shifting ever so slightly. The polar axis at one time was aligned along that imagery line pointing from the North Pole. This polar alignment with one star, called the “North Star” will eventually begin to shift towards another star. Today the North Star is called Polaris, yet 5000 years ago, the celestial star at the North Pole was aligned to Alpha Draconis.

Yet our Earth’s north polar axis is also gradually shifting towards the 1st magnitude star called Vega in the constellation of Lyra. Someday in the future, the North Star will no longer be Polaris but Vega. One thing we begin to wonder, was this shift in the Pole Star more sudden and cataclysmic and did these evolving earth changes once occurred asImmanuel Velikovsky once speculated with what he called “Punctate Evolution” where the evolutionary cycle was thrust into a cataclysmic mode and occurred suddenly rather than over long era or thousands or millions of years?

Star Shafts of the Giza Pyramid Complex


The Giza Pyramid Complex near Cairo, Egypt

It is amazing that the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the most significant “Wonders of the World” was aligned along this same celestial axis during the last, or 4th Mayan World Age, where the North Shaft of the King’s Chamber was aligned with Alpha Draconis, the former Earth’s Pole star, the South Shaft of the King’s Chamber was aligned with Zeta Orionis, the North Shaft of the Queen’s Chamber was aligned with Orion and the South Shaft of the Queen’s Chamber was aligned with Sirius.

Were all of these alignments to occur at the same date or era? Was the Great Pyramid of Giza and the entire Giza complex outside of Cairo, Egypt, built as a prophetic time marker, as some researchers have theorized, by the Patriarchs Enoch and Methuselah, Noah’s grandfather, to be the marker of the “Divine Plan of Salvation” engraved in monumental stone.

As the authors of the “Giza Oracle – the Center of the Earth” wrote:

The Giza Oracle – “And yet another impossible and seemingly unnecessary step was taken in the course of this placing. In truth it (Giza Pyramid) is the most precisely oriented building on earth. Deviating only 3/60th of a degree off true north it is aligned with the four cardinal points, more accurately than any contemporary structure, including the meridian building at the Greenwich Observatory in London.

The Paris observatory is six minutes of a degree off true north. The great pyramid is only three minutes off given the odds a chance of about 1 in 200,000 if accidental. And it had to be accidental because nobody knew in that day where true north was or for that matter even what true north was.

Since the position of the North Pole moves over time the pyramid was probably exactly aligned to true north at one time. All this precision 4000 years was before the compass is invented. And if you do figure the center of the land mass odds you’re into the quadrillions or about 40 million more times likely to win the state lottery.

Sounds confusing doesn't it? But not near as confusing as trying to believe that this was random. With these numbers it is certainly easier to see that there was a purpose to all this precision and that somebody had the purpose and the means. It is there therefore it is.

One of the questions often asked is why are there 'air shafts’ in a building meant for a 'dead` pharaoh. Other pyramids and mastabas, (burial chambers), weren't built with ventilation, why this one? Well, perhaps the name is wrong and a more appropriate name would be ‘star shafts’. Why star shafts? Consider the following:

The north shaft of the Kings Chamber is aligned with Alpha Draconis formerly Earth's Pole star

The south shaft of the Kings Chamber is aligned with Zeta Orionis

The north shaft of the Queens Chamber is aligned with Orion

The south shaft of the Queens Chamber is aligned with Sirius

The air shafts aren't the only star pointers in the Great Pyramid. The Descending Passage seems star bound! Between 2170 and 2144 BCE it was aligned with Alpha Draconis then the Pole star. For 4141 years it languished in relative stellar insignificance until 1997 when Polaris the current Pole star began to cast its light down its 344 ft. almost perfectly straight shaft. It will illuminate the bottom of that shaft in 2004. And there is the layout of the three largest pyramids on the Giza Plateau one of which is second in worldwide building size only to the Great Pyramid. Their relative positions mirror the positions of the three stars in the Belt of Orion. What this star alignment means is known only to the builder.

Archeoastronomy which is the science of historical stellar alignment has speculated as to the significance of these anomalies. Societies of belief have embraced them. But little is said about why an ancient pharaoh would or could design and install all these complicated calibrations. After all this would have taken a 'rocket scientist`. No, Khufu couldn't have even if he'd wanted to.”

Maybe all of these dating systems, bound by the assumption that the Precession of the Equinoxes is a stable and evolving ongoing process over about 26,000 years is true, in a purely uniformitarian astrophysical cycle, but what would happen if it became variable in nature, due to the sudden catastrophic shifts in the alignment of Planet Earth’s orbital relation to our Sun and to the constellations in the heavens?

According to astronomical scientists, this movement of the stars is actually caused by the movement of Planet Earth not the movement of the constellations, yet this fact was only discovered in that last few centuries. While our enlightenment has only been since the 16th century, it has also taken us a few centuries to catch up with what the Sumerians, Hebrews, Egyptians, Olmecs, Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans and Aztecs have known since the ancient days concerning an astronomical process called the Precession of the Equinoxes. They not only understood, but they incorporated their vast archives of information archived by their noble magi, the ancient star-trackers and astronomers that incorporated these professional secrets about the “Precession of the Equinox” into their numerous calendars systems.

The Mayan Calendar and the Starry Constellations

The foundation of the Mayan calendar was premised upon the unchanging moving tapestry of the starry constellations in the heavens that became the most accurate calendar systems in the world. The Mayan secular calendar was calculated upon the “unchanging movements of the heavenly bodies” and recorded three-dimensional time that was calculated upon a 360-day cycle (18 x 20) that was known by the gilded elite, as the “Long Count”. Here this accuracy wove throughout 13 Baktuns that consisted of 144,000 days each in which 5,200 cycles of 360 days came to 5,125 solar years. How could the Mayans have come to the same mathematical calendar conclusion that concluded into a “Long Count” that was 1/5th of the Sumerian “Great Cycle” of 26, 625 years, with “Five World Ages” of 5,125 years in length?


The Mayan “Long Count” Calendar

Let us speak the unspeakable. While the process of the “Procession of the Equinoxes” may truly be an evolving process, over long periods of time, the “Constant” in the equation is that this process has been uniform over time, and our interpretation makes this our “scientific” assumption. If the “precession” has been yanked and jerked into new polar alignments due to catastrophic forces that have changed the polar rotation, polar alignments, rotational speed of our Planet Earth, then the “Constant” may be considered to be invalid.

Since the end of the biblical catastrophic era of 701 BCE, when the inter-planetary bolide destroyed the entire Assyrian army outside the walls of Jerusalem, the conception of the precession of the Equinox may be valid. How it affected the antediluvian age or ages before, we still do not understand.

For the Mayans, this precession was a universal process, which meant that it was not a planetary issue, just for our planetary globe, but was initiated in our entire universe. They saw this as the “breathing of the galaxy”, where the larger movements of the universe were unchanging. This was a concept that included the universal laws of nature that may be outside and superseded our planetary laws of nature.

To them, Planet Earth was part of our solar system family in the days of the Sumerians that included the Sun, Moons included Planet Earth’s Moon, and nine known planets that included possibly a “tenth planet”. This “Tenth Planet” the Sumerians appeared to know, and that is the subject of this series of articles. What the Mayan’s were investigating was not just natural laws of our planet, or our solar system, but our entire universe.

They envisioned that its influences were not just planetary but universal influence, where it included changes in the consciousness of man in the process of returning back to a “cosmic ideal”. It also suggests that something happened to that cosmic ideal where a process of redemption, restoration, and perfection is a greater universal process that involves more that humans beings on our terrestrial globe.

Even this is consistent with the “Words of the Lord” that were given to the Jewish and Israeli prophets of old. It is also consistent that the Almighty One of Israel, who we believe is also the God of Creation and the Universal Sustainer of all Life, gave these prophetic imageries to the ancient prophets so that we could understand and know that there is also a “Plan of Salvation” that includes not only humans as mankind, but includes all other social planetary cultures in our universe. This includes the spiritual angelic hosts of the universe. All of these were affected by the “sin of Lucifer” and a process of restoration and redemption now becomes a universal reality.

According to the Mayans, there were five world ages for man, who is also associated with the number “five”. When the five world ages ends in the cusp relating to the Mayan end of times, there are no more progressive cycles into another world age or a newer age of perfection. Rather this cycle returns to the beginning, the era of primordial man, creation, and the Garden of Eden.

The biblical themes of the TaNaKh (Old Testament) suggests that we were to return to the original Adamic era and begin again complete the original mandate for Adam and Eve and to learn man’s true custodial role in caring for a planetary home. This time, according to the prophets, this era would be under the supervision and rule of the Messiah, strictly governed as with a “rod from his mouth that was a two-edged sword” so that the divine commandments of the Torah will be lived in their total cosmic “salvation” spiritual reality

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Post Re: The Apocalyptic Day of the Lord begins
Very interesting article, thanks Sky.

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