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 The Creator 
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Post The Creator
Outside of religion (which the truth will come out for all except the diehards who refuse to believe until they go home), I think this is the toughest subject of all.

Creator (God):
When I was growing up here, I always understood there was a beginning to everything. So one of my first questions when I die was to ask God how "He" started. There will soon be information released on that topic and I'll mentioned it here on the thread when it's available. I don't expect anyone to believe it but again, it will be up to each individual to learn all that for yourself. Great spirit guide questions.

I will say this, there was a beginning to the Creator or God. Over a vast amount of space-time, it eventually was aware it was lonely, so the first feeling in creation was actually "loneliness". Way before the first release of the original "Source Family" souls, the Creator eventually split itself into two parts, male and female for company, just like how all our souls were made, it was the Creator's format that carried this on and provides you and I with our "real" soul mates today. So what we were referring to as God, was actually mother / father God.

The five waves of souls in creation were very similar to the Creator. We all came from it and when were not in body we exist as energy on the "Other Side" or second dimension . Each have our own unique frequencies to differentiate us from one another. Some souls are more negative than others, and when "in body" this can be a problem.

The Creator (mother-father God) was 27% negative, that's just the way it was. When it (they) released the five waves of souls of creation, some are a mixture of that. 27% negativity in a soul is the grayish area for trouble. 27% negativity in a powerful form such as a Creator is actually a problem! Without getting into complicated details, that's why creation was based on abuse. For example, humans need to kill animals to survive. Animals need to kill other animals almost daily to survive, ect., etc.

Sometimes we wonder how an all loving god would allow a person to torture animals or other people, not to mention all the other atrocities we see onworld and off.

Such a "hot topic" as this is, I'll not debate it but wanted to get my side of the story out. Look within to get your answers. Big changes (for the better) have occurred on the other side since 2012, but are still unsettled but moving I the right direction. Very complicated subject indeed....

Best I add something here:

Last year, reference was made to difficult times ahead and we are seeing that now. These events are controlled by bad individuals here and I suspect we all have an idea who they are. With instability on the "Other Side" (second dimension) you have more instability here in the (third dimension).

Fri Feb 27, 2015 12:26 pm
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Post Re: The Creator
Update here.

If I were to start a conversation at the local Starbucks with strangers informing them this planet's society was being run by reptilian humanoids and that our religions were created by them to distract us, I suspect I'd be the only one left at the table in very short time and any discussions about the "Other Side" would jolt even the most open minded ufo folks, excluding the few who communicate with the other side already. Right now on earth my guess is that percentage is very, very small. Thus, the reason I only type here. I'm not interested in convincing the mass population, others are far better at that but I do need to get things of my chest from time to time and this is another one of those moments.

Prior to 2012, actually spring of 2013 if a "negative soul" in a body killed someone and that person was either put to death by law or got killed by other means, their soul would immediately go back home or what we call the Second Dimension. Once there, the original Creator would allow and encourage this "negative soul" to go right back in body as it wanted all souls "good or bad" to get larger, stronger so it could have more praise. That's just how it worked folks. Hell never existed.....again, a religious control thing.

This approach of letting "negative souls" come "back in body" to repeat the cycle of "abuse" to people, animals, the environment, etc., didn't sit well with some of the so called "heavy hitter" original Source Family Souls (who have had the most lives) and understand suffering, pain, etc.

This issue with the Creator has been an on going one and eventually it came to a head, thus, started the "huge disagreement" on the Other Side starting around 2012. Long story short, by Spring of 2013, the original Creator was deleted. Whew!....big stuff I know..... but that's how it all played out over there.

What does all this mean for everyone:
Life (on all planets) will be more of compassion than that of abuse. As I understand it, this will be a slow phase in. Since Earth's rankings are at the bottom, major changes for the better will be noticed here. Huge changes (for the better) will be seen when you die and go home as well. If one can control negative souls from returning, one can only imagine how much better things can be!

What about protection for yourself and family right now?
If a person intends you harm and you didn't go looking for it, make sure that attacker never harms anyone again!! I always got a kick out of the old saying here, "never shoot a burglar in the back in your house". My reply to that would be, "the burglar would not run the risk of getting shot if they were not in my house in the first place". That being said, if you feel the need to acquire more ammo, adding a phase weapon or whatever protective device in your home on whatever planet your on, by all means you have that right! You cannot be judged for protecting yourself! The person meaning you "harm" needs to be judged!

Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:32 am
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Post Re: The Creator
gtavt wrote:
Update here.


These change was December 21, 2012 6:00 AM UTC in this enlongated/dilated particular timeworld frame.


Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.
Überm Sternenzelt richtet Gott, wie wir gerichtet.

Wed Mar 18, 2015 1:00 pm
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Post Re: The Creator
:clap .....nice clip recall

Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:51 am
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